: Keep Disconnecting at Stage 3-3 / TFT
Hey there! Sorry about this, it's still hot and fresh. We're ironing out some stuff, it it makes you feel better I just crashed on 4-2 :P Hopefully tomorrow we have all this ironed out! Thank you for your patience!
: Not sure if you intend to fix this, but on one for all akali can use both her team as well as enemy team shrouds
: Emotes bug? When you cast the joke and dance emotes, akali will always reposition herself to face the camera, as opposed to cast those emote in whatever direction she was facing before, means, you can't see her back or her side etc. it's unusual, I don't recall any champion who behavez that way, both taunt and laugh emotes work fine
It was intentional to show off the joke and dance :)
: Would that have anything do with this bug? https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/dGoEEAFG-bug-leveling-up-akali-q-not-actually-leveling-may-affect-others-unsure Basically, I'm level 10 in the screenshot, but my skills didn't seem to look like they were updating. I pressed the skill-up button on Q but the dot was only visible for a split second before it disappeared.
Yup, it had to do with that.
: Dunno if this is supposed to be like that but in ofa even your enemies get the invis from your shroud
: Cheap Shot and Akali's Tippered Q don't function properly, even though I double checked and it said Cheap Shot procs on Slows. Tested it with multiple skins, and it doesn't seem to change anything. I'd upload some footage but I screwed up with my file types.
: What I'm experiencing is that the q costs the right amount of energy, but you can't cast it until you have 100 energy.
Yup, I found the issue. Thank you very much :)
: i believe akalis new ult is bugged, usually the first dash dmgs and micro stuns enemies but her 2nd dash doesnt always dmg, only dmgs when they are low hp but if they are 50%+ it sometimes does 0dmg
Right now her 2nd dash is only damaging 1 character it looks like. Will have it fixed for tomorrow.
: Baron still attacks Akali in shroud Its Spotty. Some time he stops but if he is shooting his spit while you just enter he keeps attacking you.
: All Star Akali E is bugged, it makes the effect go pizzabox like Edit: Also Nurse's.
Ya :( fixed for tomorrow.
: It did the same to me as well, said it was 80 but costed 100, but now it is working in new game, trying to recreate it. It might just be a bug when ranking up the Q itself reverts it back to a previous level, sometimes level 2 sometimes level 1 Q. Might actually be the process of ranking it while missing energy perhaps.
OH. I got it! It has something to do with the W and E cast as well. Thank you everyone. I will be working on getting this fixed for tomorrow. That's a punch in the nuts :(
: I was in practice tool it shows that it costs 80 energy (rank 5) but when i used the ability it costed 100 energy
This is very weird. I'm in practice tool right now spamming that and every time it costs 80 energy.
: Hi I found that akali q energy cost doesn't go down when you level it up (in practice tool) Was using blood moon skin
Weird, I'm showing that it does. Can you give me any more information about where you saw this?
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: [Critical] Morde AA and Q Animation timing bugs
Hey there, We did some scaling things with attack speed, think that might be the problem. I'll take a look into it, thanks for the great video :D -Ranger
: Basically, Riot are again ignoring players feedback about a lazy job in a skin... Well, this is the new Riot, I miss the old time. Not only extremely nonsense the silverish VFX in OotL Irelia, there are bacon blades. I hope one day we'll see Riot truly working to make the best again.
Hey there Richard, What part do you feel we are ignoring on? If there's something I missed I'd like to see it so I can address it. We did make a post over on Irelia Mains on reddit about the feedback that we are iterating on today and tomorrow.
: Irelia Passive not showing up when active: [PBE] - In Irelia's new rework there is a problem with her stacks in which no picture acutally appear but only a blue box. The text still appears over it when hovered and also appears the stacks as well. This happened in the practice tool as Frostbooty Irelia Appears along with the other buffs.-(Does not notice whether it still exist) Not entirely game breaking; just a simple visual bug that does not impact the game in anyway. Just testing out the champion and realized the random buff overhead the Hp bar. Try testing her out on PBE No video yet
Ya, we were testing a new way of making buffs appear and broke it, we fixed it now!
