: I have a couple of bugs (most likely confined to practice mode) 1. If you deal damage to a dummy while under the affects of your R, it will die. I assume this is a bug, since just using the R execute normally does not work. Easy to replicate with ignite + R. 2. If you dash while shooting the second part of your R execute, then the target dummy will awkwardly keep its distance from you once it "dies". Basically for the next 10 seconds or so the dummy will try to keep at max R range from you, so if you move towards it then it scoots away. It does not scoot towards you if you run away though. Looks to be the same distance that the R forces enemies to if they are close to Urgot when he ults. It could bear some testing on whether other invincible enemies also have the same behavior when an attempted execute fails.
For me, I could just kill the dummies in any case. Just autoattacking without ult or ignite on would kill the dummy.
: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
With Muramana you deal reduced on hit damage with his W but still drain mana at the same rate. It isn't exactly a bug, but very strange since the firerate will drain 800+ mana while giving you barely any damage.
: What determines what form is available to Kayn first?
It works like this: you gain souls by damaging melee and ranged champions, then once the bar is full(one bar that fills from both types of souls) you unlock a form based on which soul count was higher; Darkin for melee souls, and Assassin for ranged souls. After one form is unlocked, you can either transform into it immediately or wait 4 minutes to unlock the other form.
: A Discussion on the Power of Kayn from Early-game to Mid-game
If you're basing it off of target dummies, please keep in mind that the 10000 max health makes %health abilities appear to be much stronger than they would be in an actual game.
: Kayn
The thing is that Shadow Assassin's passive gives 44% more damage from all your auto attacks and abilities, as well as having more range and mobility to assassinate people. Being an assassin isn't just about damage, it means having enough mobility to get in, kill someone, and get out.
: Feedback on Kayn and Rhaast
Shadow Assassin's magic damage passive does work on abilities, as well as auto attacks.
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: Sejuani Feedback Thread
Sejuani does more damage if she misses her ult. If Sejuani hits her ult at max range, she gets the full damage and a 2 second stun. But the enemy then cannot gain frost stacks and is not damaged by or slowed by the storm explosion afterward. If she misses her ult and damages an enemy with the storm, it does the full damage and slows for 3 seconds, then she can also stack frost and do an extra 100 damage and 2 second stun. So not only is it more damage if you miss, but more cc. I suggest doing one or both of two things: 1. Let Sejuani stack Frost on enemies she stuns with her ult 2. Let the storm explosion damage and slow enemies stunned by the ult(potentially at a reduced value)
: Sejuani Rework - First Impressions
I think a solution to E being annoying to stack could just be to make her Q apply a stack of frost as well, that way you could just q-w- auto and have 4 stacks. The new W is my favorite part of the rework, but it would be nice for it to have an AP scaling or at least deal magic damage since Sejuani is more focused on her abilities than auto attacks.
: It's worth mentioning that you can E stun someone > auto for the % health damage. Then ult them immediately for a second stun. And then auto them again for the % damage. It's as powerful as it sounds... With this combo you can maximise damage and CC and are therefore heavily encouraged to do this. You do indeed lose damage on the primary target for ulting them immediately. But perhaps that's intended? It might be to lower her initiation power but make her stronger for dueling and skirmishes. This makes sense. Her ult is even stronger than her old ult when it comes to double-stunning (if pulled off, she's incredibly powerful like holy f***). But otherwise, it's obviously a nerf and feels balanced since it's all about risk vs. reward. You can stun faster for a lot less damage, or have a delayed stun with your E to make it even stronger on a single target. Honestly, it makes her immediately viable in the top lane. Between her double stun, her passive for short trades, and AD scaling on her W, we're looking at a really powerful top laner from the looks of things.
I can understand that, but if it's intended to be weaker when using it before Permafrost then why allow missing it and getting all the damage plus a 3 second 80% slow and still being able to use Permafrost? I don't care if they just nerf that aspect, it's just a really weird inconsistency to do less damage if you hit your skillshot. Also, her W doesn't scale with AD, it's max health scaling physical damage.
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: Thoughts on Lissandra Changes
It does not have an AP scaling.
: https://i.gyazo.com/a26a6e40a4ac577f17e1c1dcbdd3225a.png https://i.gyazo.com/2ebfeb7b94a8f3456b75e32a9917cf60.png these numbers are not okay full tank Galio genuinely has no weakness; he does huge damage, he can wreck turrets, he has poke, and he is THE tankiest champion with numbers like this on his W; the only champ who can compete with this survivability is Alistar, and his damage reduction is on his ultimate and he doesn't get solo lane gold. Not to mention his unrelenting hard CC between W, E and R; with this amount of peeling power AND the damage reduction on his ult, he can peel as good as or better than Braum. Right now Galio out-classes both of these champs by a country mile when they have to specialize in those strengths and give up so much to be good at it. I really hope you adjust this before it hits live. There's no reason to even consider any of the AP/tank items like his recommended page suggests; building AP works counter-intuitively with how hard he scales with raw durability and hurts his ability to defend allies with R's damage reduction etc.
