: are some pbe practice mode feature deleated?
Hi Starsky! I think unfortunately you might be mistaken. As far as I recall, there have never been cheats/features to allow the adding of Armor/MR/health stats directly. There have only been options to spawn the practice tool dummy, who has pre-made stats. And there has been the ability to give yourself replenishing health and mana; but I don't think there has ever been stat increases. I'll double check with someone just to be sure, but I'm pretty sure those features don't exist and aren't planned for at this time.
: Little legends missing on store
They have not been enabled in the Store yet! We are still getting in all of the final touches before we can enable on PBE! ^^ Hopefully either tomorrow or Monday we can do that!
: New Little Legends.
BTW, confirmed they are on today! :D Sorry again for the delays <3 but thanks for keeping us honest!
: It would have been nice if this was communicated. Thank you for the information tho. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Yeah, that is totally fair! Next time, we'll do better at that ^^ sorry!
: New Little Legends.
Heya! I can give some context on this. Unfortunately with this set, we have run into several technical difficulties while trying to get them to PBE that we didn't have with the first set we made. We are hoping to have everything on PBE tomorrow! Even though that doesn't give us much time to iterate, we still watch the feedback and do sometimes make changes even after they go to live (like the Furyhorn having a new animation). I really hope everyone gets to play with them tomorrow! Can't wait to see the feedback! Hope this helps explain ^^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Match history TFT
This is something we are working on ! :) Can't guarantee a date, but it's on our radar. <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: [ARURF+] Sylas doesn't have the shield scaling debuff on ARURF+
Not every champ has shield debuff. We usually gauge it on the uptime of the shield, if it requires them hitting a skillshot or other abilities, and the overall strength of the shield. We thought preserving his shield scaling was the correct choice given how rough his early game would be without it. However, if he's totally unbalanced when it comes time for Live, we'll be ready to bop him :) or other champs. Hope this clarifies things! ^^
: Because the attack speed on ARURF plus Lethal Tempo is very Broken together. You can actually experience it unless it been patched on nexus blitz URF mode.. Check it out here [U.R.F. Kalista Lethal tempo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97RFtXdNOpM)
Yup this is the reason why! lol
: Lethal tempo rune bug?
Hey Drako! Lethal Tempo is disabled on ARURF, so when players choose it, it'll automatically swap you to a valid Rune. Unfortunately there's not better messaging in the client for that; but similar things happen when, for example, you select "Waterwalking" on ARAM. Since there's no River, you can't benefit from Waterwalking :) so it gets swapped. Hope this clarifies things! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: About Golden Spatula skin limitations
I'll answer here, because this has been confusing (even for our internal testers sometimes!) For our testing realms, both internal to Riot and the PBE, the Store Catalog has a different configuration to allow players/testers to be able to access content. So even without Golden Spatula Club, the skins you might get from something like Battle Boost should be pulling from what is *active* (aka for sale) in the Store Catalog. That means for PBE, the list is different than what will be on Live. For Live, you will only be able to receive Skins that are active (for sale) in the Store Catalog from either Golden Spatula Club or Battle Boost. Hope that clears things up! ^_^
: now iits 500 but an error appearce
Should be fixed now :^)
: Jayce teliporting bug/hack
Hey Daffy Dunks! We are looking into this. Unfortunately we aren't able to reproduce this issue :( so any info you have, if you could link match history, etc would be very very helpful! Additionally if you have any capture software like OBS or Shadowplay and happen to catch this in a recording, it would be great if you could post it! We don't have any good leads on this currently. Thanks! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: For some reason, skins are not given for champions who have few skins (up to 2 not including the base one). Here, for example, for Camille and Ivern. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/317922941205610531/533747285666824202/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/446053541937676289/533640123716206592/unknown.png The proof that I'm in the club. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/394243045702238208/533630252149112836/unknown.png
Hey Serpic! Thanks for the report. I just forwarded this to one of our engineers. Turns out the skins in the screenshot aren't in the Store; Since they aren't in the Store, they aren't granted in the Golden Spatula Club free skin. This particular version of this bug won't happen on Live, however you won't be able to access skins that aren't in the Store (like Victorious skins, for example ^^) Hope that clears things up! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I joined the club but I dont get any reroll or skin boost or finisher
Hey Atharas! Could you send me screenshots of your purchase history, of the lobby URF button, and can you double check that you're not seeing any chat messages in game saying you're in the Club? The reroll might be hard to notice, because your cap is still 2 rerolls. However, it basically should guarantee you always have 1 reroll. As for the skin boost, it should send you a chat message in Champion Select saying you got a skin, however it doesn't tell you which one. To see which one, look for a tiny golden spatula on the top of the skin in the selection carousel.
