: {{champion:32}} sorry man for my bad english
Sorry for my bad English man.* Don't worry about it man, we all gotta learn somehow. It's just funny watching people butcher language. I don't think it has anything to do with you.
: Bug on blitz nexus new mode
TRANSLATED. Me and my friends were playing on nexus blitz when this bug happened. Even though we killed all of the enemy team in the circle of fire event the event kept going. So the enemy team and us are both dead except for the one person who used call of the herald. (Cho) After Cho returned to base he was promptly burned to death and the event ended... Weird. I put the video in my post where you can see what happened. The Best bug ever I think.
: Bug on blitz nexus new mode
: It already _is_ a game clock for some champions. Dominion and ARAM give gold at an accelerated pace too though, but both of those modes also lasted like 20-30 minutes per game. NB is intended to last for 10-15.
Your right gold still feels like the game clock on summoners rift, but the problem is that you lose the feeling of it being a resource, and the feeling of it being a resource is what makes the mechanic fun. You could point out that it can be fun to BE the game clock but most of the time that's only cause you've put enough time into that game to be invested. Part of why league blitz is fun is because games are short and you don't have to be invested. Now I think the worst thing gold is doing in league blitz right now though is that it's still swaying games into the winners favor. I don't like this for a few reasons. First off falling behind in an already fast paced game feels like dog shit since there are less opportunities to catch up. Second getting ahead in an already fast paced game feels retarded since there are less opportunities to lose your lead meaning you get to play for the first five minutes but now the next five is just you going through the chore of ending it. Third the amount of gold you get by the end of a SR game is close to the amount of gold you get at end of a NB game, meaning gold leads are much more volatile on NB than SR (that part of the reason why most of the gold you get is team distributed.) And fourth of all because of events and the team wide buffs they give, teams already massive gold leads are multiplied. You bring up a good point about dominion and ARAM, but dominion was such an unpopular game mode that they had to can it, so I don't think that one holds any water, as for ARAM, you still feel all these things but they don't feel as bad due to the longer game times and because it actually compliments the design of ARAM due to the nature of buying and the random hectic feeling it's supposed to give you. I still think that champions should have a power curve in league blitz I just don't think gold is the way to do it. or at least not the way gold has traditionally been done.
: This was originally a post in and of itself but I guess apparently Riot doesn't engage with individual posts like that, I've been told, so here goes: Hello, friends. I've played Blitz a fair number of times and I keep coming back to a few very key points that I view as problems with Blitz. #The Problems: --- - Jungling isn't satisfying and doesn't exist outside of the first few minutes of the game. What's the point of utilizing the role with two people if it's not actually utilized outside of getting the two buffs at the start? **Solution:** Make Jungle camps spawn more often or improve the layout or size of the Jungle itself. - Blue buff is in a really awkward spot Why is it clearly visible from the lane whereas red buff is tucked away safe and sound? Junglers can't take the buff without being forced off by the two people sitting in the middle lane. Sure, it's great to force team fights, but the entire game feels like one big team fight already. **Solution:** Use terrain to block off Blue buff and make it realistic to take as a Jungler or group of Junglers. - Champions who scale with gold hit their power spikes incredibly early in the game, placing those that don't on the somewhat weaker side. Shaco, for instance, is gated by his weak early-game and reliance on gold to scale into a powerhouse. Usually there's a lot of play around being able to shut this down, however that's not the case on Blitz. He'll actually go above and beyond because of just how fast he can hit that power spike and how easily he can control the Jungle with his partner. **Solution:** Use specific buffs and nerfs to fix the discrepancy between champions. - Some events just win the game for the team that wins the event. Loot Teemo, for instance, distributes so much gold to the winning team _and then_ gives them a huge buff for winning the event in the first place. I have been playing more than one game of Blitz where the team was was losing heavily took the Loot Teemo and just won the game within the next 2-3 minutes after that. Plus, it's great at spawning and _immediately_ running into an enemy base so the other team doesn't have a good shot at winning. **Solution:** Loot Teemo should spawn in the Jungle and follow a fixed path throughout said Jungle. Spawn Cannon should have either a maximum range or be expire after a set amount of time. - Why are there two lanes divided by a bush that's permanently warded? Two lanes for three players is fine in theory, like in Twisted Treeline! However, the fact that the Junglers leave the