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: Got another small but unique thing; Wukong's derived name for the '**Sylas** has stolen ***champion name's*** ultimate' announcement in the chat is MonkeyKing, aka it uses that other names list (ike clones of bots do for their names, because it looks at who the 'unit type' is that the ability it steals belongs to). However if you were to go to using the same source that generates the chat names has the problem that things like '**Sylas** has stolen **Eggnivia's** ultimate' or '**Sylas** has stolen **Dragon's** ultimate' could appear, against Anivia or aside Lulu, respectively. So I guess you people will find a proper solution to it while regarding that last paragraph. I don't want to see reddit posts about 'Dragon's ultimate' :^)
We submitted a change yesterday that should resolve this, we want the chat callout to be localized in all languages
: Hey there, just noticed a relatively small one I can say a bit about, so here it goes: **Darius'** ultimate, at least on his basic skins, features a **texture** shift after a strike of the ultimate (whether lethal or not), covering Darius in blood. If memory serves me right, this is made via 2 seperate .dds files in each's skin's directory, one for the normal texture, and one copy of the texture, but sprikled with blood, the latter getting applied to darius for a few seconds after every of his ults. Now if **Sylas copies** that ultimate, and uses it, he too will have changed textures - but since it doesn't use an overlay for the textures, and instead a *replacement* texture, this texture obviously neither matches Sylas appearance nor quite the proper UV map of his model. [Therefore it will look something like this:]( Hope that is all recognizable, I'm getting sleepy as it's getting late. If you have any questions regarding this one, feel free to ask those! (Side note: I've obviously also noticed missing SFX in various cases (twitch ult clone, after transforming in specific cases, yada yada yada), but nothing I want to get into detail with here, as I've done no kind of reproduction or other kind of testing with it yet!)
There's actually a number of champions/skins that have this issue with Sylas right now. A good number of them should be fixed with today's PBE deploy, and hopefully the rest tomorrow. Still making our way through all the SFX issues. We've been able to hammer out the vast majority of interactions, but there are some more tricky ones we haven't solved yet. Still workin on it :)
: I played a Custom vs Shyvanna, Nidalee, Darius, Trundle and Udyr Bot. Beside having silent autos, probably after copying Nidalee, 2 other things i noticed: I am not sure how it si coded with Udyr if you can just use it once, twice or trice, but i went to base and just could not get it off. Normaly Udyr Ult should be jsut on for 5s per cast or am i wrong? Was jsut one time out of like 3. Another thing, i used Shyvanna Ult and had the dragon form 2 times normaly for the full duration, but the third time it got insta cancled. Idk what happened, if maybe Darius pull canceled me, but should Shyvanna Jump not normaly be **UNSTOPABLE**? Even if Sylas with a Bunch of Ap Items and Dragon Form feels kinda strong, it should not be so easily to cancel by the enemy team to make you waste Ult just for a jump and then stay in the enemy team, should it?
That doesn't sound right to me. Thanks for the report, we'll be looking into it
: Don't ult an ennemy dummy in training mode with Sylas, you won't get your ult back. Dying don't fix it, neither does wiping the dummies.
Oops. We'll figure this out
: Hi! I can't use the report a bug tool because Sylas isn't on the champion list. So, abridged: I've played one game, using the skin. After using Nidalee's ult, my basic attacks were silent for the rest of the game. Tried to go into the game with Dark Harvest, sudden impact, ghost poro, ravenous hunter & shield bash, revitalise. I appeared to have no runes in the loading screen. Once I was in game I was given the default Sorcery page. (I quit and tried again with a new game, and the same thing happened)
Hey! Thanks for the report. We're on it.
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: Hi, i found some things while testing: - in his dance the effect of the sword piercing the ground is delayed and it doesn't stay - when he recalls while in his ult his wings are buggin out when he lands in the fountain but they get normal when he starts doing something else like moving - his sword doesn't doesn't quite follow his hand movement in his movement stopping animation when he is in his ult - idk if its just me but his sword doesn't look right in his Ctrl 1 emote - in some of his taunts the heart on his sword has no heartbeat - his sword doesn't quite follow his hand movement in his Ctrl 1 emote - sea hunter aatrox is not updated in the splash art of the other champions - the shoulder plate on the right arm of sea hunter aatrox has some polygons that are buggin out while he is in his idle and homeguard animation and maybe in some other animations you can see it best while looking at him from the side - both arms of mecha aatrox are clipping through his wings in his Ctrl 2 emote I hope this helps. Have a nice day.
