: Diana Q code changes coming to PBE
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: Should We Only Report Bugs ? Or Could Our Opinions Affect The Gameplay As Well ?
Let us know what you think about the gameplay as well!!
: Questions! * To what extent will this work together with the boards? I can't imagine you guys surviving 10000000 bug reports about the same thing via this system, that's just not practical. That's also sorta why we have these boards. It's a great way for players to communicate with one another regarding a bug or feedback. Narrowing down bugs together and/or discussing feedback with each other. * This also makes me wonder how *Riot* will communicate to its PBE players with this tool. You cannot possibly respond to everyone who reports the same bug. * Will Riot then keep track of both the bugs reported by this tool as well as the bugs reported on the boards? Or will this eventually completely replace the boards?
The PBR is a good opportunity for us to reinforce the nature of PBE as experimental -- we're not sure this is going to work how we expect it to. We're holding off on coming up with answers to the questions you raised until we have a better understanding of how testers are using the tool. Apologies for the non-answer at this point, though :|
: The Bug report tool is missing the option to report bugs that happen during the load time of the game. For example: Suspiciously long loading times, Air Client / Game Client interaction and so on. But i like it to have a tool that helps us to be more precise in what we observe.
Right now that'd be under "The client (including champ select and the loading screen)". That's good feedback though; we may just pull "Loading screen" out as its own response even though the tool would read it exactly the same as "The client".
: Maybe somewhere to allow us to post logs. I'm not sure how useful that is, but it's something.
For now, the workaround would be to upload your logs to pastebin and provide the pastebin link. If the tool ends up being successful we'll explore this further - but first we need to prove that people want to use the tool over the boards.
: Auto-Attacks Disappearing Bug
Hey everyone, wanted to let you know what's going on with this bug since 5.12 is heading to live right now. The root cause ended up being very tricky to nail down even with the reports and information you gave us. As of yesterday we've been testing a fix here on PBE, and it currently appears to be doing the job. That was unfortunately too late for today's 5.12 deploys, but if this bug causes the same problems on live as it has here, and the fix in testing continues to look solid, this is definitely something that'd make it into a Patch Update. Thanks for all your help!
: I want to apologize
Thank you for your commitment to improving your behavior, and for apologizing to the community. By your posting history I can see you're one of our longtime testers, and I'm really glad you've decided to make the changes necessary to stay on the PBE instead of walking away from all that time and effort! I imagine at this point you're very familiar with the ins and outs of how the PBE works, and that experience is extremely valuable to have and share with new testers. ~~Best of luck~~ You'll do great on your path to reform. No luck needed.
: Just signed up, waiting for the client to stop downloading so I can actually test/post stuff, so I did some digging on the website and found a bunch of bad links, and might as well write some other issues I've been pondering about for a while. Mind you, it's not easy to write in a notepad while making sure it conform to markdown. **** Reference link, mentioned in your 2 stickied threads. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/031P2FJX-faq-public-beta-environment http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/G2h6QTbN-useful-information-for-new-pbe-players PBE FAQ http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/pbe-faq# Some of the links posted are invalid Let's start from the top. > **How do I update my contact email?** > [Player Support Knowledge Base article](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201758664-General-Account-Information) > needs to be changed to this: > https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751934-General-Account-Information These are found in the "Tester bug reporting & feedback" > **How do I find logs to attach my bug reports?** > [PC testers](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201760024-League-of-Legends-Logs) > Link can be applied to both Mac and PC now. > https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752674-Network-System-and-League-of-Legends-Logs Not too sure about this one > [Obtaining Dump files (Windows only)](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752204-Obtaining-a-Dump-File) > Got no clue what it's supposed to say. * Technical issues > **What should I do if I crash (bugsplat) on the PBE?** > [Player Support Knowledge Base article.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752514-Bug-Splat-Solutions) > I'm guessing it is supposed to be this. > https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201761974-Bug-Splat-and-Game-Crashes **** Considering I was accepted for this cycle, I'd love to know what is expected of me, and especially why I was picked for this cycle, I can't really find that information anywhere, and considering it is probably an automated system, it should be easy enough to figure out. I have a lot of experience in regards to bottom lane, but I don't see anything in this cycle pertaining to this, so how can I be of assistance? Also I am the author of [this](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/mr8E2Vxb) so I can make a decent evaluation in regards to lane types, poke, sustain, and burst. **** I'd love to talk about Scammers, spammers, the spambots in the comments section whenever there is new content on the front pages of each region. Usually you can spot the spammers/scammers pretty easily, but I noticed a new trend, I would like to highlight, and hopefully deal with before it becomes too complex or widespread. > hey guys, who was watching imaqtpie stream today? he was talking he got a 15$ paysafecard code but i don`t remember the site.. may u help me pls? and is this still working or not? > > **Naming and shaming** > >Here u go my friend ;)Site Ye its still working imo. Got the code literally 15 minutes ago without issues ;) > > **Naming and shaming** I believe a report function would work pretty well, and in some cases monitor some of these bots and their behaviour would give a far better picture of how they behave. **** About a year ago there was an announcement about chatrooms and whatnot, is there any news on that front that is available on the PBE, and if no, is there a chance to test it at some point? **** What about coordination with other players, I have some things I would like to test, including a bug I encountered about 1½ ago with Varus ult vs Anivia (egg) but it requires at least 3 people or more. So what I'm asking is, are the chatrooms readily available? **** I noticed some similar threads about the PBE FaQ thread. * http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/site-feedback/XJ2NE5EE-minor-content-discrepancy-in-the-pbe-faq * http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/site-feedback/sOvlfXQU-pbe-faq-not-updated * These are about the now missing Rune Combiner. * http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/site-feedback/yaembLy7-mac-testers-faq * Incorrect link **** I'd just like to point out that these are some of the concerns I've had, and I would've loved to see a bit more diverse answers in the FAQ thread, I mentioned at the top.
