: Graves in Overcharge
We chose to keep him in because he was an outlier. Balance testing on the mode suggested he wasn't going to be a significant issue, and while hes tankier than other marksmen, he can't actually survive that long and hes at a significant range disadvantage. His durability won't let him survive if he tries to just tank overcharged enemies.
: Hi, I'm sorry this isn't quite on topic but I don't know where else to post this to make sure you read it. You made some change to Ascension 2 weeks ago, I've played it on the live servers and one thing I noticed, the games are now a lot longer, from maybe 15-20 minutes on average to 20-25 sometimes 25+ minutes on average. allowing everyone to recall all the time had the major drawback to drastically increase the average game length (people are dying less, and are spending more time between the fountain and the battlefield), not only that, but the death timers are now ridiculously long later on putting the game to a halt even though neither team is all that close to 200 points, making the game both slow, tedious and not very fun. Imo you really need to tweak some numbers the next time around, be it total number of points, or death timers or something (or remove the recall you know), so the games are as short and as fast paced as they used to be.
Thanks for the feedback, we'll take a look at this. Goal with that change was purely to remove the pacifism strat and not affect the rest of the game
: Overcharge (or "how to tilt your enemys by using vents")
Hey looking to address this a bit. The speed the vents move you now scale with your movespeed, so overcharge champs that have their bonus mspd should be able to outpace non-overcharged champs doing this
: Are we **_posting bugs_** here? Played as PROJECT Vayne, I hit a blast cone over (or a vent?) to a central part of the map, right-ish side of it. I had been attack-moving a low hp trist, who went over first. When I went over using the blast cone / vent, I immediately attack--moved (possibly before even landing), and upon landed, Vayne did attack - at nothing. I probably did not attack move again because I intended to only do it once to check if the Trist was there, so I let go of everything and Vayne kept attacking on and on. I was on the right side of some little box thing, which is borded by the path on the bottom and right, and Vayne seemed to be on that corner (seemed semi-transparent too, I may have had ult and Q'd before jumping over but I don't know) and shooting at that very corner. I looked around the map to see if I was hitting anything across the map, like a champ or bot, but I couldn't see anything. I asked in all chat if anyone in any team could see what I was doing but no one replied. I was about to see if I could start recording but enemy Varus didn't care and killed me. I never attempted to move or attack Varus when he came so I think Vayne was just going to keep attacking, and I have no idea if I was actually stuck or anything. Total, I had probably been attacking 20 seconds. In the middle of that, enemy became overcharged, I was in the spotlight, and then Varus came.
Ye we caught that as well today. should be fixed next patch! thanks (it was a invisible minion rip)
: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5no8gs9z7psrpwo/lol%20pbe%20overchage%20123456.jpg?dl=0 in red, if you aren't inside the red circle yourself, you can't see people inside said circle, even thought there is technically nothing blocking your line of sight from the perspective of your character. now I realise the map isn't exactly symmetric, there aren't as many spots as I thought, also, it seems to match the grey platform thingies, I suppose it could be intentional, but some of them are bit sketchy, the one blind spot top left of the map and the 2 blind spots bottom of the map are kinda annoying. the middle platform yeah, I highlighted 2 of the 6 grey thingies, but the middle platform is pure chaos anyway, I think it's okay.
those are supposed to be brushh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (we've been running into this a lot)
: Thoughts on the vision shenanigans? Sometimes (it's not that common overall with the exceptions of some specific spots, some I'm talking about below) you can have your opponent standing right in front of you and still not have vision which leads to champions randomly appearing and disappearing for no reason (similar to vayne invisibiliy shenanigans but with all champions) + there are quite a few spots that are bit sketchy (the corners of the map for example north east, north west, south west, south east where simply standing on the edge of the map hides you as if you were standing inside an invisible bush, even though in it's the open. not sure if it's possible to improve that tho, vision seems to be coded deep into the game
mind screenshotting some of the points you feel this happens in? there are just a lot of tight corridors so yeah, the vision system shows it's limits here. but we can probably smooth somethings out
: it happens too when the enemy gets the buff btw and they have one less champion to kill since he is already dead. the game simply doesn't pick kogmaw up when he is between life and death when it starts the "reset" phase right before the overchage phase.
