: 1. thank you for finally bringing URF again! guess it will be followed by 3x Porokings and 2x Ascension but oh well ^^ 2. sooo why is it **RANDOM** URF again? 99% of all comments about ARURF are that **the Random makes it so much worse than normal URF**. i dont think that normal URF wouldn't be rdy for the new client because you guys just need to remove the random part. the random part is so cheesy when you get bad champs and the enemy team has a few op champs ... takes away all the fun without the random part it doesn't matter if the enemy team picks op champs - cause you can play the champ U WANT to play - you can play your main champ / champs your good with -> you can outplay the op champs - you can also play op champs (tryhard mode activated) - ** you can pick funny team comps (which is the best part about NORMAL URF! you can make sooo much stuff work in URF and its sooo much fun!)** - even if you lose ( cause the enemy team played tryhard-champs only ) your still had fun with the champ you wanted to play that game --- last time ARURF was in rotation i personally didn't have that much fun. and i LOVE URF! it's my fav gamemode ( mainstream :P )! but with the random - you guessed it - i got cheesed by random almost every single game ... the enemy team always had (at least 1 of them): Ezreal, Evelynn, Ali, Wukong, Mundo, Jax, Xin etc. and i got blessed with stuff like Singed, Aurelion, Yasuo, Bard (hey at least i could perma-portal ^^ thats fun i guess :D) so yeah i like hope we see normal URF soon™ and i hope that (when we get it) it won't be so super rare (like ARURF is atm)
This, ARURF is boring, i used to love making combos with my friends, now imagine a new URF with the 10 bans system, it would be so much better...{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: you don't have 100 stacks in that pick btw, so no wonder it wasn't working. Edit: Also it wouldn't work anyway since his passive sets his AA range to a certain point.
I did have 100, but not in that moment and it still didn't work. Every AA is that way, just like Illaoi's W and Ekko's E, they will ''leap'' you to a certain point.
: Sorry for the unrelated comment but how do you display champ stats like that?
Press **C** , that will show you additional champion information!
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: Bug Compilation New Jungle
Poacher's Knife bonus is broken , its supposed to give 50% gold only when you use Smite on the enemy monster's side. Even if you don't use Smite , the amount of gold you get is huge , mostly on the Frog and Krug , they give something like 150-100 gold. This also happens with the Crab , the new monster.I was playing as Fiora in the blue side , the Crab that wanders in the Dragon side , with Poacher's Knife gave me 103 gold , but without smite , and the one from the Baron pit gave me 38 Gold. After I sold my Poacher's Knife , both gave me 38 gold.The point is : Both Crab have in their names , something like ''Giant **ENEMY** Crab''. The same doesn't happen with other jungle items.

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