Thanks for the details! We'll continue working on these sorts of polish points :)
: Hi, is it intended that neither Justicar or Mecha has unique passive icon when applied to enemy? Is it intended he has no recall animation during his ults on base, Justicar, Mecha, Sea Hunter?
We do not plan on making custom icons for his passive on the skins and yes, it is intended that using recall during your R will not play the normal recall animation. Thanks for the post!
: If you use the Mehca Aatrox, and taunt, his wings don't come out. :D
should be fixed today!
: overheal shield and guardian angel are out of place on his character model, im assuming its because he has two different character model sizes. so is maw of malmortius shield, and steraks gage. mercurial scimitar visuals are off. and not that u would ever get it on him but banshees veil visuals are messed up. edge of night visuals are messed up. youmouus visuals, adaptive helm visuals. hextech protobelt makes ur character model dissapear reguarly on cast. blade of the ruined king, hextech gunblade, hextech glp, and ohm wrecker visuals shoot out of your feet. bloodthirster shield is messed up.
Hey there, we took a big pass at updating his buff placements and sizes. Should resolve most if not all of these
: aatrox's passive kills enemy dummy in practice tool, it may affect trynda's ult and other undying objects too
Looking into it now, thanks :)
: Is it intended that he has no homeguard animation? Not sure if it's still an animation you guys are ironing out or if he just doesn't have one. Also, I can't necessarily say for 100% that this is a bug, but his Q hitboxes (particularly the small ones that knockup) seem like they are smaller than what is indicated. Thanks!
Right now the animation is not implemented, but we are hoping to get one in soon. I'll take a look at the indicators. Thanks!
: Hi there! I've noticed a couple art bugs, with one reported through the PBE tool. 1. When base/Justicar Aatrox recalls (btw, I think Justicar should get back its unique recall!), the particles/blood doesn't always come up and thus Aatrox wings don't always appear. At first i thought it was tied to the passive, but it actually seems like if you trigger it once, next time it won't, next time it will. 2. When you're ulting and the wings are out, doing Ctrl+1-4 can... mess them up a bit. Seems pretty consistyant and you should have no issue reproducing that :P Thanks in advance! :)
Hey Nightmare, just a heads up that we will be adding the unique recall to Justicar - I think that should be there today. We are actively working on the other 2 issues you mentioned. Thanks for the report!
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: Any updates? this is getting to the point where it's annoying and unplayable Also, I follow each of the steps and no log generated yet...
Hey Tonakai, my bad here on the late response. We were able to figure out the issue and this should be fixed again. Also, we have been making changes to the performance logs and its possible that we broke how they generate while you were playing your games. Very sorry about that :(
: getting plenty of logs but not lag every single game, this game I'm adding I had 5-10 fps past 40 minutes and teamfights just didn't happen for me.
Hey dude sorry for the late reply here, but thanks for sending this in! We were able to identify the problem and this should be fixed (again) hehe. Thank you!
: So just to be sure I have this right, are you automatically/manually able to access these or do we need to send them your way after they are generated? If it's the latter, how should we go about doing that?
Sorry for not clarifying! We don't have a way to access these automatically. A link on google drive would be great
: FPS drops back in pbe
Yo! Unfortunate that this seems to have cropped up again. If you're willing to make a quick change to your game.cfg file, the client will generate a new type of performance log that will give us more insight into exactly what's going on. Koalifier wrote up a good post on how to do this in your last thread, but I'll post it again here: We have a tool that lets us get more detailed performance info from your games. If you add a setting to your game.cfg file. Cfg file is in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config You will need to add "LiveProfile=1" (without the quotes) under the [Performance] section. If you have that section included in your game.cfg, when you finish a game, it will generate a log that we can use to analyze the performance. You can find that log here: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Performance Logs With a format like "2017-12-06T22-05-40_PerfDump.rpd" If you set up that LiveProfile setting and generate any logs like that, we will get a much better understanding of what's going on.
: I would just like to repost this bug in case you thought you had squashed it. Swain Ultimate Hat Bug I've been playing a number of custom games with bots and the ultimate hat rune doesn't reduce Swain's ult cooldown. I also tested it in practice tool. Steps to reproduce: 1) Host a custom game or practice tool with a bot. 2) start game, select swain 3) pick the ultimate hat rune 4) Level to 6, get a soul fragment, and press R. Observe that the CD timer starts at 120 seconds instead of 115. Further casts of the ultimate continue to be completely ineffective in reducing the CD.
