: You're not allowed to witch hunt or name call on the board. Sure you could have a reason but its against the rules. Sorry.
If you think this rule is more important than a human life, then you are really garbage tbh.{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: The Client Can Not Start
You need to describe ur problem better and pls dont use mobilephone cameras to do photos. You can use some free software, examples: Gyazo (need to be downloaded) or u use Snipping Tool, which should already installed on your pc. And it looks like you did reset your pc, if so be sure that every driver is correctly installed. (Graphic-card and...) Also maybe check ur Firewall, there can be something blocking league to start. Also try to disable ur anti-vir Hope i could help u bc i cant tell u much what to do since u didnt describe exactly whats the problem + the bad pictures (i cant see whats on the 2nd picture.) -Ryu {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Still an issue with me too. I'm also not getting the 8000 RP reset.
yea, still some issues.. sometimes the loot system doesnt work when i try to disenchant or to upgrade smth. and i also dont get the 8k rp + i cant play anymore, bc the game runs into the background, cant click on it bc its not on the taskbar i dont know whats happening, but it sucks.
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: Shop Error Code 999
UPDATE: They working on fixing it look here: https://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/#pbe
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