: Honor screen
Were you using the Close Client During Game option when this happened?
: Awesome, I know A LOT of people that will be more than happy to play in the PBE (hopefully for feedback and not just trying the new skins out). Also, is there a way to link again my PBE account? I'm from LAS, so I had to create an EU account to access the PBE. As you can imagine, I barely usa that one (around 300-350 ms is brutal) so I was wondering if I could just link the PBE one to my main in LAS. Or maybe the easy solution could be to just create a new one on the PBE and link that one to my main, but wanted to ask that anyways.
Yes, you should be able to check for eligibility and link from your LAS account if eligible.
: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/286573621315633154/368152619803344898/unknown.png I already have a PBE account made with the account I just tested, so it shouldn't come back like this, I think?
Thanks for the report! This is fine actually. Because we built a new PBE signup system from the ground up, it's not using any of the old account links from the prior system. So all eligible players can create one new PBE account if desired, even if they had a previous one.
: Honor goes through chat text
Thanks for the feedback! We're addressing this :)
: still no answers about this but I think we really need this info :( will I get a chat message when someone mute both chat and ping coming from me. Will I know if he isn't able to see call? please, please, respond before it goes live :(
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: I normally do this by turning the volume of pings off? How will this be different? Will we be able to single out specific player pings? Will it also disable the visual icon as well?
Instead of changing the global volume of pings /w the sound sliders, you can individually select individuals to ping mute, just like the regular mute. There will be separate buttons on the scoreboard and chat commands to support this. You won't hear, see, or get chat messages from any pings coming from ping muted players.
: He's saying he wants to be able to mute annoying champion sounds in game like Alistar's obnoxious bell.
Original mute button should already cover the muting of emotes :)
: No just Ping muting, I think also you guys can do a sound effect muting. Like cow Alistar. xD
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: It's still happening. Had someone afk in my game even though I played through all the way and I got hit with a minute queue in the leaverbuster lower priority queue.
Just to clarify, the fix I mentioned is just for the queue times. We're still investigating what's going on with people getting hit by leaverbuster while playing Dark Star :(
: I apologize for bugging you, but I've had queue problems on one for months where I wait in a 20 min leaver buster queue and never get placed into a game, not even after 2 hours. Have tried this about 10 times, and got the same result. I understand why, but 2 hour waits isn't reasonable. Also, I get a red exclamation on my queue timer and have no idea what that means.
Sorry about the crazy queue time :( Should be fixed now, thanks for sticking around on the PBE though :) The exclamation marks next to your queue timer indicate that you're in a low priority queue, and the color of it indicates your penalty level, red being the highest.
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: If you're playing on the new client, leaverbuster queues go on forever without finding matches. Try legacy client.
We've just identified a fix for this and it's implemented on the PBE now, with global rollout to come soon... Going forward Low Priority Queue should be working as intended on the new client, even after these temporarily reduced penalties :)
: I have the same bug! **Hope Riot fixes it soon. **
We're testing a potential fix for it now.


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