: Overcharge is not healthy fun
Hey gonna chime in on this cause this is generally valuable discussion. We are taking a look at the snowballing, as well as rewarding players who survive overcharge (and making it a bit easier to play around) Will be on PBE today: * Adjusted EXP to be more equivalent (more passive EXP, less kill/charge bot EXP) * Increased slow on Overcharge champions when you hit them with anything from -20 mspd to -30 mspd (on top of losing their 60% mspd buff) Not on PBE today, but we are testing internally: * Flattened EXP (everyone earns exp at same rate) * 100 gold if you survive an enemy overcharge That said, PBE has no matchmaking so feedback regarding balance and snowball are not high resolution. Would expect players to get destroyed vs better opponents in this mode given the heavy emphasis on vision and map awareness, as well as clutch mechanical outplay. This coupled with the more deterministic ADC outputs means someone who is generally worse at the game will almost always lose (AA's don't have a cooldown and can't be dodged, so it's not like you can easily outplay or capitalize on spent CDs vs that guy who just has better mechanics or awareness than you without doing those things better than him/her). Also there's literally a buff that makes you invulnerable, and there aren't real defensive items so ostensibly you should be able to kill your opponent regardless of how much gold they have. Comment if you're interested in more individual pointed discussions.
: Well, I HATED this game mode. Hang on, I will explain why. 1º: There is no sense of strategy around the map. 2º: If one team starts getting a lead, the other one will get steamrolled throught the entire game. 3º: It's a game of Cat and Mouse. With so many pathways that throw/teleports you, it's hard to know where the enemy is. 4º: Too many unnecessary particles effects. 5º: {{champion:104}} and {{champion:67}} are annoying. Graves can build a {{item:3022}} and {{item:3071}} and go to town on people, and {{champion:67}} stuns people and win most of the fights. My personal opinion? Scrap it and make a PvE mode.
Frozen Mallet isn't in the game mode
: First of all, congratulations for the futuristically fabulous game mode created, it's really visually beautiful. It has a simple gameplay and objective, which is nice overall. Maybe some marksmen will be doing a finer job on this map, but can't tell by now how big is this gap performance. A con: when enemy is buffed it's almost 100% sure that you'll die. I know that's what suppose to happen, but there could be some "buffs" for the "hunted" as well, maybe +MS. Idea: when enemy team reaches 5 Charges, the charges your team collected (if there are any) is used to give some buffs to help you survive the hunt, the more you have the stronger you are to escape. Then the charges are reset on each team.
attempting to damage or otherwise hit the overcharge enemy will remove their bonus mspd and then slow them a bit
: Hi, gotta report a bug with KogMaw on this map When KogMaw dies, he goes into his passive form before actually dying for real, if his team gets the overcharge buff in that time window, KogMaw doesn't get the overcharge buff and just stays dead for the entire duration of the overcharge phase, means his team plays 2V3, making it harder for KogMaw team to get overcharge kills. All other champions get the buff no matter what, if alive or dead, that can't be an intended interaction.
: \#include <fstream> \#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { string string; ifstream prjBriefing("project_briefing_rev2_8_4.txt"); if (prjBriefing.is_open()) { while (getline (prjBriefing, string)) { cout << string << '\n'; } prjBriefing.close(); } return 0; } _mfw no code format_ {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: I'm only getting D- score, is that intended?
yeah it takes a while for mastery to calibrate
: > “ << std:endl << “ error: found ":" in nested-name-specifier expected "::"
: Last time you guys said offensive items only, you allowed Zhonyas. Will that be the case this time?
: Does this game mode give champion mastery like blood moon?
: Will there be missions and rewards for this event? similar to what you guys did with invasion.
: so is this going up tomorrow or in like 5 minutes?
