: I love his new Ult - it plays so well with his E. You can disrupt team fights, remove entire Baron/Dragon parties, remove people from the safety of their towers. There's all sorts of fun and interesting things you can do with this new ult. It's just his Q that's awkward and underwhelming.
Q is a big deal.. no more wave clear.. no more efficient jungle clear. His E and Q changes are pure nerfs to his clearing.. RIP blob
: Riot, new Zac seriously sucks due to Slingshot numbers being gutted.
Yes.. In all seriousness this was a flop. I had high hopes for it as a Zac main myself but it has not turned out too well.
: Zac gameplay sensations are bad now, please, don't let this hit live.
: Zac/Maokai Feedback Threads
Yes this is major.. Zac and Maokai are super lackluster.. Sejuani is the queen tank right now and these guys are getting not so great changes putting them worse off. Zacs Q is a big issue, also I hope the high pitched voice isn't shipped.
: new zac is questionable
I main zac on the other server, just offering my opinion before the changes ship out
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: Well it depends on what you dislike about the skin. For example, I've seen some people who dislike the engine on his back, and while that is valid to dislike it, they had to take steps to make this champion more their own, as werewolves have been done so many times before. Thus, they added some chem augmentation to his back. The engine in hyena warwick is the skin replacement for the augmentation in his original concept. However despite all these excuses, whether or not you like it is entirely personal preference and isn't legitimately reason enough to change the whole thing altogether. This forum is for genuine criticisms about the skin, not to request change because of preference. Some examples of criticisms would be like his skin's visual effects. Lets keep it to Hyena Warwick. When they first released the skin on the pbe his visual effects had a lot of blue and red, which the pbe community thought was strange considering he had a lot of muddy brown colors. As a result of this feedback, they've since updated his effects to be brown, muddy, or oily which fits his skin much more. It's unfortunate that you don't like it anymore but a lot of other people do. ----- TL;dr: No.
would agree with you if you weren't being so passive aggressive
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: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Minion health bars are too small, or at least they're hard to see. Also Maiden doesn't focus champions that you're attacking? Passive description doesn't really explain exactly what the minions do either.. i.e they don't stay with yorick and move on their own. Also Undertaker skin, the purple is way too bright considering his theme. Should be darker imo
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Minion health bars are too small, or at least they're hard to see. Also Maiden doesn't focus champions that you're attacking? Passive description doesn't really explain exactly what the minions do either.. i.e they don't stay with yorick and move on their own. Also Undertaker skin, the purple is way too bright considering his theme. Should be darker imo
: Gragas Ult Travel Time
They really need to revert this change, way too over the top and unnecessary. This will make playing him extremely frustrating. And it doesn't even make sense, why would a massive barrel stay up in air for half a second at point blank range?
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: i think this could be a beautiful idea but Riot didn't intend kled to be a jungler...
They didn't intend Tahm to be one either but look he ended up being played mainly jungle and support really, with top probably being one of the more least played roles. Don't see why we can't at least have the option of effectively playing Kled in the jungle.
: he can still jungle he would be unbalanced if he was able to build up courge in the jgl ( infinite hp in jgl) bcs he would get his mount back everytime he lost it .....
Well to be honest I already see the fact that he regains skaarl so often in teamfights being an issue, cause he's unkillable at times. Wouldn't be surprised if they limited how often he can regain skaarl
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: Skaarl Courage Generation
I don't get why they intentionally don't give him courage generation in the jungle and give zero reasoning. He would be a FUN jungler, not broken, wouldn't be that much different than Nocturne. So if Riot doesn't help him in the jungle there will be lots of people upset. What is so wrong with a champion who can play more than one role? Same with Tahm, would be a top tier jungler if he could devour large monsters but no he gets gimped.
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: MYMU: Karthus. The Best Buff(QoL) He can Receive Without adding more Damage.
This would be a decent change for him, especially if they're not going to give him any other support. But I think he still needs more done, probably close to a full rework. He's so outdated. His passive is a cool idea but everyone just moves away from you, and to be honest your goal shouldn't be to DIE to make effective use of your passive. Q gets boring quickly. W whatever, E is just one of those non interactive abilities. Either you're in range and have mana to use it or you don't. His ult is really the only redeeming quality of his kit. Everything else I don't personally care for at all. Karthus is one of those champs I want to play every once in awhile and then when I do I realize why he's not played again.
