: I think you're mistaking "doesn't cancel orders" with "removing the casting time". This is what you get for only reading the change rather than testing it. At the moment casting E causes you to just stand still afterwards. Now, she will continue going to wherever she was going before she hit E. **She still has to stop to cast the spell. ** There's only like 2 or 3 abilities in the game that still cancel orders - virtually all others have been "fixed" over the years. Trundle's Pillar of Ice is another, which can be super annoying if you're chasing someone and you've got your camera slightly ahead. Gangplank's ultimate used to be an example too before his upgrade - I don't know if he still is. Seeing an AFK Gangplank after he ults wasn't uncommon though - since he would often watch his ultimate and not realize he's stopped moving. (Unless I'm mistaken to assume you've made an error - because if you haven't made an error I just disagree with you for bashing this change. Cassiopeia is stupidly click-intensive - removing the need to re-issue movement commands every 0.5 seconds will not make her easier).
Yes you misunderstood me. Like you said this change doesn't remove the cast time but it no more cancels orders like moving or attacking and i tested it. My opinion is that this change makes her chasing/kiting easier than an adc because now you don't even need to click on the ground to move between e. For me this "click intensive" is what makes Cassiopeia an interesting champion, like riven q animation cancel to do her fast combo this is what makes her Riven that also require a lot of fast click and good timing to do correctly. So we should make it automatic? I exactly remember a year ago when Riot was testing this change on Riven to make her fast q combo automatic and as it was obvious this change didn't go live because it is a fundamental part of her kit and it isn't fair to make it such easy to do. This was exactly like this change on Cassiopeia. Sincerely I don't know why all of you want this game to become more and more a retard game. Soon we don't even need to use mouse anymore.
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