: Get ready for ARURF+: coming to patch 9.2
So the number one question we know we’re going to get asked is “Why ARURF+? I want URF+”. The real answer is no matter how we look at the problem of URF, we keep coming back to the same problems that we talked about last time here: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/12/ask-riot-urf/ In addition to those issues, we find that the URF game mode is at it’s best when you have exciting highs and cool moments that you weren’t expecting to happen. With all random champions, the possible combos and interesting interactions are so much higher, that we think there’s a lot to look forward to. However when the champ selection isn’t random, we’ve seen it with pretty much every game mode that eventually a meta evolves and the champ diversity drops dramatically. We don’t want to heavily control/balance URF, since we think having those extreme moments is what makes it fun and exciting to come back to over and over. There’s a world where we could get the mode balanced, but some of the changes we’d have to make would ruin a lot of the fun fantasy of those particular champions. (Imagine WuKong in URF but we have to remove the CDR from his W so that he can’t be repeatedly sneaky. It might be balanced at that point, but we believe that takes out a lot of what would make WuKong fun in URF.) We’d rather keep it exciting and fun when you get some of those champions! We think a lot of the changes we’ve made to ARURF+ should make it a much more fun experience. Some of the best/worst champs aren’t as extreme, but still have cool moments. And with the shorter game length, if you get a bad champ or match up, the game is over quick so you can move on to the next one. Also the Catapult and objectives change the power dynamics a bit, so hopefully we’ll see some creative new ways to play the mode. We’re committed to keep bringing the best possible URF to all of you, and we understand the desire for non-random from many players. But given all the considerations, we still believe that ARURF is the best possible URF. We hope you have fun with the new ARURF+!
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: Hi, I have a question for RiotWrekz and Kindreds R. I've been watching people play kindred and see that most people use the R in team fights near the end to tank damage and prolong the overall fight (as I'm sure it's intended to do) but if the enemy team already had the upper hand at the start, most likely the heal at the end helps the enemy more than you're team. So it got me thinking. What if the ult ONLY gave the heal to ALLIES & ENEMIES that hit the 10% health mark? That way anybody who enters the fight after the fact with high HP won't be getting a free heal besides those who need it. Also it would allow some neat counter play for say a low ally to tank the enemy hits and bring them low enough to deny them the heal but still getting the boost of health at the end to give them the upper hand, changing the whole dynamic of the fight. I think it would be cool to see some clutch saves and turnaround plays while still keeping the intent of the ult in place. Anyways just an idea. Love the concept of Kindred and can't wait to play her on live. :)
Hey! Restricting the heal to people that hit 10% is an option we may consider in the future if we see that Kindred is struggling to add value when they are behind. Thanks for the idea!
: I want to know if it's possible to make her passive have a sort of hotkey. It feels really strange that it doesn't and the icon is so tiny. Also is it possible to have CDs on the champions who were already hunted? It feels like that would be a good thing to have.
Cooldowns are now implemented!!! They show how long it will be before you can hunt an enemy champion again after killing them. Also, the passive button has been removed, the frame now automatically opens and closes. It closes and locks when you enter combat with an enemy champion (take damage from them or deal damage to them). Thanks very much for the feedback!
: The best place to take power away from Kindred to make room for a more cohesive kit would be, IMO, to increase the ult CD. If that's not enough, though, I feel that changing the AD ratios to be bonus AD instead of total AD would also give a nice bit of room for more quality-of-life power. And, of course, the 5% max HP damage on E should be replaced. And, in lane, reducing the heal from W on minions would also be fair. But, it seems that it doesn't matter what we think of such things; looks like Kindred's staying the way that they are. The only things that have been hit are the passive marking cooldown (90->65->70 I think), maybe a slight buff to Q attack range (I don't know if it was just me learning the champ better, but I had more success kiting with Q today), and some base survivability stat increases.
This response will not begin to cover all of the feedback you have posted. Please know that I read it, and that I have been reading all of the feedback in this thread, but have been very low on time to respond. Regarding Q, I have actually put in a number of feel things without posting about them to see how people react to the changes in-game without any biasing. I increased the range on the arrows fired at the end of it to make it easier to use and more useful for kiting (within reason) and increased the movement speed on it in the late-game so that you can reposition faster to get back to dpsing. These changes are subtle. Why? Because it is important not to buff all the weaknesses out of a character for the sake of ease-of-use. Using the Q SHOULD stop you from putting out optimal DPS, it is a very low cooldown mobility tool. A core fundamental of most AD Carries is that the more time you can be autoattacking over other things the more damage you will do. For a character that is hybridized between two roles, I want to keep a lot of the fundamentals true. Regarding base stats (AD/MS etc), they are VERY low for a reason. Kindred NEEDS to stack the passive to be successful, that is the goal. You have a lot of tools that make you very powerful when you get the combat stats to fight people, and as a result you have to work for those combat stats. This isn't a character where staying in the jungle and farming safely should be an option, it isn't a character where farming safely in a lane should be much of an option. You need to be proactively making plays, doing risky things, and collecting passive stacks to access your damage. In general, you have enough mobility (even with average marksman movespeed) due to the Q, that you can invade the enemy jungle pretty safely. You can't fight them heads up if they catch you, but it is highly likely you get away. Thank you very much for commenting, I really do appreciate you taking the time to write out how you felt learning the character.
