: twisted tree line map
3 things about this post 1. Not a bug does not belong under bugs 2. Riot does not want any mode to overshadow summoners rift for it this the main mode in league of legends 3. Your post is in very broken English and is not exactly clear on what you want from Riot Games. If you want to have your opinion heard please post properly {{champion:103}}
: same thing
> [{quoted}](name=DyrusBestFan,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=BtfPeNhi,comment-id=00020003,timestamp=2015-05-17T22:05:59.566+0000) > > same thing I was the one who dunked that game
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: Can you make it so his ghost actually **dashes** and **recalls**? See here for a vid of my suggestion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P-PBaKzkdg
How the ghost currently behaves is very misleading.. especially with recalls. Notice when you recall the ghost 'runs' to the base. In theory you can activate ult while he is running at you and tele in between where you were recalling and your base. This is false though for as long as the ghost is still running tword you, your ult will tele you to your original recall location.
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
Sometimes on lower graphics settings, the range for E will not appear
: Its a free tp with tons of damage included, a little bit overpowered/sexy.
The dev's stated that that was an intended feature
: Yeah this is a weird animation. Actually it looks like CTRL +1, 2 and 3 animations never end. Instead of turning back to his "doing nothing animation" Ekko just stand until you clic elsewhere. Dunno if it has been already reported, there is so much messages, I searched a bit but sorry if my post is useless ^^
But then you can sit there in the guitar pose for MAXIMUM DISRESPECT after your inevitable pentakill
: I can actually confirm this. I played a couple games before I had to get off for the night (didn't get Ekko surprise surprise) and the allied Ekko recalled, threw Q, then ulted back to lane. It acts just like Sivir's and will fly back to him. It's super fast though.
This mechanic will separate the good ekkos from the great... and the ones who stack full ap and just try to bait squishies into the ult
: We can't log in and we don't get any info on it
: So how long do you think it will be until the people that only came to play Ekko will leave?
I wanted to test a theory I had with his Q and {{summoner:12}} If you {{summoner:12}} to a turret Q and then ult, will the Q globalize like sivir's Q or will it despawn like ahri's. I think the Q should follow you back to base but you never know. I also wanted to test some interactions with targeted stuns and his ult.
: This is why they need to bring back team builder
Where no one picks anyone except ekko, and then when you finally get that 1 other person they leave to play in a game with out an ekko

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