: That looks stunning. Thank you for the update.
Glad you like it! Please test it when it's up on PBE and share your feels. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Sirhaian,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Ouvd3T1I,comment-id=000c00010000,timestamp=2018-11-20T23:58:01.189+0000) > > Oops, this is how her recall mask should look like: > > https://imgur.com/5uaN5Dw > > Just like in her shroud. Her not having one there was unintended. :) oo ok, Godbless you and your work!
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Sirhaian,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Ouvd3T1I,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-11-20T23:01:35.268+0000) > > Hi everyone! > > Following your feedback, I just committed a change to her neon form to better fit with the Prestige skin. > > https://imgur.com/a/Kb8X4bL > > It should hit PBE tomorrow. Let me know if you have any feedback! > > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} That looks AMAZING, but will she get a mask like the base one? It's one of the highlights on her regular K/DA and it would be a shame to lose it on the Prestige edition of the skin.
Oops, this is how her recall mask should look like: https://imgur.com/5uaN5Dw Just like in her shroud. Her not having one there was unintended. :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Akali Prestige Edition
Hi everyone! Following your feedback, I just committed a change to her neon form to better fit with the Prestige skin. https://imgur.com/a/Kb8X4bL (corrected with the mask in her recall: https://imgur.com/5uaN5Dw) It should hit PBE tomorrow. Let me know if you have any feedback! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I see a lot of the suggestions from the original threads implemented here, and I'm happy about that approach! Overall I can't really say anything specific to the changes yet, I'll have to go and see them on the PBE first now (still down right now, doh!). However with how the changes to Corporate Mundo sound (ha?), I might actually have to undust that skin sitting on my EUW account now (Legendary gift chain OP), maybe I'll find my hidden interest in that champion this way. Also, > Restored missing Pretzels to E dash (missing since 2014). Glad you found something to fix as ancient as *that!*
> Glad you found something to fix as ancient as that! It's thanks to passionate players that we can find such bugs. :) Let us know your thoughts once the PBE is back up!
  Rioter Comments
: K/DA evelynn bugged?
It is currently bugged and we are investigating. :)
: I LOVE these kinds of updates, and I'm looking forward to more of these in the future! My only comment is that Veigar's new R looks less "dangerous" than his new Q. I think in teamfights, it'd be very easy to miss it since it looks so small. (But that could be because the he doesn't have much AP in the video.) Keep them up!
Yup, the one showed in the video is pretty small because he doesn't have a lot of AP. :) Here's the size comparison: https://imgur.com/a/yKdijAe I've heard a lot of players say they think this is still too small, so I might tweak it a little bit~
: No! It's not what I meant to say! I was talking about a troll build that a build lichbane on veigar. The reason for it is if my abilities scale infinitely why not my AA. I'm talking that I enjoyed the AA, it feels more powerful and makes me want to do that build :P
: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
For those wondering, here's the difference between early and late game Veigar's ult missile. It scales up like on Live~ Let us know how you feel about this! https://imgur.com/a/yKdijAe
: Thank you! I don't have the RP to test the skins so that's why I asked. Recently I stopped playing only with final boss veigar recently because I started enjoying his other skins that I have. I have Curling, Baron von, Bad Santa, Superb Villain (I LOVE THIS ONE). And when I saw this post I got excited, but boy, you really impressed me! Everything about his new effects is awesome. AA now seems more powerful (If you have infinite scaling on your abilities why not on your aa (laughs on lichbane) His Q seems a lot more fluid and it fits better with his theme. W was what surprised me more, it's so satisfying to look at (can't wait to one-shot someone with this) E is very important for counter-play. And his R only gets better as the game goes on. Overall I love this new effects, fits his theme better, has more clarity/counterplay, it's more satisfying to play with. A Hit IMO. Thank you for this Riot!
Super happy to read this, thank you so much!! While this is an idea I personally enjoy, making his AA grow with his scaling would require some more coding and would ultimately be out of scope for this update. :)
: I like the veigar changes, are all his skins getting an overhaul or only base? (Ill assume those that use old particles are at least.) However it is undeniably a nerf to make every move way more telegraphed for veigar, especially when his W and E are already very hard to hit. Do you at riot keep that in mind when changing stuff like that? Could vei lovers expect compensation buffs if it does affect him? Do you think it even will affect him? Ill assume it is a different department, but I hope you talk together and discuss stuff like that. I am not sure if it even matters too much but I would hate to see my main nerfed by a visual update and then left in the "forgotten" dumpster while preseason and worlds patch sticks around for 3 months. But else, very nice job! Looks way more evil. Hope leprechaun keeps his awesome spell effects for a 520 skin!
