: Runes Reforged and Rune Page Limits Testing
I still don't understand, why limit the amount of rune pages we'll be able to use? We're still able to edit them in champ select anyways, so limiting how many we have will just be a nuisance when we're trying to rush through and finish a page before the timer ends. And having to buy new rune pages is contradictory to making them free in the first place. What's the point?
: Kayn Bug Reports
Please... open blind pick.. its impossible to play him in a actual game. everyone keeps banning him from both sides
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SKT T1 World Championship Skins!
Honestly, thank you for actually making good team skins this time lol. I've never been fond of any of the previous skins for SKT, Samsung, etc. but these are really nice. Keep up the good work!
: Hey Runawaydevil, Do you remember if you alt-tabbed or anything while loading? It seems like there's a few things wrong in your screenshot (mini map is also messed up). Issues like that can commonly occur when you alt tab.
I do tend to alt-tab while loading but this is the first time I've experienced this. If it was caused by that then are you guys currently working on a fix for it? Because I'm a bit nervous if this would happen again
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: Dark Star: Singularity - coming soon to PBE!
When exactly will we be seeing this? I thought it'd be out right after maintenance...
: Practice tool selects champion at random
I have the same problem lmao, happened just this patch i Just wanna try {{champion:154}}
: Preseason message
same, rito fix plss lol
: Lethality Info
i have a question, if lethality was larger than the enemy's armor, will thier armor be negative like the jungle camp's MR?
: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.
Currently, it says "No available Bots" I'm not sure if it has to do with the fact that i re-downloaded the client (Only on Practice Tool)
: First off, as a Talon main with almost 900,000 points across my accounts, I'm super excited for this assassin tailored game mode but I have a few questions regarding Zhonays. In a game mode about blowing people up, Zhonyas kind of sticks out. From what I understand, Zhonyas is meant to deal with the burst assassin, or high damage output enemy in a normal summoners rift scenario which also allows time for the team to follow up or shorter cooldowns to come back up. But because every champion in the is game tailored to the one-shot style, wouldn't it end up negating 75% of champions kits and making the game less about general assassins and more about AP bursters? As far as AP damage and itemization goes there are still a number of solid choices (even ones like protobelt for getting less burstable or providing mobility). Maybe I'm overthinking this and perhaps the item will end up being used in one fight and not be up for the next subsequent fights but it seems really anti productive to have that item for a game mode all about killing as many people as possible as quickly as possible. I feel like in this mode that lacks tanks, you wouldnt want to be building something like black cleaver or lord dominics to cover the enemies ninja tabi/Zhonyas rush build (and instead opt for flat pen) when the theme of the game is to burst the enemy squishes before they burst you.
Honestly, the AP assassins are a lot less powerful compared to the AD assassins since their bursts have a window of time added in them; Fizz W, Lb passive, Kat daggers, (not diana tho), and kassadin is a late game assassin so he's very weak in most of this mode
: Because the power of the demon gives the assassin very very fast movement speed and if Yi ults as a demon he will literally go back running to Season 2
: What about non-mobile assassin mages? I.e. Twisted Fate, Syndra, Viktor, and Veigar?
if they aren't mobile, they aren't assassins they are burst mages though...
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
Been playin this for a while, and i feel like ending the game feels too dull, I usually get the last kill and it's always felt dull af. Maybe add some cool things in the end like ascension has where the winning team gets a blood moon themed makeover or something... I'm sure if you guys were to try this out it would be good P.S: Great mode I love it lol
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
Will this game mode be in the rotating game mode queue?
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: if you use the hotkey for fast forwarding, it'll go more than 30s if you hold on it.
: A few suggestions to make it better: - Make it so the buffs apply to bots that you add to the game, Also make it so you can add more bots - Make a "chasing dummy" that chases you forever to practice kiting as Attractive Dangling Carrot - Make us able to "jump" to a certain time instead of just 30 seconds of fast forward, if thats not possible add options for more than 30 seconds of fast forward (1min, 5min, 10min) - More than 1 player in game, This is super useful for teams Currently i only see it useful for flash practice and csing against nothing, which is good for lower tier players but higher tiers need some love too :c
It's actually extremly helpful for lots of other things too My friends and I used it to become better at making smooth lee sin plays, I've been trying to practice the yasuo eq flash combo (surprisingly easy) and i've been learning ways to decieve using leblanc's new clone mechanics. And all the things you said would be great to add, but for now you just gotta create scenarios to practice with the dummies
: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.
if we could make the bots reset their hp as well that would be amazing
: There is no Test-Tool ( i want to test it out)
You need new client, it's not gonna be out on legacy sadly
: First time PBE, is it supposed to take a long time to patch?