: Quinn and Kindred won't be available? ;-;
Unfortunately Quinn and Kindred really did not play well with the rules of the mode. Similar to our call to cut Teemo and Twitch, Quinn and Kindred had kit particulars that severely degraded gameplay (crazy mobility and vision on Quinn, and kindred ult)
: Will the project skins be unlocked for people with them available?
Only people who own the skins will be able to use that skin. Like Bloodmoon
: > Ashe, Caitlyn, Corki, Draven, Ezreal, Graves, Jhin, Jinx, Kalista, Kog’maw, Lucian, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Tristana, Varus, Vayne, Xayah. (Free to play champions are bolded) Nobody is bolded ;-;
~~THEY ARE NOW~~ and now with 500% increased clarity
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: Spoils of War stacks gives massive AS boost
Oops But yeah, I added WW's ASPD tech for targon's minion executing. Will probably gate that behind quest completion. And melee...
: Hi, I talked to you on the sub as well on Kata's rework! :) First of all I'm sorry if my comments on Kha sound a bit bitter, it's just that he's one of my mains and I fear that he's going to be worse after the rework. I totally love your ideas so far and I didn't mean to sound aggressive. You have my sincerest apologies if this sounded like a *"FUK U RITO U RUIN MY MAIN!!!"* post - and I do find the other reworks _absolutely_ brilliant. But since I have your attention, let me briefly elaborate on my concerns: * **Q and R evolutions feel counterproductive to each other.** The new Q Evolution pushes him more towards extended engagements (you need to Q the target multiple times) however the best tool for extended engagements, Active Camouflage, now got turned to something completely useless for duels. So you're left with baseline Void Assault. * **Most importantly, the new Active Camouflage does not have a clear identity**. See, it only works out of combat, which immediately makes it useless for playing "hide and seek" and juking, so the natural reaction is to try and use it to set up ganks/engages with it. However it only lasts for 3 seconds, forcing you to either miss out on the stealth if it's not the right time yet, or rush in potentially prematurely. I really try to understand what it is good for, except for maybe early invades and a glorified Nidalee passive for map mobility. I feel like old Active Camouflage was so much more useful, especially in teamfights which are of course Kha's weakest point, but also invades, outplays, killing a target when you're behind... What outplay potential does the new Evolution offer? :/ It would make much more sense as a _Tactical Evolution_ if it also worked in-combat, and it would make much more sense as a _Strategic Evolution_ if it remained out-of-combat-only but it lasted _significantly_ longer, allowing you to stealthily move from brush to brush right under the enemies noses, and jump at them from where they least expect it - even if that meant a much longer cooldown per-brush after breaking stealth. But now it's strictly useless for combat and it's not ideal for ganks and stealthy map movement either. You can't travel between most brushes within 1,5 seconds, let alone 1,25... and even if you go into *one* brush and try to pounce on them from there (which is way less cool than playing "the floor is lava" from brush to brush), 3 seconds feel restrictive. ---------------- Maybe I'm missing an obvious use case here, but the bottom line is that, as of now **it feels like it has the disadvantages of both a combat stealth (incredibly short duration) and a "setup" stealth like old Rengo or Twitch (only works out of combat) and the advantages of neither (usable in fights or extended duration).** **I would love to hear your insights on this and, again, thank you for your time!**
Sorry for late response, totally forgot about this @_@ I think its reasonable for some of Kha'zix evolves to not synergize with each other - infact having evolves that push and pull him towards different playstyles is key to having impactful and variant evolves. We are also fairly confident that the new R evolve occupies a very powerful spot as a map mobility / flanking evolve that will allow Kha'zix to approach fights in very interesting angles. Its not meant to be a "stand in the brush and ambush" but a "I can run through your entire jungle mostly invisible" There are some vids out already showing off what you can do with it.
: ##As a designer, what are your thoughts on reworked KhaZix? I've heard at least *some* Rito feedback on *our* feedback for most reworks, even for Zed and Fizz who didn't get as much attention by players compared to LB and Rengar, but on Kha we are getting only radio silence. I know you're probably not the one working on him, but as a part of the general rework team, how do you gauge his performance compared to his more "figher-ish" twin counterpart, Rengar? Kitty seems to be doing exceedingly well right now but Kha'Zix feels a bit underwhelming, just like Talon *(but he at least is monitored and will be buffed accordingly)*. Is he really that weak or is it just perceived weakness, like you're saying Zed's case is?