Leprechaun Veigar now has the same effects as base, but with more rainbows, coins and clovers than ever before!
: On Veigar, I have tested it, and yes, with the exception of Final Boss and Omega Squad, because those are recent. :)
Those two recent skins have not received any updates, for the reason you mentioned. ^_^
: Wow, as a player who loves veigar, the new effects/sound look amazing. Amazing job! Will this also affect every champion skin?
The skins using his base effects have been updated, yes. :) Bad Santa Veigar has been updated too, but more in-thematic. Leprechaun has a bit more coins and rainbows~!
: The trees are still there, but I didn't notice any improvements. Every other E seemed to have an animation of it coming out of the ground, but Bad Santa lacked it. Is this intentional? In any case, I will be doing side-by-side comparisons. Will report back soon. I'm loving it so far, keep it up!
Oh, I get what you're saying. I'll have a look, thanks!
: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm an absolute Veigar one-trick, and I immediately hopped on PBE to test this. I tried every skin, and they all look SOOOO good, but I did find a few bugs: - R impact sound effect is missing - Bad Santa W falling sound effect is missing - Bad Santa E isn't updated Overall, really loving these changes! Keep it up!
We are aware of the sound issues and are working on it. :) Bad Santa E should be keeping his usual trees, but should be a bit clearer! Lemme know if that is not the case~!
: Running and walking animations are not in the scope of these updates - these are specifically only spell/ability updates. Doing animation updates would require a lot more work, so we tend to only do that when we're doing full VGUs. Also I love that Veigar hop ;)
Seeing Veigar's hop never ceases to make me smile. So endearing~
: I never posted in the boards before but I just had to log in for this: Just by looking at the previews I can safely say that these are absolutely great, I can't wait to see and hear them in game. Major props to whoever worked on them and please, _please_, keep them coming!
Thanks!! Super happy you like the updates! ^_^ Please give us any feedback you'd have, as that would greatly help us!
: The skin is AMAZING!!, but I have one problem with it... The Q when its charged seems too bright. I feel like the red color should be a little bit darker. Can't wait to buy the skin when its live! Sincerely A Gragas addict
Super glad you liked this skin!! I'm making the change for the Q's red brightness. It'll be a lot closer to his other skins very soon. :) Little preview: https://i.imgur.com/XIOPNGC.png Feel free to give me your thoughts once the change hits PBE~!
: The skin is really well done, and looks super cool. One of my Elise main friends is super excited but he noticed a couple of things while watching the skin spotlight. I'll quote what he said on his behalf because I feel these are worth consideration into looking at and I did confirm myself that these are still on the PBE once he pointed them out: >again I love the skin, it's great, they just need to fix somethings and it'll be perfect: > > The spiderlings are bugged; when they use their attack animation, their last pair of legs look like they stretch their abdomen: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/228029489538531329/362801508267589655/unknown.png > > When Elise dies in human form, the legs make the same sound as all her other skins when they shrivel up. In her Emotes they have a new SFX when they move which sounds super cool, but that didn't carry over into her death SFX which is pretty disappointing.
Heya! Just wanted you to know that the spiderlings bug has been fixed (should most likely be in next time the PBE updates). :)
: Client bugged
I am having the same issue and just initiated the full repair. Let's hope this fixes it. EDIT: Repair done, still have the issue.
: Thanks for the updates! I really like the new ult, the collapsing black hole is the effect I was looking for. edit: Removed my thoughts about W as I'm mostly indifferent about it. I'm fine with either. edit#2: So I finally got a chance to try the new VFX out in training mode and boy I gotta mention again how frigin' awesome this skin is! My complaints are gonna be so nitpicky at this point. Looking at the ult again in-game, the collapsing dark matter in the ultimate looks a bit low res I think and just needs a bit more polish. Again, I feel indifferent about the W: Original looked simple and clean yet still has really nice animations but the new one gives a classic Orianna vibe that probably many ppl would appreciate but looks really busy and cluttered. Still love the skin regardless of the new W though.
I agree about the white swirls (~~stars?~~ obviously planets, dumb me) being a bit unnecessary and adding some clutter, but I have to disagree about the clockwork. :) I feel like this now reads as Orianna's aoe a lot better, and to me, it was necessary. It also looks really good and, while it definitely is clockwork-related, also fits the DS theme, mainly through the color.
