: Stealth bug also stands in Akali's case.
Update: Looks like turrets don't reveal Stealth wards placed in turret range either, as a [report](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/ZcrtdBTf-turrets-dont-show-enemy-wards-when-placed-in-their-vision-zone) states.
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: [Rengar] Ult bug
Yeah, i just noticed this today also... It seems that towers don't break his stealth for some reason. Also i would suspect the same goes for Vision wards, since the principle is sort of the same. Anyway, here's a [screenshot](http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d105/baldr23/Screen01_zps6db4b18a.png) of it.
: I was just scanning for this exact problem. I too have experienced the game attempting to reconnect and then i exited and it didn't ask me to reconnect like it normally would. It seems random, I'm unable to find the root cause of it.
Well, we're not exactly the right people with the right tools. Anyways, it's a good thing you signaled the problem. Hopefully the big boys will take a look into it. :)
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: Sometimes I get sort of Cross (X) in random places on the map, usually after Trinket disappeared. On normal servers.
I just saw the same issue on live today...
: I know what you are talking about (i play Rengar a lot since Season 2). The bug is, when Rengar uses his ultimate, he can flash to get closer to a target. When he does that, Rengar stops to move for a bried moment (~1 second) when his next action is to use his passive to reach the target. This bug is old, not sure if it's known.
Much of the information seems useless because you know what this is all about, but to one who doesn't, all that useless information can prove quite useful when understanding the bug. Also, thank you for taking interest in this matter.
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: ***
~~No, the issue is not with your equipment. Everyone is having the same problem. It would be nice if someone could tell us if the problem is due to be solved soon or not. I think it would be much appreciated. Best wishes, Ruppert~~ The problem seems to be solved. Such punctuality...
: PBE Unavailable
I think someone needs to tell us if we should keep hanging around in case the server comes back on soon and, if not, give us some sort of estimation on how soon will be server come back online. It would seem like a decent way to go about it...
: Thanks for the report Ruppert! We've had several reports of players not getting their chosen skin once in game. We'll check this particular case and see if it might be causing an issue.
The best "thanks" is that you pay attention to our work. You are very welcomed. :)
: Team Builder Bugs!
I've found a bug related to the skin selection. So the steps I've taken to reproduce this bug (cause I've managed to make the same thing happen twice) were: 1. Queue up in Team Builder, by selecting the Find a Team option; 2. Select Thresh as my desired champion; 3. Select the Championship Thresh skin, **BUT NOT by hitting the the Next button but by simply selecting the Skins button in the upper left part of the skin window**; 4. Click Done, Select role, Find team, etc.; 5. When in loading screen notice that I had the base skin instead of the Championship Thresh one. However, during both of these games my groups had been disbanded and I had been put back into the Join a Team queue, which could also be the reason behind this behavior. Whether the bug is caused by the way I've selected the skin or the fact that my group had been disbanded, or whether the reason is another one altogether I cannot determine.
: Team Builder Bugs!
After finishing an ARAM I tired to queue up for a Team Builder match but the Join a Team / Build a Team buttons were missing, and clicking the home button (League of Legends in the top left part of the client) and re-clicking the Play button not having any effect. However I managed to overcome the problem by restarting the client. Here is a [screenshot](http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d105/baldr23/JoinateamBuildateambuttonmissing_zps46a2975e.png?t=1390257393)
: Team Builder Bugs!
Whilst our team was being assembled I noticed the top laner's icon (in this case Fiora) that was suppose to show on the Summoners Rift map was missing. Instead there was an icon resembling a sort of medieval helmet. Also when i told the other players in the lobby one of them claimed he did see the Fiora icon on the top lane part of the map.[Link](http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d105/baldr23/toplanericonmissing_zps156711db.png)
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: Yasuo Zhonya's Bug
A very interesting find. My congratulations on the job done. Hope Riot will take it into account.
: [JINX] You can catch by Flame Chompers! for 3 times
Third one actually explodes so I'm not sure that counts...
: [Masterie's Icone] Bug in the description
Yes, I can also confirm that problem. You're not alone mate. :)
: [Dragonblade Riven] - persistant healing particles after first spawn
I can also confirm the bug, with the observation that it occurs only after you spawn for the first time and it lasts for 30 seconds, after witch it will not reoccur if you revisit the healing well. I can also confirm that it applies to all skins, including the base one.
: [Bug-Maokai agros Minions] After Maokai's E, Minions always following you!
Hello PowerMagmaMango! The behavior you've mentioned is common to all champions and I doubt it can be called a bug. First of all the minions in cause are the melee ones, and not the caster minions (ranged minions). From what I've experienced if you really try to run away from the respective minions you will lose agro, even with a slow champion like Maokai, but if you keep close to the minions, by stopping and letting them close the gap, they will be able to follow you onto any point on the map, even into brushes if they are close enough to you when you enter them. This behavior is not new and has been present, as far as i can recall, since I've started playing League of Legends and all champions are subjected to it. Also it has nothing to do with Maokai's Sapling Toss. Now as a personal opinion it does seem a bit strange that minions are able to follow you so far, even if you're trying to keep agro on them, but since you can "shake" them off quite easily i don't consider it a too big of a deal. I hope my comment has been of use to you. With respect, Ruppert.
: 2014 Season Start PBE Test
Greetings fellow testers. As a first impression, after creating my PBE account, whilst purchasing the champions, namely in the client's Store, I've noticed a bug (or rather rough edges). The bug would be related to the fact that the bottom scroll bar is quite difficult to select, in the sense that only a small portion of it is "clickable"(the light blue portion, it being the smallest one). I've also checked the live client and the problem does not exist there.


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