: Hi, Beardilocks here to answer your question about uncorrupted variants of these skins. First let me start off by saying I love how passionate about Xayah and Rakan Star Guardians everyone has been! I can see that you guys love both their light and dark forms, and we have definitely heard your feedback that this is a feature that you would like. However, I'm afraid that it isn't quite as simple as it initially seems, as there are quite a few things to consider. Please bear with me and read the whole context of why we won't be able to provide these. When we set about designing the Star Guardians for this year, we knew we wanted to evolve the thematic and expand the storyline. Until now, there had not been any definite antagonist for the Star Guardians to fight against - just some slightly generic monsters invading the city. We chose to do this by establishing Zoe as a villain in the universe, and having Xayah and Rakan as fallen Guardians, whom she had corrupted with her evil. When we go about creating a new skin for a character we create 3 "Pillars": Core concepts about the identity of the skin that are like guiding principals that we always try to work in to every aspect of their character. For Star Guardian Xayah, these pillars were: - Corrupted former star guardian with **internal struggle** - Dark star guardian beauty/ beauty with an edge - Fierce warrior spirit As such, when we were making creative decisions about the design, animations, sound, visual effects and voice recording, we tried to make sure that we were representing at least one of these pillars. You can see that I have highlighted the **internal struggle** part of her first pillar, as this is the most important defining feature of this skin. In pretty much every ability, animation and recall, we were trying to play up the struggle between dark and light, between good and bad. You can see this in her spells - her W is her reveling in her dark power, using it to damage enemies. Her R is supposed to be the most exciting moment, and highlight of her gameplay, and so is the point where we create the most contrast, expelling out the darkness and returning her to her original light form. All her voice acting also reinforces this - her voice lines are a contrast to her normal ones, where she is a badass anime villain, especially taunting the _loser _Star Guardians of her former team. We also wanted to play up the dynamic between Xayah and Rakan in this struggle between good and evil. In both their solo and duo recalls we see Rakan trying to save Xayah from the darkness by taking it into himself, trying to sacrifice himself to save her, becoming even more dark and corrupted in the process. This all ties into the story of Star Guardian this year (more story details to come soon!), though I don't want to spoil anything more in that area. **If we were to simply put a light version chroma out of this skin it would remove the central pillar of this skin, the internal struggle between light and dark, and the thing that makes this skin a legendary.** It would mean that a lot of their spells would not make any sense. A light Star Guardian Xayah would turn dark when she uses W (which would be a big contrast), but she would not change at all when she did her Ult (which would feel less impactful than her W at that point). Rakan would fire darkness out of him when he did his W (which wouldn't make sense), and when he ulted he'd turn super dark and grow big evil wings. Their recalls would not make any sense either, as the whole aspect of corrupting darkness would be out of place, and there would be no emotional impact to Rakan trying to take the darkness from Xayah. Further more, none of the VO of them being evil would make sense either. Some players have suggested that they would be fine with stuff not making sense and I understand that, but I don't think everyone would feel that way. I welcome anyone who thinks _all_ players would let a "small" detail like most of their spells not making sense to go to read some of the responses of other players on the boards and twitter about minor details they don't like :( If we did commit to fixing all of these things so that they made sense for a light variant, we'd need to do entirely new visual and sound effects, new animations, new voiceover and new recalls. At that point, we would basically have to charge the price of a whole new skin, or to add these as a toggle they'd basically need to become ultimates, because it would take the same amount of development time as a whole new skin would. Deciding to do this would be something we would have to do at the start of development, not after they are revealed on PBE. Additionally, they would be alternate skins that don't really fit into the story that we're trying to tell this year, which might even potentially confuse players. I know you're super passionate about this, and it's something I think would have been awesome to see too, but if it was something we chose to do, I would definitely want to do it properly to do it justice. Instead we chose to focus on delivering dark, corrupted Star Guardians, which I think we did successfully, but I'm sorry if you're disappointed.
Xayah's ult isn't her climactic moment. Her E is. Her ult is impactful but her E is also just as impactful but the climax is most certainly the E since it's the culmination of her feather-frenzy layout.
