This should be fixed in the next update. Thanks for the report.
: This sounds perfect. Q poke alone is not so important but when you need to burst someone it's disheartening. And also please make sure Zed gets a ton of AD late game... he used to be the "highest AD possible in the game" champion, then he (rightfully) got dethroned by Jhin, but now even Rengar can easily surpass him with his crazy AD multiplier. :(
Just steal the AD from Jhin and Rengar then ;)
: Hi! Zed main here! I have tried Zed for a few games now on the PBE and i feel like this nerf is a little too much for him. The ult AD % will 9/10 times not make up for his w ad% removal. Sure he still can do DMG with the new item stats lategame but compared to the other assassins he feels very weak. Also, because he is shit early game now it really is hard to get your lategame power.I feel that it is strange to nerf a champion that was already balanced this much (lower ad ratio on Q + W ad% removal). And also, since the "pop" effect on duskblade got removed doesn't his ult "pop" need a small buff again since that is what made it a little too strong before. But i really like the update ovarall with all the assassin/jungle changes! Will probably have to pick up talon as my second champion now tho since he is soo much fun now! /Nassor {{champion:238}}
Just some quick maths to do some comparisons between live and PBE Zed: Live Zed ranks W last, gaining an additional 4/8/12/16/20% of his bonus AD per rank. At level 16, Zed will have 3 ranks in this W, granting him 12% of his bonus AD as additional AD. At this point in the game, if current Zed has his core build of Black Cleaver, Dusk Blade, Yoomus, and 10 AD from runes, he will be getting ~24 AD(195 * 0.12). In this current iteration on PBE, if level 16 Zed gets a successful Death Mark assist/kill on any target with more than 200 total AD, he gains 30 (from the target) + 5 AD. You could argue that Zed could have more AD items at his level 16 point on live, but keep in mind we are also tuning down the raw AD stat on some of the AD items during this pre season, which means the bonus value you'd be getting with them is also lowered if we kept W's passive. The big buff is that if PBE Zed gets a kill/assist at any point in the game with Death Mark before level 14, Shadow Reaping is strictly a buff in almost all situations even if you killed a mage. Sometimes it could net you +20 AD or more in the early/mid game if there is another AD stacker in the game like Rengar/Kha'Zix/Graves. With all that being said, I will be watching his performance really closely and tune him up/down accordingly within the coming patches! If it turns out late game Shadow Reaping is under tuned, it's definitely on the table to be buffed :).
: Okay, I remember it happening when my bonus was 0 though. Also, if you wouldn't mind, what buffs have you considered if Zed turns out to be too weak? For sure, he's on the weaker end of the assassins in this update.
Tuning up the late game %AD he can gain from enemies, ratios on Q or increasing the amount of damage double hitting Q does to enemy champions are some initial things I would try.
: Okay, just watched Redmercy's gameplay. Does the target have to die in the three seconds the mark is on them? I think that may have been the case, but it's still worth looking into. However, Zed is still really bad compared to the other assassins. You are FORCED to ult the ADC 24/7, which means you lose a crap ton from killing any other target (read: AP mid lane opponent). Also I think the Q bonus AD ratio got nerfed to .85 from .9. He just doesn't have enough damage or dueling power, especially versus other assassins with invisibility. Zed's no longer really capable of dueling anymore. Hopefully, he will get some buffs because right now, he's trash. A couple of ideas: 1. I honestly think Zed should be killing carries, but right now he's restricted to AD carries. Maybe when his ult determines the 'strongest' foe, it should be the greater value of the person with the highest AD and the highest of maybe 33% total AP. Right now, if someone like a jungle Nidalee or an AP champion got really fed (off of roams/ganks, because the Zed isn't a feeder lmao) and/or the enemy ADC got dunked on in lane, you really don't have much snowball. Hell, you get weaker if your botlane dumps the enemy botlane 2v2. 2. Make the Duskblade true damage passive and/or true damage in general apply to Death Mark's 'pop' damage. 3. Make his ult give true sight of his target. He has no dueling potential vs Talon, Akali, or Kha'Zix right now. 4. Some damage buffs, because he seems a bit pidgeonholed item wise. You pretty much HAVE to buy all the 'Lethality' items in order to do any meaningful damage, which makes defensive/situational itemization really limited IMO. He probably got the least love out of all of the changed assassins, and it makes him glaringly weak compared to the rest of the assassin class.
The passive only triggers if the target would give him more AD than he currently possesses from his current bonus. I think it's still pretty early to conclude if Zed is too weak when compared to the rest of the roster given how much change is occurring. For context, the Q ratio nerf was something I included for now because he was actually performing a bit too well in our internal testing. That being said, I will definitely be cognizant of how he is doing and have a few places I know I want to buff if he turns out to be too weak.
: Zed is complete garbage at the moment from the Q nerf and the W/ult changes. He gets much less AD now as well. 10 base damage doesn't make up for this. Also, there is a bug with Zed's ult. It appears that you don't get the 'reaper of shadows' bonus AD unless an ally kills the target you mark. This happened in a Poro King game, and I was able to reproduce it in a bot game.
Thanks for the report, will look into this.
: Zed changes Feedback
Part of the benefit of this change is that Zed's decision making becomes less binary. Choosing the correct ult target should feel more contentious. Do you go for the VIP target whose death wins your team the fight? Or the juiciest target that greedily increases your ability to win future fights? Is it just awesome when they are one and the same? Like Jhin, hehe. There are a few reasons why Zed doesn't just keep updating stats for free. A main one is that opponents need some agency over influencing this mechanic throughout the game for it to be more fair. Just because you died once to Zed and bought an item doesn't mean he should become automatically more powerful without having to work for more. Hopefully it becomes more obvious to opponents on how to play around Zed's habits and effectively defeat him in a game by peeling for fat AD targets he might go out of his way to single out. There can be punishing feels created when you have a hard decision to make, but I think the change pays that cost to accentuate a Zed's ability to recognize when a Death Mark kill on a not so obvious target translates into a victory on their screen. In terms of actual stats when compared to live Zed, this mechanic is almost always a strict upgrade to pre level 14/15 Zed since he ranked his W last and didn't benefit too much from the bonus attack damage until after getting 2/3 ranks of W. So if you feel punished for having to kill an AP dude before level 14/15, know that you are getting more AD than you would have previously (in some cases way more!) Go for that big snowball finish :D!

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