: Mundo walking through J4 Ult with ghost active.
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: Can you find yourself in the Client when searching for Roit VelKoz? Or do you find someone else? And if so then what happens if you type your live summoner name??? Maybe something indeed went wrong. I'd suggest you try to change your Summoner Name again for 13k IP..
changed the name -_- lets see if this problem will happen again
: Well first of all you can use IP to change it ^^ You might need to spare some IP though xD So just for me, to understand the problem: you changed your PBE Summoner name to Roit Velkoz, which is now being displayed in the forum, but not on your in game Client, which shows your live summoner name, correct? Then I have a few questions: * What is your Live account name? * Does it show your Live USERname or SUMMONER name? * Are you sure you open PBE? * When you'd search for Roit VelKoz in PBE, would you find your account or someone else's? (<- Might explain why it shows your Live name)
Yup u got it right It shows my live summoner name (dark3578) and yes im sure i opened PBE xD this is an old screenshot (https://support.leagueoflegends.com/attachments/token/zpddeuueymn6krd/?name=pbe+client.png) **EDIT :** If i search on PBE with Roit VelKoz,i get no result
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: server
damn no LoL for me today :/
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: Vel´koz death bug
: Vel'Koz
he is geting released today is in the game files http://www.reignofgaming.net/news/27307-unofficial-pbe-patch-notes-for-2-11-2014-velkoz-is
: Uhh... two months would mean February. Which means there should be a new champ coming to the PBE relatively soon. Unless, of course, the Xerath rework will count for this month's champion release. If that's the case, then probably April.
maybe the new champ will be released in april...#remember30april2013 #thewatcherswillreturn
: New Champion
lucian was released on 22 august,jinx on 10 october and yasuo on 13 december...so a new champ every 2 months....probably we will get a new champ on march xD
: General Performance
same happens to me :/
: No ! Poro-snax are toxic. It contains lots of chemicals, it makes the poros swell. A porologist told me that poro-snax are very bad. If you really want to feed the poros, you should let them eat the corpses of the killed champions. That would be more realistic.
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: New in-progress skin: Heartseeker Ashe (Up for testing!)
: Well..I have been playing Yasuo for a while. I think it is safe to say that they updated it, making the bar white when the it is full. I've played him on the live servers as well..
: New Valentines Ward Skin
well i bought the skin 30 min ago :) try to login again
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: New Audio Engine on PBE!
So i played a game and there was no sound from Ashe(with the Queen Ashe skin).No sound from auto attacks,abilities and death
: PBE Down?
take a look http://www.reignofgaming.net/news/27039-unofficial-pbe-patch-notes-for-1-16-2014-ashe-and
: Update failing on new patch!
: So when will it be back online?
the server is up.....currently the game is updating EDIT: here are the patch notes http://www.reignofgaming.net/news/27023-unofficial-pbe-patch-notes-for-1-15-2014-xeraths
: the normal server is working ?
: Meintanance or Bug ?
maintenance....the new reworked xerath probably
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: Hi, what browser(s) and what operating system were you using when you were unable to see comments on threads? Also what other threads did you start that you cannot find now? I see [[Yasuo] - Too excpensive](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/ii6uB8EY-yasuo-too-excpensive), [[Soraka visual glitch] - something strange happened](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/Zu0UqEbr-soraka-visual-glitch-something-strange-happened) and [[Lulu-Spellthief's Blade] - Champ passive interfere with the item passive](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/cXwKuG3i-lulu-spellthiefs-blade-champ-passive-interfere-with-the-item-passive). Were there others??
Hi I use Windows 8.1 Pro.The problem was with Google Chrome,Firefox,Opera,Opera Next.Only Internet Explorer worked. Yesterday when i logged in,the page was showing normally. And now i can even find my 3 threads :)
: Good :3 Now uninstall IE so it can never bother you again :'D
wish i could uninstall it :p
: I sometimes have this but refreshing solves it 99% of the time. Worst part of this is IE, which is by far the most dangerous browser, it's so easy to get viruses with it (trust me, been there, done that). Have you tried Opera or Google Chrome? Both are very good browsers, maybe one of them solves the problem as well :3
so today the page started to work normally on Google Chrome xD
: How did you respond to this then? -_-
only IE works ._.
: [BUG Amumu] - Amumu can increase the Runic shield
Think they patched it. Log out and re-log to update.
: Oh...... i have same experience ! How about chage the browser? Im terrible in english sorry :-(
Tried a lot of browser...internet explorer fixed the problem.......but IE sucks :(
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: Thats the price for public servers. In the PBE the prices are 450 for the "old champions" and 10 RP for the newer ones.
: [MAJOR] [SPAMBOT] Member profile "Scarra Junior" is a spambot and goes afk immediately
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: If I'm not mistaken, the W of {{champion:69}} slows the targets, which activates the passive of liandry (deals 2x dmg if target is slowed, stunned etc) so that fiery animation is normal. Edit: oh wait, didn't see that other fiery-cloud thingy. You're right :D The Rabadon cd issues was already discussed on another thread :)
: [Malzahar]- (Taunt) dagger bug
Nope it's not working. Did you used a skin?
: ToS and PBE Attitude
That's why i play ARAM...you never get flamed on ARAM,except if you troll. Oh and Hide and Seek,and custom games against bots...
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: [BUG] CC Effects sometimes produce weird effects when applied simultaneous with spell activations
yup same happened to me in a custom game....Sona used her ulti and warwick was just standing far away from me and i was taking all the damage from his ulti
: Ya i saw that too on quite alot champions which can be refundend. I think its probably due to having a skin on that champion. So either you have to refund your skin + champ or it doesnt work at all on champs with bought skins
i have all the champs and a skin for every champ...
: Not Refundable
hmmmm so i was curious and opened the store from what i see,i can only refund these champs : {{champion:222}}(10 RP), {{champion:117}} (450 IP), {{champion:236}} (10 RP), {{champion:157}} (10 RP), {{champion:75}} (450 IP), {{champion:84}} (450 IP), {{champion:122}} (450 IP), {{champion:42}} (450 IP), {{champion:69}} (450 IP), {{champion:28}} (450 IP), {{champion:119}} (450 IP), {{champion:36}} (450IP), {{champion:105}} (450 IP), {{champion:114}} (450 IP), {{champion:39}} (450 IP), {{champion:126}} (450 IP), {{champion:24}} (450 IP), {{champion:64}} (450 IP),{{champion:56}} (450 IP),{{champion:121}} (450 IP),{{champion:267}} (450 IP) , {{champion:143}}450 IP , {{champion:133}}450 IP ,{{champion:254}}450 IP , {{champion:107}} 450 IP, {{champion:112}}450 IP , {{champion:92}}(450 IP) , {{champion:110}}(450 IP) ,{{champion:62}}(450 IP) , {{champion:5}} (450 IP), {{champion:29}}(450 IP) , {{champion:23}}(450 IP) , {{champion:27}}(450 IP) , {{champion:14}}(450 IP) , {{champion:68}}(450 IP) , {{champion:91}}(450 IP) ,{{champion:80}}(450 IP) , {{champion:19}} (450 IP) maybe its a bug
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