: If that's the case, is there any reason that the hair color was changed on her Frostblade skin? The new purple color just looks really out of place with her old blue hair; I understand that it might make her more readable as Irelia and distinguish her from being a big blue smudge on screen but it just seems really odd to change that.
There was, but we are going to change it back to blue-ish stuff.
: Encountered a bug with her E. Found the bug in practice tool. If you cast the first E at max range and the second ASAP right under your feet, it will cause the ability to fizzle and do nothing. 100% reproduction rate. I'm assuming this is happening because the second arrives at its destination before the first.
We put a fix in for that today :) Thanks for helping us find the issue!
: So I tried her out on the PBE today, and I wasn't sure if this interaction was intentional. Even taking the cooldown of Trinity Force into account, its not possible for both of her E casts to proc sheen. The first one can proc sheen, and the second one can proc sheen (In case you W - E - E, the Triforce is off cooldown by the time of the second E), but they both can't happen during the same E. Is that intentional? I feel like that would have a camille-like vibe of keeping a rhythm on E to get the most damage off.
We didn't want you double dipping with that one ability. So that's why it works that way.
: So i was checking out new Irelia in training mode against Garen, so basically what happens: when her first e is used and the she gets silenced she can still use her second e, is this how it supposed be working?
That is how it's suppose to work.
: Is there gonna be a feedback thread for the skins? Or should we post it here?
You can totally post that here too!
: Will there be any fix for Irelia's hair? It's very flat like a board and looks strange as she moves around some animation or gravity on it so it doesn't stand up like that would be nice.
Potentially we can see what we can do about the hair, no promises as of now but we will look into it.
: Hey the new irelia feels great to play! shes smoother, more satisfying and has more outplay than her prework state! one bug i see already is ionian fervor doesnt have a splash? right now its a blue square on the hud.
Seems to be a problem with the file move. Thank you for pointing it out!
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: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Ranger XIV,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=6gz4jPeI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-12T23:19:56.528+0000)I am looking into it! I've made a post about it but I'd like to say here that attack speed scalings in general are bugged, not Jhin specifically. Graves reloads and attacks much quicker and Yasuo's Q CD is drastically reduced even with minimal attack speed.
Hm... I'm seeing that too. Interesting stuff, thanks very much!
: Game Breaking Jhin Bug
Hey thank you for the post. Jhin has been disabled on PBE. I am looking into it!
: Is it possible to retroactively give capsules that should've been earned? I leveled from 30 -> 42 before they actually started to give capsules. So now I'm 44 and have only received 2 capsules. I don't feel that I can give proper feedback when I didn't get to see what the other capsules had, primarily the Glorious Capsule for hitting 40. The two capsules I opened, while being pretty good from what I could tell, could've been outliers.
Unfortunately no, we can't retro give you capsules. But any feedback you get moving forward would be super helpful :) How has the leveling been going?
: I leveled up and it said I unlocked a capsule the other day and yet, there was actually nothing in the Loot screen.
We think we fixed that. You should be getting stuff now. @.@
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: I'm sorry, I'm having some reading comprehension issues. You're saying it's intended for Rework Eve to be removed from camouflage if she takes damage, right? But for other cases of camouflage (According to the wiki), they aren't removed from camo, and have the shimmer effect. So is the plan to change Camouflage across the board so that it breaks if the champion is hit, or is Eve going to be a special case?
