: [Idea] Give runes more color identification in pre-game selection
This is a cool idea. I will show this to the artists on the team and see what they think :) No promises though.
: [Runes] Detailed Description saving the option chosen
This a bug at the moment - the check box should stay checked between different pages, between logins etc. Def makes it less useful when it unchecks itself lol
: Rune Page in Game
We actually have added 15 seconds to the "finalization" stage of champ select but we're watching to see if that's enough. If we see a lot of folks having trouble finishing pages (keeping a close eye on ARAM in particular right now) we will definitely talk about adding more time.
: Kleptomancy can be wasted on non-champions :(
So just chatted with some folks and it looks like this is intended behavior - Klepto asks that you play around it when it's up. I think it totally warrants a change in the tooltip to make this more clear though based on your feedback here. Going to add in "IF your next attack hits a champion" so folks are aware it can trigger on minions or monsters. Thank you for pointing this out!
: rune issue/bug?
Yeah, this is a pretty annoying bug. It is for sure not intentional. : / We have this one logged, but the fix didn't make it in for ship. Expect to see a fix in 7.23.
: It's going to be hard not to abuse the discovery of League Devs having Tumblr blogs. Desperately resisting the urge to spam questions about the design directions of league.
Nah spam away! That's the whole point for the folks who have them. :) I know Ghostcrawler and Fearless both have one, not sure about any other designers.
: I think Celerity is not giving as much AD as it should. For example, with 75 bonus movement speed on Miss Fortune it should give 6 points of AD (8% of 75). The rune menu that shows up when you press C also says it's giving you 6 points of AD, but it's actually only giving 4 when you look at your actual AD. Also the Ingenious Hunter rune isn't giving the initial 10% item CDR, it doesn't work with active items nor trinkets.
Hey thanks for report! QA has confirmed both of these as new bugs and they're now logged. Ty for helping us make runes better. :)
: Mana bar not showing
This is a bug with the rune Manaflow Band (in Sorcery) and the new healthbars. If anyone is getting this bug WITHOUT Manaflow Band, please let me know because that's a new bug lol
: Suggested Changes to Manaflow Band Indicator (For after it gets fixed)
The black mana bar is a bug with new healthbars. You'll be excited to hear we're gonna do your exact suggestion and make the mana bar on above your head the same light blue color as the one on the HUD (when this bug gets fixed). :D
: I'm using Acer's notebook, the model I do not know to say but it's recent, type between 2013 to 2015. this bug happened once and it was after I finished a match. But before that, before even the match the background sound of the page of runes played even with the closed flap and I can not say if that is where everything started, but what I can say is that it is the first time this happens, and I had just switched between the rune pages to do such a test with a rune tank. I hope this information was helpful to find out the cause of this bug.
Cool thanks for the info - we'll try to make this one happen for us :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Sparkle,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=uqXvqPFv,comment-id=00dd0000,timestamp=2017-10-31T18:05:45.345+0000) > > Okay - So are your pages with 2 runes from the same slot working right now? Can you try to go into a game with one of them for me? > > We&#x27;d love more info on this state (since we fixed the 2 from one row bug and other players likely can&#x27;t get into this state). You&#x27;re a pretty unique tester in this case. :) > > If you can get a NEW page with 2 runes from 1 row now, please let me know. We wanna make sure that&#x27;s not an issue any more. Hi. We tried to test and we found this and i hope it helps in something. [Double runes test](https://imgur.com/a/9Bvbj) 1. I have 1 runes with the 2 runes selected at the same row 2. I can select or edit at the champion selection 3. If i click to choose or edit the rune will give me an error. 4. At the loading i have the "next" rune page not the one i'd selected 5. In game i have the "next" rune page not the one i'd selected 6. If i don't click to edit or select another rune 7. I will get a black runes info at the loading screen 8. In game the runes are empty (no runes) If you want i can edit the rune, so i think it will fix it. But i think the better way was the one i saw after the 1st update yesterday, when there is something wrong with the rune, there is an alert <!> but now we don't have this.
