: Just signed up, waiting for the client to stop downloading so I can actually test/post stuff, so I did some digging on the website and found a bunch of bad links, and might as well write some other issues I've been pondering about for a while. Mind you, it's not easy to write in a notepad while making sure it conform to markdown. **** Reference link, mentioned in your 2 stickied threads. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/031P2FJX-faq-public-beta-environment http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/G2h6QTbN-useful-information-for-new-pbe-players PBE FAQ http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/pbe-faq# Some of the links posted are invalid Let's start from the top. > **How do I update my contact email?** > [Player Support Knowledge Base article](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201758664-General-Account-Information) > needs to be changed to this: > https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751934-General-Account-Information These are found in the "Tester bug reporting & feedback" > **How do I find logs to attach my bug reports?** > [PC testers](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201760024-League-of-Legends-Logs) > Link can be applied to both Mac and PC now. > https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752674-Network-System-and-League-of-Legends-Logs Not too sure about this one > [Obtaining Dump files (Windows only)](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752204-Obtaining-a-Dump-File) > Got no clue what it's supposed to say. * Technical issues > **What should I do if I crash (bugsplat) on the PBE?** > [Player Support Knowledge Base article.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752514-Bug-Splat-Solutions) > I'm guessing it is supposed to be this. > https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201761974-Bug-Splat-and-Game-Crashes **** Considering I was accepted for this cycle, I'd love to know what is expected of me, and especially why I was picked for this cycle, I can't really find that information anywhere, and considering it is probably an automated system, it should be easy enough to figure out. I have a lot of experience in regards to bottom lane, but I don't see anything in this cycle pertaining to this, so how can I be of assistance? Also I am the author of [this](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/mr8E2Vxb) so I can make a decent evaluation in regards to lane types, poke, sustain, and burst. **** I'd love to talk about Scammers, spammers, the spambots in the comments section whenever there is new content on the front pages of each region. Usually you can spot the spammers/scammers pretty easily, but I noticed a new trend, I would like to highlight, and hopefully deal with before it becomes too complex or widespread. > hey guys, who was watching imaqtpie stream today? he was talking he got a 15$ paysafecard code but i don`t remember the site.. may u help me pls? and is this still working or not? > > **Naming and shaming** > >Here u go my friend ;)Site Ye its still working imo. Got the code literally 15 minutes ago without issues ;) > > **Naming and shaming** I believe a report function would work pretty well, and in some cases monitor some of these bots and their behaviour would give a far better picture of how they behave. **** About a year ago there was an announcement about chatrooms and whatnot, is there any news on that front that is available on the PBE, and if no, is there a chance to test it at some point? **** What about coordination with other players, I have some things I would like to test, including a bug I encountered about 1½ ago with Varus ult vs Anivia (egg) but it requires at least 3 people or more. So what I'm asking is, are the chatrooms readily available? **** I noticed some similar threads about the PBE FaQ thread. * http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/site-feedback/XJ2NE5EE-minor-content-discrepancy-in-the-pbe-faq * http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/site-feedback/sOvlfXQU-pbe-faq-not-updated * These are about the now missing Rune Combiner. * http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/site-feedback/yaembLy7-mac-testers-faq * Incorrect link **** I'd just like to point out that these are some of the concerns I've had, and I would've loved to see a bit more diverse answers in the FAQ thread, I mentioned at the top.
Thank you for the very detailed post. I'll pass this on to the guys that specifically manage those sites to hopefully make corrections soon! Apologies for the delayed response-- I've actually been working on Champ Updates for a while now after working on the PBE, so I didn't realize that this was posted at first.
: One other question: Is there/could there be a range indicator circle for her Hunted Pounce, like with Rengar's leap?
Yes, there are new targeting effects to help Nidalee players use their Hunt Pounce more effectively and take advantage of the boosted range. Please give us feedback if it's not working out for you, once it hits PBE!
: Twitch Visual Update Feedback Thread!
All Twitch content (including Medieval and Kingpin) should now be available for 1 IP in the PBE store. Let me know if the changes didn't go through!
: Heimer Fatal Bug
Thanks for reporting this one, we're looking at it right now. There have been some changes to his turret ammo systems under the hood, so this is probably a side effect.
: [Xerath Bot] Not casting spells
Thanks for reporting this. The bot dudes meant to keep Xerath bot disabled until they could update his kit, but there seems to have been a mistake. Should be fixed on PBE probably next week. By the way, thanks for playing Co-op games on PBE-- the bot team appreciates testing on it!