Hey Siachi, Not your fault, I fudged that response up pretty bad. I used some bad words and didn't fully put a thought out. We do not have plans to make it so Camouflage is broken with damage on any other champions! I apologize for the confusion. Your reading comprehension is top notch. My response, was not. -Ranger
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Ranger XIV,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=3AckoAhx,comment-id=00230000,timestamp=2017-09-28T17:08:32.410+0000) > > Yes it is intended. We want camouflage to have consistent rules. > > Of course it makes a difference :) That is something we can tune for later if we feel but we do want Evelynn to have to choose when to leave stealth and make it an impactful moment not just weaving into stealth in combat. You DO realize that no other stealth champion gets knocked out of stealth because of damage? This is not consistency, this is laziness because you're using old Evelynn code. How do you not know how camo works on other champions when you're doing a full rework on a camo champion? This is pure embarrassment. I even made a video for you if you don't believe me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWCAitz_zzk Please don't treat us like idiots.
Hey Cynical, Lets take a step back from aggression and talk about this. I never want you or any player to feel like they're an idiot. Nor would I be embarrassed about a mistake, everyone makes them :P So lets talk more about camouflage. Camouflage is stealth while not being in a certain range of enemy champion or tower. The reason it is broken is being tied to the passive and stated in the tool tip. Not because we couldn't type code in saying, don't break stealth. We do believe this is healthier for Evelynn and rewards her for playing right. It would have been more confusing to state, it's kinda sorta camouflage but a little different! I was answering a lot of questions while trying to do other work and definitely responded to this with half a thought and not my full focus. I was more talking about not perfect stealth and how camo works not the breaking of camo. I should have given a much more complete answer. I do apologize for that and not giving this my full focus! Also thank you for the video :) -Ranger
: Is it possible to add AD scaling to evelynn, when i mained Eve i almost always went AD. Could you add AD or adaptive AD AP scaling to her E and R? just to throw a bone to the AD Evelynn players that started in season 2 or earlier ^^' Please RIOT please, I love you but i would love you more if you gave her ad scaling :D
We are not going to add AD to Evelynn. Kind of like not keeping AP in Sion.
: Ok, Im sure someone has said it by now, but what happened to her AD scaling. I get that she has % now but come on! i cant be alone in loving using burst items like gunblade or Titanic and duskblade on her. Not having stealth til 6, annoying but ok, i get it. But really. shaco has ap and ad scaling and everyone knows if you go ap then you have no pushing, no damage with no mana and cant seige at all. Oh and where did her mana regen on invisi(demon form now) go?
Hi Icefire, I think you are a little wrong on if you go AP you have no pushing. Of course you have no pushing with shaco when you go AP, however Eve has 2 AoE abilities that help her clear. She's also not shaco, they are very different :P She has insane burst with Lichbane and Protobelt. We want her to differ from shaco and other champions like that.
: Hello, thanks for making this thread. I'd like to preface it by saying I've been maining Evelynn since season 3 and have been diamond for the last 3. Evelynn is a very important champion to me so I'm trying to stay optimistic, but I want this rework to go right so I'm also going to try to be critical. First thing's first I want to start with the positives with this rework. The visuals are great, I think you guys have done a bang up job with the champion's aesthetics. And even though the voice lines get a bit annoying after a while (hearing moaning every time I kill someone gets tiring after the billionth time) the voice work is very good too. Another thing I like a lot is the new ultimate, it's very satisfying. Although I do wish I could go backwards when I want rather than having to immediately. This wouldn't be a problem if she had a way back into a fight however. Now onto more critical things: First thing I want to tackle is the stealth. I have to wonder why you guys thought it necessary to limit her stealth to post 6? Her kit is objectively weaker early and her clears are far slower than on live, so I do not see why you'd feel the need to destroy her stealth early game. If it needed to be tuned down to be "balanced" then she either needs better dueling early or maybe a larger stealth ring pre-6. Another thing about the stealth is why is she now the only champion that gets knocked out of stealth by being damaged? This was changed a long time ago on