: Alpha Client Oversized
Please be patient with us as we are working on ensuring compatibility with a wide range of monitor sizes and resolutions. It will be addressed later. Also the flashing client is a known issue :) and Did You Know? isn't controlled by the client but we'll keep an eye on it. Thanks for your report! {{champion:74}}
: Hiya! He was accidentally turned off in the store. I've gone ahead and flipped the switch - he's available now.
Noooo KT pls -- leave Master Yi off forever! {{champion:32}} Love, a squishy champion player
: Been using it for a few days now, and it works like a charm. Only things I'm missing is the orange 'x new post' bar, the, as fake lunar/fake clocking/Snail already said, formatting bar, and a rito icon when they have posted on a discussion =3
Working on the rito icon. Formatting bar won't be coming for a while/at all, as it takes up a LOT of real estate. However, there are markdown formatting options (such as adding *'s around your text to turn it italic), and we are looking into ways of exposing available markdown <3
: Works really well in Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 Mobile.
SO GLAD TO HEAR THIS. (IE is such a jerk sometimes... nice that it is working well now!)
: I've been using mobile boards for quite a long since my computer is on repair for 30 days now (so i am going to be heading with quite a big pbe update ;-;) and it has changed huge, actually. Happy to see you do give a daym about mobile boards system
: Well, I've got no idea about the new features. However, I did encounter a really interesting bug when trying to access the boards from Greece, with an iPhone 4: I looked through the "New" tab and when I scrolled downwards and tried to load more entries (by clicking the "Show more"-button), I got a long page of... code. Looked a bit like what I'd guess server entries with ping times would look. It definitely was not HTML/php or actual program code. I'll try to reproduce (though I'm back in Germany, so maybe someone from Greece could try, too) it . In Greece, I could easily reproduce it by trying to load new entries on said page, from DE that apparently is not possible.
That's JSON, and it's totally safe. Not sure why you're seeing it on an iPhone 4, but it is a known bug with certain old Android OS's where it would pull up the json instead of showing more. Will investigate, however. Thanks for the report!
: Very easy to use
Thank you! If you have any feedback or find any bugs, please be sure to post them! http://thepetwiki.com/images/thumb/Happy_Cat.jpg/400px-Happy_Cat.jpg
: Dark Colors
As a former member of the Skins Team, I'd love to add the ability to customize the look & feel of the Boards :)
: Dark Colors
As a former member of the Skins Team, I'd love to add the ability to customize the look & feel of the Boards :) It's something we're looking at now that functionality and bugs are being nailed down.
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: [Boards] There are two action bars in the editor when you are unable to post
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: PBE Community Forum doesn't work properly in the Internet Explorer browser
Hi there, Could you provide us with more information? such as what version of IE you're using? and could you give me an example thread that is giving you these issues?
: Riot Feedback (just curious)
I personally come to the boards that refer to what I am working on. Right now, I'm on the boards dev team, so I look at Site Feedback here, and Boards Feedback on NA.
: To me personally who goes on boards with my phone a lot, it's irritating atm because it's missing so many features, but I know that it's gonna become better and I'm really happy with Riot doing so. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll see more awesome features! :D
Thanks for sticking with us! And I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to using it. Keep the feedback comin'!
: Any knowledge when this is going onto live boards? I'm pretty sure a few people on NA would LOVE to know about when this is happening
This should be going live to NA boards soon. I think we might want to address the "Full Site" functionality first, but we'll see this week.
: **Sorry for my bad English** Using an Android Phone, Tablet . Sometimes the "HUD" (if I can name it HUD) of the website hide some text, or title so I can't read everything. Works on Computer and iPhones, only bug on Android. I don't know if you can do something to make it better. Maxime {{summoner:4}}
Hi there! The "HUD" is probably the nav bar at the top and that's actually a separate piece of code that is controlled by a different team. They are aware that it isn't responsive (doesn't shrink/expand according to screen size or orientation) and it should be addressed... soon. :P
: The site seems to work well enough for me, except for a couple of things: -- Boards navigation. Clicking the "hamburger" takes me to the bottom of the page, but the navigation box is empty. There's just the "boards" text and nothing else (the links should be below it, but there are none). Switching to full site doesn't help either. -- Red Tracker is always in full site mode. Other boards (Bugs, Site Feedback, etc.) don't have this issue. -- The background ends abruptly (doesn't go all the way down) on the main page of each board. Works fine for threads. Those were the only problems I encountered. For the record, this was on iPhone 4S (if that matters).