Hey thank you for trying this out! You exposed some bugs we didn't know about and really helped our programmers!
: With DFT gone, there isn't a good option left for tick damage/damage over time champions.
Yeah, we're aware there's some pain for DFT champions right now. Fearless wrote some [thoughts on that here](https://fearlessdesign.tumblr.com/post/166300357423/can-i-ask-why-you-didnt-opt-for-a-full-dft-port).
: Invisible runes!
Errr - I don't think I've seen this one before. Can you tell me about your computer? What brand/OS/etc? Also is this happening for everything or did it only happen once?
: At the weekend we was enable to select 2 runes at the same row. [2 RUNES AT THE SAME ROW](https://imgur.com/a/OCHf8) Today we had 2 updates (the one with 2 hours) and then another one (at least for me). I don't know if some of the fixes was related to this bug but... 1. After the 1st update, both of my runes was fixed with an <!> alert at the row with 2 runes, so i reedited and it was fixed, i can't select 2 runes at the same row. 2. I leaved one untouched and then after the second update, this rune still with 2 runes at the same row (as before), no more <!> alert. [STILL WITH 2 RUNES AT THE SAME ROW](https://imgur.com/a/waObs) I think if i change, it will not be able to have those 2 runes but it's unusual have it fixed with an update, then enable again right?
Okay - So are your pages with 2 runes from the same slot working right now? Can you try to go into a game with one of them for me? We'd love more info on this state (since we fixed the 2 from one row bug and other players likely can't get into this state). You're a pretty unique tester in this case. :) If you can get a NEW page with 2 runes from 1 row now, please let me know. We wanna make sure that's not an issue any more.
: Ultimate Hat is doing the same thing in Match History. Just there. Gameplay works fine.
Okay, will report that. Ty. :)
: Manaflow band isn't refunding mana costs
Hm. I will check and see if this is a visual bug (stats not coming through to EoG) or if there's something deeper here. Thanks for the reports!
: This is a visual bug. The rune was tested and works perfectly fine. The numbers just are not being shown due to some bug with the tooltip. I remember Riot talking about this somewhere and confirming that it is a visual bug.
Yep visual only - I think we found out that the stat was supposed to be displaying "progress towards next stack". We adjusted the label over the weekend, so you should see that soon.
: Is it normal or bugging that checking "Show detailed descriptions" doesn't save check box status? I want to keep it checked but in the next time I edit runes the check box is always cleared.
Bugging - I'll ask some folks about this, it should be saving your setting here.
: Purchasing Rune Pages doesn't increase number of pages
Is anyone having this issue today? Pls respond if yes
: I made a report regarding the texts via the tool days ago, just put it in here as i encountered it wednesday once again. I wasn't able to reproduce it today, so i seems to be fixed already.
Okay, good. Yeah we did some work on those yesterday, so I'm happy to hear it seems to be fixed. If you see anything incorrect in this area today or in the future, please let me know. :)
: Changing runes on the secondary path is wonky. If I change the bottom rune, the top rune will be removed and the bottom rune which I wanted to change replaces the top rune.
Appreciate the feedback. It currently operates on a "first in, first out" system, but I think there are some things we can do to improve wonky-ness there as you mention.
: Ravenous Hunter rune massive bug?
We're investigating this one right now. Not sure if the rune is borked or if it's just the tooltip yet, but there should be a fix for this on PBE for Monday. Thanks for the report, it always helps to verify other people are seeing it too.
: I JUST FINISHED taking a survey about 12 hrs ago that asked about grammatical errors and readability within League Of Legends and had such high praise. Why have you destroyed my trust {{item:3073}} {{item:3070}}
I'M DOING MY BEST! :P No but seriously, I'm trying to kill a ton of the runes tooltip bugs today so hopefully stuff like minor typos, extra spaces and overall language clarity in tooltips should be improved for Monday. If you see anything else wrong in the short, long or in game tooltips please give me a holler.