Hey there, thanks for the post (both you and Parkuhr). We do not currently have a fix for this and are still looking into it!
: Swain Icon Bug
Yo! This will be fixed in today's PBE deploy. Thanks!
: Swain Ult Visual bug and Shyvanna bot AI Bug
Yo, thanks for the report. We'll be looking into this today. If you happen to get a video or screenshot, feel free to drop it here and I'll find it. Thanks!
: If you would like to check the match history, it's the last match I played
: FPS drops tremendously as game time extends
Hey Virizion, what champions were you using in this game?
: Fizz vs Swain Bug If swain hits Fizz with E (the root) fizz cant E (Playful) out of the pull+damage of Swains Passive It interrupts Fizz's E and he just gets pulled and damaged.
I'm a bit confused here as it seems to be working correctly for me. Is Fizz getting hit at a specific point in his E?
: The bird of his passive (the heal) disappear visually if it come from a place too far (when you use your W generally). I think it is when the bird has gone through areas without vision.
Hey Jespiran, thanks for the report! We've been looking at this and it seems like it might be a bit trickier than we expected. You are correct that its when the birds travel through fog of war. Gonna keep digging into it
: Oi, I've logged in and tried a game again, seems like it's fixed. Even went in practice tool, set no cooldowns and spammed my arse off on as much targets as possible, FPS didn't move at all. Keep up the good work! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hey man, thanks for the followup here. Really appreciate it!
: I've noticed that Swain's Q goes through wind wall. Idk if it's intended as it may be coded as AOE since it's instant cast. Also sometimes I throw out my E and completely miss it but Scorch still goes off on the enemy champ anyway somehow. Lastly the visuals on Tyrant Swain's recall are invisible on a rare occasion. That's all I've noticed.
Currently, we are treating the Q lightning as an AoE spell without projectiles or missiles - which allows it to go through windwall. This is intended! Unsure about E + scorch, will look into it. Thanks!
: It also happens on his base skin too :) The Raven that flies around and lands on his hand vanishes when you move the camera off of Swain. Id taken screenshots and made a post a few minutes ago before seeing this, rip. {{champion:50}}
no worries dude, I think we fixed that on the base skin yesterday - should be up when today's deploy finishes
: i managed to find two graphical bugs while playing Tyrant Swain. []( No pillar during his recall, just kinda floats up into the air. Second one may not be a bug, but if you start recalling during his ulti, no animation is present.
Yo! Looks like Tyrant's pillar in the recall disappears if you move the camera off Swain at any point during the recall. We will fix that! We do not have a special animation for recalling while in demon form - it should just play his idle
: Not sure if it is a Bug or intended: Bilgewater Swain Recall has a Demonic Raven instead of a Demonic Parrot. His ultimate red overlap sometimes is so bright in Bilgewater skin it hurts the eyes.
Hey man, we still have to hook up the parrots to his recall - we want all the birds to be consistent across each skin. We are still making some final changes to the material on Bilgewater's ultimate, not sure if in for today or tomorrow though.
: Are the crow models for the recall/feeding supposed to be different than what's used for the soul shard retrieval animation? Currently on Northern Front Swain the soul shard retrieval animation looks very nice and clear with the snow owl, but on the other 3 skins the animation looks too quick, small, and wispy. Tyrant Swain has green glow instead of red for the shard animations which leads me to assume the way they look on base/bilge is intended, but it has the same problems of looking too quick, small, and wispy compared to Northern Front. It just seems weird to have went through the effort to make the models for the different birds but then not use them with the shard animations?Cause as it stands right now, Northern Front as a 750 seems higher quality than Tyrant at 1350 (other than the custom recall). I feel it'd look better if the animations used the opaque models like Northern Front does (and it'd make the skins more unique to each other as well).
The birds on the map should be the same as the birds in his recall and when they are bringing him souls. Pretty sure these are just not hooked up yet :)
: And the vfx colours for the skin are finals? Is kinda sad that it has the same color of his base :c
Yes, Bilgewater will have the same VFX as the base skin except for the birds themselves.