Hey dude(tte? Person? Fleshbag {{champion:112}}.) Thanks for the in-depth reports! For the time being I've swapped out all our links for working ones that aren't sitting behind redirects. We also need to take a pass at modernizing the content of the FAQ, but that's a much larger endeavor. I wouldn't expect to have anything published for several weeks (like, over a month) since the FAQ is a pretty hefty wall of text that has to go through the same pipeline as LoL.com content.
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: Am i allowed to dicuss beta with other??
Yep! You can talk about your experience, stream it, make videos of it, take screenshots - whatever you want to do with it. You just can't share your account.
: Not Level 30 on New PBE Account
**MOVED FROM:** AIR Client & New Features Feedback Thread moved to General PBE Feedback since this is a PBE-specific issue.
: Hey dudes, If you made your PBE account last night before 12AM PST, I'm about 95.pi percent sure that the system responsible for auto-leveling PBE accounts was affected by last night's LA power outage. I'll politely request our engineers manually run the auto-leveler as soon as those systems are back up and running so you don't have to wait until tonight at midnight. Welcome to the PBE, Blackrook
95.3.14159 percent? THAT'S NOT HOW NUMBERS WORK ZACH
: So where is the rest of "**Instead**" I havent been getting my IP and Rp and I have been playing alot
Everything under that line is our replacement strategy for how testers access content that **needs to be tested**. I'll indent everything further to better indicate such.
: I love how it says in here not to buy the bundles more than once, wish they just put a "you already bought this" tag on it like they do for other bundles... I bought like 6 of these like a week ago and now I have to wait for a Rioter to fix the ticket :(
It's not mechanically possible for us to only let you buy the Rune bundle once
: Riot, Who are you choosing for PBE players?
Our email platform has a bug where if multiple accounts are tied to the same email address, the system will get confused and not always use the right summoner name. Based on the account targets we used, the platform should be looking at the account you've been using to post with even if it's "talking" to your smurf. We don't have a good way of fixing this right now (it's not a surface-level issue, to my knowledge).
: As a company with amazing customer service, the removal of IP/RP funding was pretty shady. At least notify your clients before removing it. For most of us, the funding stopped for about two weeks now and you only managed to clarify the reason in the last three days. The reason why for actually posting? I would say most likely a flood of support tickets. As a newer PBE member, I was not fortunate as others to spam content prior to the changes. Why don't you get onto more serious problems in the PBE server like bugs, lag, constant leavers, 10-15minute game searches and poor match ups. I think I'll go back to the normal server as I don't see the enjoyment in being matched to a pre-made five (as a solo queue-r)and feel restricted to content all at the same time.
The PBE isn't a work contract - we're not paying testers to be here by giving out IP/RP/content. A long time ago, the stipend system was chosen as the way to make sure PBE testers could continue to test new content as we released it, rather than change up pricing systems. For a number of reasons (including this accidental perception of the stipend as a "salary") we're moving away from pumping accounts with free stuff toward making it easier to unlock stuff with IP, which naturally accrues over time.
: I think the general consensus is that PBE testors want those free RP to collect all of the old skins. I realize that while this does NOT help with testing new feaures at all (unless there's a rework of a champ), free RP and owning all the skins DOES encourage players to play more in (their favorite skins) in PBE, thus leading to more testing activities possible. I've actually noticed a bit longer queue times lately. Just my opinion, I know PBE is for testing but Riot please testing can be fun too and should be :D
The queue time issue is most likely related to the lack of new content on the environment since we've been bugfixing 4.2 for a while now without any real gameplay updates. I think you're right about why people want RP for skins, and this is a perception issue that's tricky to tackle. I've been mulling over an edit to the OP this past weekend that'll go a bit more in-depth over why the changes aren't "we want your money" (beyond "you can't spend money on the PBE" which doesn't feel like a real answer)
: I'm not too fond of these changes to the weekly stipend of RP as things like Ward Skins and Summoner Icons are not available for IP purchases. This change came in after I was buying the new summoner icons, thinking I would get the weekly stipend at the end of the week being left with 84 RP as of this moment. If Ward Skins and Summoner Icons were to stay as an RP purchase many others will be experiencing the same problem that I have encountered.