: Galio Feedback Thread
I made a list of changes based on feedback I've read, making Galio more of an anti-mage and protective character. Passive: Restores a portion of W's magic damage shield. Q: Galio and his allies gain movement speed while moving toward the vortex. W: A percentage of damage taken by allies in the circle is redirected to Galio while charging. While the passive magic damage shield is on, all magic damage taken by allies is redirected. Galio heals for a short period of time based on damage absorbed after releasing the charge. Does not give damage reduction. E: Instead of dashing backwards at the start, Galio shields himself and absorbs all nearby enemy spells. The dash's damage is increased by damage absorbed, up to a cap. R: Can be used on allied towers. Gives allies a shield that increases the longer they stand in the area. Taunts in a small circle instead of knocking up in the whole area.
: Galio's W is slowing enemies when it is not stated in the tooltip that it slows
: Galio Builds
My ideal build is Gunblade, Sorc Shoes, Luden's, Rabadon's, Lich Bane, Void Staff. hehe
: Galio's New Ult
Galio's has shorter range and can only be targeted on allies compared to Pantheon's, and has a longer cooldown.
: Galio "R" suggestion : Make the damage and CC duration scale with distance travelled (like Sion)
It wouldn't make sense, Sion gets rewarded for using it at long range because it is very easy to hit at point blank and very hard to hit at long range. Galio's is arguably harder to hit at point blank because the enemy can see him casting it earlier, and he can get the cast canceled by cc. So why would you get more damage when it's easier to hit?
: [Gameplay] Galio Flash -> E - Justice Punch Bug
I don't think it's a bug, just how the ability works. It targets a location and then dashes to it, regardless of where the dash is from. It doesn't just dash a distance from where the dash is initiated.
: Galio will need added ap ratio on passive and ap ratio on w to be viable as a battle mage.
His W definitely shouldn't have an AP ratio. Passive is a possibility.
: My Galio Feedback/Rant -- What Isn't a Galio?
Athene's Unholy Grail never worked on Gallo. He could only heal himself with his W.
: Galio Passive Make it scale with ability power and not attack damage
They could reword it to "Galio's next basic attack hits all nearby targets, is converted to magic damage, and deals 160+60% magic resistance bonus damage." Adding an AP scaling could be too strong, as the base damage on it is pretty strong and he already has the ridiculous 105% ap ratio q on a 6 second cooldown.
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: Summoner's Rift Minion Balance
If I recall correctly, towers and minions get extra stats when their team has less players. Might be only on howling abyss though.
: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
One issue I have is that there is a slight delay between using one version of q and using the other, like normal q->empowered q there is about a half second delay in between. It would feel much better to assassinate someone if you could do the 2 qs in direct succession. On another note, I really love the vfx and sfx for his q, they remind me of scissors cutting something really quickly.
: Hi RiotRepertoir, I have 2 questions, first of all, if it is hard to understand what I wrote I'm sorry, English is not my native language. 1) Are you going to remove the cast time (0.125s) of the bola mid air ? Now that he can't deal a sh*t ton of damage mid air I think it would appropriate to remove the cast time mid air ^^ In all seriousness, the cast time is very very clunky, is it normal that your bola goes over your target's head just because he's walking toward you ? It happened to me so many times, even on the scuttle crab :-( To avoid that you have to cast the bola in the opposite direction of where you're facing (= behind you), or you can also cast it before or after landing but it just feel so wrong and clunky to I believe a lot of rengar mains out there including me. I saw a post where you said that this option was a possibility, but to me it is like you are saying "Ahh, it's not a big deal, it's just a 0.125s cast time lol" but for us it's a very BIG deal, this cast time even made some famous rengar mains (Dekar!!) leaving him to dust, for way less clunky champion (Riven) :-( I would appreciate if you could think about it a bit more and maybe try to implement it as a test maybe ? 2) Now you said that Rengar won't get the short end of the stick anymore in the quest of Rengar/Kha'Zix, but you also said that he is only rewarded by .. 1 stack. So if I already have 5 stacks of bonetooth, the reward will give me nothing ? I mean a 4th evolution is huge, when you tell us that he only get a stack I feel like Rengar still get the short end of the stick in the end. Thank you for reading and I'm sorry if I sounded too aggressive ^^ So now my opinion about the rework : Overall I'm very happy with this rework, the ultimate might last too long for a not so rewarding jump (1crit) including the fact that Rengar is an assassin and therefore extremely squishy so he might need some base stats buff or armor/mr on the ultimate like Nasus or even a mini fear like Urgot's ultimate :D. W doesn't seem to heal enough vs monsters and might be too strong vs burst, but I couldn't test it out so I'm not sure. And well I'm wondering if he's still gonna be a decent toplaner :)
No, he gets an extra stack beyond the limit of 5, to a total of 21 bonus ad and 42% extra ad.
