: this is another huge step in the wrong direction your job as a jungler is to calculate the actuall time + 5:00 and if you are to dumb to do that you dont deserve your buffs there is no reason why you should give out information like that :) the game is already way to easy and i realy dont see a reason to make it more easy cause people cry because they are to dumb to calculate or look in the damm chatt :) another point here is you bann curse voice and do this stupid thing now ?!? what´s the point here ?!? this way you go there is just so ridiculous ...
Are you challenger yet? {{champion:119}} There's a dialogue to be had over what information should be exposed, and how it should be available. The key of timers is that all the information the provide is *already* available; it's just not presented in a clear fashion. Here's a mental exercise to try--if we always had timers, then chose to take them out, how would players feel? If we took *out* the chat log notification on objective kills, that would also "increase the skill" of jungling (or at least objective awareness)--but that's not how we want players to interact with the game. We don't want you to go through unnecessary steps, or inconvenience yourself here.
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