: Exactly, my little brother bought this skin specifically for the zelda inspired smoke. I considered buying it for the same reason but I don't play enough adc to justify the number of adc skins I already own
We hear your feedback on this, we're going to huddle up on this one and see what we can do to adjust.
: Hello, can you guys please touch **Zilean **basic attacks? those tiny tiny yellow rocks are really hard to see (even if you need last hit), and i say, that's why everyone's play with Blood Moon Zilean because is more readable. I talked to KateyKhaos last time about this and she said she's going to see what she can do. Thanks~
Hey Kraken, This isn't going to be a satisfying answer but the current scope of our changes is just competitively disabled skins with a need for some clarity. I can't give you a definitive yes or no on base Zilean as that's outside our current scope of what we were trying to accomplish. Katey and myself work in the realm of Skins, but we will happily pass your feedback along to Gameplay who would assess the feedback and take it from there.
: Dark Valkyrie Diana's Q looks to bright imo. It doesn't really fit the skin's theme... Also, if Diana is picked in LCS, the player is more likely to pull out the new Infernal Diana :^) I'd like it if you guys tone down a little the white in her Q!
We walk a really fine line on the Skins team of maintaining gameplay integrity when we update audio and particles for a skin. Ultimately, purchasing a skin should _never_ give you a competitive disadvantage or advantage. In Diana's case, her Q was too dark and hard to read, and in the highest levels of play readability of VFX is everything. We upped the brightness to be closer to her base, which will make it more readable in a team fight. I hope this context helps!
: This is really cool. Are you planning to do this with more skins? I mean skins such as Iblitz or Steel legion lux. They are realy cool and deserve some love xD
We hope to tackle more on the list when we have the available time/bandwidth on our team. Some updates require more treatment than just VFX clarity, so while we had spare VFX bandwidth we focused on the highest priority, VFX clarity updates we could get to.
: > [{quoted}](name=TerraRising,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=E4EwxQFc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-19T17:58:16.005+0000) > > What about skins like Underworld Twisted Fate and Steel Legion Lux? They already did Underworld Twisted Fate a couple of patches ago.
Underworld TF was the first of these, we were working on the rest of these updates when he went out.
: Not only will these skins be available for LCS showcasing (SELLOUT kappa) but keeping competitive integrity throughout league in ranked gameplay is very important. I approve. Will there be more soon to follow?
Yes! When we have the spare VFX time we hope to update all the skins that need some clarity adjustments. These eight were the most in need of an update, there's still a handful more that we want to take a look at in the near future!
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: Hi Riot Ve1vet (Creative Name Btw)! The problem seemed to fix itself for me. I also had the problem of the chat function not working either, but I followed the needed steps to recover it. I'm not sure if this is still happening as of now, but the problem has been fixed for me.
Hey DragonBone, thanks for following up :) We submitted a fix that may have resolved it. Please let me know if you experience this again!
: [Login Screen] Music changes if menu animations are on/off
We've fixed this, should be all good with tomorrow's PBE deploy
: Ekko Login Music Plays After Logging Into the Client
Hey guys, I'm looking for information on this bug. I can't seem to reproduce it myself, but from reading comments I got the impression some people were getting it consistently. Does anything jump out as something you may have done to cause it? Or was it just- opening the client and the music is persistent? Thanks!
: It looks really good but I can see a v shape that has been blacked out it is only me??? or was it meant to be there
: Really great Login Music, by far one of my favourites. it really underlines the rework of sion and makes him look even more dangerous the only thing i noticed is, when i turn the animation on, he looks way more blurry than on his splashart i know that this should give the viewer more the feel of being the victim that gets stomped under his food, but giving him some more details back, like on the face or torso might ease the eye of the viewer a bit and makes it more enjoyable to look at :> but either way great job!
This is an unfortunate tech limitation of animated login screens versus a splash image. With any sort of compression we lose detail, we've been trying to render them at a slightly higher quality (Sion is rendered at a higher quality than Azir), but staying within the constraints of file size.