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
Please give Feral Flare. My heart can't accept all these old items but no Feral Flare :<
: building armor might as well not even matter after this. let's take darius for example shall we? against, say, a malphite with 300 armor. let's say darius autos malphite a couple times. one auto and a w. this applies his passive which stacks black cleaver up to a max of 24% armor reduction. that puts malphite down to 228 armor. not bad, but not great considering malphite's whole deal is stacking armor. darius gets inherent 30% armor penetration from his e passive. tack on 35% from LDR, that;s 65% of armor completely ignored, which brings down his armor value to 79.8, which is about 1.7 armor higher than his base armor value AT LEVEL 13. at a certain point, it's literally to your detriment to have over 100 armor. hopefully what this means, along with the removal of giant slayer, is that stacking health can actually be viable again, as long as there's a way to deal with bork abusers.
BotRK isn't even that bad on Darius, haha. Yeah you'll have 79.8 armor but if you build NO armor a lvl 18 Malphite under the same calculations will only have 35.28 which is lower than some champs at lvl 1. Do you want level 1 squishyness? I thought not.
: I don't know exactly when it'll hit PBE, but the effect as of right now is: **Hail of Blades** Domination Keystone Gain 50-100% Attack Speed for the first 3 attacks made against enemy champions. No more than 1.5s can elapse between attacks or this effect will end. Hail of Blades allows you to temporarily exceed the attack speed limit.
That's... really boring. Why would I go that when I can just go Lethal Tempo?
: So I have a problem with IE giving Conqueror to anyone that can get to 100% crit. Where is my AP item that gives me Aery or Arcane Comet all the time? Also IE's x2 crit stacks with Yasuos x2 crit so all he needs is 30% and he is over cap AND has Conqueror on top of PtA because that is what he will take.
Pretty sure if he has IE and Conq he'll only convert 36% to true damage rather than 40% or 44%. It'll be inefficient.
Considering how strong they are. No.
: Not a bug, that's how her charm works, It doesn't break banshee either. You have to proc it
Yes and that's unfair. You should be able to block it. You shouldn't not be able to block it just because it's Evelynn. For clarification the ability ALSO does not block if you try to block the second part. Her W is *completely* unblockable. Spellshields have always been able to block start up spells until recently. For example Zed's R blink can be completely stopped, he won't even move. However Eve's E and Fiora's R cannot be blocked and they're recent champions. However, Kayn's R can be blocked on startup but you can't block the damage, the second part. This is inconsistent garbage.
: More PBE changes coming at you for tomorrow (2/27) Buffs + a METRIC TON of feel improvements and bug fixes. Specific callout to the change that makes the Q attack able to be canceled. PLEASE GO TEST AND TELL ME HOW IT FEELS. > **Buffs:** > P > Ferocity falloff timer:: 6 >>> 8 > > Q > Q damage:: 20/50/80/110/140 (+1.1 TAD) >>> 30/60/90/120/150 (+1/1.05/1.1/1.15/1.2 TAD) > Emp Q ratio:: 1.3 TAD >>> 1.4 TAD > > R > Rengar's true vision now linger for .5 seconds after the spell ends. > > **Bug fixes and feel improvements:** > Lockout duration on gaining full ferocity for E and Q reduced to .1 seconds (from .25) > Only the spell used to gain full ferocity is locked out > > Q attacks can now be canceled (like a normal basic attack) > > If Rengar presses Q or W during the E cast time he will now buffer those spells and cast them when the E completes. > ---------Previously movement orders would eat the input and you'd have to press Q and W again. This should make his Leap - E - W - Q combo feel a lot smoother. > > Fixed a bug where tiamat could sometimes cause Rengar's basic attacks to become the Q animation > Fixed a bug where Emp Q's attack frame was slightly faster than base Q > > Still hunting down the bug where he sometimes drops aggro on his target when casting E and W. We think we have a fix, but we're not sure. It's weird... **Thoughts:** Overall Rango is looking to be a tad weak on live so we're throwing in some buffs. The Q changes I made pre-release seemed good to go back on. Guess is that his overall damage is simply too low at the moment. Additionally, increased the time Rengar has before losing ferocity out of combat to compensate for the fact that the new Q makes it harder to generate and keep up ferocity. Finally, letting the truesight on R linger a bit after he leaps in. Was weird to see an enemy over a wall, right click on them to jump, and then lose vision the