: http://imgur.com/a/0hsCa Not entirely sure if this visual is intended, hair particles get left behind for a split second when flashing. No other bugs found yet from me. Found another visual bug with Shadow Assassin forms hair. http://imgur.com/a/Q7elv It's with the shadow part of his hair, you have to look closely but it doesn't seem to fit the model properly.
TY for letting us know! It's unfortunate, but flashing will pull his shadow hair like that every time :< And I let the character artist know about the second screenshot. Some of the hair model is erased to match the hair particles better. When character inking is on, it outlines the whole character breaking that transition. We will soon be removing character inking on him so you won't see that weird outline :D
: Did you happen to get my feedback as well? It's some where here and his seems similar to mine (might have gotten some ideas from me since he commented on what I said) but have different ideas as well! C:
Ah, I just went back to double check. Someone else had already posted that we are still working on her so I didn't post, but I did see it! I passed along the feedback already along with the one above. :)
: I like the Rengar Rework but the sounds are attrocious. Im sorry I just couldnt find any other word to describe them that one fits perfect. IMO just revert the sounds to the live ones. Everyone at /r/rengarmains agrees, just save yourselves trouble and revert the sounds.
A lot of his sounds didn't change, so it would be really helpful if you could narrow down which sounds and why.
: {{champion:55}} This is my last post on Katarina, now that I know what I wanted to constructively say. I know you are still working on Slay Belle and Warring Kingdom skins currently, however I have some ideas/constructive criticism on the direction of them, as well as her fourth skin which will receive VFX, Sandstorm. 1. Slay Belle: I LOVE her blade pickup spin on PBE, and would love to see the rest of her abilities have that beautiful shade of green on them. I would also really love to see her get the bell sounds back, which we all remember from Live, and maybe some sort of falling snow effect on her W dagger and Q dagger. Light enough that it's there, but not so heavy that it destroys clarity. The green should also replace all red, not just some of it. 2. Warring Kingdom: Warring Kingdom Katarina has beautiful effects on Live, and I would love to see that reach live again, however the 2 things that I think would make it better would be 1. add enough blossoms that there is a proper flower:clarity/red color ratio and 2. add a pink hue (not PROJECT: Katarina pink, but a pink that could be unique to WK Katarina, this could be used to replace her red colors (borders included) 3. Sandstorm: I absolutely adore the sandstorm around her when she ults! It is beautiful, however the 2 things I think could happen to make it even better would be 1. Add some more sand effects to other abilities and her ultimate. 2. add a beige/sand/tan hue tone to replace the red on her abilities. This little change would make it so much of a better skin! - As a side note before I leave you people alone, if you switch out colors on her skins, do them all or not at all. The change in color could be very damaging to clarity, especially with her having such a bright red hue now. Thanks for reading this and/or taking this into consideration! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} - The Rhino that won't go away.
This is AWESOME feedback, thank you so much Rhino for taking the time to write this!! I'll pass this feedback along to the FX artist on Katarina. She'll be updated more on the PBE so always feel free to post back here after those updates with feedback, it really helps. :)
: Rework looks great, nice job :) One comment on Talon's new E: Can we get some sort of indicator for how long we have to wait before using E on the same wall? One way I might approach this is to have the outline on the terrain change color based on how long the cd is. (i.e. red=long, yellow-medium, green=not much left, none=you can jump) Otherwise, it's hella cool :D
: I meant the blades look bad. Static art is just the art they have when you don't add particle effects and all the bells and whistles and such. You're going to need to elaborate on why the old blades *art style* won't come back because "because I said so" isn't really satisfying. Frankly things like this have one purpose, "Look cool" and they aren't fulfilling that. I mean yes, clarity and such but nothing about the old blade art style was not easy to read. It's literally just an art change for the sake of it.
