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Update: We're getting a new version out that should fix this issue. Sorry the issue got missed by us when it first popped up late last week! Servers will be going down in 30-45 minutes so we can push out the fix. If after patching up everything looks good for you, feel free to let us know that it all looks good! If you're still seeing the "A critical error has occurred and the process must be terminated." message after you patch up to the new version, please click "Yes" on that dialogue box to generate a crash dump file, upload it to a file sharing service, and link it here so we can do further investigation.
: Cant Join Anygame.
Hey all, we're looking in to this. I'm going to ask all future comms on this happen in [this post]( since it's more recent and we've already started discussion there. For some insight on what we think _might_ be the problem, it seems like it might have to do with the 32-bit OS which can definitely impact a lot of people. We're in the process of getting a fix out (should be a couple hours). I or another Rioter will update in the linked post when the fix is out so you can check to see if you're still having this issue.

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