second you start your leap. Should now lose vision a tad after the leap ends. I expect he may need even more after this, but I'm staying on the conservative side due to the multitude of feel improvements that we're also trying to ship out (they should raise his power in more subtle ways). If he remains weak after 8.5 we'll give him another bump in 8.6 (with special consideration for the possible dusk blade nerfs). On the bug fixing/feel side, you guys were right. The ferocity lockout felt bad, especially with new Q, so we're reducing it/removing it as much as possible. It's still important to have a brief lockout on the spell you used to get to max to prevent double casts, but that doesn't mean the other spells need to be locked out as well. Letting people cancel the Q animation for maximum BM. Expect this makes him feel smoother and have less instances of getting accidentally locked into attacking something you didn't want to. It's also a smol nerf however, as making the attack cancelable means enemies that flash out of vision will cause it to not complete. I think one of the many reasons Rengar players seem to dislike the E cast time is that it can cause you to lose your inputs on W and Q if cast during the E. Creates a feeling of "wait I thought I pushed that button." Added some spell buffering to help remedy this, now W and Q should cast automatically at the end of E should you push the buttons during its cast time (provided you aren't CC'd of course). Can't repro the de-aggro bug on internal environments, which makes me hope that we fixed it...If anyone has reliable repro steps pls let me know. Thanks a ton, feedback appreciated. > Bonus point: > If you play {{champion:79}} , we noticed that he had a similar bug to Rengar, where attacking with his W just as the buff expired would cause it to fizzle. Should be fixed now on PBE.
> where attacking with his W just as the buff expired would cause it to fizzle. Hey, this is on Master Yi's passive as well. Please fix.
: Yep visual only - I think we found out that the stat was supposed to be displaying "progress towards next stack". We adjusted the label over the weekend, so you should see that soon.
Ultimate Hat is doing the same thing in Match History. Just there. Gameplay works fine.
: Manaflow band isn't refunding mana costs
Erm, can you check your replay? Ultimate Hat does the same thing in Runes 100% of the time but I see in game I am clearly getting CDR on my ult, not just from Runes tooltip but also checking the ult. So do you have a video?
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: Yeah, there's plenty of room for more breakout stats to paint a better picture of utility success. Effective CC is interesting, but I think we can hit that in another pass - maybe even in the moment rather than post game. For example: giving more prominence to your CC which helped secure a kill in announcements or kill callouts - maybe self only if we want to go overboard :) I also think you're correct in that the CC rating as planned trades story for agency - tells less of a full story, but the support player has more control over that number. Again, we may get more specific in the future and no stat tells the whole story.
Will this new number play a role in mastery ratings? I'm interested to see my number as a Nocturne player.
: Not only that, but the amount of people going Ashe ADC or Leona Support when Xayah & Rakan were just released is ridiculous. They're purposely trying to take the spot and flaming someone who wants to play the champs that were released specifically on the PBE server... It's not a normal server, it's specifically here for us to beta test new features & champs, if there are players here that don't treat it that way then they shouldn't be allowed on the PBE...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
No. People also want to test playing VS those champs and they should. Sometimes you need to see certain interactions.
: Midseason Durability Feedback
I straight up don't like the -crit removal from Randuin's. It was the only reason I bought it. I felt it was a very balanced item for it's niche. If you wanted to change up the HP and armor a tad, fine, even reduce the slow time (It was kind of strong). But man, really? The -crit? Now it's too similar to Deadman's, except I'm probably going to pick Deadman's every time now.
: > [{quoted}](name=RuneKatashima,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AZZhU1PU,comment-id=006b000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-26T04:12:32.160+0000) > > Because E autos. Autos cancel the ultimate. Didn&#x27;t you read? No it doesn't It only did so if you has Auto Attacks turned on. Even if you didn't have it on and didnt auto, E still cancelled Ulti.