I apologize if my answer wasn't satisfying, that wasn't my intent. I'm always happy to provide details where I can, and luckily this one of those areas! :D The blades are particle effects, perhaps that's why I don't understand the feeling of staticness you're describing. It actually sounds like the blades aren't the problem, but the lack of additional elements is? Elaborating on what exactly about them feels off, even a suggestion of what you would like to see, will help me narrow down your feedback into something actionable. :) Talon's old blades from a thematic perspective had some cool elements to build upon as the idea of throwing out really sharp, deadly blades and calling them back to you while slicing your enemies was awesome for Talon! With the gameplay update having those same elements linger longer in the gameplay space only highlighted the need to update the art to better represent gameplay and enhance the thematic. The VFX discipline aims to communicate gameplay first, and support the fantasy/thematic while looking awesome. Something isn't a success if it doesn't hit both of those notes, which seems to be the case for you. Here are the reads of the blades: The primary read is the blade model. The model is based off of the blades on his back, and the texture has been simplified because of the amount of movement each blade has. Reducing texture noise on a fast moving object improves clarity. Think of it like motion blur, if something is moving super fast it would have less detail and the silhouette would be the key identifier. The secondary read, and perhaps this is the area you're looking to see additions, are the supporting elements. These make the blade feel fast and sharp. From the after image blur of the missile out, to the flash when the blade is active again after the brief duration.
: Please change Talon's blades to be like the old ones but obviously updated to be more polished like now. I don't mind how they move and such, just their literal static art. Please move them to a certain skin or something.
Sorry but, I'm a bit confused with your feedback. Is there a specific moment when they feel static to you? His old blade visuals won't be coming back, but if we can get to the root of your feedback perhaps we can address what is making you feel this way.
: My english is not good and it might not be easy to understand but ill try to do my best. Passive Jump and Ulti Jump: When i first heared the new sound i didnt get the feeling of the original one. The original one always gives me that feeling of Rengar being rude and a little scary, in fact, i got scared the first time Rengar jumped me. Also it really sounds like roar coming from someone that is trying to show himself to be superior. The new one on the other hand sounds like a Lion trying to biting his prey, i know Rengar is similar to a Lion but i think he prefer to use his knives rather than bite somebody. In a short way: Original sound give a feeling of something that is trying to scare you. Q : They sounds more like if Rengar is hitting his knives, not actually stabbing you. I think Repertoir said that this was going to be fixed, so ill have to check. W: I think that the voice lines have been removed. I dont know if this is totally true, but if it is i think that Rengar's W voice lines are necessary. Again he is trying to show that he is superior to you. When Rengar screams COME ON! or LET'S FIGHT! its like he is trying to say : Hey you lesser creature, dont go away prove that you deserve to be hunted! E: It sounds like he is throwing something a way less heavy. R: Okay something positive here, i think is sounds cool that before you jump Rengar is like a Lion being excited for hunt his prey. I hope you can understand me. Ofc this is just my opinion, anyways im really happy with the Rework and im looking foward to get another 600k mastery points. And sorrry for giving a horrible feedback in the first place, i hope this can compensate it.
Hey Zelbeck! Thanks for the additional detail. I needed to check a few things before I answered so sorry for the delay. The passive jump and ult jump sound weren't changed with the update. Your scary kitty is still there :) Q: We've received feedback very similar to yours and are working on it. Glad your feedback aligns with others, as it helps us know what direction to address. W: Also wasn't touched. He still has VO :) E: The on hit sound was changed to represent the material being thrown. So far I haven't heard anyone else mention this but I'll keep an eye out, or an ear rather. R: Really glad you like this one, I really like it too! Headhunter sounds especially hunter worthy.
: Why did you remove his voice lines/roar on his w? I really liked it when he shouted something during his w. Also are Project Katarina/Ekko/Ashe disabled or something? I can't buy them in the shop. D:
The VO lines weren't changed with this update. I even asked our awesome sound designer to double check everything is working the same as it was. :)
: I have to say that the new Q animation doesnt fit Rengar at all. It looks unnatural to make motions like these with the way Rengar keeps his knife at right hand. Old Q animation was fitting him perfectly, it felt great and powerfull. New Q doesn't feel the same.
