: Will these come out for xmas?
Unfortunately no. These will ship in the first patch of the new year.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Poro Wards Part II!
I posted a *tad* early. Today's PBE code hasn't been deployed yet. You'll see the new wards once that happens. Apologies for the confusion!
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: i like the HUD change in this mode can you guys make the hud buyable via IP or RP
: I love the HUD skin!
Very happy to see that you like it! :D Thanks for the feedback.
: I agree with him completely. Also if what he stated can't be done, would it be possible to at least have the option to keep the trinket with its default look?
There isn't at the moment. I'm wondering if it's necessary to wait until we have that functionality to implement this change. You aren't offered a ton of control at the moment, which I agree is a significant failure.
: I can't say I'm a fan. I *like* the organic look of Trinket wards, and I'm not positive green and yellow is as easily identifying a mark of a ward being a trinket ward, especially for colorblind players. Might it be possible to mix and match ward skins? Using some skin or skins for trinket wards, and others for real stealth and vision wards? It would require a more complex interface for the ward skin screen, but I think it would enhance the experience.
That's good feedback. I'm checking with some of our colorblind folks internally right now. I think, though, that the shape language of the iconography might allow anyone to distinguish the ward type. Maybe it takes getting used to? Maybe we didn't do a great job with the shapes yet? I'll gather more feedback. Thanks for jumping in the thread.
: just to clarify lets say i use draven ward skin on a trinquet, but can I also use a skin of fist bump/riot on pink? saying we can pick 2 ward skins in a game? or is the same skin for trinquets and wards? cause if we can pick 2 skin to difference trinquet from ward would be better.
The one ward skin you select will apply to all wards, and the trinket. One ward skin to rule them all, essentially.
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: You guys should make also team captains able to accept invites, countless times i've made a match along with my friend and one of us has to leave manually and then click the invitation, just make it so that party leaders can accept invitations as well, closing the room they were in.
I believe we fixed this today. Can you try it out on PBE now?
: [Potential bug] I'm not sure if it was a one-off, but when someone presumably dodged while in champ select, a message was shown saying "Your game was disbanded because a player failed to select a champion. You have been automatically returned to the matchmaking queue." I say they dodge because it was within 15 seconds or so. Meaning the timer had not run out.
That sounds like a connection issue between you and servers. I've seen that behavior before, and it's usually an issue with you and your ISP. Though, I think there are things we can do to improve that failure.
: Yeah I also had reported that bug. It is annoying as hell! And still no answer from the reds...
Yes! Just checked this, and added it to the post. That happened as a result of Invites going through Chat. Now that they live in our Platform, they don't affect chat.
: So many improvements, so much win. > The ability to be invited to and accept game invitations while already in a lobby Yes. I have had so many frustrating experiences where an invite was lost because more than one person in my group was trying to "host" the game. > Lobby owners can select teammate to be the Game Owner and “Draft Captain” in charge of bans & 1st pick This. Thank god. I play a lot with a player that has more experience and all the champs, I however, end up being the lobby owner more often then not. This means our team loses a decent amount of flexibility. Now I'll be able to give him that job/privilege, instead of being stuck with it myself. > Grant invite privileges in Custom Games Oh yeah. This is an issue for certain. The owner of the game doesn't always have all the people to play with as friends. Looking forward to bypassing the annoying process of trying 4 or more times to type the user's name correctly to invite a player who's not my friend. Or watching it happen if I'm not the owner. > Chat Lobbies will remain in-tact if someone leaves Champ Select Nice. This was an annoying bug that made it hard to communicate with teammates after someone dodges or a similar action. I wish I could actually help test this, but I don't really have any friends on PBE, but I hope my input based on my live account is somehow helpful.
All of your reactions are the exact use cases we wanted to eliminate. Really glad you posted. Can't wait for you to use it on Live.
: "Invites are now allowed to be **more more intelligent**..." The irony... But back on topic, these seem to be some much needed improvements. I'll be testing them out as soon as possible :)
: Sorry to side track the thread, but is there any chance you could add a toggle to simply block invites? The away status sometimes randomly goes away, and even if you are listed as away you still get invited a lot. I tend to leave my client on in case anybody I only talk to through league wants to message me, but it's rather annoying checking for a message only to be greeted by another game invite. Maybe it's not something most people are bothered by? Idk, but can't hurt to bring it up at least. *On topic* Change number 4 is probably my favorite of the bunch, clicking a couple of dead invites in a row once you actually do want to play has been another minor annoyance for a while.
The off topic suggestion is something I've been thinking about recently. It's definitely functionality any modern chat service should support. I'll pass the thought along to people who will be developing features in that vein in the future. Thanks. Glad you like the change! It's always been a bummer to attempt to accept an invite, only to be denied by a disappointing error message.
: [Suggestion] Make it possible to invite a whole friend group, It's nothing major but I feel like it would be nice to send out multiple invites at the same time.
I like this idea a lot. Thanks for the suggestion!
: "1. The ability to be invited to and accept game invitations while already in a lobby" Thank you so much!! :D
: This sounds awesome, I assume it also means my XMPP chat will not be spammed by a lot of code whenever someone invites me to a game,
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: I think the change is a good idea but Im wondering if there could also be a UI change that would also make this change easier, maybe having a separation of each different thing that goes on in the champ select which is why I loved the team builder
The unfortunate thing is that UI changes are very difficult right now. We're doing some tech changes right now that will allow our client to be more flexible in the future.
: if that just means u cant use the time between timer goes to zero and game starts it would be okay. in rare cases this second is important to revert an mistake, but if we get a more stable client then its more than worth.
That's exactly what it is. That gap of "non-time" is where the errors are born.
: Champ Select Timer Changes - Seeking Feedback
Thanks for the feedback. Just to make our intentions even clearer, we're locking in your skin AFTER the final ten second countdown, because your selections after that timer DO cause errors, and create a poor in-game experience. How it exists now is actually broken functionality. Here's a makeshift timeline to visualize the change: For Normal Games 1. Start Game from Lobby 2. 90 second Champ Select Timer 3. Locked in your Champ 4. 10 second Timer to finalize Skin, Masteries, Runes, Summoner Spells 5. Skin selection locked 6. Load Screen, Game starts It's at _step 5_ that everything would finally be locked. That's how the system was designed, but never properly implemented, thus creating the many errors you've seen before getting into a game. That's where we want to also lock in your Runes and Masteries. What I wanted to see is whether or not you now feel robbed of time, or more secure in your selections. If you do feel robbed, then we may decide to add more time to the final timer in step 4, that is to say, you will have a 15 second timer, rather than 10.
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