Hi, I'm the designer working on Kha, and I've mostly been engaging with the Kha Subreddit tbh. For the most part, people seem pretty excited or cool with the update. After the first day where no one honestly knows what they are talking about, any opinion of "kha is weak now" seems to have vanished as well and internally we are pretty happy about his balance numbers too. Did you have some specific concerns or questions?
: Kha'Zix main here. I just tested him and won't comment anything about ratios or stuff but a little thing that is most likely a bug annoys me. Couldn't find anything on this yet. When I clear blue or redbuff (or wraiths since the small creeps will get removed in the buffs) and I attack the small creeps so I can kill both with a W I usually use Q immediately after. When you do that you don't get the 60% CD refund on the Q and instead it has the full CD. I am not sure if you deal the extra isolation damage too. Hoping for a fix.
Should be fixed next pbe deploy, Thanks!
: initial thoughts from a kat one trick: (250k on my main account) I actually like the direction of this update, the changes offer a lot more tactical play throughout the game and this definitely upped her skill floor and ceiling. for her laning phase im still getting used to new kat but so far it may be more difficult then old kat? not sure because after so many old kat games i know all the matchups so i cant really judge it right now. New Q: i have no complaints, it just takes some getting used to with lower range and less bounces. i wonder what it would be like if rather then behind the target the blade bounced to where the mouse cursor was...idk just a random thought new w: no complaints, opens up so much tactical play and combo variations with positioning- really emphasizes important positioning even more then ever. new e: i get why ward jumping was removed now it all makes sense. pre 11 the resets with w feel painfully slow though. maybe rather then the cdr changing at lv 6, 11 and 16 from 78% to whatever, it can start at 84% and end at 92% going up by 1% per 2 levels. just a thought. r its the same but with a range indicator which is a nice touch for both parties actually but yea i will be playing new kat much more to really get a feel for it and i like the direction of her so far!
We tried a lot of weird ways to allow Kat more control over the Q dagger - even tried a vector cast on it! Ultimately it was untenable for Katarina since there is such a high demand on rapid button pressing and comboing due to her resets, which make complex inputs for single spells where minor errors in mouse accuracy can lead to completely failed spell casts a no go.
: {{champion:55}} _**Katarina - The Clumsy Pentakiller**_ Passive: Still works the same as the live servers, on **kill or assist** in the **next 3 sec** you get **15 sec** reset on **all of your abilities** Q: Bounces **3 times total** - 1 main target and 2 secondary, dealing damage to the targets hit and leaving a _**dagger**_ on the ground. W: **On Active:** Kat throws a _**dagger**_ in the air and lands on the ground in ~1 sec. **Passive:** She spins like in live servers dealing astronomical damage. (The range on the spin is not specified but I&#039;m willing to bet it&#039;s been shortened.) E: Kat warps to the targeted _**unit**_ dealing damage if there&#039;s an enemy unit close to her specified range. (The _**units**_ can only be minions, monsters and enemy champs.) She can also blind on the _**dagger**_ to pick it up, activate her passive on W and reduce the cooldown on E. R: Pretty much the same as LIVE but way cooler looking. It also has a range indicator, which is nice. _**Cons:**_ 1. Her Q is** hard to predict where it will land** after the 3rd bounce. 2. Her **E doesn&#039;t put you behind the target anymore**, it puts you alongside the target from the place you&#039;ve dashed. (It might take getting used to but essentially you cover less ground now from a single dash.) 3. **NO. WARD. JUMPS.** &lt;An ally has been slain.mp3&gt; _**Pros:**_ 1. Her W is ret^^ded damage. I really love the massacre it provides with it&#039;s **100% ap scaling when you rank up your R to 3**. **Now add the speed boost of the _W - Active_ to when you pick up your daggers to really get it going.** This ability will be toned down, so if you do that think about my ms offer. 