: Hiya, ya'll! We've been gathering feedback from you all, and so far we've put in some VFX changes to her W and R. They should be hitting PBE with the next deploy, so we'll be looking for more feedback from you when that hits. :] We're also currently looking into changes for the non-VFX stuff you've posted here as well.
Really loving it, especially the changes on her W! Just one thing that I think could improve her R a bit further, though: the lens flare of the activation is now behind the dark star. Maybe try to put it in front? :) Also, one question: why change the trail from **yellow > purple** to **light blue > purple**? All her projectiles (and most DS projectiles) have a hot center made of yellows and oranges. And a last one, for my own curiosity, why have an explosion rather than a suck-in effect? :) Thanks !
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Orianna!
Hello! Just gonna leave my feedback here. Also, I'm no Orianna player and I know this is PBE and things are subject to change, so this feedback is only for/from what we can see right now. First of all, I absolutely love your take on this. I believe Dark Star isn't the easiest theme to work with, and you really pulled it off, managing to keep a strong readability, while showing the fantasy of the character/theme in a magnificent way. The model is gorgeous, the colors blend together perfectly and the effects are as snappy as I expected. As expected, I'll focus on the VFXs for the feedback. :) ___ **Passive / Basic Attacks** Really love how you managed to keep the rotating projectile! Using the pointy star is actually really efficient and conveys the base skin's projectile feeling really well. Showing a really fast black hole/star on the hit works super well, too! It took me a while to discern it in-game, though. I also really **REALLY **love the shining/flickering stars! Looks like they are born from the impact, and then die out immediately. Magic! About the ground "light" plane, maybe it's just me, but it seems to attract a lot of attention. I'd try to tone it down a bit and maybe also blur it a bit more. Finally, maybe have a bigger color variation on the trail? I can see one, but really just barely. And maybe the trail is a bit long? Orianna's projectiles don't have trails (iirc), so having such a long trail all of a sudden, while it makes sense thematically) seems a bit much. :x ___ **Q - Command: Attack** The trail looks really nice, and once again, especially the colors. I love how the star seems to transfer its energy from its core down to the ground, with this small shockwave. I'm not sure about this element's style, though. This is really nit-picking, but I would see this tiny shockwave a lot more for a skin line that uses sharp lines and curves a lot, like Super Galaxy. Maybe something a tad softer might work better? Now again, this might have been a gameplay choice, to make it more readable (sharp lines tend to read a lot better as gameplay indicators). The hit effect is nice (Lens flaaaares!) and its readability is juuust riiiight! /*insert meme here* ___ **W - Command: Dissonance** Lens flaaaaares!_ (Sorry, I suffer from a Michael Bay syndrom)_ I just love the shape you used to depict the AOE!! It feels really space-y and cosmic, while staying clean and readable enough! Even the sucked-in galaxy is readable as a galaxy, yet super clean and transparent. Teach me your magic! Only thing I would love to see would be for the initial shockwave to linger juuuuust a tiny bit longer. It feels really fast now, and maybe a bit too fast? Just a frame or two. One other feedback about this, though: the shape's motion. It looks good as it is, for sure. But all of other Orianna's skins have a "**clockwork**" motion, a bit erratic, in her W, mostly with the inner circle shapes. I would be really curious to see how this would look with this kind of motion. I feel like it would reinforce the "This is an Orianna W" feel a lot. One more thing I could say is that maybe the activation lens flare's position is a bit off? The sphere is always hovering a bit higher, which looks a bit weird, as the light should be coming from it directly. Finally, as a final nit-picking, I feel like the sucked-in galaxy's geometry is a bit too visible when the ball isn't there after the cast. While it's not bad in itself, I think that softening the inner edges might help eliminate this, if unwanted. I find this very noticeable, but once again, maybe it's just me. :p http://imgur.com/hr0eH7w ___ **E - Command: Protect** Heey, it's a different color from the Q! I never noticed it actually did that (at least for her HS skin). Nice touch! The sweet shiny sweep on the shield activation is **a pure eye-candy**! Add that to the amazing (yet simple!) geometry animation following it, and once again, the colors, and that is a super sweet-looking shield! Can't really find anything to say about this, it's gorgeous. :D ___ **R - Command: Shockwave** To me, this is the most intriguing, decision-wise: why does her ultimate have a **shockwave expanding outwards**, while it's supposed to suck people in? While I'm in-game, or