It did it anyway actually. Unfortunately you can't test this anymore but I had this exact same argument with someone else awhile ago way before the rework. But I triple confirmed, and so did that person, that even if you had autos off you would auto anyway. On champions though, not on Monsters. That was a functionality change for Talon they made after they removed his silence, namely also so he could escape through the jungle without aggroing. Pretty sure I deleted the videos made of it because it wasn't relevant anymore. So unfortunately I can't make a new video just for you.
: New Render Code Path activated on all Champs
Will this make my computer crash less when playing your game? Only your game does this, not any other game I play.
: > [{quoted}](name=Remember My Name,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=EzUEcluL,comment-id=000d0002,timestamp=2017-01-28T14:28:06.188+0000) > > Good to see I&#x27;m not the only one with the traps thing, it looks much worse with only one piece :( Hiya, ya'll! This is actually a bug with the trap not animating. MIXX3R, the animator who worked on Blood Moon Jhin, is working on a fix for this.
Why in the fuck is it three? You know Jhin would make art out of you for this transgression.
: The cooldown on it is still pretty long. It doesn't seem to be a problem to me. Plus, AD champions still get to build {{item:3156}} , {{item:3814}} , {{item:3111}} and {{item:3139}} . The only armor items for mages are {{item:3157}} and {{item:3047}} . Zhonyas feels pretty overrated since games last about 8 - 10 minutes even with the one minute cd. Using your own argument, we should remove at least maw cause that shield and buff removes a lot of kill pressure from ap especially with it being a passive you can just forget about.
In my post I asked them to remove Maw to compensate removing Zhonya's. I'm okay with it. I have no bias. Maw isn't as strong as Zhonya.
: Zhonyas is really important for AP itemization. :( So I don't think we'll be doing that (plus sick Zhonyas plays are fun :D)
No, no they aren't. It's a get out of jail free card, namely for APs that ADs have no answer for. I played a bunch of AP champs and don't really buy it. It's not necessary in any way for AP itemization. You can get rid of Maw too if you want some compensation, and Merc and Edge.
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
After playing this mode A LOT-it's really fun-I can safely say the Demon Herald gives way too many points. Taking it is a game ender. Too tough to come back from without taking your own. Make it 10 points please, at most, 15. You can lower the health on it a tad if you want. But right now it's too easy to take. Like if suddenly your team loses 3 people they can just take it extremely quickly and you're behind an insurmountable deficit. Also the invisibility feels horrible. Using it and getting gibbed by it. I don't like it.
: > [{quoted}](name=RuneKatashima,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AZZhU1PU,comment-id=00690001000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-08T04:00:15.501+0000) > > Blue circle? So I have to turn off smart cast? Why would I do that? > > If it&#x27;s not in this blue circle that *most players won&#x27;t have* then it goes somewhere I have no control over, doesn&#x27;t it? THEREFORE WE NEED AN INDICATOR. > > There&#x27;s no blue circle dude. I wish we started this conversation off with that. Thanks for the downvotes because you don&#x27;t smartcast though. There is an option for range indicators, even with smartcast on.
Range indicators delay your cast. Have you ever tried any of this stuff you're suggesting?
: So you want ivern to have to channel 3 times, lose a huge amount of health and mana, AND wait like 1 minute in order to fully clear krugs? You cant attack jungle camps so the only way you could clear the "small ones" is by channeling for each of the 3 stages, paying the health and mana costs 3 times, and waiting the full duration each time (obviously smite bypasses this)
No, on the additional casts the idea is that there's no waiting time besides the channel. So he can instantly redeem the additional bounty. It will still cost him extra, but that's a *choice* he's allowed to have.
: > [{quoted}](name=RuneKatashima,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AZZhU1PU,comment-id=006b0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-08T04:20:22.640+0000) > > E also autos when you land even if you have auto attack off. It doesn&#x27;t vs monsters though is all. That&#x27;s the only reason it does that. Therefore, as I said, he can use any spell so long as he isn&#x27;t attacking. what does that have to do with cancelling his ultimate?
Because E autos. Autos cancel the ultimate. Didn't you read?
