: It's pretty irrelevant to disable or update it, as we're close to getting a new client on which Riot will probably already have done something about it. Some players are getting the alpha client somewhere between now and the next two weeks, so they're pretty far with it.
> [{quoted}](name=Rito PsychoTea,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=5MMEjtrr,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-08T15:17:26.327+0000) > seeing as the new client won't be out for quite some time It's literally Alpha at the moment (if you can even call it that). They said they're just giving it to people for load testing. It's nowhere near being in a state where they can release it, furthermore it currently only supports ARAM. My estimate for release is preseason 7, which is **quite** a while from now. On top of that it's literally a 2 minute fix/change for a dev to do.
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: Once again, can you remove the player restriction in custom games now? It's been 3 days now?
Imo the player restriction in customs should be set/changed/removed automatically, and somewhere where we can find out how much stress the server is under would also be fantastic, especially for us nerdy folk who find that sort of thing interesting.
: The problem is there are some champs that are absurd right now, no matter how you look at it. If you let those champs through to the game, it ruins it for everyone else testing everything else. More testing would get done without them in the game. Some of these champs just need some numbers tweaked, or some masteries tweaked. They already know this, so it's ok to ban them for now until they give updates. No use ruining a game for people testing other things.
It wouldn't but such a problem, if people weren't banning them right after the rework had been released, or after new changes had been applied. It seems like these people just think "Oh look they updated x, they must be op, lets ban them so I can have more fun"
: About People sayingDont ban the reworked champion
Lots of people think a champ is OP because they don't know how to play against them. And trust me, Riot never have, and never will take data about whether a champion is OP or not based off of ban rate. It is extremely inaccurate and does not always mean the champion is OP.
: Queue time is ridiculous
I agree with you that the queue times are ridiculous, but; Crashed client = bugs we're here to find adc fed = This isn't live... We're here to test, not having fun playing LoL. mid fed = ^ too useless early cause i was yi = ^ lost = Oh well... ^ people getting carried while talking shit = Welcome to LoL i cried = pls don't cry over LoL :P
: Draft has been out for a few days now and we've all reported the bugs to which nothing has been fixed. Unless the current bugs are fixed, there's no reason this thing should be the only method of entering a game outside of a custom. We are here to test the game, especially all the preseason items, champions in various roles like the jungle, trying out the new marksman updates, etc. The new draft is one of MANY things to be tested and because of IT the others can not be tested properly. There's absolutely no reason to keep the new draft mode going until the crashes have been fixed. Honestly. Why force people to use a mode that crashes constantly? When the various actual game modes had been released, it wasn't the only que type and Team Builder was tested on live servers more often than on the PBE, so why this new Team Builder has to be the ONLY method of getting into a game outside of customs is simply beyond me. I'd understand it if it was a crash every once in a while, but there's so many things that cause the client to crash right now because of this mode and Riot hasn't fixed ANY of these issues. Riot always seems to ignore the PBE completely. Back when Lux and Nami ults were spammable, it took over a week before they were disabled. When Elise's Q was changed, it took them damn near a week to disable her when her Q ticked for over a minute long. You can't tell me 'The main reason of the PBE is to find those bugs and report them.' as an excuse for Riot to take their sweeeeeeeeeet time disabling things so that everything else can be tested while they try to fix the game breaking stuff.
If they didn't force us to use it, it wouldn't get tested. If it wasn't tested, they'd never find the bugs causing the crashes. If they don't find the bugs, it'll go to live with all the bugs. If it goes to live with bugs and crashes, people will stop playing. If people stop playing, that means less money for Riot. If there's less money for Riot, Riot will have to shut down. If Riot shut down, there will be no more LoL. If there's no more LoL, people will start committing suicide. If people start committing suicide, humans will die out. If humans die out, the earth will be a better place. Moral of the story, either don't play on the PBE, or deal with the bugs. Or save planet earth. Your choice. PS: I can assure you the crashes will get fixed very soon, and most of them will be gone at that time.
: is there any chance to get more rp or ip ?
You literally don't need RP for anything. Most things (apart from name changes and runes) cost 1ip, so there shouldn't be a need to use RP. I still have the original 40k I was credited with when I created my account. You can get IP by playing a game.
: Its also a good idea to ban these champions that are currently broken because letting them through prevents other people from testing. When graves and yasuo are dumping on everyone, the game is very fast and does not allow for any testing to get done, aside from testing that graves is OP and yasuo is OP with that mastery, which everyone already knows.
I understand your point, but I still think that if you play a game that's quite short (20m) because the champion you're testing is OP, atleast you will be able to get some testing done. If you get into a game where you can't play your desired champion, and the game ends up going on for a long time (40m) then you will just be wasting your time; not testing the champ you wanted to test.
: I'm sure you've noticed those champions are also banned to prevent in-game abuse. Many players like to troll even in PBE so we just ban those who are more likely to reduce the gaming/ testing experience for everyone.
What do you mean by "those champions", you mean the ones that are meant to be testing?
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: Toxic players in the PBE
This seems like it's become much more of a problem recently, as Rito has opened the signups for PBE, it just seems like toxic players have come flooding in. I really hope Riot is keeping a close eye on the new guys, as I really don't want to have lots more games ruined by these toxic people.
: This hardly ever happens on the PBE, my guess would be the new accounts riot is letting in. Though tbh, there really were a lot of PBE accounts that were just inactive - the new preseason might just entice them back.
I think the new preseason changes + the new players have caused it... makes me wonder what the servers are gonna be like on Nov. 3rd when they're said to release some big changes...
: In an environment like this, though, how can you possibly say that they're doing it intentionally? We're trying to discover and reproduce bugs, including those that crash the client. That kind of thing comes with the territory.
They should make it so if you quit, and don't send a bug report (which would only be sent after a crash) you get a punishment. People AFKing happens alot because people know they won't get punished for it.
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: yup same for me. had to buy all my champs thru the profile menu.
Just re logged too. still nothing dammit rito >.>
: Store - An Error Has Occurred
yup same for me. had to buy all my champs thru the profile menu.

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