: What a beautiful lie
It's not, really :( I haven't shipped monetized content to PBE in a long time (normally I worked on the older RGMs, and most recently Odyssey, which had no monetized content). I definitely want people to be able to test this content, so we're working out what we can do and when we can get someone in to fix it ^^
: [AR URF] Golden Spatula Club.
Hey BoyfromLegends! The Join button in the lobby seems to be broken (it works on our internal environments, but unfortunately not on PBE). It should be available in the store under the Accessories -> Bundles section, but I just became aware (per the reply to monkeymonkeymonk) that there are no longer RP grants on PBE. We will get someone to lower the price so more users can purchase it, but I'm not sure when we will be able to do that.
: I have same issue error code 1, and in store i see it 1250RP, Riot do not give us RP, how can we buy it?
Hiya! We didn't realize the issue with the RP/Blue Essence stuff :( our bad. I will try to get someone to change this ASAP, but I'm not sure when someone will be available. Worst case, we'll lower it Monday. Thanks for reminding us ^^
: Golden Spatula Club
Hiya! We didn't realize the issue with the RP/Blue Essence stuff :( our bad. I will try to get someone to change this ASAP, but I'm not sure when someone will be available. Worst case, we'll low it Monday. Thanks for reminding us ^^
: Game breaking poppy bug
This is under investigation now! Thanks for the report! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: When i Laugh in URF all this gets spammed in chat
We just fixed this with the latest set of URF fixes :)
: is there an ETA on when AR URF will be re-released for testing? {{sticker:cass-cry}} edit: Its back on Live testing, will give feedback on Cannon FX
Sorry about that :D I posted that comment before I knew we needed to disable it. lol; But yeah! if you have any new feedback for the SFX, let me know! :3 :3
: ARURF+ is not available :(
: Why was ARURF removed?
Yup came back to say, ARURF is back! :3 We had a bug that made the game pretty much unplayable, so we disabled it temporarily while we put out a patch for it. E N J O Y!
: [ARURF] - SFX cannon really annoying
We made a change to the sound that hopefully will make it less intrusive! If you play today, let me know if you notice any difference :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: She is very squishy, immobile, has an average range for a mage, and has no hard cc until 6. How is that strong? Winrates don't mean that much
Not always, but 80% is an outlier. But to your specific points, she's actually extremely mobile when her E is on such a short CD; she's squishy except that her W is also constantly up + provides shields and heals for her. Her Q is actually not really a factor in why she's so strong. You're right that WRs don't always tell the whole story, but generally that's when the winrate is somewhere between the 50-55% range. Sometimes a champion has a low winrate, but because they're highly skill dependent so when you look at them at specific elos, it's higher. Sometimes a champion has a high winrate, because they're generally okay but accessible (so they decrease winrate at high elo) or because they have extremely few games played overall, but the players who play them are experts. However when you have an extremely commonly played Champion (before ARURF, Sona was a perma pick/ban) that wins 80% of the games that they are in, that is pretty telling. Generally when champions aren't OP, the average is somewhere reasonable. 80% is not reasonable, and here it tells a lot of the story.
: So why is Sona disabled? There are many other champs that are op on urf that blow her out of the water in terms of oppressiveness, snowball potential, and damage. Why is she getting target banned? (I totally understand ryze though lol)
Actually, nobody blows Sona out of the water in URF :) When she was enabled, she had an 80% win rate :( and she's largely unchanged (actually stronger now) from her original ban At one point we tried to nerf her; We made her W only get 40% CDR as opposed to 80% like the other abilities, but it didn't affect her enough for us to feel it was acceptable T_T and any harder nerf than that felt like it took away from why people liked to play her
: alot of times. thing is. people swap out adc because they are weaker. theyll just get eaten up most of the time so people will probably reroll
Came here to say this ^ I wonder if people are re-rolling her frequently and you're just unlucky and it's the enemy team doing it, meaning your team can't roll or reroll her :(
: i dont know if its a bug but yasuo's Q on ARURF cooldown is almost 4 seconds
: Some said "disabled" champions are reappearing in URF
Hecarim is not supposed to be disabled. He is strong, but he was nerfed specifically for URF. The only permanently disabled champions are Sona and Ryze (Ryze mostly because he can perma snare without aiming XD) Hecarim was previously disabled due to a bug with his Q not displaying VFX in URF, but that is fixed in the final build so we re-enabled him. Hope this clarifies!