: {{champion:8}} {{champion:8}} THE RIVERS WILL RUN RED{{champion:8}} {{champion:8}}
{{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} HUT 2 3 4{{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
: great music and animation! i play on a slightly below average computer and terms of speed and it was having semifrequent lag spikes. maybe you can fix this?
Hey MrDoomydoom! Can you give us a few more details about your system? TY!
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: [Shyvanna] - Switches splashes
Hey could you provide me a few more details? When did the splash art switch? In-game?
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: Does reverting to old patcher count as a login bug?
Looking a bit more specifically for stuff within the login screens itself, the video, audio, all that jazz :)
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: The model is nice, the particle effects are rewarding. Problems: - The model seems to skip an attack then do a double attack at higher attack speeds (applicable build: {{item:3006}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3035}} {{item:1038}} ) - also seems that if you move prior to the double attack going off you cancel two full attacks, may be linked to new particle/sound effects on model - also seems that the attacks themselves are cancelled if you move during the release of the particle effects altogether very satisfied with skin, though original design of skirt and legs may be more appealing. Also the "scanning" effect during recall ought to be extended to reduce gap between finished "scanning" and the gun trick she does before recall finishes
I'll look into that, thanks for the report Oxygen
: I think this is a little bit late of me, but here's my feedback anyway! - Helmet - looks more like 'aliens'.. I think changing it into something like predators would be better? - The traps - don't remove the cupcake because it resembles Caitlyn so much, but maybe the cupcake design could be changed, but the trap would be better if it looks something like nidalee's - Bottom wear - I'd agree Caitlyn to wear pants instead of skirts [optional] maybe more fishnets? :D Splash Art : I really want to see it soon Hope : please Riot, don't cancel this skin.. lots of RP is waiting for it
Cait isn't canceled, just delayed a bit due to the model/texture changes. The splash has to have parts of it re-painted to accommodate those changes. NO WORRIES xD!
: Jarvan Splash bug
Thanks Zeyi :) We'll get this fixed asap
: Cant Access Debonair Vi
I believe we've added a solution to this, keep an eye out for it with the next PBE patch
: [Client] Visual Login Screen Glitch
Hey Neutral, Thanks for the report! We're working to resolve this bug for the 4.13 patch!
: Now the same bug is happening on the regular client...
Hey guys, thanks for the report! We're working on resolving this issue for 4.13!
: 1366 x 768 is my desktop resolution if that's what your talking about :)
: On launch. I dont normally disable the animation. however,when i do disable the animation (i just checked)the picture fills the screen, but when i re-enable the animation it goes back ~~sorry that took long to reply had to go to class~~
No worries dude, thanks for all the help! With this I was able to track down a solid repro on the issue. We're going to work on a fix for 4.13!
: Hey I just found a small glitch, her splash art is missing in the shop(2 first screenshots in the file) When I then went to look for the skin in my profile it was missing (last screenshot in the file)
Hey Sumhar, thanks for the report! Due to the model/texture changes we are still working on updating the splash (hence why it's not in) keep an eye out for it though!
: I am also having the same issue. My screen is set to 1366x758. (a weird number i know) Even if i adjust the size of the window about the same amount is simply black here's a screen cap http://prntscr.com/42pdk3
Hey Shadowwalker, thanks for dropping by this was super helpful in tracking down a repro. Few more weird questions for you- Did this occur on launch or only started occurring after you toggled 'Disable Menu Animations'
: List of bugs i have been seeing
Hey Natsu, would you mind telling me your screen resolution for the login screen issue?
: Log in screen picture does not all the way fit
Hey Critical! Would you mind telling me what your screen resolution is set to?
: I don't know if it is just me, but im having issues with these skin in the shop menu. They load fine in-game, but in the shop screen, these plus Headhunter Cait have no splash art. In the loading screen for a game, the splash is just normal the normal skin.
These are intentional actually, splash art is still being worked on for these!