Not sure of the technical limitations on offering Ward Skins or Summoner Icons for IP, but I'll ask around. You're right - these features do need testing.
: I don't think this is a good idea because based on your future plan, a VU per month, we need to test the stability of the VU and how each skin looks like. How can we test it without RP to get skins?
Skins that need testing will be available for IP on the PBE.
: This is so stupid just unlock the accounts and make new content available for 1 IP. You give everyone else all the refills but it is not fair for the new people.
: I think we are encouraged to use new skins instead of trying every skin.
Yep - don't have the math handy but even just one game per skin in the store is..... many games.
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: I am sorry, but I would like to suggest to make a sticky post about stopping weekly RP/IP refill and that all the new stuff that needs feedback is going to be available for 1IP. Lots of people are still confused and think that it's some kind of bug and keeps spamming forums.
We're working on a comprehensive rewrite of the PBE FAQ, but it is taking a bit longer than I planned... I'll get a sticky thread out tonight summarizing our recent changes to the tester experience.
: Not enough team builders, too many solo queuers.
Hey all, please join **Public Chat 1** to help coordinate Team Builder setups!
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: What are Riot's rules concerning taking screenshots or recording gameplay of new materials on PBE? I'd like to show people what's going on in PBE but don't wanna break any rules.
Feel free to share your experience however you like - as long as you're not sharing your actual account :)
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: [River on Summoner's Rift] - Both Baron and Drag rivers are black
Seems like a missing or broken file (everything "water" is just black but the rest of your graphics are okay) - can you try loading another game and seeing if the river is still busted? If it is, you may need to repair your PBE installation (instructions [here](https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/22167780-Bug-Splat-Solutions#repair)). **::edit::** Just got back and there are more reports of this going on than just yours, though as the chat logs in your screenshot indicate, not everyone seems to be having this problem. Hopefully we'll be able to solve this within a PBE release or two, though it fortunately doesn't seem to be affecting gameplay.
: Howdy y'all. I don't know why but this post started out pretty Texan so I reckon I'll keep it that way. Right now there are still some old accounts on PBE that have been around since before we started screening players based on their Live account behaviour. All the new players on PBE were chosen specifically because they are level 30 and have a very low harassment score so currently the average PBE player should be pretty friendly. If ya'll keep playin on the PBE we should be able to run those old outlaws out of town soon. But what we don't want on our hands is a ghost town so we need to wait until we're sure all these new folks are gonna stick around. I'll keep you updated. Yee haw.
........ \>.> Translated into not borderline-offensive speak, our primary strategy over the past few months has been to enforce the tenets of the new PBE system by frequently admitting large batches of positive, qualified testers. Behavior, we hypothesized, would naturally improve based on the population changes we're encouraging. This seems to have held true based on the tone that the community (read: you guys) has taken, and we're of course observing data as well to make sure we don't jump to conclusions based on self-reported anecdotes. As an FYI, I don't think we'd advertise our ban sweeps . You guys have done a tremendous job changing the tone of the PBE through encouraging and exhibiting positive behavior and we'd rather let you be the heroes of the PBE than focus on whatever disciplinary measures we add on.
: [Suggestion] Remove Time on Gifting to Friends
This is an interesting point. I'll pass it along to our ecommerce and Release teams and see if we can get the system changed.
: Any ETA as to when the sounds will be fixed? The game doesnt feel the same ;-; Ty if you do answer(:
Last I heard, tonight's deploy should fix the missing Announcer and Champion VO issues, if that's what you meant - though I suppose we'll find out in a little bit :P
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: So...TB up in 40 minutes right?
Correct, Team Builder will be turned on very soon. The team that handled the ticker update yesterday is currently prepping the 4.1 live deploys, but I'm contacting our NOC to help out with this in the meantime.
: 1st: You, as a rioter, may ask me anything :). I'm one of the 1st gen testers. My PBE account dates more than 1 year. I'm still waiting for my PBE account I have requested some time ago (the ping is bad... but I like doing this). * Junk folder does not have that e-mail. * EUW; Portugal. Is this a permanent schedule for every day? Is that only tomorrow or something like that? I can only test TB when I'm at home so weekdays at that time is impossible for me. Edit: According to the topic edit made (one of the stickies) it's: 21-1 GMT and not 9-13 GMT. I can attend a little. 1h or 2h... Specially tomorrow.