Hi, thanks for the feedback! Here's my replies to your points: * Boards nav: Not sure what's going on there. Can you please post your phone model and OS version, and what mobile browser you're using? * Red tracker: Known issue, but it is working as intended for this release. It will be looked at for future releases. * Background: Would like to see a screencap of the background issue. I'm not sure about this one either... if you post your hardware & software info as in the first bullet, we might be able to make heads/tails of it. thx again :)
: Using iPhone 6+ There are a few things that I don't like. On the homepage everything looks too smushed together, like there is a lot of extra room on the sides of the topics to spread them out and then the topic of the discussion won't use so many lines. This might be because of the iPhone 6+ resolution though? Idk. I also think that you should implement a way to comment on discussions without having to go to full site, this could be confusing. When you click the, as you call "hamburger" lol, it takes you to the bottom of the screen... That was just gross to me. You should make it bring up a menu or something else, just please not what it is now. **EDIT** Another thing I noticed is if you go full site and click on a discussion it will put you back on the mobile version, can be annoying.
iPhone 6+ is our biggest case we developed for, and since we initially put out 3 responsive sizes (whatever "size" is closest to your resolution, erring on the side of smaller, is the one you'll get). Makes sense you have ginormous margins. And I agree about the hamburger menu - it is a quick and dirty way to provide navigation. About the full -> mobile reversion upon every page load: this is "intended" (but not necessarily desirable) behavior. We built it so that option is there, but it does still need work :)
: Excellent stuff! Can't wait for you guys to update it with some more functionality so I can make it something I will use daily!
Thanks btw :) we are working on it!
: thats good thing good jobr keep going
Thanks :) it's for y'all, so if you have any feedback, feel free to drop it in here!
: It's nice, but it would be nice to be able to comment on a thread and see notifications without switching to the full site.
Thanks for your comment, btw. Of course, this is the very first and super early implementation, so it is read-only. The idea is that you will be able to log-in/view notifications/comment/create threads/etc in the future using this mobile view. We are just looking for early thoughts and feedback now. :) So thanks!!!
: Nice; thanks for this! It'll make it much easier for me to check the boards more frequently. c: Some issues though: - Red Tracker just [looks like the normal desktop site](http://i.imgur.com/LsY2AE3.jpg) - The background cuts off further down the page (on every page); [Red Tracker](http://i.imgur.com/9MS1FmD.jpg), [Bugs](http://i.imgur.com/vkFeDHU.png), [Champions & Gameplay Feedback](http://i.imgur.com/u9Xf1bZ.png), [random topic](http://i.imgur.com/xqdCA5D.png) - [Comments don't appear](http://i.imgur.com/wCWlRno.png) - Enters/new lines don't show up, meaning every topic is a text wall; [1](http://i.imgur.com/E2Oene6.png), [2](http://i.imgur.com/Dg6mwyT.png) I'm using an ancient iPod Touch 4G if that makes a difference. Sorry for the low quality screenshots. ^^;;
Can't tell if it's the real Lunar or not! but thank you for the detailed report, I'll make sure these (and all other similar bugs listed in this thread) get to our engineers, as well as your suggestions :) Remember, this is just the first step in the process of making the Boards mobile-friendly, so there will be more to come!
: I know I'm a derp but could you tell more specifically how to access this? 'cause I can't seem to get this to work :[
It's k! Just go to http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/ on your phone's browser. This applies to mobile phones only, not tablets (and iPhone 6 Plus in landscape mode)
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: Testing the button on every different board seems to be adjusting the target board accordingly, so the fix feels fully functional. Thank you so much for the response, and for implementing this change!
Thanks for the regression test, and for the bug report :)
: "Create A Discussion" Needs to Account for the Board It Was Selected
Thanks for posting this. We just fixed this issue. Please let us know if you see any issues with this :)
: PBE Bugs Megathread
Also, I love this post! I'm going to hop into the League chatroom and hang out there if you want to chat about anything Boards-related (or bacon-related. Always down for a good baconchat)
: I don't think they're ever gonna fix the bugs on the site. Q_Q
{{champion:121}} {{summoner:11}} We are working on smiting all of them...
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: Riot reads the whole forum :> They just do not respond to everything.
This is true. Sorry we couldn't reply to your post -- just know we do read them!!!
: ARAM Improvements Incoming!
Patching up my PBE and looking to play some updated ARAM! Send me a friend request and let's play! ^_^
: NOT ENOUGH SKINS FOR NAMI she is my favorite T^T {{champion:267}}
hello this is baconhawk from the future happy april fools ^,...,^
: BTW, I want to know, will riot add to Arclight velkoz the easter eggs of battlecast velkoz? Cause those fit well the skin, and this is a 1350 RP skin, so the price justify the adding of Easter eggs...