: Malphite with iron skin rune gets wrong armor numbers. Bought cloth armor (+15 armor) Rank 1 W (+22 armor while passive up at lvl 4) Iron skin (+13 armor) Calculations add up to +50 armor... yet in game I got +45 armor. Dunno if there is some weird interaction going on with his passive.
Hey can you post some screenshots? There's a bit of weirdness between base armor and bonus armor so I can't actually tell if you have a bug or not here.
: Typo in new runes
I will fix this. It is my fault. lol
: Hello , I have a strange bug to report , last game my ravenous hunter rune bugged and was showing that I had 5 out of 0 stacks and current healing is 0 I am not sure if it was like that since the beginning of the game , or something weird caused it to get bugged mid game
Hey thanks for the report - a lot of folks have been reporting that same bug with Ravenous and we're taking a look at it now. :)
: I can see the health bars through the minimap
Hey thanks for the report - just checked with the team and this *should* be fixed with the next update. Let me know if it's not, yeah?
: I just checked. Both Predator (boots = ghostblade keystone) and Magical Footwear are disabled for Cassiopeia, and they're automatically swapped for different runes in the same tier at the start of the game. Electrocute and Future's Market, respectively, for me. Edit: And a rioter responded while I was testing. Hi Sparkle. xD
: During my time on pbe with runes, most Bugs i have found have already been fixed, probs to that. 2 still remain: 1. Tethering Zeke's Convergens to a new target triggers Aery. 2. When playing in different game modes, sometimes wrong Rune-Switch-Texts are displayed.
Oh hey these are helpful - do you know which wrong texts they were? EDIT: Yup super helpful, we didnt have the Aery/Zeke's one yet.
: What about Cassiopeia and Magical Footwear rune?
Heya! I get what you're talking about with your concern - we actually have a plan in place for Cass and a few other champs that just...literally...can't use a rune. There's a little weirdness on our end where we can't really tell what champion you are until you hit the loading screen - because you could possibly trade or reroll, etc. Or like, you might be making the page before champ select but intending to use it for Cass or something. This means we can't really *prevent* you from picking the rune or warn you very well. But, we do know it's an issue to have a completely dead rune. So, for someone like Cass we actually have a little check at the loading screen stage where it will change that specific rune to a different one you can use in the slot - in this case Future's Market, I believe. So that way if you're new to Cass and don't know about her passive you won't accidentally end up with something useless. I don't actually think these fallback cases handle practice tool at all though, hence why you wouldnt see it - we'd like them to but we have a lot to work on for Runes in live games before we can focus on practice tool integration or support.
: Grammatical errors in Runes
Oh hey thanks for the report - both of these should be fixed in the next update. If you notice any more tooltip bugs, please let me know! We're focusing on getting tooltips in tip top shape for launch. :D
: Sadly I think it didn't got well :/
Still workin on it, yeah. Will update you when the update is out. :) EDIT: Looking like it will be tomorrow based on what my engineer friends are saying
: Cheap Shot not interacting with some abilities that impair movement? Inconsistent as hell.
Just checked with some of the game designers - there are some bugs with Cheap Shot we're working through. :)
: It was said that at 10/24, when runes reforged came back, it would reflect the correct pages amount that I had before the change, but it doesn't. IE: I had 6 rune pages in the old system but now 10/25, with reforged ones, it only shows that I own 3 pages. Also, I've tried to buy new pages but it didn't change the amount. Is this a known bug or the agenda announced was changed in the meantime?
We need to push today's update first before you'll see the change - if all goes well pages should be back online later today. If all goes badly, pages should be back online tomorrow haha
: Just got into the PBE and noticed rune slots having new titles. I'm fine with majority of the names... but 'snowball' in domination tree? I don't think that term should be officially used in the client. It doesn't convey its meaning to new players. Just use the 'quest' term which is used for the legend rune slot in precision path. Also all inspiration rune slots are sharing the same title (creativity). Maybe just for the sake of differentiating them they could have different titles.
