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: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
I have been testing for 2 years i never got the 40k rp?
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: Sivir Nerf too Harsh
well there goes my hopes to seeing sivir in LCS i am sad rip dreams
: Post game
i can say that's true happend to me a lot
: 1v1 and 2v2 produce errors
yes it seems to be buged right now nothing is working right now
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: I was told that there is no tribunal on the PBE, so far seems accurate, was also told that the staff associated with the PBE server ban said players personally.
well i had to deal with a very toxic player very sad for me playing :(
: Hello, New PBE here too, first thing I learned is that large amounts of points do not last long when purchasing runes.
ya great to learn how to use what rune pages and how to play champs ^^
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: Old PBE Account
i have had my PBE account for over a year now i dont know if that matters in this case
: Aww thanks :) I've been trying to be an active pbe player and have already reported 2-3 bugs on the forum .. I really want to make sure that all is well before getting to the live servers.. The pbe has been surprisingly kind to me! Last few games no afks and pretty evenly matched games :)
great job :) np man all ways trying to make new people feel welcome :)
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: Summoner icons dissapear
yes i can also say this true with my PBE mates there not showing up for me :(


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