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: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
Vlad does not feel good at all. Big issue is his sustain, your taking a bunch of his power on Transfusion and putting it into the heal for Crimson Rush.. Yeah okay it adds a little more complexity but you are always low hp on Vlad now, it's ridiculous. You're not going to spam Q only to wave clear, you have to use E. The two don't balance themselves out, so you just lose a lot of negative health. Also the way the E works is awkward as hell, might as well remove all the little indicators and just make it damage everything in the circle. The sustain we get on Vlad now feels Aatrox level bad. fix the indicator on E and decrease the hp cost. That could be a start. If he gets released like this he won't be played, mark my words. Or he'll just end up as some half ass support like all the failed reworks do. The big youtubers will have vids out "Support Vlad!!!??? It works!!" I mean there's definitely potential there for a lot of clutch heals, but the plays are so risky and hit or miss.
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: No Twisted Treeline players on the PBE?
i'd say easily less than 10% of any of the live server population actually plays TT to begin with.. on pbe it's probably not even 1% for sure. it's a dead queue unfortunately. I mean I enjoy the style of it and shorter games but it has no ranked and no support, wouldn't be surprised if it gets disabled eventually like crystal scar.
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: Store Visual Update Incoming to PBE
improved performance or just a VU?
: Some people have internet problems/ PBE Problems. At least give them a chance to reconnect.
it's a testing server not live.. of course PBE is unreliable with bugs and everything. i don't see how there would be any harm in ending a game early on if necessary
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: Shop refresh
no fix yet riot
: Log in Error Message
getting the error after switching to japan, tried to repair anyways and no it didn't work so i guess we have to wait for riot? :-( You may need to REPAIR your install. (Bootstrap Error) Boot sequence failed: LoadLegacyResourcesActionRSL app:/assets/locale/App/framework_4.6.0.23201.swz failed to load. Error #2032
: Snowdown Preview
looks like it's gonna be a good event, def lots of stuff i wanna pick up. no little visual changes for drag or baron tho? like snow in the pit or something.
: Exactly. It's no more a no-thought damage ulti that you cast on the enemy team just to be done with it. Either you want to nuke them to finish them off, or you're kiting them so you want to dish some damage. For either use, when you push the big red button, you lose a few seconds of DPS. Seems fine to me.
and what about when you attempt to execute them and they survive? the damage is not always easy to gauge and this is a pretty common occurrence. should you have to blow flash to finish off a kill because you didn't know for sure whether they'll survive or not?
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: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Please consider removing the new knockback on his ultimate. Maybe in a literal way a knockback like that makes sense, but gameplay wise this is an offensive ultimate, not a defensive one. If you're chasing someone down and want to try to finish them with your ulti, why would you want to shoot yourself backwards as if using Caitlyn's Caliber net? What's the point of having all that range on it if it's going to penalize you for using it at a distance? Honestly I don't see any benefit of this change other than for the thematic feel of it. No one wants to blow there ultimate just to reposition especially when you already have a dash as it is.. That's not to say people can't and haven't been doing this, but is that really waht it's intended to be for now?
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: I am quite upset with this idea for a multitude of reasons and maybe you guys can help give feedback or an explanation. I'll even do it in easy to read bullet points :P - First, why not tell us earlier in the year that seasonal events are going to be different? Surely you knew when you were planning the Harrowing (or lack thereof) that this was going to happen. -Second, why Zombies vs Humans? I think it is a cool concept (not Halloween, I'll get to that) and I am a HUGE fan of the group and themed skins (Blood Moon, Arcade etc.) but there isn't even enough Humans OR Zombies to make the "Us VS Them" thing feel legitimate for a cool Halloween showdown. -Third, you said you want to continue Holiday themed skins but not attach it to an event and I understand not attaching Halloween skins to the Harrowing the same way you don't attach Snowdown to Freljord and such, but either way Halloween is THIS month and the Zombies vs Humans is hardly a Halloween concept considering Zombies are around 365 days a year at this point between The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Z-Nation and every other cheap mimic. I think it is safe to say a lot of us were wanting witches and pumpkins and "spooky" ghosts etc. -Fourth, if there is a Harrowing event this month and there is NOT a "Harrowing Game Mode" and there aren't any new skins or champions for the Harrowing or even a minion skin like there was for the PROJECT things, I would hardly call it an 'event' when it is really just "Hey we have some lore done here you go." I would really REALLY appreciate a reply and explanation because I am sure I am not the only one thinking this.
the truth has been spoken
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: New Upgraded Private Chat Rooms!
will public chats also be updated? as a proud member of gd chat I think there should be either more slots added or some kind of auto kick after an extended amount of time being afk. room is always full but only a handful of people partake in the chat.
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: Battle Boss Blitzcrank Skin Changes
i was expecting a legendary blitz skin with new vo, yet they opted for a riven skin instead..
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
you guys tell us to give you feedback, yet the one thing everyone is complaining about you don't acknowledge. his W shouldn't be 'bot lane only', he's more than likely going to migrate to top lane, he shouldn't just be minus an ability because you want people to play him bot. the players will decide where he goes, give us the options to do so. the 'casting your shield on an ally' was only originally added as a utility, a little bonus for morde, i don't think whoever implemented it wanted that utility to be the ability itself.. some other issues.. his health costs really hurt early game, and honestly there's really no good itemization for new morde to mitigate them. his shield passive also seems nonexistent early game. is it purely for teamfights at this point?
