: Summoners Rift Draft mode is coming back April 30th
Your Welcome! Always happy to help. <3
: PBE gifting process.
You can't as PBE and NA are 2 separate servers.
: Rito Please, just fix this!
Be patient, they will fix these bugs soon. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: I haven't see Yorick either
Yorick is available, played with one earlier.
: New PBE Account 8000RP 100BE
Back when they opened PBE signups, people had 100k RP and IP (BE) and all the new people where spam buying stuff out of the store witch caused a major store problem across the server, and to prevent that from happening again they lowed it to 8000rp which refreshes to 8000rp each day.
: Why is LeBlanc reverting taking so long and Ninja tabi suggestion
They still have some bugs of hers to fix and they have to make sure she is READY to ship to live AKA her numbers and everything needs to be perfect. They also need to make different q marks for some of her skins.
: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune has been released on the live servers, so bugs and feedback regarding her should be posted on the live boards instead :>
If he found this bug on PBE then he's in the right place.
: Presence of Mind changed to Triumph on Katarina
Might be because of her passive or that it's probably coded like Manaflow band that if you take it on a manaless champion it will automatically change to Nullifying Orb.
: Why is veigar's staff red in new summoner icon?
I think that it might just be some type of skin teaser.
: Lux Ult can refund cooldown multiple times
"Now triggers on enemy champs who die within 2 seconds of being hit by R" I think the CDR actually stacks depending on how many champions die within the 2 second timer, so maybe it took off another % and refreshed it completely. Or I could just be wrong and maybe it's just a bug.
: Unstoppable Ornn (or how to fix Ornn better)
Hi there! I see you put alot of work into this thread but maybe you should put it on live server boards? More people would view it there.
: If not fun, don't punish yourself in playing it.
Tell this to everyone who complains about it not being fun
: Snow Battle ARURF
I got the reworked Eve in urf because of that champion pool bug, lets just say shes not really good because in order to get the hate spikes out in her second q is hard because it almost instantly goes on cd after you hit the lasher
Pretty sure because in urf all people played were champs that dominated urf so they made it all random. Still prefer the old one though.
: Poro King and Snow Battle ARURF coming to a PBE near you!
: Being honor 5 doesn't matter either, anyone can get honor 5 too
Honestly, they should just make not count for honors at all lol.
: Another Elementalist Lux bug
Don't think they had the time to full repair the skin so they probably fixed some now and are gonna do more later.
: Weird Things Happening
Maybe consider uninstalling and reinstalling pbe? or using the troubleshooter? It repairs broken files.
: PBE is the toxiciest server i have ever played on
Yep, honor cap was 3+ and it should've been 5, people always use "it's pbe" as an excuse for everything, everyone dodges when they can't get Zoe. PBE is just a zoo now full of monkeys.
: Homeguards bug
This only happens on the Blackfrost Anivia skin I think.
: Please search the boards before creating a discussion, someone might be posted that before you, like that: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/JvopPqEB-elementalist-lux-light-shadow-behind-every-trasnformation? Yes, we don't have a search function but it's enaugh to scroll the main page to see stuff, heavily recommended :)
I commented on that thread, just thought I should provide an image of the problem :)
: Zoe portrait looks really bad. Is it a placeholder?
She has an actual splash art, this is just a place holder.
Rioter Comments
: Elementalist Lux Light Shadow Behind Every Trasnformation
This just happened to me, i went mystic and the shadow stayed away but i had the light form abilities and sound effects
: Skins and visual old champions
Kayle and Morgana are gonna be reworked in the future.
: [ARAM] Skin boost button is gone
They disabled it for preseason.
: ***
It's something on riots side not ours lol. My internet is completely fine and this still happens.
: Elementalist Lux
This happened to me a while back when I went dark form, the icon went to dark but later on it switched back to light.
: Connection Problems
Happened to me 3 times in a row.
: Home Guard Slows Me
This happened to me omg, i think it's something wrong with the skin.
: So Urfwick skin doesn't need testing?
They said they would lower the price in the next PBE update :)
: Can't get into the game
It's a problem for everyone, you just have to wait till the game ends and it should take u back to client homepage.
: Yasuo - Yasuo's Q can crit with 0% crit chance
Maybe it's something from the new runes? I haven't checked them all so I don't know if any give crit.
: Rengar Grey Health Bug (Not for sure if its Mecha Rengar or all Rengar skins)
: Loving these Eve Buffs
Needs nerf now riot gods >:(
: can not connect to game
It's a current issue that really only happens once a day or rarely for me but when it does you just have to wait until the game is canceled because noone can actually get into the game, everyone gets that same message.
Rioter Comments
: Client is working so slowly
Riot did mention some longer patching time due to something on their side.
: Quick question (didn't know if I should write a separate post about this); The new Blitz, Rengar and Graves skins are all displayed in store for 1 BE, that's not supposed to be normal anymore, right?
Just encase people don't have enough rp to test them, they make it for 1 BE
: Kat New Skin - Low or Nonexistent Sound FX
I noticed it too, i refunded the skin lol.
: Queue Dodge Punishment
I wanted to play my main, Lux, finally got mid with her then someone dodged, I went through 3 queues afterwards and ended up with top lane >.<
: the games lately haven't even been finishing, although I'm not sure if it ended because of surrender. Sudden lag spike, then game just stops. Leave the game, and it brings me out to the home screen, and the match is not in my match history.


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