: It is correct that they're bringing it back, but the bug reported here is that all text shows that it should be URF, but the mode itself is still randomised on PBE at the moment c:
: Ping unusually High
I was just about to create a discussion about this, my ping was 140-150 always before 9.20 and now its 200 but it feels like its 300 I have no clue why. can anyone help?
: RIOT is failing to adress the "Failed to connect" error
Every game has one afk because of this issue and riot is jerking off to themselves and how good TFT is doing, well done on driving ur game to the grave.
: To my knowledge, ARURFs do not contribute to Eternal progress. Have you played modes other than ARURF?
Nope, and now eternals do not appear at all.
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: ARURF Spatula Club
I've seen many people have it, but i can't buy it cause it doesn't even appear in shop, same with icons cant change them since they are not loading at all.
: Icons
Yea, I lost them all as well, Im actually little bit mad cause I had a tons of icons and majority are unavailable to buy anymore.
: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
i just installed my alpha client and it cant update it always gets to 1087.1 MB and then goes back to beginning
: Riot does give you 40k RP when you join the PBE, which I think is more than enough for buying the bundles + any old skins you want to use. That said, [KateyKhaos has mentioned](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/GD/0iHvnGM9-hey-riot-why-arent-chromas-available-for-1-ip-on-pbe-so-we-can-test-them?show=flat&comment=000100010002000000010000) that Riot is working on a solution for those who don't have enough RP (although for the moment, bundles can only be bought via RP). :]
but can we recieve any more RP or is there only 40k when u come to pbe?
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: My PBE Isn't working it has like that weird shape .-.
Yep same here squares instead of words and cant get updated becuase some error came up

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