GAH I'm bad at timezones. I'll edit my post as well as to not confuse people further. To close the loop on the email issue, old PBE accounts weren't included in our pulls because they aren't acknowledged through the new system (can't target them by many of our filters). Going to look into ways to solve this; off the top of my head it may require an opt-in to locking down old accounts in exchange for activation on the new system.
: Is it 9-1 GMT or 9-13 GMT? BTW, Didn't get e-mail. Have you finished sending them already?
::edit:: **21-01 GMT** (it's a 4 hour window) Re: the email: Yes, they were distributed over the weekend :( I have a few questions to follow up on, if you don't mind: * Can you check your Junk folder and Deleted folder to see if it got filtered? * What is your home region?
: Red tag button (See if your post has been seen by a rioter)
We're currently evaluating how to serve the need this feature addresses. Here's a bit of the conversation that's been going on: * Convo started because I wanted a way to give testers a basic level of feedback on their bug reports without adding "You have to type a response to every report you read" to our QA team's workload * Would it feel weird to have your report marked, but not be reflected in the bug megathread? * Ex. our testers can't reproduce the bug or it's something working as intended. The people who collect tester reports aren't generally the same people who develop fixes so it's very hard to reliably have the expert track down the original report and say "this isn't actually an issue", especially since that's time they could be spending fixing further issues * If you write a report on the same issue as someone else, but their thread gets flagged and yours doesn't, how does that feel? * "I reported this first" is definitively spam (though "I saw this too, and here's some more information" is definitively **NOT** spam) * What is the saturation threshold before the tag becomes meaningless? As we do more exploration we'll likely be asking you guys for your thoughts as we roll out prototypes and concepts. In the meantime if you have any thoughts (especially from the devil's advocate perspective so we can get a gauge on what we might be chicken little-ing) I'd love to hear them.
: Questions about PBE test account
Our philosophy for deactivation sweeps is that we will run them as needed, not on arbitrary dates. You guys haven't really gotten a chance to see the effects for yourself since we're still working on modeling PBE account/activity lifecycles, but hopefully over time this process will become easier to understand to everyone.
: On Monday, January 13 and Tuesday, January 14, Team Builder will be available from 7 - 11 PM CET. Quote from an e-mail from Riot. Don't forget to convert to your timezone.
Correction to the time - it's supposed to be 10 - 2 CET. I messed that one up :| The dates are still correct though. A clarification email should be going out tonight to everyone who got the first one, but if you guys can help spread the word when your fellow testers ask, I'd really appreciate it. A few relevant time conversions: 1 - 5 PST 4 - 8 EST 9 - 1 GMT 10 - 2 CET
: email received for team builder testing, but not with my actual account
This is most likely an email bug, which is partially my fault - in reading this I just realized an alternative framework that would have been better for this particular distribution. Out of curiosity, is it just that the email uses your EUW summoner name, or do the links (the LoL logo, for example) actually go to EUW pages? Regardless, as CLONECONES mentioned the PBE ultimately uses its own accounts. The main point of the email is that you should log in to the PBE using your active account :)
: (Pre-Login Screen) Multiple English Language Choices
Hey Wolf, This is a (confusing) side effect of us implementing all language files onto the PBE for pre-release testing purposes. The three English options you see are NA, EUW and EUNE.
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: Tryndamere's skin is really cool. I loved the details. Made him look like a tough Chinese General. Riven's hair is kinda weird, but overall she's pretty nice too. Now about Diana... I and my friends couldn't really like her. I liked the hairdo, but I can't get past those clothes. It really doesn't fit the weapon she's carrying. Maybe if she had some more armor, specially on the legs. Also, she could be a little paler.
Glad you're enjoying the skins! Specifically about Diana, [IronStylus spent some time on the forums](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=43745540#43745540) this past weekend discussing her in-progress Lunar Revel skin. You might want to check it out :)
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: Any updates on when Yasuo's q is going to apply on-hits to all targets? Affects his jungle quite a bit- hard to test sustain when you're getting a third to a quarter of what it should be, depending on the camp.
Went back in to check on this - turns out Yasuo's Q is only supposed to apply on-hit effects to the first target hit; CertainlyT just didn't get a chance to dig into Yasuo's bug reports before the list of verified bugs was handed over to me. I'm trying to come up with a way to avoid this in the future without creating tons of delay between tester reports and our verification, but also without creating a ton of extra work for champion designers. Would an update contained within this thread (like this comment, or like the edit I made to the megathread) be enough when we discover a bug isn't actually a bug?
: the camera now cannot move using mouse... only can move camera in mini map, and press space key does not have any response in custom game
Hey BillXie, We've published the known workarounds in [this thread](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/gv4GhE6q-bug-workaround-screen-scroll-lock-stuck) until we can create a solution.
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