: its been 24hrs+ and i still havent got lvl 30
From what I'm looking at, it looks like you'll be leveled to 30 in about 4.5 hours from now. I'm putting this comment here to make sure it works-- otherwise I'll manually set you up to make sure you can participate in Team Builder testing tomorrow. Edit next day-- looks like you're level 30 now properly. Let us know if you have any other questions!
: [Bug maybe ]Queue accepting window
This was temporarily enabled because there was an issue with the "Accept/Decline" dialog that we weren't able to solve quickly enough on Friday. We're looking into the issue now, but in the mean time, we enabled the "old" version that still works properly.
: PBE account is level 3?
Due to some account maintenance we're doing behind the scenes, our auto level-up actions are currently set to happen once a night at midnight PST (8 AM GMT). Looks like you just need to wait a day and you'll be fine, but I'll keep an eye on your account to make sure it works properly.
: [Suggestion] Pbe server status thread
That's a good suggestion. I understand that it's annoying not knowing when the platform will be up or down, and we're attacking the problem from both sides: making PBE deploys more reliable (so there's less downtime overall) and make server status viewable from the web (so it's easier to find out). However, keeping something updated on the community site is a good suggestion in the mean time while we continue to work on these projects-- will definitely keep that in mind.
: I'm almost exclusively a Dominion player and just got PBE access, wanting to see how the new items are. It's really unfortunate timing that you guys make Twisted Treeline/Crystal Scar itemization changes and won't let us test them until later. Can you leave SR unranked queue closed but enable those others? I'm curious how we're supposed to test your changes when you won't let us.
Hey N0rthpaw, Sorry for the inconvenience. Dominion (and all other maps) are available for custom games, but for the matchmaking queues we need to prioritize getting Ranked data until next week. After that, testing on everything else should be able to continue more easily (through the MM queue).
: New Player Features
Hey guys, I won't continue leveling people down, so players can continue testing normal queues and gameplay. Thanks everyone for volunteering!
: Option to report posts as off topic?
That's a good idea, thanks! We're monitoring how people are using the existing reporting and upvote/downvote features to get a better idea of how to improve these over time, but suggestions are welcome.
: Delayed Account Activation
Thanks for reporting this. The intended behavior is that you should be able to post here once you have a summoner on the PBE environment (after you log into the game for the first time). Will look into this more, but in the mean time, please let us know if there are any lingering negative issues on your account.
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: Hi everyone, I'm a new tester and I just got my account yesterday. My concern is how am I going to get my levels if I'm lvl1 and still waiting on my 10minutes queue for co.op vs ai. I don't know what to do now becuase other gamemodes are locked.
Sorry about this-- we're working through some major issues on the PBE right now and hopefully this experience will improve today. Thanks for your patience!
: Hey! Logged on as soon as the server came back up and I noticed "MoobeatRULES" is still level 30.
Just fixed that-- you got automatically leveled to 30 again about 2 hours ago. Bad timing with the PBE coming back up (took longer than expected tonight).
: I'd like to be leveled down!
Summoner MoobeatRULES now level 1. Keep up the great work with the site!
: New Player Features
**UPDATE 2: Due to issues, all players listed are leveled back up to 30, until testing on Summoner's Rift can resume.** UPDATE: Please reply directly to THIS POST (to me!) if you'd like your account leveled down. I've removed a bunch of the requests to try to clean up the thread a bit. The current list of level 1 testers I've taken care of already is below. Ctrl-F yourself to confirm whether you're on this list or not! *Deaf lee Sin, brunoais, Voilak, Sohleks, instinx1, Syta, Sundried Tomato, Combo Break, xSapphireRain, Flamesilocks, Miho Nishizumi , Rias Gremory Pls, Turrets Syndrome, Shufy, Jerry9, Nautìlus, warjacob, Dicath, MrPotatoMinhja, many otters, PBEpaine, A PositivePlayer, gaoler, SteveKB, Kuneho, Mega Farfetchd, choel, broslow, RIP Paul Walker, sutoyanosuki, JuniorFisherman, GonnaGetYou2, Eevolution, Specter7, Lollerskates, Pwnography, Arkadian, xLegitz, Wolf Akela, Simburgur, Outfox, xonu, inveidah, moobeatrules, xrelentless, jafar ironclad, flyskyhigh777, good afternoon, noexcuseallow, sharky8u2, 1kr0m0vt, I like beer * When your account is leveled down, you'll notice some weird stuff. Your runes won't display any more (since you only have 1 slot available) BUT you'll still get the full in-game benefit of the runes. However, I think your masteries will not work at all until you level up again. On the live server, we won't level people down, so no need to freak out about this type of issue :)
: Yasuo: Animation praise (and implementation suggestion)
I passed this feedback to ohmikegoodness, one of the animators that worked on Yasuo. There was a lot of extra animation tech required to make it work, and there are still some bugs to be worked out. Sidenote: I was a 3d animator before joining Riot, and I agree that this one turned out awesome!