live and is incredibly annoying. Juking is all but impossible now. Next I want to talk about the Q. Out of all her abilities this one felt the most like it was changed for the sake of change and not to enhance gameplay. The Q is basically impossible to land in a real skirmish and even when you do land it your Q's damage is insanely low. I have to say I wish Q's skillshot if it has to stay would do 0 damage by itself and that the Aoe portion's base would be buffed by a lot. Next her W. I feel like this ability is like Rengar's ult reveal but completely lacking any method to get onto your target. While this may be good on over extended ADCs this ability is next to useless in a teamfight. Giving Evelynn a burst of speed when running towards a marked target would go a long way in making this ability feel better to use. Her E I feel is pretty much the same as live. My main complaint is the complete lack of attack speed, ad scaling and the fact that the ability range still calculates from center of model despite the new evelynn being much bigger making it harder to land. Some minor changes and this ability will be fine. My overall analysis of this champion is that she needs more tools to enter a fight reliably and that she simply needs more consistent damage outside of her ultimate. As it is now if you're caught off guard there's no hope of you doing anything, meaning she'll be incredibly low priority compared to assassins like Kha'Zix, Elise and Rengar, all of whom can fight without having to prep for a very long time. And once you do use your cooldowns on Evelynn you're a sitting duck. On live you get a reset on your MS so you can skirt in and out of the fight easily waiting for E or even kite with Q. As it is now you feel like you just resign to dying because you used your combo. Not very exciting or useful. Thanks for reading, hopefully the rework can be perfect. Edit: I do hope you guys consider giving back some of the hybrid scalings Eve was known for, this would go a long way in making her feel like the champion she has been for years.
She will not be hybrid. We do not want her to feel like a fighter. I think you are looking at her more like a brawler, sticking on targets, consistent damage and that's not really the direction we took her in. But more of a single target assassin and then goes back to the shadows to reacquire a new target.
: Hello! Loooong time Evelynn main. A few questions after testing her regarding her new passive: If reworked Evelynn takes ANY damage she is removed from camouflage. This was changed during the Invisibility rework where stealthed/camouflaged targets shimmer when they take damage. Live Evelynn shimmers while reworked Evelynn breaks stealth. Is this intended? Also, live Evelynn currently has a scaling camouflage delay where early game it's a 6 second delay all the way down to like 2/3 seconds late game? Are you guys gonna keep this in? Currently, on reworked Eve, it's a stagnant 4 seconds all game and I think most Evelynn Mains can agree the ability to stealth quicker late game truly makes a difference and allows her to be more successful.
Yes it is intended. We want camouflage to have consistent rules. Of course it makes a difference :) That is something we can tune for later if we feel but we do want Evelynn to have to choose when to leave stealth and make it an impactful moment not just weaving into stealth in combat.
: also maybe something about shadow eves headgear http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170927/fc8j39za.png atleast maybe something thats a little more subtle?
We don't want to move it into a subtle state, that's not the point of the 'headgear'
: Thank you for making her Scaling AP, also, thank you for making her more interesting and beautiful in general (been playing her off and on since 2012, that's a lot of cringing to do!) My only issue is with the shadow and masquerade skins =) I'd like to see her hair longer in shadow (or with that fade effect like kayn has, so it looks more like the splash art!), and the hair a little bit less... poof in Masquerade? I finally managed to get my hands on that skin in the "your shop" after wanting it and missing it for years! I was so excited because the splash art is gorgeous and it just doesn't do it justice in game D= she looks sleek in the splash with big eyes, but small eyed and bulky in game =( Otherwise, absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for all your hard work! {{sticker:sg-kiko}} EDIT: Similar question to someone else: are the names of her abilities in the PBE the final ones, or the names of her abilities in her official page? Example: R is Widowmaker on the page, Last Caress in game though.
WOOT! Glad you like the AP stuff. I love me some glass cannon evelynn. About the names.. one of them will change... there can only be one...
: Evelynn can nullify Tristana ult with her E dash. I feel like this is a bug and it happens with Warwick too. Thoughts?
