: In my opinion is this great that you guys are more working with visual updates. But please, please dont changed the lobby the old menu that we now still have (not champion sellect, just the screen while logged in) is still better, you have more vision about what you can do and see. The new menu (alpha) is too much blue and the play button isnt in the middle anymore and i really disagree with that. Also the old menu fits more in the game then the new one, the colour. And just the old lobby had more look and vision about it. It's just better i dont have a good feeling about the new one. For the aram update, its great! Maybe better then ranked, i really like it, but i still prefer the old results screen (after the game) Sorry that i cant explain it really good but i disagree with the new lobby PS. I still have a Pbe account, can i use it for alpha?
We will be iterating on some of these things (scoreboard for sure) once we've completed this tech test. Thanks for the feedback!
: it wasn't all champions available, it was just the team's pool, if no one on the team owned ezreal, you couldn't pick ezreal
Correct, it uses the pool of all champions owned by the players on your team.

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