: The combination of him killing himself less and his passive giving him a burst of offensive power in lane means that he doesn't seem to be struggling to dominate early on. We still have time to do tuning but the early read is that he's not in desperate need of additional base stats.
if the character uses their own hp then that adds difficulty and depth. the reason no one plays aatrox is beacuse he is weak in other places. a fighter with a crap engagement tool might as well go sit and spin. jax, fiora, riven, yasuo (counts as a fighter), renekton. they all have an engagment tool that either has short cool down or is quick and snappy so people dont get to just free cc you for trying it. in lane with fiora? dont bother leveling your q cus she will repost it every time and if she doesnt shes playing with 500 ping or should uninstall. it gives to much room for counter play. maybe increase its range and give it a delay so aatrox can guide it a little after launch. maybe make it so aatrox can actually finish the move even if he gets stuned and ends up stunned next to his target, or maybe make its cd shorten when its interupted. either way if you think comiting suicides his problem ya havent been paying attention
: 7.5 cycle - Aatrox changes coming to the PBE
yea, played a little on the pbe. i get it, but the new passive is clunky. dont bother jungling its to slow and unhealthy to be near functional. in lane its not as predictable as you think. you can maintain the 4 stacks by last hitting. but aatrox just feels weak with out the natural attack speed he was building he was weaker then everyone and now you put it behind a wall. either buff his blood rush or go back to the slowly building attack speed maybe make each stack grant him 5-15% based on level so when he ramps up he gets the damage bonus at the 5 but without the attack speed he ends up to weak to do anything. there is little to no point to having w on thirst, the heal is shit especially without its scaling, your better off doing dmg and hoping you kill your opponent. maybe if you build tanky its worth healing when you start to get low, but who builds tank aatrox? build a deaths dance and price will heal you more then thirst till your below half anyway and the damage trade off still leaves price better. the e hasn't changed much but i do have one complaint. the ap scaling, did people build ap aatrox "yes" (you shouldnt) but its not about those stupid builds. see building AS aatrox was fun and guinsoo's was a good add on to it. get those w procs like crazy. but without the ap scaling on the E it is even weaker and ends up just being a bad idea cus lets be real we do more damage with his q then his fucking ult now anyway and your not gonna wait to ramp up your guinsoo's before you give yourself that attack range. riot quick tip. we dont want damage on the awkward jump thing. aatrox should be a dueling monster not a burst machine. a 110% scaling on a basic is stupid especially if what we want is a functional engagment tool. go back to shit damage and either dump its cd or crank its range up cus no one is gonna use it in the middle of a fight and since cc can straight up cancel it loading that much damage onto it doesnt do the players anygood.
: AAtrox Ideeas
frankly i think they should make his q chargable some what like zac sling shot (not as far range). that way you can insta cast to knock up at your current location while still having a functional movment ability while allowing him to have better ganks. mean while his ult is just fine, maybe they should shift the inital burst even lower and give it a damage roid ontop but thematicly attrox should be standing in the middle of a fight and ripping away at everyone around him. and frankly his shifting w is to core to his kit.
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: Soo... the vel rework is gonna flop
the new ult passive is to make his ult require more set up then "oh look a team fight IM A FIRING MY LASDFASLGJASDFJLJSJEFLKSDLFVNXCZNVSADKJFL!!!!" so yea he is gonna lose some out right damage to better what he actually is meant to do, be the true damage mage that doesnt give a fuck about your mr. secondly if your good with vel its very easy to harass with and safley farm under most everyone who isnt xerath, ziggs, lux or a butt piercing assassin. you also didnt label the units of measure on your grid so who ever taught you how to science (/calc) deserves an F for not grinding that into your skull cus i can only guess that your Y axis is meant to be damage and the X is ap.
: Zac's Cell Division change
regardless of what they do zac needs buffs, i miss using his great engage early for jungle ganks while still feeling substantial in team fights. the problem with your idea is that if zac got up when he was down to one blob then characters without powerful aoes could never kill him out right, and it also means you could shorten in duration he has to wait to get back up again leading to inconsistency. he is the revival tank and as with all the other revival type passives the duration should be as consistent as possible. and while there are not many champs who can do 48% of zacs hp in 4 seconds they do exist and its mostly in the form of marksman like kog,vayne ect as bursting down zac period is kinda out of realistic veiws unless he is super far behind and fighting that 12/2 fizz we have all come accross as one time or another. frankly i dont know if there is a single not ultimate aoe ability that can deal the required 12% of full build zacs hp to all the blobs out side of a hand full of mages who frankly can burst them away instantly anyway. while say a darius mixing both aoe and single target might be able to kill the 4 second zac blobs he might not be able to q for enough to stop zacs revival. the reduced duration means other tanks , supports, and a hand full of meh brawlers are the only ones that are out right not gonna be able to stop him. while marksman mages and assasins are still gonna be able to deal with the 4 second timer. your ideas not a bad out but it ends up shrinking the number of people who can kill him more then the reduced reassembly time. plus there is a simple point here, zacs supposed to be hard to kill, its part of his gig, right up there with naut and the other super tanks. he is meant to be a mobile pseudo unmovable object. and part of that is the idea that as you smash him apart he just comes back together heance the healing and passive. and a shorter reconstitution time resembles that fluidity that makes him so hard to put down. he isnt growing back parts so much as he is just clumping back into one thing.
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