: So... is Kayle getting reverts now?
We will be looking at how this change will affect Kayle and evaluate what to do. Our intent with this change is not to nerf Kayle.
: Kindred - Two Wolves?
Thanks! I will figure this out. It is supposed to be Lamb and Wolf, not Lamb and Wolves haha.
: Kindred: Wolf stops Hunting
Hey! Currently Wolf stops hunting monsters once you reach 6 stacks. The passive is meant to reward you for doing risky things and invading the enemy jungle to poach specific camps. Past a certain point in the game the jungle really opens up and becomes a lot less dangerous to invade, especially as you being tearing through camps super quickly. I will update the tooltip to reflect this, it will be at the bottom. Thank you and please keep the feedback coming!
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: Wait, why the hell did the passive icon on his Dragonslayer skin go from a Dragon Face to the normal Goat/Mustache one? That legitimately makes no sense, the old icon was amazing and it plays with the theme of the skin? What happened?
This is a totally reasonable question. Braum's passive requires a lot of ally interaction, probably the most of any ability in our game outside of thresh lantern. Braum getting Concussive Blows on an enemy is a call to action for his allies to focus fire that target, as a result the call needs to be very clear. We evaluated these things and made the decision that changing the iconography on his skin was too different from the base for allies to be expected to follow up in the way that we wanted, so instead took an approach to make changes to the base icons color that make it feel at home on the skin while still maintaining a consistent and readable shape language/symbol. We totally think that the dragon face icon was cool, but pushing towards our game design goal of clarity we felt in this case making the gameplay oriented decision of providing a consistent symbol was the best choice for all players experiences.
: Braun Interactions
Unbreakable causes you to take CC effects as well as damage from things that hit you. Morgana Dark Binding rooting you is working as intended. Passive damage should be attributed to whoever applied the last stack (the one that triggers the stun proc).
: Braum Questions+Feedback
Hey, Solid questions! I'm going to answer some of your questions from the main post as well as the two you called out. 1. Yes you can cancel his W, the resistances are granted at the end of his dash, so other people with abilities that interrupt dashes can cancel you mid-leap and prevent the bonuses getting applied. 2. The knockup duration for secondary targets is intended to only be a small displacement, it lasts 0.25s. From your post: Q Ratio: The Q is max HP instead of bonus HP because I wanted to avoid people getting a bunch of damage by stacking HP runes/masteries and HP starting items in order to benefit heavily at level 1 from a bonus HP ratio. Furthermore, Braum's damage is intended to be reasonable during lane but overall he should not be damage focused in mid-late game. Using max HP makes this damage curve smoother rather than scaling up substantially if you invest in health. He scales in both defenses and utility quite well, where we felt the character is best captured by being a tank rather than a damage threat. Mana Costs: Today we increased his Q mana cost slightly. We felt it was appropriate to have a higher cost on Q than his defensive abilities because it prevent the champion from being binary during laning phase. Having lower costs on his defensive actions gives him ways to be effective if he is losing lane, while having a higher mana cost on Q makes it more difficult for a Braum that is ahead to be really oppressive by firing Q on cooldown for low cost.
: Braum Shield Visual Bug
Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of the issue and it should be fixed in the next PBE update!
: I wish he could W to wards
Hey! I've seen a fair amount of this. I understand the sentiment because ward-jumping on the champions that can do it is a lot of fun. During his development we considered this but decided it wasn't right for Braum. Overall Braum's pattern is not intended to be all-in the way other melee supports are. Braum has powerful abilities and works with allies to make best use of them. By enabling ward jumping Braum becomes less reliant on working with his team to initiate, which we felt was a big loss for the character. One of the things that makes Braum really unique is his defensively focused protector gameplay, and Braum trades away strong initiation potential for defensive power. Finally, regarding the passive, its tuning has been adjusted such that Braum and his ally can proc is reliably if they are paying attention and positioning well to take advantage of it. If Braum was able to gap-close rapidly it would necessitate dramatically re-thinking the way his passive works which is not something I believe leads to the best version of Braum. I definitely understand the sentiment of people requesting this, but it is not something we are interested in acting on at this time.
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