: Sorta bundling a few responses into a single comment here :) A lot of the champion pool curation was about trying to push the mode towards the "high mobility / Short time to kill" side of the spectrum, and those two champions (As well as the others people have asked about like Wukong/ Irelia) ended up feeling or playing a bit too far off that mark. That said, the pool is definitely something we could look into potentially expanding if the mode comes back later and it ends up feeling too restrictive. For Nocturne/ Yi specifically: Nocturne's ultimate definitely felt "Assassiny" and was appropriate for the mode, but once he got into fights he ended up having to be much more on the tanky side of things and ended up feeling rather odd. There were also just some unfortunate experiences: Because we mess with ult CDs the way we do, the "Darkness" spam was genuinely irritating to play against, and his E felt pretty terrible (for him, not for opponents) in a mode with as much mobility as there is. Master Yi actually had a similar problem oddly enough: As you might've noticed, there isn't really any hard CC. Because of how squishy he is as well, he ended up actually playing as "Meditate tank yi", which was fairly unsatisfying on both ends.
Nocturne's murder window on squishy targets (read: everyone in this game mode) is probably shorter than literally everyone here. He's faster than Akali, Talon, and many others. You speak of Tankiness, but you have Camille in this mode. On that note, if you keep her in and open up to adding other champions, along with Nocturne and Yi... you should add Vi. She's also a better Assassin than half these fools. Same to a lesser extent with Jarvan and Wukong. They're very much Assassins in every sense (high damage and mobility) when you build them as such.
: Certain items are also not in the mode (any defensive ones minus Zhonyas), however some champs (like Nocturne) get naturally very tanky.
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
Hey, I wanted to report a "bug" on the mode. Apparently *Nocturne* isn't an available champion. > We’ll be restricting you to a pool of ... Assassins and Aggressive Divers; Fucking rectify this immediately. I'm actually pissed off.
: I hear the feedback, and we want to do better rotations of modes that are more understandable. (So you guys don't have to feel like 'wtf why this mode!?!') I will say though, we actually _have_ shipped a lot of modes in between AR URF and now that were NOT Ascension and Poro King, such as: * Definitely Not Dominion * One For All * Hexakill * Doom Bots (which was almost a new mode, as we re-did a lot of the mechanics). URF has been the mode with the least rotations, though, and we hear the feedback. I don't have a better answer for you at this time, though, especially since due to the new client it's unclear exactly when URF will ship again.
With all these complaints about game modes and 2017 right around the corner... whatever happened to Practice Tool?
: > [{quoted}](name=RuneKatashima,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AZZhU1PU,comment-id=006b00000000,timestamp=2016-10-31T03:25:25.939+0000) > > His ult specifically states only when attacking. You would also be wrong, because he can use any spell, even on live, without attacking. not true. On live, if he Es, it cancel's his ultimate. The only one he can use while ulti is his Q because it doesn't even really cast a spell, but gives u an empowered next auto attack, countign as a self buff similar to Youmuu's actinve or Ghost.
E also autos when you land even if you have auto attack off. It doesn't vs monsters though is all. That's the only reason it does that. Therefore, as I said, he can use any spell so long as he isn't attacking.
: Intended. He gets to bypass the intended long clear time of Krugs, so he gets less payout.
Then make the small ones pop so he has to wait for a second time? The 4 second channel is totally fine. Obviously it's not as long, but small krugs don't take a long time to clear anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=RuneKatashima,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AZZhU1PU,comment-id=006900010000,timestamp=2016-10-31T03:25:58.558+0000) > > Not what I&#x27;m talking about at all. clearly u don't know what I am saying then. I am saying an exact indicator for where he will land is not needed. he is goign exactly where you clicked him to go as long as it is within the blue circle of his E range.
Blue circle? So I have to turn off smart cast? Why would I do that? If it's not in this blue circle that *most players won't have* then it goes somewhere I have no control over, doesn't it? THEREFORE WE NEED AN INDICATOR. There's no blue circle dude. I wish we started this conversation off with that. Thanks for the downvotes because you don't smartcast though.
: > [{quoted}](name=RuneKatashima,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AZZhU1PU,comment-id=0069,timestamp=2016-10-26T22:13:22.282+0000) > > Hi again. After the changes and trying him out and playing vs him I think he&#x27;s in a really good spot right now. > > Only thing he **really** needs is an indicator for where he&#x27;s going to land when he attempts to jump over the wall. Please do not use the blast cones indicator. It works for them but not for Talon as you often might E to something that&#x27;s on the edge of your screen. Having something like Bard&#x27;s Magical Journey indicator is much better in every way. > > Plus the blast cone indicator easily gets lost in visual noise. U don't really need an indicator. The Circle from his E shows the leap range. Anything within that range can be jumped to.
