: minor TFT wish changes :3
1. Well, they could add a 10% chance of T2, but then people would complain about luck. 2. Doesn't it already happen? I feel it's much easier to get the units after someone dies with it. BTW, getting T1 at end game should be harder, since there are a lot of T1 available and only 10% chance of getting one for every roll. 3. It would be a cool addition. [They could also sell the availability ~~it would be better than those overpriced loot boxes tbh~~] 4. Yes, please. Also, its too hard to win if you have magic damage comp. 5. Agreed, tho it's hard to get all the glacials and prob needs a very slow start to get all the spatulas/belts. Maybe add a cooldown that the target can't be frozen again?
: [TFT] Do Dragons really need to be completely immune to magic damage?
Idk, it's a good way to deny sorc/brand a little, since they are too strong with full bonus. Dragons only work if you get shyvana with sorc or shapeshifter and protect them very well. Still, imperial/assassin, full noble or glacial can win against it. Even ranged with a good tank (like braum/leona) can win. Also, you can use a blitz to get aurelion out of position and delete it (in a 1x1 situation) I feel its a good way to counter how strong are mg comps rn.
: Units not attacking
Doesn't only happen to units, it happens to monsters too sometimes.
: Now I am really angry. Riot has to do something.
It will close sometime. Anyway, the maintenance is usually at this time +/-2h so you should always expect to encounter it at this time of the day. Also, hopefully, the match queue won't take 20minutes after update lol
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: im 917 in queue, are u in game already?{{sticker:sg-jinx}}
917? you actually got a number? wow I didnt think they had numbers (except 9 and 0s)
: oh god, I started at 6 then 15 then 14 then 13, could the counter actually be right ? :O
I guess, when I started at 2 hours yesterday, it went down to 0 (after a lot of time =/= 2 hours)
Missed the entry by 30 sec too, now 5 minutes to login, now 4, now 9, now 7, oh my!
: Any idea when the servers are gonna be back online ?
: I see that it will be open at 5:18 because it may be normal maintenance until 3:18, but more the 2 hours will be at 5:18
We passed this 2 hours already. It is 5:18 in their timezone.
: Having an OP Combo is the Key. I mean if RNG blesses you, you get ur op combo earlier. I have planned out 6 different combos that I want to play. To create diversity for myself so I don't play the same over and over again which is usually difficult as RNG needs to give me what I need in order to do so. Also where did I mention afk? oO And why exactly is my Logic "retarded" I simply stated the mechanics of the game. RNG is a big factor in this kind of game. Creating Static Rolls. Safe Drops all the RNG will become meaningless and result in single combos that everybody plays as the chance rises to get the units you want or need.
It will be better after ranked, since everyone will try the same combo and no one will get it (since there's a cap).What you do there will probably be the difference between the good and the best.
: Any idea when the servers are gonna be back online ?
Please go, we want to play! (lol) Btw the estimation was passed an hour ago, so... prob soon?
: You can be sure that New Pieces will come. Maybe even complete new Origins and Classes. I see alot of potential for many champs. But a clear focus is probably not there it will differ on the response from people in live servers. Stuff like Team vs Team would be a fun Addition for a Normal Que. Ranked should stay Solo atleast. Even tough I personally wish we get Ranked Que for up to 4 Member. Since you cannot choose who fight and all it would still be fair. The only "disadvantage" would be in the Round Robin where they can talk to each other and maybe even help each other. But that is nothing that is worrieable. Ranked Que should be: Solo/Duo/Trio/Quattro and 4v4 Since it will then become also a team game. But we would probably need a complete new chess map. As the way I have it in mind is more like that 4 People can arrange units on 1 Board and then you have 1 big ass fight. (Which is fun cuz you cant combine ur units with units from other)
I think it's better to be max a duo queue (f4a). Or even only allow solo for ranked. You can never expect people will be kind and not abuse the system if they can - and they probably can most of the time. Coop would be fun tho, but they should let you join solo hahah
: RNG, Items and More.
I agree with some parts. I don't think wins/loses because of rng are too bad overall (I mean after many games). But I also don't think that reducing it a little would really be bad, like making successful pve battles reward an item (so the last "monster" always give an item). Finding a way to consistently win more than losing is what will be interesting and will count on this game. Much like in Magic/Poker/Other games like these. BTW, many do not understand the game mechanics yet, so I think all the complain is natural to happen. PS: I think the game is still unbalanced. Thats why rng is so important rn. Also I kind of agree with Chi Long Qua, the only way to consistently get high rank will be playing the right comp, and it will kill all fun if things stay as they are.
: Skins for TFT
I agree it would be a cool thing to add later.
: TFTactical overall verdict.
I agree with most of your point. I didn't like the carousel mechanic for later rounds. I think the gameplay would better with it being a simple line. I agree with turning off auto-merge, better control over things is good, and item swapping if there is a cost to doing it (like 10 golds or something like that). Now about glacial comp, I personally think it's too late game and rng dependent to be too much of a problem. At the time you have 6 glacial champions, everyone else could have 4 imperials (also Draven lv 3 = win)/ 4~6 assassins, which in my opinion are much stronger early and late game, unless the glacial player has 2 or 3 levels 3 champions. So basically RNG like everything else.
: FTF: Reduce RNG
PvE rounds should always give 1 item if you clear it, or at least after the second it should. I actually do not like the way the carousel (or whatever its called) works. It's frustrating to: (i) want a champion that just passed you, so you need to follow it and hope the other players won't be able to get it in time: if its a system designed to help whoever is losing, it should be consistent in doing it. (ii) not be able to easily identify my character. If everyone has the same skin, it's hard to see where you are. The player name should be in another color or something easier to see. Now about the reroll thing, I personally think its fine the way it is. You can predict how hard will it be to get a champion on reroll based on how many you and others have (since there is a cap).
: Deadly move : ALT + TAB (TFT)
It also works for me. Laggy, but works.
: About queues
Servers are in maintenance... Also, about the bug, it's a test server so bugs are actually acceptable. You can also wait a week or two so you can play a stable version. [They will also fix the queue bug.](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/faOesugG-pbe-overwhelmed-by-excitement-for-teamfight-tactics?comment=00010001)
: This is getting out of control
They said they are going to fix it before TFT going live.
: It's becouse 1. there's no place for meeles to stand and attack someone. so they just stay in 1 place. 2. Some other chesspiece is standing in way so they can't move to the other unit.
Not always the case. I had only 1 ranged + Volibear and 1 Enemy and my Volibear just didnt attack for some time. He wasn't even attacked and there is no way the path was blocked.
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