Not a bug. It's the same as Ezreal and Trist getting out of blitz hook. It's a series of moves that get carried out.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Ranger XIV,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=3AckoAhx,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2017-09-27T21:22:12.737+0000) > > I think she has decent pre-6 ganks. If she can get around someone that's pushed, it's amazing. That charm is good stealth or not. You get rewarded for hitting the Q skill shot but you can still use Q after that. We didn't want everything to be point and click. I do agree with messy, but that's something that I personally like. I think it really fits into her fantasy when she's in the fray and making a mess. She isn't finesse, she's.. I don't know but she isn't clean! I don't think a lack of usability is a player fantasy. No offense. You can be disruptive and messy without being unreliable. Also any jungler in the game can gank an over extended target, Eve's ganks now are terrible pre-6. Worse than master yi's.
I have to disagree with the 'worse than' (insert champion here) Having a hard CC is something very spicy and crippling to enemies. She doesn't have to have stealth to make a gank happen. Yes, her ganks are much different than her current skill set on live but that is something we wanted to avoid. There isn't much people can do about it. I also do not know what you mean by lack of usability. All of her stuff is usable. Can you please reword that, I do want to understand :)
: There's a couple things I'm sure others have brought up but I feel is important to give feedback on anyways: 1) Regarding the ult indicator on enemy champions - I think it's a little misleading. The icon appears when they're below 30% HP (which is when you get the full ult damage) but I thought it was supposed to be a kill marker like Cho'Gath's or Zed's. Seeing the marker and then ulting just to watch the enemy walk away with 100hp is a little saddening. 2) There's a (not sure if large or just a very vocal) group of people that dislikes Shadow Evelynn's huge headpiece and would like to see it removed or able to be toggled. In the splash art the headpiece is cut off so it's misleading about how big it actually is in game. It'd be nice to know what Riot's stance is about it. Aside from that, I'm so happy with all the work you've done to update Evelynn. I understand a lot of old Eve mains have complaints and I hope their feedback is taken into consideration but as of this moment the new Eve is my favorite champion to date. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hey oooNOOOO... that's how I read your name. 1) I think it's more like kha. I can definitely understand the confusion. Would just be something you learn after playing her a couple times. 2) The headgear is definitely a hot button topic. People either like it or don't. I think it's just going to be something along those lines of, you like it or you don't. We do want to do something with her face though. Glad you are happy :D Hope you enjoy killing the poor adc's with her!
: hey, first of all GJ on the VGU its really really good! also GJ to the animators!:D i just wanted to ask if shadow evelynns face in game is finished, for me it doesnt look like eve anymore i really like that skin but the face kinda freaks me out xD
Right now we are feeling that it's a little blown out. We would like to make some changes on the face :)
: What happened to her "It takes a lot of effort to move like this in heels" line? A rioter said they kept that quote :(
I do not know who did. We do try to fit everything we can but I do not feel that line would match current Evelynn.
: ***
I think she has decent pre-6 ganks. If she can get around someone that's pushed, it's amazing. That charm is good stealth or not. You get rewarded for hitting the Q skill shot but you can still use Q after that. We didn't want everything to be point and click. I do agree with messy, but that's something that I personally like. I think it really fits into her fantasy when she's in the fray and making a mess. She isn't finesse, she's.. I don't know but she isn't clean!
: So far my only issue with Eve is her Charm feel a bit too hard to land. I'm sure it's not meant to be easy, but the fully cooked mark fades so quickly there's very little room for error. If you try to use your Q to charm your target so you can get as much E damage as possible, you might not have time to E before the mark expires and if you just use E to get the charm then you won't hit your E as hard as it could.
It's pretty hard, takes a few times to get it, But once you get it... it's amazing.