Also know that during a new patch cycle, the PBE will be on maintenance for a long while. Usually around 1PM-2PM (UTC -5:00). You can leave the client on during this time and it'll patch itself when it can.
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: Seeing as I don't have a friend to test with, does Blood Hunt track invisible enemies like Rek'Sai's Tremor Sense? If not, why not?
ALL enemies. Basically you can tell whether or not they are moving based on how the blood trail moves. If the trail doesn't move then the target ins't moving
: Hey! A few things: 1) The rework, and everything about it, FEELS GREAT (story/art/VO/gameplay). I've never been much of a WW player myself, but the rework is slotting him into a spot that I really love. 2) I really like the music/sound effects for blood hunting. But, there are a few things that are small niggles: 1) He should start attacking his ulted target once his ult ends. unless something else is buffered. I've done a lot of standing around after an ult before going "Oh! I'm just standing around!" This is worse in big teamfights where you get CC'd off of the enemy with a silence or something, and simply don't notice. 2) Q's cast time with high AS feels wonky/slow, like there's too much out animation after damage gets dealt. For someone that hits AS cap automatically, this feels kinda bad. 3) Building on-hit items is hard. I want to be able to put a Wits End or Ruined on him, but I feel like the AS is a wasted stat since it doesn't really synergize with his W passive. It ends up pretty much only being a tiamat item on him. This is contrary to like, Volibear, who AS/on-hit items feel great on even though he doesn't synergize with them as well. 4) WW feels REALLY STRONG right now. Like, diver mobility with juggernaut damage and sustain and tank CC, all rolled into one. He feels like he needs a little something shaved off somewhere. That's all for now!
> He feels like he needs a little something shaved off somewhere. like CD's 50 second ult at level 16... for something with such powerful CC and huge range that's extremely good.
: Warwick Update Feedback Thread
Bug When WW ults someone and kills them, he is stuck there floating a bit.
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: Block list?
Can't find "add bots" in the customs either, i think they forgot to add some features or something lol
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: Lethality Info
if i may ask, what comes first in the math? Lethality or % armorpen? like- if i buy ldr then some lethality stuff what would happen if the target had 100 armor (at lvl 18)
: He's vaguely fun late game, but he doesn't do anything. He has no real damage no real power he's literally just mobile.
Not tru tho. Late game he has insane dmg AND mobility. U prob dont stack up the ult cuz ik it feels lackluster if u dont. And the thing about kass late game is that even if his full rotation doesnt kill you, he can just ult u to death, and that usually happens with only tanks. But it also might be because your build is a bit off.
: Smashgizmo since the "minor" rework thread is getting so overloaded...
Ik she getting nerfed pretty hard an stuff but soon they gonna rework her anyways, just enjoy ur last moments of akali for now. expect the rework to bring back the dmg and add new kool stuff
: Riot has said that there will be no sandbox mode. So please don't ask for one. And the video, I'm pretty sure its just a joke~
why u so negative holy-- ik a year ago they said no sandbox mode was coming but it was kinda obv that they would give in soon and now they did. Dont crush this dude's dream fam just tips fo next time :p
: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
Ok i think that lb's burst now goes mostly to the late game now. But i just played another game and noticed that EVERY OTHER ASSASSIN BURSTS FASTER THAN LB NOW. Rengar can still oneshot as quick as u can blink, talon can execute his full burst in less than 2 sec, but lb has to wait for 1.5 sec for the main source of her damage to actually do anything. And in order to actually execute a full burst she now actually takes 2 seconds, not .5 (like good 'ol reng), not 1.5 (like it should be), but 2. Mostly because the cast times already took long enough before. I actually found the best way to use the new lb is to W from the other side of a wall, pop back, wait, and RW and then QE. otherwise they back off too fast after seeing the proc, or burst me down before i can finish my combo (rengar :P). Reduce to 1 sec, that is at least somewhat reasonable.