Quest is a good suggestion for that slot - I think it makes total sense to name that one similarly to the Precision slot. I'll go change that right now in fact, thanks for the feedback. :)
: Just gonna note this here, not sure if it's been posted before, but I can't exactly easily check 343 messages. Being able to delete rune pages from this screen( https://gyazo.com/777ff0270809f152cf2129b6ddd7fb0d.png ) would be a nice feature. Also, I know this has been suggested before, but it's be great if we could hide or delete the 5 preset rune pages.
These are both very good suggestions. :)
: Rune descriptions in runes page has a little '}' at the end.
Yep, it's annoying - should be fixed with the next update though. We fat fingered a bracket lol
: Runes First use Feedbak: I've only tested the runes in Practice tool, I created one page for Lulu and one for Ezreal. **Things I liked** * It is so amazing that you can watch the runes page on grid or list... the gris is useful when you are editing them and the list is useful when you are just checking them. * It is nice that there is different background music for each primary path. * The rune description is and the detailed description is a good idea, right now, we all need the detailed description, but in the future we'll need a short description. ( btw, add detailed description in the champions abilities in the client.) **Things that could be better** I kknow this is a work in progress and probably you are working in the things I mention here. * Creating the pages I was holding SHIFT key to see whole description, after some seconds a window of _Windows Ease of Access_ popped up asking me if I want to active the Sticky key. -_-. maybe Shift was not the better key for that....but that is my problem :P * In the champions select windows, I click in Edit Runes, then I open the list of runes The font in the list is so big. please, make it small. * Rune pages can not be reordered. they appear in creation order, from first to last. * You have to press crl+C to switch between champion statistics, runes statistics and nothing... could you add an option for runes and champion statictics? I know, I can watch them all by pressing C, but It would be better if I can watch them with out switching. I liked the new Runes.... Congratulations. {{sticker:sg-kiko}} If I find more comments, I'll edit this post :3. ______ Second FeedBack: Finally I tested the runed agains people. :3 **Things I liked** * I think there is enough in game feedback to know when a rune effect is active... but it will take us some time to know them all :P. * The runes section in the Match History showing the effect of the runes. **Things that could be better** * There was a really good Caitlyn, I wanted to check the runes used in the game, so, I checked the profile, but there is not an option to watch runes... will they be private? or the menu has not been developed? * I really wanted to watch the runes, so I found a Way to watch them. _View Profile -> Match History -> Select the Match -> Select Runes_. There I was able to watch the runes used by Caitlyn in the Match. Could you add a Select list with the chanpions in the match, then we could easily watch the runes used by others and their effects. * Something more in that screen, show a detailed description of the rune when we put the cursor over the rune Icon. * The runes section is not accessible in the final Match Screen, you have to exit and go to Match History to watch the runes. Can you make this section available in the final Match screen?
Hey Sogeki, thank you so much for writing up your feedback! We are working on some of your points for post ship (re-ordering pages is definitely on that list!). Appreciate the thoughts around grid/list, the in game runes panel and music!
: Hi, Riot Sparkle I was not able to see Aery flying back to Dj Sona, or even just hovering around Sona after being picked up. I could see the effects of Aery on both enemies and allies, just not Aery herself. Is this what you were looking for?