: RENGAR: FIGHTER OR ASSASSIN? I feel as if the rework in general is heavy affecting the way Rengar is played. Rengar's new kit reminds me more of a fighter or bruiser than an AD assassin. 1) Losing ferocity when out of combat is a FIGHTER TRAIT not an assassin trait! Fiora, WW and Jax are champion that benefit from remaining in combat for an extended period of time. ASSASSINS are not suppose to be duking it out with other champions, they are suppose to prepare and then kill which is why old ferocity made a TON of sense. As a Rengar main I remember pacing my stack until 4 before ulting to maximize my Assassin potential. Now your encouraging/coercing Rengar to be smacking blades with big bad bruisers in order to benefit from his ferocity stacks. 2) If he is meant to be the glass cannon assassin that hunts and picks off selected target, his new ultimate no longer helps him do that. For example, old Rengar's ultimate allowed him to see all five enemies, which often lead players to either evaluating the situation and going for the kill OR recognizing that jumping into a 1 v 3 probably won't turn out well. Now he can only see one champ, which means he has to run around to see what the enemy team positioning is before going in. In particular, I don't think that is too bad of a trade HOWEVER he can now BE SEEN BY ENEMY CHAMPIONS. As a Rengar main I always identified his ult as being his primal all knowing 6th sense that gave him all complete awareness of his hunting ground before popping out to secure a kill. Now I feel like he's not this skilled hunter but a rookie who runs around bushes trying to find an adc before running into a bulky Malphite (or any fighter/tank) who ends up stomping him. It's gotten to the point where Rengar ults and Enemy team tanks and fighters start spanning out looking for a squishy cat to kill. I think the indicator that Rengar is around is ENOUGH, the fact that he can know been seen seems wrong and thematically clunky. Change his CAMO to Invisibility. Futhermore, old Rengar ult generated ferocity and allowed him to jumping and hope to live with an empowered W before recalling to heal. Now all Rengar can do is jump in and hope for an insta-combo-kill or he is assed out in team fights or skirmishes. If the enemy target has any movement spell that disengages or cc spell that hits Rengar after he ults then Rengar might as well pack his bags. He used to have an empowered E in hopes of catching up to a halved-healthed target. 2.5) Some assassins like Zed can ult into a team, deal damage to adc and then switch with clone to safety. JUMP IN - DEAL DAMAGE - JUMP OUT TO SAFETY. Rengar old ultImate, although offers more utility with its sight instead of Zed ult's AOE potential, serves a similar purpose. Except new Rengar's ult is more like: JUMP IN - DEAL DAMGE... - STRUGGLE YOUR WAY OUT OF SEA OF CC AND DAMAGE BACK TO SAFETY. 3) Rengar W heal only affects damage taken which I'm not sure work as well as expected. First Rengar is the type of champion who ganks a lane to get a kill before going back into his jungle to fight some monsters, lick his wounds and heal up. Now his W is great for trading in lane but that prolonged fighting while trading in lane is more characteristic of fighter or tank. It is literally the heal alternative to TAHM KENCH's shield w. Conclusion) I think Rengar's ult should render him invisible so he can dodge in an out of combat before committing. If not then send him in the direction of a fighter raise his base stats and empower his ultimate with it's old ferocity regen. Now he has this strange niche as either a poor man's ZED or a weak AD Bruiser.
If you get hit by cc use empowered w. When you jump into combat you can blow all your spells and get to 4 ferocity in under half a second, then if you get cc'd you can w, if the target runs away you can e, and if you need more damage you can q. You don't even need to hit anyone to get ferocity anymore.
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
My only problem is that her R has less bonus AD scaling than AP scaling, when AD scalings are supposed to be higher than AP.
: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
She feels too weak. There isn't really any combo that works better than others, so it's really awkward to use any abilities past triggering the mark. It feels like her damage is too loaded onto the mark, but the mark doesn't do enough to kill someone.
: [Early 10/20] Twitch Balance Suggestions
You suggestion for Twitch's ult is broken; 7% max health on hit is insane, blood razor is only 3% and Bork is 6% CURRENT health. It also doesn't make sense to scale with AP at all, that would just be randomly changing Twitch to an AP-on hit champion.
: Opinion on new Katarina
1. Her E is still a blink and can still put you behind a target. It now targets a small circle on the ground and will teleport you to an enemy relative to where you put the circle. If you press e behind an enemy, it teleports you behind them. 2. It was completely intended that her dagger pickups are the main damage, now instead of point and click "not braindead" damage you have to actually set up a kill with the "braindead" delayed dagger drops.
: Tryndamere and the new masteries
Enter the pantheon. Lane bully, global pressure, and now he literally cant be punished for his agressive playstyle since every cs heals him for 70+
: racist people on pbe
A thing that can help is in the report, you could provide a gyazoo of some of the things they said. It helps make things a bit easier. You need to run border-less window though to gyazoo ingame
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