: He doesn't have a new AOE CC. I don't think you really understand the changes. When ALISTAR gets 5 stacks, his SINGLE next auto stuns ONE target.
oh i might've overlooked that lol ty for bringing that to my attention however he can actually do some good damage now ( as full tank ) and i feel like that was the one thing that kept Alistar somewhat balanced in my opinion
: > [{quoted}](name=gubigubi,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=x4tgmm0s,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-10-18T21:15:43.645+0000) > > First thing I noticed is you cannot control the R -> R clone. I think it would feel a lot better if you could. I think it is probably stronger that it controls itself but I think it would be more fun if you could control it. > > Also the .3 second delay feels pretty clunky as someone who is used to what it was before. > > So far though I think this rework is pretty fun. > > Edit: I'm loving this new sigil of malice its pretty cool The thing about allowing the RR clone to be controllable is this -- if you _can_ control it, you _have to_ to stay competitive. A lot of the coolest RR plays become very micro-intensive, and the actual experience isn't ideal -- microing a cross-map clone with alt-clicks (R is busy) while driving yourself proved quite clunky/annoying.
I can understand and agree with that so why not have both? Being able to control it or let the AI do the work i mean.
: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
i used to be a leblanc main and the main problem i have, like everyone else here, is that the passive taakes way too much time. I knew that before the rework people already had enough time to react, yet i understood the reason to make her burst slower. However the burst is way too slow now. Please shorten it to like 1 sec. Also I think that when the ult clone uses an ability, instead of fading away i think it should just dissapear. So when the leblanc clone Uses W to the enemy and just dissapears they will become perplexed for a while lol
: Alistar Changes Feedback
played him, I believe the stun in just too much at this point. But knowing riot they probably wont remove it so i hope they at least make the new E a LOT shorter. I also noticed that ali finally does dmg people because of this new E. My problem is that he is supposed to be a tanky CC cow, not a tanky CC cow that can solo kill an adc. Adding this just reinforces the tank meta which is actually becoming all too unhealthy. And ESPECIALLY with the new items he does way too much. The constant dmg added with the infinite cc that wont let you get away is insane. I seriously hope that for once riot would listen to some testers and realize how unnecessary and unhealthy this would make him. Overall, Ali doesnt need another form of AOE CC that can actually do plenty of damage.
: All Random URF for the RGM queue now live for testing on the PBE
I sort of like the idea of AR URF but i've been playing it and what bothers me is that we can't ban anyone will you add that feature sooon? it's annoying to not only get a bad URF champ, but to see that they have the best of them on thier team pls add a ban thing before the random pick pls
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: [FAQ] Public Beta Environment
I sort of like the idea of AR URF but i've been playing it and what bothers me is that we can't ban anyone will you add that feature sooon? it's annoying to not only get a bad URF champ, but to see that they have the best of them on thier team pls add a ban thing before the random pick pls
: An Update on Chromas
I was wondering, could we purchase a chroma even if we didnt have the base skin? (ex: dragonslayer vayne)
: AFK Lower Priority punishment is to harsh for the PBE server users
Even though i haven't ever been in the low priority queue in PBE i agree that it is too harsh on the users. I've had a few friends who had to wait 20 mins every game and not being able to do anything while in the queue is probably the worst part (other than the queue itself) I understand that people get punished faster on the PBE but when it comes to bugging out and becoming AFK or bugging out and dodging the price is too high. After all, it will make people who have the queue not want to test anymore and they will go back to live and never come back. Maybe don't punish people as much for dodging/AFK
: Kled Bug Thread
Sometimes when attacking minions (it only happened to them so far) his basic attacks don't work He walks towards the minion and just stands there I've only played him once in a custom game so im not sure if it applies to normal games as well i couldn't report this on the page that is in the client because kled isn't a choice in the list of champions http://pbr.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/pbe/en_BE/bugReport/create <- that page so pls fix both of the above problems
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: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
I personnally think we should be able to customize it a bit more since some of us don't enjoy the new look make it like windows 10 where you can get the best of both W8 and W7


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