2. Her **_dagger_ -> Shunpo (E)** mechanics is really fun with all the picking up part. _**Recommendations:**_ Since there is **less of a meaningful way for Kat to harass**, cuz of her **3-bounce-mechanic** ~~you need a crystal globe to predict if you're actually gonna die~~ just to pick up that 'lil dagger on the ground for that awesome **~400 range _W - passive_ harass or wave clear.** I enjoy tactical and precise gameplay but when it comes to Kat and this Q randomness is triggering me so hard I'll end up tilted as much as when {{champion:41}} Davy Jones's Flying Dutchman went full 180. Please don't implement Hearthstone mechanics into her **Q -> _dagger_** drop. P.S: {{item:2045}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3364}} [_Never Forget Supp Kata 2012 -2016_<Link](https://www.twitch.tv/equipedepicofficial/p/485903031476747070) [Talon 1.0](https://clips.twitch.tv/equipedepicofficial/UninterestedCobraSwiftRage)
Hey 100, thanks for the post Would like you to be aware that her Q dagger always lands behind the primary target, regardless of where it bounces while hitting enemies, so you should be able to predict it 100% Also would like you to know that you can choose where you want to be with shunpo, so if you want to be behind the target, simply target slightly behind them!
: You guys really need to add damage to when her Q lands on the ground and also a SLOW. It is not difficult to get away from the dagger on the ground. Katarina now relies on her Q and E to do damage because the chances of you hitting someone with the dagger on the ground is extremely low. It needs damage and a slow on her Q. I currently do not like her rework as a kat main lvl 7 with 200k and the clan tag "Kat<3" Time to main Akali sigh.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
try jumping around the dagger rather than directly onto it (utilize shunpo's ability to anywhere around something). Will make hitting with the dagger much easier :)
: Kha'Zix's Q doesn't refund CD if cast on a non-Isolated target that becomes Isolated during the cast time. It needs to check for Isolation on hit, not on cast. I've had situations where a W would kill jungle creeps or minions but Q would not refund its CD despite dealing Isolated damage + animation.
: How's the AD scaling supposed to be? I know Riot said they want her to remain an AP midlaner, but is there any chance that AD could become viable? (Also will her AD scalings, if existent, still deal all magic damage or a mix like most?)
Personally want her to have enough AD scaling that she can comfortably pick up a gunblade if she wants
: Have any of the other selectable objects been removed besides the wards? Can I set ZZ portals? I really will miss wards ._.
Should still be able to jump to all other targetable objects.
: So that is an excuse to allow for an ultimate to be overpowered and unhealthy for the game?
the numbers might be a bit high on it atm, will be monitoring that
: Interesting changes, but I do have some concerns as does every other Kha main out there. Don't you feel this promotes a more tanky Kha playstyle like what we saw with DMG reduction on his R and the poke Kha meta? W has no utility at all unless we spent an evolution point in it which might make it a forced evolution. Q was his main assassination potential and I like that some love has been put on the unevolved version but the evolution seems to not make sense, the CDR is only on isolated targets and doesn't seem to add anything to his burst instead it enhances his skirmishing and 1v1 battles. In most scenarios champions are not going to remain isolated for long which lowers the potential for this evolution. It might increase his objective potential but that didn't need help with that anyway.
I don't expect his burst damage to be particularly lacking - both the isolation % increase and bonus AD% were increased on base Q. Also don't think he will end up being built mainly as a bruiser, since its hard to actually get multiple isolated Q's off in a team fight - that is unless hes in a split push scenario (in which case that makes sense!)
: In response to R: Captain Kha'zix on duty.
:) At some point in time I _was_ a teemo main
: So, you can't ward jump with kat anymore? Is this a bug or is this intended
We made the call to removed ward jumping. Ultimately she was completely unfair given the degree of mobility offered by shunpo resets if she could be anywhere at any time.
