: Hey Zhanos! Not a Diana player but instead curious; if someone had the resources and knew about the files/scripts necessary (for whatever reason) and were to make a fresh spell indicator, would you be able to use it or what would be the complications? (Doubt anyone could with Diana's Q in particular as there's more to do than drawing a few fancy .dds files, which probably do not have to be remade for this one in the first place) Is there any official stance to it?
Hey Caenen, thanks for posting here :D Hmmm right now I don't know how it would look like to have to plug an external .dds. The old spell was basically a series of up to 5 spells per side that would pile up based on how far the spell needed to travel. The two-missile imagery was easier to work with because it did not accurately represent where the missile was. The new one is actually two separate missiles and I just need to have the indicator work off one of them and still fit. I'm currently using a modified version of Galio Q since it was the closest thing to it, but i'm looking into something way more functional!
: FIrst Diana can still RQ reset with a combo known as "RQEE (yes, E twice or it won't work) animation cancel and RQ hexflash. I've tested both of these and will update this post to provide GIFS if requested of these combos. I had a few questions for you guys. If you can't answer them I understand. 1. Can she get any type of compesation for her combo being removed? This was used frequently by high elo diana mains, and didn't require low latency necessarily to acheive (i did this on 90 to 100 ping constantly pre server move). The compensation I'd suggest is giving her the base AS back that she lost after the mini overhual / buff to her E. Auto attacking at the rate of Janna level 1 feels lackluster. 2. have q move a bit quicker. WIth how it paths now, I feel maybe it'll be easier to sidestep?
Hey Dusk Approaches, sick name! I'd really like to see those combos at work on the new system to understand what causes them to occur. 1. The current compensation may feel really small, but i'm very open to trying out new things to make her feel better in more circumstances. I'm not sure how much balance leeway needs to occur to offset the loss of the combo at the moment. I would really like to undo the base AS changes to her and move her out of the E passive reliance but it might just be out of scope for this update. 2. Totally open to trying out a faster missiles if this one feels too easy to dodge/evade.
: I've noticed 2 bugs: - There's a spot near targets in which if you cast Q, enemies take damage but they're not affected by Moonlight - If you cast Q and R right after, there's a chance you dont get the reset and the target is affected by Moonlight, which means that R didn't consume Moonlight
Hey Namor! Thanks for taking the time to check it out, I really appreciate it. -The indicator it's using right now is nowhere near the one i'd like it if this was to ship to live. It's currently a modified Galio Q and just wouldn't accurately represent the missile. I'm looking into if it would be possible to keep one similar to the live one. -I think that might be a side-effect of my first version not allowing the moonlight to be re-applied on top of itself, but I just fixed it and I hope it'll be on today's build -I would love if you could have a short video of the issue (Moonlight applied but no reset) happening so I can look into it and see what happened, those are exactly the cases I want to eliminate for sure
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: don't know if you checked the bugs in the bugs section but i saw a video where pyke was able to push enemies over a wall if pyke was near a different wall and the enemy was near the opposite wall https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/wwrwpefH-pyke-q-bone-skewer-pushing-people-away
I Did! This was addressed a few days after the initial PBE launch at the same time as the Q ranged not pulling enemies next to a wall. But if any other those behavior still occur i'd be happy to know about those
: Is the reset of Pyke ult on champions like for example Fiora during her Riposte intended or is it still WIP? If Fiora has an indicator that she can be executed and she parries Pyke's ult, he still gains a reset, which allows him to immediately kill her, right after her spell goes on cd.
We were waiting on new tech to get the proper interactions on zombie modes & damage immunity. It's now in and it should be on the PBE shortly.
: Overgrowth increases Pyke's max health. As in, it doesn't get converted into AD. If that's intentional, that's cool too. Just pointing it out since set bonuses, chrysalis, and grasp don't increase his max health. I would sometimes notice the health bar's numbers would bug out and display his non-reduced health as the maximum. The current health was still at the correct maximum at the time, and the bar was full, so it's just a text issue. It broke after I died mid ult, and fixed once I entered combat. Reminds me of a similar bug Kled had. It'd be neat if bots properly used their cuts.
Hey! We're still working on fixing a few culprits systems that still try to give him max HP, like Overgrowth,Cinderhulk, Jaurim's fist. It'll be reviewed and fixed hopefully before the end of the PBE cycle

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