: Midseason Update - Utility Contribution
Hello! Will you guys ever add in a fix for certain champs, where their total damage is a calculation of 2-3 different stats but you don't give us the total number? For example, with Chogath's R, it shows his X dmg + (Y) + (Z) but it does not show the total number of X+Y+Z. I understand it's simple math to just add those numbers up and get the total, but why can't you just show the total damage with everything added up anyway? The amount of times I'm trying to figure out exactly how much damage I'm going to do by adding it all up in my head is just annoying honestly. Is there any chance we will get a universal fix on this 'total damage' shown in abilities tool tips?
: Is there any way in the future for you to be a little more discerning with the players on the PBE? A lot of times people take it like it's a real game, complete with tilting and whining when bugs crop up. The PBE is the place to exploit and expose those bugs so that you guys can catch them before they go to live. Instead you get people that scream "REPORT THAT FKING HACKER" if someone is actually doing bug testing as per the purpose of the PBE. Anecdotally, I remember one time a few seasons ago when there were some proposed changes to Elise's human form Q (turning it into a ramping burn effect of some type). Unfortunately it was coded without an ending duration. If you got dotted by Elise, you couldn't back, you were probably going to die before you ran to base. Needless to say there were several across games that evening. I didn't mind, because I've tested games professionally and it was hilarious even if broken. Because you know, PBE/it matters less than a normal on Live. But there were tons of people that were tilted off their rocker, hurling insults and I assume reports. The same people that were screaming were refusing to FF too. It was pretty annoying. It's fun to have a fantasy server where you can unlock and play with 100% of the content, but there needs to be more emphasis on "This is for bug and change testing, do not tilt off of people exploiting bugs"
Not only that, but the amount of people going Ashe ADC or Leona Support when Xayah & Rakan were just released is ridiculous. They're purposely trying to take the spot and flaming someone who wants to play the champs that were released specifically on the PBE server... It's not a normal server, it's specifically here for us to beta test new features & champs, if there are players here that don't treat it that way then they shouldn't be allowed on the PBE...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}


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