Jungle shortly after the game starts means it's more like two lanes for _five_ players. It's _incredibly_ crowded, _plus_ the two lanes are really awkward with where their turrets are placed. Why even have a second lane like that if the turret going down in one lane means the other one is guaranteed to fall because you no longer have any protection from incoming enemy players? Also, there are too many players confined to too small a play area **Solution:** Reduce the player count to 4 players per team or increase the size of the map itself. Change the position of the terrain or turrets to allow for protection even if one turret gets taken out. - What purpose does the Jungle turret serve? It only protects the Gromp camp, that's it. Why even utilize a turret in the Jungle in the first place? It doesn't do a good job protecting the other camps, so what point does it serve being there? **Solution:** Just get rid of the tower or make it deal vastly more damage than it currently does --- Honestly, I really like Blitz. What I don't like is how cramped, awkward, and one-sided the map is or can become. Does anyone else have anything to add or argue? I'm just really disappointed here.
The problem I'm finding with blitz is that it's bringing over to many mechanics from classical league of legends. The reason this is a problem is because league was built to be a slow paced game from the beginning so when take a mechanic like 'the accumulation of gold' which was built to play out over a period of 45 minutes, and throw it into a fast paced game like league blitz, it no longer feels like a resource two armies are fighting over, it just feels like the game clock. I think if Riot really wants nexus blitz to realize it's true potential then they need to start questioning some core mechanics to league of legends and start asking themselves if it really has a place in nexus blitz.
: After playing testing the mode quite a bit, i have to say it does have potential but in it's current state, i will never play it. So why wouldn#t i touch it in it's current state? - Duojungle feels bad if you're not on the same page as you're ally, and if you are and regulary clear camps as a duo the gold gains seem to hgih compared to lane. - Gold flow is to heavily scewed towards the winning team, kills give to much gold(550 for firstblood!?!) and what's worse, you loose the passive gold from dieing minions while dead, so dieing costs quite some gold. I head a game where the enemy Cho had 22k gold after 15 min, while the highest gold on my team was i with 10k, such gold diffrences are just beyonf redicolous. And it happens quite frqently that some guy is fed enough to litterally 1vs5 the enemy team. - Gold is to much funnled into high damage champs(waveclear/jungleclear/more likely to get kills), leaving more utillity base champs always behind the curve in gold - Damage is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of hand, TTK feels even shorter than in URF. I find it hard to enjoy anything under those conditions. - The on-fire buff on killstreaks smiply kills the mdoe for me, it just makes all the above issues even worse. I will never touch this mode as long as this beyond stupid mechanic exists. If you want to be a god with beyond regular power, there is asccention for that. - Games end to quickly and you can't really get beyond 2 items unless you're the fed dude in which case you get early fullgear and just walk through like playing a botgame. I was soooo happy to see Force of nature, yet i could use it so far, cause the few times i played a champ that would like it, the game ende either befor i could get it or just after i got it... Otherwise, i like how the map promotes Skirmishes all over the palce and then some big teamfights on the events. The events also are quite fun, though i don't really like the snowball one. most of the time it's more effective to just farm both jungles while the rest is bussy throwing snowballs, or just ace them as they go out of position to hit snowballs. I feel like it should freeze the rest of the game and have a limited duration and the team with most hits in the end wins. But most of all, I love seeing thise aditional items, some new old items like FoN and wriggles, stuff from the murder bridge...If we now get some BMB stuff aswell it would be aesome
I really don't think gold has a place in the design of league blitz. The thing that feels good about gold is the act of amassing it, this works great on summoners rift since it has a much slower pace allowing you to really feel like a farming machine, but this doesn't work with league blitz, since it's core theme is that it's fast paced. The snowballing nature of money in league also doesn't help it, makes every game feel like you either stumbled upon your wealth like you just won the lottery, or you just didn't have enough time to amass anything significant. The worst part though is that gold promotes inaction due to the nature of farming gold in league (you don't go for the money your enemy has in his hands you go for the guaranteed gold you get every minute). This directly opposes almost all of the design choices for League Blitz, because almost all of there design choices have been about making you take action. I think that riot should can gold for league blitz mode and find other ways of giving everyone reason to interact in the lane and jungle, along with a way to replace items.