Most times we have to work within the constraints of what the abilities game-play needs. In this case, he needed to swipe in a cone and then strike twice as far forward while moving forward. If you have suggestions on how he can move that better fits our stabby cat friend, ideally with reference, that would be awesome!
: Are the skins with different blades going to have a unique W when they hit the ground?
Any skin with a unique blade will have the blade changed. Only skins with previous skin FX will have additional visuals.
: In my opinion Rengar sound changes should be reverted, they were much cooler before :(
"Cooler" is very difficult to act upon. Could you be a little more specific with your feedback? :)
: I think many of the spell effects are great, but when I was checking them out I realized something. Talon hasn't gotten a skin since 2012 (excluding his ssw skin). So I know it's not terribly related to what you're asking, but he could really use a new skin to go with all these new awesome spell effects.
Perhaps with the gameplay update we'll see some new skins in the future.
: Judging from the preview videos, I just don't like Talon's new W. I like the idea of making his blades triangular, but to me they look too big and dull, i *think* it's because of the color/textures. Also, going out they rotate on their long axis, then disappear briefly, then appear again, start spinning in another way and come back. I think it's weird for triangular shaped blades to rotate how they do when going back to Talon. Maybe they could rotate on their long axis again? I.e. they go out, rotate on place (without disappearing), then turn towards Talon again and come back, always rotating on the long axis. The ulti is much better, since the blades are three-pointed (better shape, makes more sense for them to rotate how they do - and always did)
Thank you for the feedback! I intentionally didn't add much texture detail to the triangular blade as it's spinning very quickly, and that detail would translate to noise. I hear your feedback about them looking dull, though I'm not sure if there is anything I can do about them looking big as they have to fit the gameplay cone of damage. I'll think on ways to make the out, triangular version of the blades feel sharper. I know logically the spinning of the blades don't make sense haha ^^; The blades don't do damage at their end point, and do double damage on the way back. Having some kind of transition was necessary to adding that distinction.
: Could you guys also consider making Slay Belle Kat's Q more green when the dagger hits the ground and the same for making Warring Kingdoms Kat more pink and flowery? As of now, both are too red and too similar to the other skins.
We weren't able to get to all the Kat skins before PBE. They are still being working on, so this feedback is very helpful :)
: If anything I had to offer, possibly consider switching the colors on LeBlanc's Passive? Currently it charges the 1.5 duration in gold and changes to purple when ready. I personally have associated the color change to mean purple/red as not ready and green/blues as ready, if that makes sense. The 5 second cooldown is also a slightly difficult to see purple in certain areas of the map, such as the top side around Baron's pit. Thanks!
LB's base color palette was gold and purple before the update. It made the most sense, as well as solving for a visual distinction between the ready states, to keep those colors the same. I know it's different than other champions, but I think LB would want her own flair :)
: Seriously great job to whoever worked on the updates, talons vfx are so nice now, maybe now make his crimson elite skin pretty ;)?
All of Talon's skins got new blades for their W and R. Hopefully this makes his Crimson Elite skin "pretty" :)
: The new Rengar Q sound effects feel unsatisfying. It feels like your blades are passing right through the target instead of actually cutting them.
Thanks for the feedback! It does sound different when you hit something vs when you don't. Does this feedback still apply when you do not hit anything?
: we cant see his abilities , it shows black square instead
Could you be a little more specific? Is it all abilities? Certain parts? Any relevant screenshots would also be helpful.
: its funny af honestly. https://youtu.be/9_SpT7MqLf8
HAHAHA oh man that's amazing XD Sorry about that bug ^^;;
: Firefox Ahri Orb Bug/Missing
{{champion:103}} Hey there! I actually haven't changed any of Foxfire's files. I need to get them QA'ed and then put on PBE. Thanks for the update. :)
: Mordekaiser VFX Update- About Infernal and DK skins' W...
Can confirm, he will have his unique metal pieces back. Thanks for the comment! :)

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