: Hi Stephiroth! Just played a game of Vi. Can confirm, bug has been fixed for the time I tapped q.
Yayy!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH :D This was stressin' me out! haha
: I was able to recreate the bug, but in ARURF tho. What you need to do is point the cursor in any direction and tap your ability. As soon as you tap it, move the cursor slightly to any direction and the skill shot will come out about 140 degree from the original point. I havent tried to recreate this in Practice Tool but i hope this help.
Hey Need Some Salt! Were you able to do this today? :O
: If anyone could help me out and maybe try to break this in Practice Tool and let me know if its an issue, that'd be helpful! I couldn't reproduce the issue in Practice Tool myself, but it's possible I'm doing it wrong
I think this should be fixed, but if you see it again, please let me know! :)
: just gave it a try in practice tool and it works flawlessly. it really seems like it got fixed either with yesterdays update, or it was just some weird bug to begin with due to packet loss to the server maybe?
I did try in Practice Mode! But yeah, if you can't reproduce it either, it should've been fixed by yesterdays deploy! Thanks for letting me know :)
: Any champs that are unavailable in URF?
Sona and Ryze are perma banned. We did figure out recently some champs were disabled on PBE from the last time we ran it for the Clash weekend, so we're fixing that now! (We didn't notice because we test them differently internally :P ... oops)
: Like even a smiley face or frowny face on a post here and there so myself and others feel like someone company related is reading the posts.
I'll pass this feedback along! Sorry I didn't notice the notification :( You should always give this feedback if you feel this way. Generally QA people are the ones perusing the PBE boards, so that is probably why you see a higher density of bugs posts. Additionally, a lot of the major content (new champs and skins) post threads for feedback, which is the main funnel that they look at for comments. Not trying to make excuses, just listing some reasons that in my experience would lead to this. We'll try to be better. <3
: I had the same thing with both Vi and Pyke on ARURF. I was playing on the blue side and everytime i quick casted (no indicator) my q on either champion, it would always go in (what seemed to me) the direction of the enemy nexus. Very frustrating.
does this only happen in ARURF, or can it also happen in normal custom games or Practice Tool? We are looking into it but I wasn't able to reproduce it :( hopping into an ARURF game now and praying I get a champion affected!
: i noticed that too with xerath. if i released q in a short time, the direction where my q landed and where i aimed at are totally off. it still works when you fully charge q.
does this only happen in ARURF, or can it also happen in normal custom games or Practice Tool?
: Any champions with a charge up skillshot seem to be bugged.
If anyone could help me out and maybe try to break this in Practice Tool and let me know if its an issue, that'd be helpful! I couldn't reproduce the issue in Practice Tool myself, but it's possible I'm doing it wrong
: Any champions with a charge up skillshot seem to be bugged.
Hey all! I looked into this and they thought it was fixed with today's build, but these reports lead me to believe it's not. Gonna look into it!
: Does Ultimate Hunter work on RURF?
hey KOL! It actually does not. We are going to be putting in a Rune Swap for it, just didn't get it in in time yesterday. should be in today!
: No cooldowns on the new items on ARAM
Hey! We will have a fix in tomorrow! Sorry about that :(
: Ghostwalkers have no cooldown
Hey! We will have a fix in tomorrow! Sorry about that :(
: Let's see here... {{item:3083}} Removed: Mmh, a bit harsh but definitely deserved. Maybe increase the hp required for passive and reduce the healing over time (only for HA)? **_Dark Harvest nerf_** : totally needed, almost everyone pick that rune in this gamemode. _**New items**_ : look fine to me, maybe Ghostwalker is a little too much ({{champion:86}} Justice out of nowhere!) Nice change overall, I like them. But I have a request... The Howling Abyss used to have a monologue that played when you won and waited a couple of seconds. I understand that it was removed for the new honor system, but why do I need to be kicked out of the game, especially when honoring nobody is a viable option... please, it made the map so unique with that little detail. Sorry if I made grammatical errors, have a nice day! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
The reason we boot people out of the game due to Honor is because it's not just you waiting at the end of game, everyone waits at the end of game if someone has not honored and it has not timed out. Even for people that opt out of Honoring someone, if they're in the client it could take as few as 5 seconds. The time out is about 30 seconds, so it's much longer. Sorry :c It is a bummer. I think someone is looking into how to bring it back, but it's not us and I'm not sure of the progress.