Yes, this is helpful clarification! It's also not a bug - Aery should only show up travelling between allies/enemies, on allie/enemies and in special situations like back animations or homeguard boots. :) I wrote up why we made this change on a different topic (TL;DR - in game clarity), let me see if I can find it and link to it. EDIT: [Found it if you want more info than in the TL;DR ](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/6jLXe3ol-please-change-summon-aery-to-be-visible-all-game?comment=0001)
: Wow, I miss you runes {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Will the new runes be back today? 24/10 ? I really want to play with them {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Yes, runes reforged are back on PBE today for our final PBE cycle
: Runes Reforged and Rune Page Limits Testing
Hi friends! We don't check this announcement topic as often as [this continuous conversation topic which we monitor very closely](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/uqXvqPFv-runes-reforged-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread). If you have runes questions, feedback and comments please drop them there and you can be sure we've seen 'em. :D <3 Your friendly neighborhood Runes person
: Dj Sona bug with Aery
So you were not seeing Aery fly back to you after a hit or shield? Or you were not seeing her on enemies/allies? Need a bit more information for this one
: **_Overall Rune Feedback_** I like how the new rune system condenses masteries and old runes into a more easy to digest package. I also like that there are themes and specializations you can build on. However, I don’t like how each specialization feels so incomplete from tree to tree. I found it frustrating to spec into all move speed utilizing celerity, phase rush, and water walking only to have ultimate hat, nullifying orb, and manaflow band stick out like a sore thumb. It made the initial build feel incomplete especially since including water walking was so situational to begin with. Specing into inspiration as a secondary allowed even more move speed options, but didn't feel right overall. I would much rather have primary trees come as a complete package while secondary trees allow you to pull from another strength not offered by the primary tree. Right now it feels as if the trees lack unity within their given specializations. _**Sorcery **_ Aery - This is a very useful keystone. Combined with scorch it gives good early game poke. Aery falls off around level 10+, but serves its purpose well. Arcane Comet- Aery is so good that this keystone doesn't feel like it can compete in the same space. The AOE lacks control of where it will be and the radius doesn't guarantee that it will hit more than 2 people per team fight to begin with. Long term it may outperform Aery in damage, but even then it is beaten by electrocute late game. Arcane comet competes with an early game keystone that outperforms it and a late game keystone that outperforms it. It would be much better if Arcane Comet could focus more on securing its AOE niche. In single target it just doesn’t compete. As a wave clear tool or a reliable AOE team fight option it could really shine. Phase Rush- Feels very weak until mid-game. The damage oriented options almost always feel like a better pick simply because you dump a lot of lane and early team fighting power picking this rune. There are also too many disengages to make use of the 3 second speed boost. Either a longer duration or a lower cooldown would be nice. Nullifying orb - Absolutely murders any AD vs AP lane match up. Picking this rune is like a free barrier every early game duel. It puts too much power in the hands of AD players and makes a smart AP player passive because of it. I'm torn with just getting rid of it or giving it a much more punishing cooldown. Free scaling hex drinker is just not fun to play against. **_Domination_** Dark Harvest- I don't like that you can keep the souls and that they don't have a cap. Either the souls need to decay or there should be a damage cap. Some champions shouldn't be able to stack damage like Nasus, but that's just what this key stone allows. I'm also afraid of the spit pushing strats that could evolve from dark harvest stacking + demolish. I can imagine a few health stacking champs gaining free tower damage from harvest and demolish absolutely dominating towers 20+ minutes in. Predator- Instead of scaling the cooldown down how about takedowns reducing the current cooldown by X seconds like you did for magical boots. The CD is ugly, but active game play that lets you get predator up more often could make the chore of reducing a long CD fun. **_Precision_** I don't like that attack speed is the main bonus of this tree. Attack speed is almost as exclusive as mana when it comes to stats. Why not a more inclusive stat so that everyone would want to try it? Also where is the battle mage/ spell sword love at? I though this tree would provide more options for champions that mix auto attacking with abilities. Maybe that is the extra tree you guys are missing? Overheal- I saw