: Hi there, I've got quite a major issue with his W, or pretty much when I collect more than ~3 souls, my FPS which is usually around 120 fps, locked at 60, all graphics set to very high, drop heavily to 30 and stay locked at it for a while, except if I tab out the game, but repeats again whenever I'll hit more than 1 or 2 targets with W or E. Also something about the ravens following him on the map, sometimes there is several ravens staying at one spot, so they mix up together and I once had 4 ravens on top of eachother. Excellent work on this guy otherwise, really hyped for it.
Hmm, thanks for the heads up on those FPS issues. I'll take a look into it. On the ravens, we are making some changes to the logic that determines when/where they will show on the map. I'm fairly certain that will clear up any instances of the birds all showing up on the exact same point. Should be in for tomorrow's PBE deploy. Thanks!
: Swain R is just to much
Hey Kvron, we actually just submitted a fix for this a few hours ago but it didn't make it in for PBE today. Should be fixed by tomorrow :)
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: Bilgewater Swain's recall
Hey there! Thanks for the post, we're looking into this today. I also want my sweet parrot recall
: Secret Agent Xin-zhao Particles?
Hey there, this was unintended and we're looking into it. Thanks!
: Ornn Q full travel distance
Hey Squidoodoo, we think we were able to fix this issue in the meantime and the Q should be back to travelling full distance against minions again. Check it out on the latest deploy. Thanks a lot for the heads up!
: I was playing a 1v1 custom against a friend on SR, we were both playing Ornn. We both leveled our ult at Level 5 without even realizing it. I tried to replicate it in the practice tool afterwards, but I was unable to do so.
O.o that's a weird one. If you ever get another repro of that issue could you try to screenshot it and send it my way? Thanks a bunch for reporting it!
: (Bug or intended?) Ornn can't use his passive in ARAM unless it's the suggested items in the bar for him(which btw are horrible and can sometimes give 2 {{item:3068}} and not the upgrade). Please actually respond for once Szymba(cause you have a habit of not doing so) to clarify if what we are saying is a bug or not.
Hey TheLastShadow! Currently we're working on a special iteration where Ornn can use his passive on ARAM to purchase an item of his choice, but with a large cooldown (every 5 minutes or so). You should hopefully see it soon!
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: ForgeFire Cape bug!
Hey Masterofall1! Thanks for the report, i'll be taking a look at the issue and getting it fixed asap!
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: Worked Ground circles are MUCH clearer when playing with shadows off. A lot of the feedback about their visibility is probably due to this issue.
Hey there! This discrepancy should no longer exist after the next PBE deploy. Definitely still interested in feedback on the visibility though
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: I've experienced a couple of problems with Illaoi's Q and E vs some champions. Her E in general seems very buggy, missing champions entirely when the animation clearly shows contact (could be latency in PBE, but I doubt that entirely the case). This is very common with champions that have dashes; her E seems to miss every time even if the dash is directly in line (parallel) to the skill shot and they meet head on. Some more specifics are as follows: Talon: His Rake ability (W) can cancel and bug Illaoi if cast mid animation of Illaoi's Q or E. Illaoi is unable to move momentarily and you have to spam click to get her moving again. Quinn: Quinn's E will cause Illaoi's Q and E to either cancel completely (even after the animation has started) or cast in the opposite direction (since Quinn's E turns you around for a short amount of time). Not sure if intended, but I understand that neither her Q or E are channeled abilities, and as with any other long animation casts (Thresh Q, Blitz Q, etc..), they should still complete AND cast in the original direction. If this an intended effect, consider looking into possible counter play from Illaoi, as she has nothing in her Kit to do anything against Quinn (her only healing is from Q which can't be cast reliably). ****Also! During laning, the minions seem to target Illaoi the ENTIRE time, even when not attacking the enemy champion and when behind her own minion lines. As with any champion, you can drop minion aggro by backing off after a trade, but the minions continue to attack Illaoi LONG after the trade, causing her to take ridiculous minion damage.
Thanks for sending these in! Some of these might be bugs with our system overall and not just Illaoi, but I'll check them out to be sure they aren't more prevalent with her. I'm looking into a fix for her spells visually casting in the opposite direction. I can't promise when we can get this in, but its absolutely on our radar. Thanks!
: Hitting WW with a Q, and a tentacle from passive at same time crashes game
Thanks for reporting this! We are looking into it, but so far haven't found any clear cause. Any other information on this would be instrumental in getting a fix :)
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