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: [SUGGESTION] Can we stop reciving Champion shards if we own all champions?
Or a way to convert champion shards into the cosmetic shards
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: After opening 100 Hextech Chests, Here is what I have found:
Totally agree with you on everything apart from one thing... Yes the animation is a little bit annoying but that's because we're mass opening the chests for no effort and with all the keys/chests provided instantly. **But** when this goes live for normal players, then just like starfisch said that they'll only get to open few chests after grinding for hours...which will make them appreciate it more than us, testers.
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: Mastery Order
From what I can see is that masteries have received a big steroid. Now they're adjusted under different play-styles which makes them more user-specific. Compared to how the old mastery tree which in most cases was standard. Besides this the order shouldn't matter too much anyway.
: as lovely as this idea is, this isn't the place for it... please try and upload this discussion on the live boards and not pbe. PBE is meant for feedback for the stuff they are about to put into live and bugs that are in the game, not new ideas
I do apologise, I just thought that this could be the right place for discussion.
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