: Sounds like an interesting idea! Now you have me wanting my teammate to AFK just to test this feature, you're messing with my moral compass! Follow rules, or test new stuff?
Since everyone in your game might not be on board with testing it, I'd suggest trying it out only in legitimate scenarios where someone never connected ;) Part of the spirit of /Remake is people still want to play and have fun, and we all want those games to be fair/fun. Let's aim for that.
: **PLEASE** make it auto-lock when the timer expires and you're hovering over a champion. I know, I know, the intention is to get people to lock-in faster so that people get into games faster. But you know what? I'd rather wait an extra 30 seconds than get to the last person, have it kick him because he forgot to lock in (because the game never required you to do that until now), then have to find a new match and do this ALL OVER AGAIN. I get it, ok? I get what you tried to do. But the lesser of two evils here is to just have it auto-lock at the end of the timer. I had to sit through 3 dodges in a row, all due to people just forgetting that they had to lock-in. Please change this back to the way it used to be, the way it is now on live draft. It's really not that bad that it had to be changed, anyway.
The new champ select will require players to manually lock in on launch and we'll monitor it from there to see if adjustments need to made. In addition to that, some UX changes will be made to make it much more apparent that locking in mandatory, so "not knowing" shouldn't be the cause.
: Riot needs to lock out the poro king and custom game modes if they want and testing done the queue times are over an hour.
The other game modes have been shut off for this particular test; assuming you posted during the period you were trying, it's possible there were simply not a lot of people on at the same time (past midnight in some areas of the US).
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: How do you get the dxdiag on Mac OSX?
For Mac, it'll be your [System Report.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752674-Network-System-and-League-of-Legends-Logs#mq4) Thank you!
: (Dec 9th) New Champ Select is Up Again -- COMPLETE
If you need help getting your dxdiag: - _Press the 'Windows Key' + 'R'_ - _Type dxdiag in the search bar and hit 'Ok'_ - _The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open. Press the "Save All Information..." button._ - _Choose where to save the file (for example, your desktop)._ - _Attach it in an email to lyte@riotgames.com_
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: [CRITICAL] Help us playtest new Champ Select over Thanksgiving!
To get your dxdiag: - Press the 'Windows Key' + 'R' - Type dxdiag in the search bar and hit 'Ok' - The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open. Press the "Save All Information..." button. - Choose where to save the file (for example, your desktop). - Attach it in an email to lyte@riotgames.com Thanks again, guys!
: [Client] - Champion Select Crashes Masterpost
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