: Hi, thanks for making this post. Wanted to leave some questions and things~ Tested new Evelynn on a custom game, with intermediate bots (yeah I know, bots) **1.** While maybe I didn't know how was new eve working, I've had difficulty in sticking on enemy champions (bots), probably because she used to have a burst of movement speed and she didn't have now, which is okay because she have now slow and a charm. **2.** Another is that her **E - Whiplash** feels bad while on stealth imo, hard to ambush a champion since the range is lower (really low) than the range of her passive camouflage. Maybe a more range on her Empowered Whiplash? but she's still good. **3.** No resets. I know that her E resets when entering on her passive but it's different, there's no reward after killing enemy champions. She's supposed to have excitement after killing or something like that and wants to kill more to feel (things?). Original Evelynn had resets, and actual Eve (that's also an old rework) too. So, why no resets on one of her abilities after killing enemy champions? **4.** You guys want a new direction with the "Shadow" skin lines? She looks like Kayn, is this what being part of the Order of Shadow looks like?
Hey Overyojedx Going to spam answer your stuff :) 1) She does have a movement speed increase :P 2) Empowered E shouldn't be broken E! I think if you come out of stealth moving quickly the range is pretty good. We want to give people a little bit of a chance. Not just jump on them from the shadows freely. 3) We didn't think resets fit her play style. She's a single target assassin, not a clean up team fighter. 4) She has nothing to do with Kayn or copied him. She's an original sexy demon and she demands to stand out! Thanks for the post! -Ranger XIV
: On a scale of 1 to 10, how difficult is the new Evelynn? Is the learning curve still pretty steep?
I'd say a 6-7. You will get punished for not clearing well and using mark right. But once you get that... mmm it clicks and you remove people from the rift in shadowy perfection.
: I'm curious, what made you decide to change her passive Regen to HP instead of Mana? I think it's an interesting change. I always build Gunblade to get sustain in the jungle but now there's a different problem to solve and i no longer have to depend on it -- What do you think about Evelynn being taken in the Mid lane post-rework? would you consider it a problem if it succeeds? i've taken current Eve mid as a kind of secondary ganker, like how ivern is a secondary support to a team, i haven't done it _often_ but i've succeded when i have
The health regen was to help her stay alive in the jungler. Mana regen would help her spam clear. Two very different ideas of what we wanted to give her in the jungle. We really connected with the fantasy of Shadow Evelynn and felt that was something we could do REALLY well.
: Do you have any plans of making her ultimate two-part, with the first one being damage and the second being the blink? Using your ult and barely not killing the enemy is made even worse by the forced teleportation
You gotta make sure you get the kill... math better :P It's suppose to have a little draw back if you don't use it right. It's a super good ultimate.
: Hello! 1 - Would it be possible to remove manually or somehow the headgear from Shadow Eve? It's way too big, a lot of people say that and also for some reason on Skin's Spotlight video the head gear is absent in the first appearance : http://puu.sh/xKpK5/ab8b1ade0e.jpg and it feels right. If not, it would be great to make it look like horns : make them smaller and split them on the sides rather than the middle portal of oblivion thingy. 2 - Is there any plan for a toggable blink on her ult? It's a good mechanic, but it's soooooo counter intuitive. You either wait and keep it 'till you sure you can KS/Excecute someone rather than dealing damage and stay in the TF. It doesn't give us much options. I'd rather have the choice to warp (Ahri can dash 3 times for poro's sake!). 3 - Is there a new skin planned for Eve any time soon? I read many times that her old model was problematic for making good skins on her but now being so pretty and all fresh she deserves a 1350 right? :D (how about Elderwood Eve? Full of deadly leafs, lianas and spikes!) 4 - Props to the animation team and audio team, the laughs in shadow form give me such chills (it feels like Skull Kid in MM....).
Hey Dreamitz! Alright, lets go down the list :D 1) I think the headgear really does add something to her while she's in game. It also helps with viewing her as Evelynn in all skins. They all seem to have something on their head like that. NOT saying that's a must, but it's a good similarity to have. 2) That's literally the reason we do it. It's suppose to be a utility and reward moment. If you get them low, you get that damage and you're out. You've assassinated your target and you're out. If you over committed and you can't kill them, you use it as an oh shit. (Eve isn't ahri!) 3) Can't leak about skins! 4) Thank you very much :) This is the animators first champion and he's amazing! Thank you very much for the post <3
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