: Not sure if it's a problem with some champions or what, but there were no recommended items for lissandra in this mode. Is that because there is only a select few champs to play in this? (i.e. Garen, Ashe, etc) or is it a bug?
We haven't shipped the new recommended pages for this mode to the PBE yet, sorry! It should be out tomorrow. :)
: Hmm. I don't really completely understand what will be changing here. I know it's different from the standard tutorial but what would be the biggest key change I'm to having a friend or family member learn this game. Because trust me I have some friends who really need this.
For your purposes of introducing new family members, probably the biggest difference is that this is a normal queue and so you can play alongside those new players.
: [SUGGESTION] Quick way to change item sets in game
I'll spread this feedback around. I've been looking at ways at expanding keyboard navigation in the item shop, so I might be able to include this in then. :) How does Page Up / Page Down sound, while on the recommended tab?

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