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: Riven Changed
they've already been reverted bud
: 'One For All: SR' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
Aw, have been really missing Doom Bots and was hoping it'd come out for the Harrowing. I love One for All a lot as well though :D Just one question, do you think Doom Bots will ever come back or is it too much work? :P
: Need Rioter pls for Game Breaking PBE Bug *Literally*
I am not happy, send help, we are dying D: -{{item:3708}}
: Yeah, my biggest issue is the map discoloration. Upvoted
: I had the same experience with {{champion:21}} icon on the mini-map. And speaking of the mini-map, I also agree that it looks a bit too dark. But I do love the new HUD. It'd be nice if we could get our ping back in the top right corner with the ctrl+F, though.
: Gangplank Feedback Thread
I had another post with my feedback, but here it is again, coming from a GP main; 1) I find Gangplank's W ability icon is too bright. It seems out of place compared to the others. 2) I don't know if it's intended to take that long, but I was really ahead in this game just now and I was last hitting fairly well with my Q. But I still found it really difficult to get the 500 Silver Serpents for an upgrade to my ultimate. Thanks for the help :D {{champion:41}} {{champion:21}}
: One up on this post. Also encountered these things
: Adding onto the map discolor issue, it make's the game seem a bit gloomy and ominous since we're having to look at the map so frequently. Changing it back to the bright yellow / beige background color it had would be a lot better..
I am sure it is a bug, but yes I agree with you. It does not fit with the rest of the art imo.
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: Confirmed and only visual~
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