: Changes to Latency Bar in HUD
It's probably has been posted somewhere before but I suggest you add the ping in the Client as well so players (coughmecough) can see how their ping is doing before they start a match and not get shocked that their ping is as high as Snoop Dogg. Just a suggestion if it's possible to be added one day.
: I like it, but you should muffle his voices (no new voices, just effect on the old voiced), since he has bag on his head
Yeah I find this skin worth more than just 750 RP. They can add lots of nice effects and actually make it look scary and all. I wouldn't mind paying 1350 RP for such a cool skin if it actually delivers its purpose.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Nightmare Tryndamere!
What about changing his W from a chicken sound to something that suits his nightmare theme? I think that would make him more frightening!


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