Yes. We are constantly talking about ways to expand the number of emotes you can use in game. We'll have more to share later.
: Is that a wards and for some reason icons tab {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I have no idea what you are talking about. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
: Have you guys considered, putting different emote wheel sets? So you can like quickly choose between different wheel sets you have done before every game. Maybe even let us link them to specific champions like the items sets?
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: Regarding Recent Loot Issues on PBE 1/30/18
We are still investigating loot issues and have a possible root cause for some of the Lunar Revel loot failures. We think it is related to the way we configured the Lunar Revel loot content. Rest assured, we're on it and we'll keep you all posted. -Riot Rainbow Pi & Pabro
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: I really hope you give us a exclusive cs riven icon for thoose who bought it in S2, or just give us the S2 championship icon with the riven sword on it... I belive in you rito, you can still do it!
Original owners will get the Vintage Skin icon we have given out for previous limited skins.
: I got Championship RIven from the S4 Worlds finals, will I get vintage or regular?
: If the icons are only the "teams that can go to Worlds", it misses Team Envy and Team Liquid (NA) and Machi7 (LMS), and the icon of 'Just Toys Havoks' isnt for Worlds cause they lost against Lyon Gaming (LAN)
Yep, we will be adding and subtracting content as the tournaments all over the world wrap up. Thanks for the note!
: Can you tell me how much rp i ned to buy to get tier 3 icon, in case Cloud 9 makes it?
More details will come out around the time Patch 6.19 hits PBE.
: I don't think the championship skins have ever really had anything to do with what was meta that season (except when they happen by accident) - those are the Victorious skins.
To quote Shantizilla from another discussion on another discussion platform.... "Championship skins are narrowed down through a bunch of different criteria, and yes impact on the competitive scene is a big one. When we select skins, though, we're looking at the entire history of the champion, and not trying to guess what will be in meta in the next year. Sometimes that means champions get the nerfbat while a skin is in production; Riot doesn't balance around skins, it balances around the needs of gameplay. While it's true Zed has fallen off in recent competitive play, take a step back and look at the champion's contribution since he's come out. Some of the biggest players in LoL esports history have been on Zed, and I don't think anyone imagines he'll be out of competitive play forever. :P"
: For some reason, i read "This is Pabro" as "This is Potato", had to look twice.
: The op messed up the championship riven pbe post link so I'll leave it here :D
: RP ? How many RP will the skin cost ?
: Hey, what about that "limited edition skin bought before it became legacy" icon? We can't have even that? It seems unfair if we don't. People that used to buy skins back in the day are basically fucked. Yet again Riot diminished "limited skins" due to popular demand. It's as if you only think of money. I am a Riot fan boy and I always stand behind Riot when talking with friends or in the internet, but please... you said many times in the past that Champ Riven won't be returning in the shop. I bought the skin based on that. Now everyone can have it...
We will be giving the Vintage Icon to all original Championship Riven owners.
: will the border be a thing for all the championship skin line? I feel like giving only season 2 this treatment when it could be apply for all season is a step short from the perfection (or maybe you can't track when a content was purchase?)
This border will only be there for Championship Riven, as we wanted to commemorate the original and first Championship skin. We also forgot to mention, that all original owners will be getting the Vintage Summoner Icon that has been given in years past too.
: Will previous owners get also 975RP compensation for losing the "limited" feel, as was with other "vintage" skins.
There will not be RP compensation this time around. We know this is a different approach, but we wanted to offer a way for existing owners to be recognized in-game and honor the moment in our history that her initial launch represents. Thus, the added crown, particle and custom loading screen border that is only available for those who originally owned the skin.
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: So, wait, are we to not have some special event for The Harrowing this year? That's a disappointment because one thing I do especially look forward to in video games are the Holidays, ESPECIALLY Halloween and Christmas. The events and stories that come out at that time of year are always super cool, but we're not going to get one this year? I thought The Shadow Isles got restless at this time of year and seeks out to consume the living and that is called The Harrowing. So, is the Shadow Isles not going to be out lurking this year?
As Ant in Oz mentioned, we are launching a big Harrowing story this month. So to answer your question - the Shadow Isles will be out lurking this year.
: Does that mean that we now have the possibility of getting Shadow Isles/The Harrowing mist lore events any time of the year? Like we got Bilgewater a while ago? If so, I completely support and look forward to this change, not having it restricted to a week in october is really great.
Yes on story, no on lore events. We want the freedom to tell stories (like The Harrowing/Shadow Isles stories) at any time of the year, but they will not be paired up with big drops of content like during Bilgewater. That would keep us from releasing story more flexibly/often.
: Alright so 5.20 included One for All. 5.21 (current PBE) includes Bio updates for Shadow Isles Champions + the 3 new non-legacy skins (zombie type event rather than spooky Shadow Isles skins like 2014) I know you probably can't share anything we haven't already seen but how does this change from the traditional sort of roll out? Was One for All intended to be "bundled" into the Harrowing (as you mention it into the post) but went out a patch earlier than the rest? I'd assume this also might make more sense as we go along. Either way, decoupling time from stuff like Shadow Isles or the spooky scary story from only being around Halloween seems reasonable - easy to do an event or push the storyline without having to confine it to a certain time of the year.
It doesn't really change much in terms of roll out, to be honest :D It streamlines a lot on the Development side, and ultimately helps us release more stuff.
: Rip holiday seasons... MEANS I DON'T HAVE TO RIP MY WALLET FOR SKINS?! X'D
We're still going to be releasing content during holiday periods, we're just not bundling it in the same way.
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