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: Attention: pbe players who destroy others game
Calling out specific players on the forums isn't the culture we want to create on the forum, so I've removed the player name from the OP. When a player intentionally ruins the play experience for you on PBE, **please use the report feature at the end of game**. Though the PBE has no Tribunal, my team and I analyze reports to understand the community better and take action where appropriate. Though we deactivated a large number of frequently-reported accounts when we rolled out the new PBE access system, there are likely still some that passed under the radar due to the small nature of the PBE. Continuing to use reports will help flag these individuals over time.
: [Suggestion] Testing Timing & Diversity
Sorry you weren't able to participate in Team Builder testing for this round! You're right that testing specific features in different times of day can yield different results and different points of view in feedback, and we take that seriously. Originally, Team Builder went out on a weekend partially since there are generally more players playing on weekends. This would help make queue times shorter, and would allow more players to try out the new feature. This time, Team Builder has a very specific changelist that the team wants to work through with testers, and it's valuable to have testing occur during a generally popular time of day during the team's normal work hours, so the team can quickly see feedback and iterate on the feature. In general, one thing I want to work to improve is our ability to prepare testers for timed tests. We're still working on details, but I would love for testers to understand when future timed tests are coming, so they don't get caught off guard and bummed out since they missed a small window of testing.
: Riot; can we get at least a little bit of professionalism on PBE?
I agree that our ability to communicate to PBE testers about bugs isn't great or consistent-- whether we've seen them, verified them, fixed them, or even delivered the fixes. **In this case of the platform error originally reported, we're planning to deliver the fix for this issue on the next PBE deploy.** My team and I are working on some changes to the PBE community site, since testers deserve to know that their feedback is being heard and acted on. Our approach to collecting and communicating about bugs on the community will probably be a bit different for version 3.15, and we'll be working to improve more over time. That said, it should be expected that the PBE is a test area where things might be broken, even for several days as issues go through the process. In this case, a subset of players were affected by a bug, and our dev teams reacted within a couple of working days. It's not a good experience for those testers, but instability should be understood as part of playing on the beta server.
: Why won't team builder stay in PBE and be periodically updated as time passes, new features are made and bugs are squashed? Does it pull too much load on the servers or anything like that? I don't really get about, even though it's mostly only the ones testing, giving something for a test that ppl are eager to try (and some to give feedback) and then removing to continue working on it... Would you please explain this to me? I'm intrigued to understand as a ~~programmer~~ software developer.
It's easier to update Team Builder after taking it down for maintenance (for example, that's why the live servers go down for maintenance before patches). Although we can't necessarily fix everything people found in 1 day, hopefully you guys might notice some fixes from yesterday. Team Builder is still in iterative stages, so we're taking things one step at a time. Also, we need to make sure you guys can potentially find problems in what's actually going live for the next patch (and Team Builder is not included in that!)
: [FAQ] Public Beta Environment
If you guys have additional suggestions for FAQs, please post them here!
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: @ RiotSeb - Please respond good sir!
We'll be announcing more plans to support people like you guys within the next couple of weeks, but we have some additional discussion to do (and tech to build) to support things properly. Sit tight!
: What to test with new PBE account?
We'll try to have context for some of the new stuff stickied at the top of this forum. For right now, check out Team Builder! :)
: "PvP.net has shut down" upon launch
For the new testers out there, we bring down the PBE servers almost every day around midday PST. This is to put the latest version of the game on there for you guys to test. Usually only takes a couple hours!
: How do we upload our .r3d logs on the community site?
We definitely have work to do to bring this new community site up to our needs for PBE (like being able to upload logs or larger .rofl files, etc). If you can think of additional things PBE testers may need on this new community site, suggest them here!
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