: Sorta bundling a few responses into a single comment here :) A lot of the champion pool curation was about trying to push the mode towards the "high mobility / Short time to kill" side of the spectrum, and those two champions (As well as the others people have asked about like Wukong/ Irelia) ended up feeling or playing a bit too far off that mark. That said, the pool is definitely something we could look into potentially expanding if the mode comes back later and it ends up feeling too restrictive. For Nocturne/ Yi specifically: Nocturne's ultimate definitely felt "Assassiny" and was appropriate for the mode, but once he got into fights he ended up having to be much more on the tanky side of things and ended up feeling rather odd. There were also just some unfortunate experiences: Because we mess with ult CDs the way we do, the "Darkness" spam was genuinely irritating to play against, and his E felt pretty terrible (for him, not for opponents) in a mode with as much mobility as there is. Master Yi actually had a similar problem oddly enough: As you might've noticed, there isn't really any hard CC. Because of how squishy he is as well, he ended up actually playing as "Meditate tank yi", which was fairly unsatisfying on both ends.
Could jihn be put in? I know you said you don't want marksman to be in the gamemode, but I think he could create some great play. Jhin would be like the sniper in the assassin group. Good at helping everyone on his team, but very vulnerable to everyone on the enemy team. (He would have to constantly stay out of sight to stay alive though.)
: > I always like the idea of being able to use the Ohmwrecker on allied OR enemy towers. I think the reason Ohmwrecker isn't very popular is because you get to a point when you're tanky enough not to need to deactivate their tower. The idea of making Ohmwrecker basically have a dual function ran into problems where - by end games - there were no towers. It delayed Ohmwrecker feeling awful to build due to lack of useful targets - but the fact that it was so keyed into just towers made this approach tricky as you tend to get the item late - but you also burn all of its potential. :/
Why not put it onto a sightstone upgrade? It would be quick to build and it would be on your support which could be part of the counter play.
: (Dec 16th) New Champ Select Test Megathread!
Hey big pain points of the new champ select i'm finding is lack of clarity when it is your turn to ban, having to lock in everything, and champion navigation. Other then that it's looking real good. (the animations look especially cool.) Keep up the good work!
: Team Builder Draft is on for developer testing
hey i was browsing the boards and i couldn't seem to find the feedback thread for the new team builder any chance someone could point me in the right direction?
: New Junglers in Season 6
if you go blue side start with liss and back for hunters potion after blue she can work pretty well but you need to kite the camps really well.
: I assure you I could have been much less professional. The post to which I was responding made a number of assertions and rhetorical questions about Graves failing without ever being able to play it. My post was an attempt at humorously pointing out how unlikely it is that we would produce a champion that can't lane, that can't get close enough to engage, that is always worse than every other ADC and fighter. In fact, GuineaSquirrel's follow up response indicated to me that he understood the tone of my reply. That doesn't mean GuineaSquirrel is wrong. Graves might be terrible once opponents figure out how to play against him.... or he might be insanely overpowered in a way we haven't anticipated... he might even be balanced. Answering these questions is the challenge you all will tackle over the coming weeks and the playerbase as a whole over the coming months/years. Our internal testing shows him to be capable of success at all phases of the game, but I'm not going to pretend we know for certain what the champion's true power level is.


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