Easter eggs are hidden. We don't hide and tell.
: Mean! I like to play on my potatoe. :c Mostly because i'm not in a situation to buy myself a nice and powerful gaming pc.
I wasn't trying to be mean! I was saying it's difficult to design an all-particle tentacle that will look amazing on min-spec machines. nom nom nom potato!
: well vel koz looks badass and the way his spell looks is just beautiful and would you mind creating a skin for lux{{champion:99}} that she doesnt wear a hat and let her hair be long/short however you like it but just dont put anything on her head and a {{champion:267}} nami skin would be nice to have
Honey, thanks for the compliments, but we literally *just* made a Nami skin. o.O Lux, well, she has a lot of skins. And she's a bit looney, and picky.
: Just change the flames to be pink. You don't need to up the price to do a simple color change... seriously. Did you raise the price on Bloodmoon Elise when you changed her colour? Obviously I have no idea if it's hard or not to just give her pink flames, but I feel like it's not.... Annie ALWAYS has fiery particles in the same colour it's boring.
Bloodmoon Elise is 975 RP due to all new particles.
: Personally, I do not like this skin for many reasons, but I would like to give my--as much as possible--unbiased feedback on it. * The tentacles are too polygonal, as many have noted * The abilities are maybe too light/not enough contrast against the map. They aren't particularly hard to see, but perhaps a bit of a darkish/multiplied outline around the abilities would help clarity issues. * I think he could use extra shine on his armor, and maybe make the silver just a tad lighter/less blue. This is my two cents!
Thanks for your feedback! Here are a few of my notes: 1. The tentacles are pure particle and because of the way they were built in the base they end up looking a tad polygonal where they curve 2. Arclight and Justicar skins are both banned in the LCS for this reason. Their particles thematically can't be much more contrasty 3. I agree on the shine! However he does need a "dimmer" focal point in the middle of all that tentacle shine!
: Ok first of all I consider Vel'Koz as a strong champion with really strong powers (LAZERS!) Arbiter was a perfect name because it has that meaning which makes Vel'Koz different and unique. Definition: ": a person who is considered to be an authority on what is right, good, or proper : a person who has the power to settle an argument between people" Arclight is not a good choice, why? I'm glad you ask! well, Arclight is basically just a simple light coming from an arc lamp. Plus, it's not fitting to Vel'Koz, Varus was different because it makes him feel like an angel. Vel'Koz is someone who is powerful and godlike! Definition: ": arc lamp; also : the light from an arc lamp." An option I'd like to suggest is to move him to the Justicar Skin line. This pretty much has the same meaning as the Arbiter, it makes him feel like a judge or something like that. Let's just say he vanquished light power, now he is punishing those people who committed crimes. Or just give his name back to "Arbiter"
Really appreciate your thoughts & insight into this. However, "arc light from an arc lamp" is not where we got this name. It's something made up for our specific skin line. Varus doesn't look like he's arcing light from a lamp, does he? If anything, Vel'Koz fits Arclight better~
: I think the skin looks good overall but i fell some of the lines that he says sounds a bit weird with the new voice filter and the tentacles looks a bit weird like they are very stiff and not smooth like the classic skin but otherwise good looking skin!
particles r hard in a game that is low-tech enough for the most min-spec potato ^_^
: The second skin in a row where they've dumbed down the name... Pff.
I beg to differ. Both Challenger and Arclight have established presence in the LoL universe and mean something to nearly everyone who plays. To me, it's a smart decision ;)
: This skin is so nice i like its sounds. Nice job Riot.
: Ya sure you are not gonna change it back to Arbiter? It's still in the Arclight/Justicar skin theme, but Arbiter fits his persona/lore so much better than Arclight :3
He can still be Arclight and be an Arbiter therein. :)
: When i played this skin, died and dissconected, then connected and spawned, model was missing their tentacles, it was just the helmet floating in the rift, no particles, no model of tentacles. Saddly printscreens look totally in black.
Try hitting F12 to take a screencap next time. They will be saved under your Riot Games\League of Legends\Screenshots folder. Thanks for the report!
: [Skin Feedback] Arbiter Vel'Koz
This is well-written feedback. Thank you, I'll send it to the team.
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: Skin looks good especially recall animation. I hope you'll fix her ulty soon, I want to see her in full strength.
: hm i dont know if this is fixed yet, but a few days ago, i noticed that when the soul bound attacks the opponent, the spear left behind is green in color and is exactly like the classic skin. Also is it possible to make the visual of the passive spear stacks look more transparent and look "stacked" multiple time?
This is fixed. Let me know if you see this happening again.
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