in a team fight, it's all okay, we don't really pay attention to it, but looking at it in the spotlight video, and especially frame by frame, it looks really odd and seems to convey the opposite of the desired gameplay mechanic. If I didn't know the champion and used the ult without enemies, it'd be clear to me that this is a repulsing AOE, and it would **never ** come to mind that this is supposed to attract enemies. No, I mean, seriously. The more I watch it, the weirder it gets. owo If you really want an explosion, maybe have at least some sparks or debris being sucked in right after it? Other than that, the effect **looks ** really nice, especially the shockwave in this case! Another thing would be the "stars" animation. Check the difference here: Heartseeker: http://imgur.com/daxrUo4 Dark Star: http://imgur.com/Smuvp6q Aren't the four collapsing orbs supposed to rotate in the **opposite direction**...? Not that it matters much, but... consistency...? Also: http://imgur.com/csIX3Pd Wheeeeeere is the **distortioooon**? This is one of the most iconic skills in the game, distorting a relatively large area... And it's even named shockwave... ;n; I understand that the distortion isn't the best when it comes to gameplay clarity, but, not even a little? :c I feel it was really well-made for her Heartseeker skin, though! Finally, maybe it's because my version biased me, but I feel like this ult could use a tiny bit more contrast? At least, a bit more towards the darks, maybe? I mean, it's an ult. :D Also, for a Dark Star, this ult looks a tad too bright for me. What about a black hole? Sucking people in? I think this is what absolutely everyone expected from a DS Orianna. I would have expected the sphere to, I don't know, maybe get an even horizon? Since you're going for a mechanical sphere harnessing a dark star, maybe have the mechanism "unlock" for a few frames? Have the ball get brighter (or darker?) as it charges the ult? What about some debris on the ground? A crack? A tear? Some star dust? Something to indicate that a thousand worlds just collapsed? **For as much as this ult is really game-changing, and for as much as this theme is supposed to portray Orianna as a Destroyer of Worlds, it feels a bit lacking, even if you place gameplay clarity first (as it should always be).** ___ One final thing, that is just a very personal thought: **the colors of the model** *(and splash)* **seem very disconnected from her effects**, mostly the Q and R. She's all blue/purple/dark, with just a touch of orange for highlights. Yet, those skills are a lot more yellow, and almost none have orange highlights. Yellow, while brighter, seems colder to me. Just shifted a bit in the reds might have made them more attractive. But yeah, once again, just my personal opinion, it's good as it is. :) ___ If I were to **TL;DR** all this, it would simply be that everything is awesome, but the ultimate could use a little extra love/polish, while making sure it doesn't affect the readability (and this shockwave is supposed to be reversed!! /*insert not-so-angry face here*). All in all, this is an awesome skin that I'm definitely gonna insta-buy! Really super happy to see this happening. GJ Rito!
: I know that a lot of effort went into making the current DS Ori VFX, but those ones look **SO GOOD** and I would be very disappointed if they didn't ship looking more like that. The constellation on the ult is a must-have.
I've said that a lot already, but my version wouldn't work in League, from a readability standpoint. It is way too cluttered. :/ I know a lot of people liked the Constellation, but, as far as I do like it too purely from an aesthetic perspective, it makes the area and effect a lot less readable/visible for too long. :c (And it's also more Cosmic Reaver than Dark Star)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sirhaian,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=EzUEcluL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-25T00:48:30.164+0000) > > Heya! :) > > Thanks for making such an AWESOME skin for Jhin. \o/ > > I just have one little thing that tips me off right now, it's the impact paint effects. I made a post about it [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/BomEs9aE-jhin-hits-vfx-feedback), but I thought I'd mention it quickly. > > Right now, the paint circles that appear on big impacts (ult and 4th shots) are going through the ground very obviously and disappear in a single frame, without dissolve. Intended? :) Hiya Sirhaian! Thanks for the feedback! Glad that you like the skin so far. ;] As for the big impacts disappearing suddenly and clipping into the ground, the VFX artist is going to be looking into that soon. Hopefully we can get a fix for that in soon.
: Instead, post it on the [Official Blood Moon Jhin Feedback Thread.](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/EzUEcluL-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-blood-moon-jhin)
I have mentioned it there. I wrote the post before the Thread was up, I definitely should have waited. My bad. o/
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Jhin!
