: Good point about having other options. We are going to start simple with mystery gifts and perhaps some skins. Over time we'll be able to add other items depending on player reactions.
what if someone feeds intentionally cus the other team offered gifts at the end of the game, that seems very possible to me, why wouldnt you just keep it for teammates only?
: What about a mechanic where you could use smite to silence the enemy jungler? I mean, maybe this is too anti competitive because don't get me wrong, I love smite fights. But at the same time, what if you could say, use your smite to keep the enemy jungler from smiting for 4 seconds or something so that it comes down to a clutch zed passive or ez ult to actual make the steal. Thoughts?
smite does not get stopped by silences or stuns or anything, you can still smite. (80%sure)
: It's not a bug, it's a change in policy. Instead of an RP/IP stipend, things that need to be tested will be available for 1 IP. There's a stickied post that covers questions on this: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/3Ea1s1JP-211-edit-summary-of-pbe-leveling-iprp-and-pricing-updates
Thanks a lot for the information, really usefull!
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