: Please Allow Solo Kaiser to Use W to Some Degree
i don't like how riot wants to force this whole "morde bot carry" meta by literally making it so his w is useless in any other role, kind of sad that they're resorting to something like this. like I get it, morde bot can be a thing, but there's a high likelihood of it not working out in the long run, and even if it does become a thing, why make morde top more difficult by not giving him his w? why not just highlight morde bot as an option for players and leave it at that. they tell us to give them feedback yet the one thing everyone is talking about they refuse to listen to, typical riot. the majority of players aren't going to sacrifice having an ADC for a bruiser of some sort that doesn't even have a clear build path at this point.. he's even more immobile than he was before with his move speed nerf (which only seemed to happen because riot wanted to reinforce the fact that "juggernauts" are immobile, even though morde was already the definition of immobile). his sustain is still an issue especially early game, and the itemization to mitigate his health costs are very limited. shield seems nonexistent early game, it's been turned purely into something only useful in teamfights.
: Public Chat is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life.
: Harvesters of Sorrow (W) is not castable without an ally champion present. If you are alone as Mordekaiser, you'll have to do without it unless an ally ganks/roams for you. As others mentioned, Morde is still able to solo lane/jungle in our testing, but doesn't shine as brightly as he does in a duo lane. I'm comfortable with that mainly because I do not think that Mordekaiser can ever be a marquee example of a healthy solo lane champion given how stark his strengths and weakness profile is -- An excessive number of his lane matchups are determined either at champion select or through jungler intervention, not through the relative skill of Mordekaiser and his lane opponent. As I began to work on his mechanics though, the thing that stood out was how defined Mordekaiser was by those stark strengths and weaknesses. To round out his kit would have been to compromise him as a champion.
he's been a solo laner for 5 seasons now.. i don't think it's fair to just toss aside mid lane morde like this and directly influcene his balance around a duo bot lane (his w). if anything it should be that solo lane morde succeeds whereas duo bot can work but not as well. i mean there were even times when morde would solo bot lane, i have never thought of him as a duo laner.
: One major difference I am noticing between our internal play and PBE play is much less PBE usage of the W for lane pushing. If you really need to clear a wave, it's a strong tool (we generally take W at level 1). In exchange, you go "shields down" since that's also your major source of threat on your lane opponents early, so use it wisely.
i really don't like how the w change is hurting mid lane morde..
: Not at the champion design level. I think there are a few possibilities that Mordekaiser could demonstrate: 1) Melee bot lanes generally are sufficiently_ enjoyable for all players_ and sufficiently _strategically interesting_ to warrant further proactive steps by us to dislodge players from their habits; 2) The existence of one occasional melee bot lane is interesting and enjoyable but does not warrant further steps by us; 3) Melee bot lanes generally are interesting and enjoyable, but Mordekaiser is a poor execution of one; 4) Melee bot lanes are antithetical to "good" LoL design, and so we should not seek to support them. Personally, I feel that #4 is unlikely. This means the central question is largely about whether a) there should be more melee bot lanes and b) at what level that "pushing" should come from us. Candidly, Mordekaiser is pretty "forced". _I would love for players to feel that they can identify situations to run a wider number of existing champions successfully as the duo lane carry._ In fact, Yasuo was an effort in this direction. Unfortunately, he is either ineffective in that capacity (though statistically bot lane duo is his highest win rate) or players are uncomfortable playing non-traditional styles. If the latter is true than I see my role as a designer not to "push" more champions into the lane but to create social and strategic space for players to innovate. This, then, is my hope for Mordekaiser: that his presence in the bottom lane spurs players to think more broadly about how they can build team composition that have a greater diversity of champion archetypes without the need for us to customize kits to that lane.
i don't see anything wrong with highlighting morde bot lane and seeing where it goes, but please don't support this by balancing him around it already, before you even know whether or not it will work out. making part of his w reliant on having an ally around is just unnecessarily nerfing solo lane/jungle. he's alway has largely been played been mid, i think that will still be the case after these changes. what i'm saying is his place is already solidified, a veteran champ of LoL is the wrong choice for pushing role diversity or whatever you want to call it. let players experiment..
: LOL! Morde's movespeed was lowered. That's so hilarious. GG Morde's. Enjoy the ganks. Poor Morde fans. "But I can haz dragonz."
yeah the dragon thing is 'cool' but it's not as amazing as it sounds, and idk what this ad scaling on e is
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
nerfing his ms to 325 is overkill.. you think he's immobile now? this is just a nail in the coffin
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