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: please fix the yas windwall bug
Hello! We're aware of a couple of Yasuo bugs on PBE right now and we're working on them! Thanks for your reports :)
: Ctrl+F takedown from your first paragraph. It's misleading and confusing. Part of the reason Dark Harvest has remained bullshit for so long, is people not knowing how it workds. "takedown" means kills or assists, neither is needed, and it also ommits the fact that allied champions drop souls to pick up.
Good feedback. The post was poorly worded, but the change works as you might expect: Only 4 souls are dropped when a champion dies (down from 5)
: I like what I'm seeing, but please make sure these new items get their own sprites by today's standards. I really dislike how Twin Shadows ({{item:3905}}) and Stormrazor made it into the live servers with outdated icons.
We're in the process of refining the new icons already! They should come to PBE shortly.
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: Are you sure Karthus is disabled? I'm currently against a Karthus team.
: Why did you force us to use specific rune-sets? In my first game, my team troll picked Thresh. This normally would have been fine, but we were forced to use tank runes which severely limited our early game damage.
Being unable to pick runes is a bug; we're currently investigating.
: Why are Karthus and Teemo still disabled when we have 10 bans? If the only reason is for gameplay I don't get it.
Their core fantasies (filling the entire map with mushrooms, or casting 5x Karthus ultimate at once, respectively) create a really terrible play experience -- particularly for the opposing team. We experimented with changing or nerfing them, but we found that in order to solve that problem, we had to kill those core fantasies... and as a result, those champions were no longer any fun to play, which feels just as bad.
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: Zoe can't replace current item/summoner spell stored in w
Good catch! I put a fix in today, so Zoe should be back to normal on PBE sometime tomorrow.
: i demand SN Sona be available for this mode and Freljord Ashe is missing???
: isnt dreadknight garen in a winter environnement?
It sure does look chilly in his splash art, but Dreadknight isn't really a winter theme. That's why we're not including Dreadknight Nasus either.
: Love these modes that gives us free skins to use and especially since this mode has a limited pool so no Shacos, Hecarims or Sonas. The only sore part imo here is not being able to use our URF icons for the death animations
You'll still be able to use your URF icons! Just gotta make a tough choice -- blast your opponents with a giant space laser, or fling an adorable, visored Poro at them?
: Does the Ice form of Elementalist Lux not count? At least force the transformation at the start of the game.
We did actually consider this one, but we didn't have enough time to build a system to lock you into the 'ice' element.
: What about champions who have more than one Winter/Snow skin? IE: Union Jack Fiddle/Dark Candy Fiddle; Curling Veigar/Bad Santa Veigar {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} Wait Lissandra and Trundle? Where Is Udyr then?
We were on the fence with Udyr -- he is from the Freljord, that's true, but when I look at him, 'frost' isn't really what comes to mind. On the other hand, Lissandra and Trundle were both slam-dunk ice champions, despite not having ice-themed skins. (And come to think of it, how could you possibly make Lissandra any *more* icy?)
: Isn't Silent Night Sona a winter skin ?
It is, but we had to remove her from the pool for the same reason as last time -- she's just too good.
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