Not what I'm talking about at all.
: > [{quoted}](name=RuneKatashima,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AZZhU1PU,comment-id=006b,timestamp=2016-10-28T17:13:58.856+0000) > > There seems to be a bug. If you ult and then E over a wall, you lose invisibility. No tooltips say this will happen. It isn't a bug. Talon always has an still does cancel his Ulti when he uses a spell.
His ult specifically states only when attacking. You would also be wrong, because he can use any spell, even on live, without attacking.
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
There seems to be a bug. If you ult and then E over a wall, you lose invisibility. No tooltips say this will happen.
: [PBE Stealth Changes] Stealth Abilities, Vision and the new Control Ward
So Invisibility feels disgustingly strong on PBE. You didn't nerf the champions at all, in some cases buffed even. But you know I'm fine with this if you can make one simple change. I quite agree with everything you've said but you need to do this thing, because I am not going to have fun next season otherwise and maybe have to Permaban Kha'zix and I don't want to have to do that. Make it so if you're standing within 150 units of the Invisible champion that you can target them. Sans Teemo, who I will suggest you just call his Invisibility "True Invisibility" since I'm adding a second exception to him. The reason for this change is because Invisibility feels terrible to play against. They go invisible and I have to stand there and wait for their counterattack. Following them should be the counterplay if you're able to accurately predict them and that's going to be hard at 150 units. Most Invisible champions tend to move away from you anyway when they go invisible (even Kha'zix) so it's not like melee champions are getting a big buff out of this, but it will help them. Ranged champions will also have this option too then if they choose they want to melee form (possibly due to believing they are strong enough). Giving us an option, even if it's a difficult one and especially one that's entirely skill based feels *really good*. I can talk about this a lot more. Please at least respond, Riot. I love the reworks so far and I have faith in your future vision. Just give my argument a chance.
: Hah, still no, it was only cost efficient the more hp your enemies had which isnt reliable.
Devourer isn't Bloodrazor, it's damage wasn't reliant on HP.
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
Hi again. After the changes and trying him out and playing vs him I think he's in a really good spot right now. Only thing he **really** needs is an indicator for where he's going to land when he attempts to jump over the wall. Please do not use the blast cones indicator. It works for them but not for Talon as you often might E to something that's on the edge of your screen. Having something like Bard's Magical Journey indicator is much better in every way. Plus the blast cone indicator easily gets lost in visual noise.
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: Having Greenfather's Gift bug
Yeah it took me a few games to realize this actually. I don't know why the icon couldn't just literally be the same icon as Greenfather's Gift is right now. Perhaps even with the same tooltip from the masteries straight copy&pasted.
: I apologize if my answer wasn't satisfying, that wasn't my intent. I'm always happy to provide details where I can, and luckily this one of those areas! :D The blades are particle effects, perhaps that's why I don't understand the feeling of staticness you're describing. It actually sounds like the blades aren't the problem, but the lack of additional elements is? Elaborating on what exactly about them feels off, even a suggestion of what you would like to see, will help me narrow down your feedback into something actionable. :) Talon's old blades from a thematic perspective had some cool elements to build upon as the idea of throwing out really sharp, deadly blades and calling them back to you while slicing your enemies was awesome for Talon! With the gameplay update having those same elements linger longer in the gameplay space only highlighted the need to update the art to better represent gameplay and enhance the thematic. The VFX discipline aims to communicate gameplay first, and support the fantasy/thematic while looking awesome. Something isn't a success if it doesn't hit both of those notes, which seems to be the case for you. Here are the reads of the blades: The primary read is the blade model. The model is based off of the blades on his back, and the texture has been simplified because of the amount of movement each blade has. Reducing texture noise on a fast moving object improves clarity. Think of it like motion blur, if something is moving super fast it would have less detail and the silhouette would be the key identifier. The secondary read, and perhaps this is the area you're looking to see additions, are the supporting elements. These make the blade feel fast and sharp. From the after image blur of the missile out, to the flash when the blade is active again after the brief duration.