: It seem like her art is not showing for some reason right now
The splash art is still in-progress right now
: Played a match against Caitlyn and her splash art in the loading skin for this skin did not show up. Showed her default skin.
: It's a nice looking skin, though it seems to me the sound effects aren't in yet. I didn't notice any bugs with it, but there are a few things that could look better: * The trap model is identical to her base, and that feels really wrong. This skin... shouldn't use cupcakes. * The trap particle is red when it's placed, then goes abruptly to team color while active. The red fits her color scheme, but make it consistent. * It's a little hard to see exactly what she's doing during her ult. The particles and dark gun model kind of blend together. I think it looks cool, but it could be clearer. * Cait should maybe be wearing actual pants here. The skin-tones clash with the color scheme of the rest of the skin. Generally, though, it looks great: * The way the autoattacks swim through the air is distinctive and cool. * The trails left by her various particles look good. * During her joke animation, the gun falls apart in its own way, which is nice attention to detail. * Thematically and visually very distinct from Cait's other skins. Looking forward to trying it when the sounds are in!
Sounds coming soon, keep an eye out for them! Traps are referencing the base model at the moment, we're working on getting the actual model in right now.
: * Have her Goggles be a toggle, looks sort of awkward hovering over her head like that * The trap needs to look different, something like the headhunter nidalee trap would do it justice * Particles could use a little touchup * For a headhunter skin she lacks bones? something like a skull or tooth necklace would be nice. Maybe put more teeth on that armband she has
The trap is actually broken at the moment (its calling the wrong model) Don't worry we have an updated one on the way!
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: It's because that skin doesn't have splash art yet.
Lunar Revel is correct. We've added the splash now, but since the PBE hasn't been updated yet it's not out. Stay tuned :)
: The login screen is nice and cool. The music is just epic. Can I download it somewhere? But there could be some special effects because without the music its a little bit blank. Edit: Why isn't there a picture for the disabled menu animations?
https://soundcloud.com/leagueoflegends It may be updated here in a little while!
: It is nice simple and cool, but i think it could be improved by adding several translucent champions fading in and out, like the most popular champs like pantheon, leblanc. All of those would be really cool to see and reflect on the months leading up to the all stars.
Thanks for the feedback Sinestro :)
: It could still be a bug I don't know if it was purposely done or not but too me its weird they should change it to a freeze frame of it like all the other log in screens
Yeah this is bugging us as well, KungfuGopher is going back in to clean it up a bit! Thanks for the report guys. We've attended to the splash issue when you disable menu animations >_> small oversight on my part, eep!
: Pretty cool,didn't experience anything wrong with it.The only problem I see is that the upper right corner doesn't really flow well. Other than that it's quite nice. The music is great,does it have a name or was it made by you?
It was done by Praeco! I'll see if I can find the name, its a remix of last year's All-Stars music :)
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: World Cup Skins
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales/plan-vintage-limited-edition-skins You can read about what limited skins are coming back here! But to answer your question, yes! We'll typically put the skins back on for testing, but we're still a little ways out from June.
: Sound problem
Hey guys, thanks for the report! We've put this in front of our sound dude to fix the hook-up for the Q sound.
: [SKT Zed] Animations
Hey dude thanks for the report, we figured out what is was. It'll persist over the weekend but should be fixed Monday! :)
: I love this login screen. But the first time i have seen that before reading this post, I think it was bugged because is different the replay from the first time I play it. Maybe will cause players to think like me? (Or I am too crazy?)
At what part did it start for you the first time you saw it? The intro with the moon + rockets or the loop where he's standing on the mech? The intended function is that after logging in for the first time you go straight to the loop (to avoid Yasuo-situations)
: Everything is awesome... but my only problem with this skin is the Q animation looks way off the actual spell... try clicking Q in front of him and then scrolling the mouse over the Q spell... they barely match, if that could be fixed just by moving the animation to better fit the hitbox i would buy instantly
I've passed this feedback along, thanks dude!
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