: I'm semi-happy with the changes, though i think DH's strength won't ever go away. It'll still be the best pick for many champs because of the dmg to towers. Comet just can't do that. Neither can Aery, and it's even worse i think, as it isn't AoE. Some keystones would need significant buffs to be viable (Phase Rush, PtA, Electrocute, Grasp, and any Inspiration tree). Also, the problem is not just with DH. The whole tree is what gives you strength over the others - without the need to even try. For other runes and keystone runes to be viable, they'd need lower CDs, and then DH wouldn't have to be nerfed. While many many many runes have those, eyeballz and hunter don't. They give you momentum right at the beginning because they are balanced for SR, where kills are scarce. Warmog was the ARAM version of Ardent, with some randomness calculated as not every composition had tanks, but it was a necessary item for any tank. I'm happy that it'll be gone, making it a harder decision for any tank to choose items. My champ pool mainly consists of mages and ADCs so you can see why it was a pain in the back. I don't really understand the experience part. I hope those new items will bring something unique to the gameplay, i can't see them yet on surr@20. Good to have special items like TT has. (starter items and faster versions excluded) Thank you for addressing the worst of ARAM.
Hey Geneman! This isn't intended to be a full balance pass on HA, so there are probably weaker or stronger keystones that could be addressed in the future, just not for this patch! :) With regards to the experience confusion, basically the way ARAM worked before is you started at level 3, but with the experience of a level 1 champion. All experience in League is additive, so to hit level 2, you need the full experience of level 1. And to hit level 3, you need the full experience of level 1+2. Since you at level 3 with 0 exp, you had to essentially "level" through 1, 2 AND 3 to get level 4 in Live ARAM. Now... you'll start at level 3 with the minimum exp you'd have as if you naturally reached level 3. Does that make more sense? It's mathy :) but the real TLDR is you'll hit level 4 faster!
: Pretty sure Bloodletter's Veil is going to be useless/trap item. Having it force proc when you damage the enemy with 30 second cd makes it an awkward item. The only situation it's even usable is if you want to play extremely agro for only one poke trade. And for that it's not really worth it. Champs that will dive backline and want the spellshield will be forced into an awkward situation of not wanting to use their abilities for poke as to not want to proc the passive. Furthermore most mages will probably prioritize morello for the grevious wounds. I can only see it as a niche item on Akali, Evelynn, Fizz
I'm not the designer who designed this item, but I am the QA Lead on the team :) It is meant to be a niche item! A lot of the items we made are intended to be more niche, for melee assassins (AP and AD).
: Colorblind mode doesn't work
Is this still an issue for you? I can no longer reproduce it! If it is, could you provide more detail, namely: - What map did you experience this on? - What champion did you experience this on?
: I need it to be fixed soon
: Practice Tool Tooltips not working
Hey MonkeyWrench! This should be fixed now! Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for the report!
: One For All games taking way too long
Hey Samurott! We'll take a look into your match history and see if we can analyze why! The goal was definitely for games to be between 20 and 25 minutes. :) Thanks for the post!
: Nope it's a dodge, or at least it was 3 minutes before I made that comment
Copy paste from a different reply: "You're right about Abstain! It was a thing before. We didn't have random before, so previously Abstain was just random. This time, since we added a Random vote, we thought that would compensate for the abstain function. However, we agree that being dodged for not voting feels really bad, and feeling pressured to vote for people that don't want to also feels pretty bad. So, we added this back! There's still a random button, but now if you don't vote, you won't get dodged. However, Abstaining now just ignores your vote just FYI. So if you want to have a say, pick Random or pick a Champion :)" However I agree with WorkHardPlayBard, when in doubt, VOTE BARD {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}}
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