My gripe is very simple. Here's old splash art of his blades. http://img1.leaguecraft.com/wallpapers/asset/talon_wallpaper_talon_using_rake_wallpaper_760px_694.jpg Essentially the old blades were curved, not pointed. I prefer the curved look. I can see you kept that for Dragonblade, but they were already like that. Curved is better since they spin anyway. I suppose asking for this is probably too much to ask for.
: No I mean warrior. Devourer isn't even in the game.
It was sarcasm. Cost-efficiency doesn't necessarily mean good or interesting. Devourer was the most cost-efficient when it existed.
: Custom games do not require even a single additional player if you so choose, bar the occasional minimum player limits that are imposed at the beginning of every new patch cycle. It is also not particularly difficult to assemble a full lobby for a custom game on PBE unless there's nobody on at the time, since you should easily have more than 9 friends, and if you don't you can just ask players to join you by going on the two main chats. Not getting your role in Blind is also not particularly distressing, unless you want to specifically test one champion only. Bots are also perfectly adequate for testing, unless you're trying to finely assess the balance of a champion (which PBE is notoriously terrible for, so I wouldn't recommend it).
> Not getting your role in Blind is also not particularly distressing It really extremely is though. If Blind was the only mode this game had I would stop playing immediately. Anyway, we shouldn't be talking about Blinds or anything else. If the game mode is draft, then they should be unbannable and it looks like Riot agrees with me since they implemented Blinds. Blinds sucks but it's the thought that counts, haha.
: Shows up for me, but only as the very last result. You might need to scroll down for it.
Ah, it's because I use capitals. Lower-case finds Infinity Edge, but Upper does not, and finds nothing. Upper case for BT finds BloodThirster though.
: Plant Spawn Full System Design
Just FYI the plants consume empowered attacks. This sucks pretty bad for Nocturne. Can you make them behave like wards or structures please?
: That's a nice change but......I'm still not seeing Talon do much lategame in terms of killing a priority target. In fact I'd argue there's no reason to pick him over Zed other than his new wall jumping is fun (it definitely is, but please note that current Talon is looking very weak lategame in terms of his gapclosing).
Aside though he's extremely strong vs melee champions. Like fighters who don't build full tank. Not sure that's a good thing.
: Warrior has consistently been the most cost efficient enchantment I feel its in a good place right now.
By Warrior do you mean Devourer?
: People banning recently reworked champions doesn't stay a _huge_ problem for that long either. If the problem is so persistent that it impedes testing, it might be better for Riot to just strip the problem players of their PBE accounts, than for them to implement an entirely new feature that might drastically amplify the negative impact of some of their coding/balancing errors. Ranked/draft isn't the only way to play Summoner's Rift, either, so if you really want to make sure you get to play a champion, it might just be easier to switch to Blind/bots/customs.
Draft/Blind are rarely simultaneously enabled and even so they present entirely different ways to play the game that should be forced on someone. Like playing Blinds and not getting your role. Stripping people of their PBE accounts probably takes just as much work, just by a separate group of people and I don't personally consider the act of banning champions that we're supposed to be testing to drastic as to permanently strip them of their PBE accounts (And btw that number of people would be extremely high) and instead just disable banning of them. Custom requires 9 friends. Good luck with that on PBE and Bots isn't a method of real practice.
: Sorry but, I'm a bit confused with your feedback. Is there a specific moment when they feel static to you? His old blade visuals won't be coming back, but if we can get to the root of your feedback perhaps we can address what is making you feel this way.
I meant the blades look bad. Static art is just the art they have when you don't add particle effects and all the bells and whistles and such. You're going to need to elaborate on why the old blades *art style* won't come back because "because I said so" isn't really satisfying. Frankly things like this have one purpose, "Look cool" and they aren't fulfilling that. I mean yes, clarity and such but nothing about the old blade art style was not easy to read. It's literally just an art change for the sake of it.
: Maw of Malmortius tweaked too strong
Riven/Yasuo are fighters though and the item is for fighters. Sounds like it's doing exactly as advertised.
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