Heya! :) Thanks for making such an AWESOME skin for Jhin. \o/ I just have one little thing that tips me off right now, it's the impact paint effects. I made a post about it [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/BomEs9aE-jhin-hits-vfx-feedback), but I thought I'd mention it quickly. Right now, the paint circles that appear on big impacts (ult and 4th shots) are going through the ground very obviously and disappear in a single frame, without dissolve. Intended? :)
: I personally felt the effects looked more appropriate for a scifi style or even comic book type skin. It looked like what I'd expect to see out of a plasma gun, and the color itself seemed more in line with the Dark Star line of skins. Didn't look bad though, but the ground intersection does look pretty bad in that screenshot you captured.
I think it fits both the theme and Jhin, to be honest. And the colors are really BloodMoon-esque: blood red and moon blue. :)
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: Good question, and probably a detail I should have mentioned. Lane minions don't have any interaction with Malzahar's new passive. I didn't want them to constantly be breaking it, but I also didn't want him to be tanking waves with it. As such, the passive doesn't reduce damage from lane minions, but it also doesn't go on cooldown or reset its cooldown due to minion damage.
Oh, okay. Sounds like a very good compromise to me. Thanks for clarifying! :)
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
Hi ! Love this new kit. Just one question, though, to make sure. For his passive, by "Taking damage", you do mean All Damage, like minion damage too? :)
: I don't have a good gauge on Ryze at the moment - mostly because we're updating a ton of mages in the 6.9 update. I know that Annie has remained relatively the same - and so that's the one I can best make inferences on.
Oh, good to know Annie hasn't changed that much. :) Any insights on this? */a bit curious, as an Annie main*
: [Login]Did not recieve a response from server
Can confirm too. The only moment of the day where I can login, and there's an issue. :(
: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
EDIT: I apparently misread. Unlocking upper levels of mastery otherwise non-achievable sounds okay to me, but it shouldn't be too hard to actually unlock them. I always play the same champ - Annie - and I would like to be able to unlock her maximum mastery level without having to wait for a random shard drop for her, or for an IP chest (though making it IP is nice).
  Rioter Comments
: If Ekko's ghost doesn't have an HP bar, he misght as well look like his ghost.
He's not supposed to look like him. It's a bug. :) He's supposed to look like a real ghost. ^^
: Sounds kinda egocentric of you.
Might sound like it, and I apologize. But I feel like real testers should be able to test, while other players should be in lower priority. :/ Probably not the best solution, but the only one I found.
: I had a similar experience, where at 99% it said 0 MB left and just hung there, so I closed it and then it was fine after scanning a ton of files.
: So has any Rioter commented on the log in problem yet?
Not yet, and I'm getting disappointed. It's been 24h already...
: Considering most people don't check the FAQs or bother coming to the boards?I doubt it, the normal testers would've sufficed doing it, and it's actually worse, since the normal testers are probably getting blocked out or gave up on entering with a 2h Queue.
Inactive players/testers should be on another, low-priority queue. People who always get in to test new stuff should be able to log in faster... :/
: New champion Influx of people
I've been on the PBE for some time now, and this is the first time I've seen the server this full... Can't log in anymore, had to leave my computer in queue the whole night. :/
: Ekko Suggestion for Ultimate
Yup, should definitely be red to avoid confusion. :)
: Question on Champ Mastery system
I think so too, but on a smaller scale. :) You don't really master a champ if you only play ARAMs, in my opinion. But you still learn bits by bits. :)
: I'm stuck in the Queue too :(
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Szymba,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=iW5l6Auf,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2015-05-14T00:08:18.585+0000) > > I'm stuck in the Queue too :( If even Rioters are, where are we going to? :c Anyway, just can't wait to test it. A few more minutes/hours won't hurt much. As long as we use them right. 8) EDIT: It's over 9000!! \o/ [http://prntscr.com/74y86a](http://prntscr.com/74y86a)
: Can't log in
Having the exact same issue. Let's just all pray this won't take long... Been waiting for hours for the PBE to be back online, and now that it is, I can't log in. Not that much of a surprise, but still frustrating. :p
: Ekko in game Icon is bugged out
Can't even pass the login queue... And Ekko is said to be unavailable......? How did you get him in-game? o.o
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
Same feeling, but now I can't even login again. The queue keeps getting bigger. x) But it's often the case when a new champ is released on the PBE. Especially such a nice-looking champ. :)
: PBE is up and [UNABLE TO GET EKKO] is this just me?
Not just you, don't worry. :p
: Ekko is unavailable to me, anyone else having the same trouble? For example the new tryndamere skin is still showing up and can be bought, it is just Ekko and is dududududu - skin
I have the same issue... :c EDIT: Looks like everyone's trying to connect on the same time. Got a line on the login, now. :3
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