this mentioned before but I would like to bring it up again. Something about overheal is breaking Mordekaiser's shield. I think it may be taking damage right after triggering the overheal shield. **_Resolve_** I just don't like this tree at all. All of the things you could specialize in are all on the same line. You can't be good at regaining health (domination does this better for selfish users anyway), building resistances, or utility because they are all on the same row. Grasp is also fairly limited with it only being able to trigger on auto attacks and its 4 second wind up. Resolve needs to become an actual tree before judgement can be passed on it. **_Inspiration_** I feel like sorcery could have some things swapped with inspiration as far as runes go. Water walking is a major stand out to me. This rune bends the rules and requires prior game play knowledge to use well. Meanwhile approach velocity would fit more with the ability user themed tree. The CDR options in sorcery also feel like more of an inspiration type theme. Glacial Augment - This feels a bit oppressive so far. A free glacial hammer, especially for champions that would use it as a luxury buy or just plain wouldn't have the space for it (Fiora, Yasuo, etc….), is dangerous. It gives utility that is consistent, useful, and powerful throughout the game. It gives melee champions with dashes a lot more dueling power on already strong duelists and a way for ranged tops to be even more painful to play against. Futures Market - It’s hard to know exactly what kind of advantage this rune gives you while playing. The concept of debt in LoL and how to utilize it is confusing. It seems to be a late game rune that can cut down overall item build cost far more than what magical boots offers. When and how though? Should you go into to debt multiple times? Is waiting for a bigger debt pool better?
Hey thanks for writing up this super detailed feedback!
: I just logged in after the last patch and I have the original Runes/Masteries system. Was the Reforged system brought down?{{champion:74}}
Oh jeez, we really need to put up announcements for this. Sorry guys - Runes Reforged has been turned off because it is not launching in Patch 7.21. We'll be back on PBE next week.
: Ctrl-C Champion Stats and Runes Reforged Menus
Yes - if you hold C you can see all of those menus at once. Should be useful for the brief check you want to do. :)
: Errr, sounds like you're in a slightly weird state between the "short" and "long" descriptions. There's a checkbox on the bottom that should control this setting, would you mind clicking and un-clicking that to see if it changes anything?
AH! I get it - the hovers on the slotted in runes for primary & secondary are different when the checkbox is not checked. That is a bug. They're supposed to all be the long ones for that hover. Good catch, thank you for the report.
: Not much to say just wanted to congratulate you Sparkle on keeping on with the feedback {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Haha, hey Spideraxe! And thanks, we take player feels pretty seriously :D
: I am seeing a bug when looking at runes in the collection tab. Currently I see a much more detailed description of runes when they are in a secondary tree and I hover over them than when I hover over a primary tree rune. The extra information includes specific values for the rune's cooldown and extra damage and such. It appears that primary rune hover descriptions are just showing the text that is always available on screen.
Errr, sounds like you're in a slightly weird state between the "short" and "long" descriptions. There's a checkbox on the bottom that should control this setting, would you mind clicking and un-clicking that to see if it changes anything?
: Hiya! Fresh, new and spicy PBE tester here! I think this point has been mentioned before but wanted toss in my two cents. The new runes system feels kinda rough for old DFT user. This is mainly because most of them relied much heavier on DoTs or less burstly playstyles (your Swains, Malzahars, Brands etc) and thus Thunderlord's cooldown made it a much weaker option (and Electrocute by extension). Additionally, some mages preferred DFT as a better late game damage option. For example quite a few Veigar's (myself included) enjoyed running DFT on him as it's better scaling worked better for his AP stacking glory, but most importantly, it was much easier to use than Thunderlords, which essentially required Veigar to land stun to easily make use of his keystone outside of laning due to his W rarely landing unaided. While I suspect Summon Aery has some potential for DoT users and close range battle mages who can reapply Aery multiple times, some mages find themselves with keystones they less prefer. Any thoughts on how the runes system works for these champions? Many Thanks
Hi hi - You may be interested in [this post from Fearless on DFT users & the new runes system over here](https://fearlessdesign.tumblr.com/post/166300357423/can-i-ask-why-you-didnt-opt-for-a-full-dft-port).
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