: Aatrox Bug Thread
overheal shield and guardian angel are out of place on his character model, im assuming its because he has two different character model sizes. so is maw of malmortius shield, and steraks gage. mercurial scimitar visuals are off. and not that u would ever get it on him but banshees veil visuals are messed up. edge of night visuals are messed up. youmouus visuals, adaptive helm visuals. hextech protobelt makes ur character model dissapear reguarly on cast. blade of the ruined king, hextech gunblade, hextech glp, and ohm wrecker visuals shoot out of your feet. bloodthirster shield is messed up.
: Aatrox needs work.
if this is the aatrox that riot plans on shipping to live then just scrap the whole thing. with how his kit is set up on the pbe he is actually more useless than the current aatrox. he is kited so easy . his e is such a joke. it gives u less repositioning than a vayne tumble im pretty sure. basically if u dont oneshot someone they can just kite u, he has no real gapcloser. and if u try to use one of your ranged qs to finish them off u self root yourself so if it misses, which it most likely will they have that much more distance between you and them. im not saying it couldnt be a good kit, because it does has potential. but it needs some serious work. because as of right now it is without a doubt the absolute worst rework riot has done. every major rework up until this has been so good, and improved a stale champions kit to make them viable with modern champions. and this is basically a downgrade with newer visuals. pls riot, do not ship like this. please


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