: People wanna play!?
I've got no PBE friends yet after about a year hiatus. I'll be on for a few hours later tonight if you want to game then.
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: Champion Sorting Options
At first I thought maybe OP was talking about the official [LoL Champions page](http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/) because it lacks the sorting available in store, but that wouldn't be a PBE issue. (This page could actually be more handy if the options OP mentioned were implemented on it.) Then, like ZOCK3Y, I figured OP didn't know how to operate the store's sorting options. But I think what OP meant is: there aren't many sort options in the game's Profile->Champions->Availability:all screen. I've always found that screen sort of pointless since it provides nothing you can't also get from the store. Maybe its advantage is: you can look up champs when the store is down for maintenance? Regardless, OP: just use the store instead. It has Release Date and IP sorting, as well as RP and Alphabetical... as well as Owned/Not Owned, On Sale / Not On Sale, and sorted by Role "Attribute" (Tank/Mage...). >>This topic might fit better in [Air Client & New Features Feedback].
: Cannot post comment?
As I hoped, as soon as I created this topic I was able to post the other comment unaltered. So it seems that one is unable to comment until they have created a topic from scratch. Either that or for some reason the Bug forum has different posting requirements than Site Feedback. Has anyone else had this problem when getting started in PBE forum (more specifically since the new Boards format took hold?)
: {BUG} Fountain range indicator
> The range indicator on the fountain in custom games isnt right, see video > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4iUe1SvrpA&feature=youtu.be Four months later, this is still true. Fountain range is significantly greater than indicated.
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