: About her skins + updated particles : **Warring Kingdoms ** Q is the same W is WIP i guess? It still shows the classic dagger Also no changes to E? No additions to R except the petals **Slaybelle** Q seems to be red? cant rly tell since the daggers bounce way faster now W active is red but dagger model matches skin -> green sinister steel when procing E is still red but has some glittery green particles? R also red **Project** I LOVE EVERYTHING BOUT IT 10/10 the E and the R looks so good also the daggers on the ground **Sandstorm** not tested yet
We are still working on some of the skins vfxs
: I played it in a game not too long ago and in a custom and it seems really fun so far! As a person that's rank 5 Kat and has been playing her a lot since season 3 I feel she still feels similar. Build paths still gonna take some getting used to though as gunblade seems viable again. Major question though, when she E's is it a dash now that just is really fast? I was trying to e to a dagger past another dagger and then blink to the first one and i just activated them both. Idk if that's intended or not.
Its still a blink. it has a tiny cast time now (.075s before the blink).
: Playing Khazix I'm also seeing changes to his Q unevolved and evolved and also his passive. Why arent those in the post? I really like Khazix mid lane even after all this time even though I know im in the minority. Would you say these changes are geared more toward the jungle? Also are there any plans to change the isolation range or what counts towards isolation?
Yeah the topics in the summary above are mostly just the major changes in our opinion. We may look at adjusting isolation range depending on his performance. Full Changelist as is: P: * Isolation moved here * Unseen Threat damage changed from 15-190 + 50% AP >>> 2 + Level * 8 + 40% Bonus AD Q: * CD 3 seconds >>> 4 seconds * Bonus Isolation dmg increased 30% >>> 50% * Bonus AD Ratio 120% >>> 140% * Evolve grants 50 range on Q and AA, and refunds 60% of the CD vs Isolated targets W: * Base slow removed * Evolved Slow reduced 50% >>> 40% * Evolved Slow vs Isolated increased 50% >>> 80% R: * Base Stealth 1 second >>> 1.5 seconds * Evolve adds a passive: While out of combat, Kha'zix also passively gains Void Assault for 3 seconds in brush. This persists for up to 1.5 seconds after exiting the brush. 10 second per brush cooldown.
: Two questions: 1. What is Rengar's reward from the Rengar/Kha'zix quest now? Or has the quest been removed? 2. Is the ult "target" the closest enemy _at the time of casting_, or does it continually update during the duration of the ult?
Rengar gets another stack of his bonetooth necklace from the quest Ult target continuously updates
: Did you consider supporting AD builds ss well as / in place of AP ones? Katarina's character design screams "blades", not "spellbooks".
Ultimately this is a bit of a thematic mismatch we didn't solve with the update, but I do hope she can comfortably pick up gunblade.
: Is it more easy to tell her E from her ult? When I was newer it was really hard to tell whether she was Eing or Ulting and it made it harder to know when to cc.
Her E now leaves a red streak (cause shes so damn fast). Should be much easier to pick out
: But the real question is : Can you also jump to daggers in the enemy ADCs inventory? {{item:3070}} {{champion:22}} {{item:3070}} {{item:1042}} {{champion:55}}
Ah yes. Grab them out of ashe's hands. What the hell is she doing with them anyways! You can't shoot those out of bows...
: I like the ideas! I can't wait to try them out in practice. Will the spin activate automatically when you walk over the dagger?
: It feels like katarina is going to feel more unique now due to that "simple" change. Love it already. Do we expect the announcement to be revealed soon?
Full Preseason website should be up in a few hours
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: @Riot Whale is it possible for you guys to remove the minimap ult targeting? I know this is a huge frustration for most Vel'Koz mains and isn't remotely useful in any capacity. It's especially annoying for those who play with Left side minimap in conjunction with the way summoners rift is laid out. Nothing is worse then clicking on the minimap accidentally when you're going for that long range ult and u lose complete control wasting your ult by missing your desired target. I feel like one of those sprinklers every time I do this. I have minimap movement disabled already for a reason. Cheers
The ult should no longer use minimap targetting.
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