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: I really love the Tahm Kench skin but i feel his chromas are a little lacking when you compare to Sejuani. While the colors are great my main issue is that they dont feel as if they change the texture detail much. I haven't seen much of the chromas in game but the big blank belly area and minimal changes to the nostrils and detailing contribute to this. I do recognize he has slightly different face marking and design on the top of his hat but i dont feel like this is impactful enough and they feel very minor compared to something like sejuani’s pig. Perhaps a small decal on his belly could help? My other complaint is quite minor. I was very happy that Sylas’s ruby chroma is meant to look like Blood Moon but I just wish his tattoo design was a bit different too. He looks quite similar to Blood Moon Aatrox though so maybe that chroma could also be pushed a tiny bit further given its a ruby. Very good work as always! Particularly impressed with the wonderland Fiora and Sejani’s cute pig!
Thanks for the feedback! It's a really good point about Tahm Kench, the team had felt that adding too many complications to the stomach may make the overall skin too busy, but I certainly understand what you mean by them feeling like they don't seem to have changed very much. I'll talk with the team about it and see if there's anything we can do =) I've also passed on the comment about Sylas, but I'm not sure if we'll be able to add another tattoo--all of the Sylas Chromas have the same tattoo (albeit some are harder to see than others) Glad to hear you're enjoying Fiora and Sejuani though, thanks again for all your feedback!
: Alright, so, no Esmerald League Partner Program Chroma for now?
Correct, there will be no League Partner (Emerald) Chromas in these sets
: On the Tahm Pearl(?) chroma, the red eyes are a big turn down for me... Please make it a blueish/greenish color!! I think it would look a lot better! Something like the black Tahm's eyes. But I still think the base gold is quite lacking in color. It looks way too white for me. Otherwise, good job! I love them.
Thanks for the feedback! I've passed on the feedback to the team =) As for your comments about the base one, you should let them know in their feedback discussion channel too!
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: I kind of agree with this. I do miss the idea of having chromas for base skins, but when you think about it, a lot of older skins are today's equivalent of chromas 1.0. Think of Snowbunny or Leopard Nidalee, so I see why they stopped. Before Chromas 2.0 came out I had kind of hoped that Chromas would be linked to champion mastery so there's a bit more reward to hitting masteery 7 or something. I get that is A LOT o f backlog, but given the rate they pump out chromas now I think it wouldve worked.
That could be cool, but yeah, that'd be like a full project that we'd have to work on and release all at one time (we wouldn't want to leave a few Champions out of the running for getting Chromas as a reward like that) if that was indeed the model Certainly a cool model to think about though
: I don't see anything bad with these really. I think they are nice. Even though they get out of the Blood Moon theme, you sometimes get bored playing with the same skin. And it's not like they're the skin itself, they're just optional. I also would like to ask a question. Do you guys still consider giving chromas to base skins like you have done in the past with Caitlyn, Lucian, Zac etc.? I still use the Pink Caitlyn or Bubblegum Zac from time to time. Because some champions have really good base skins and I would really like such a thing. Especially on Aurelion Sol! He might have the best looking base in the whole game. He doesn't have much skin neither and even though I do not know how long it takes to make a chroma, I would assume it's easier to make than a skin from scratch. Seriosuly, I doubt that you guys can give him a better looking skin than his normal one :D Even though I have the Ashen Lord skin for him which I bought in his release, I always use the base one. Personally I think that the Cosmic skin line has the best looking chromas in the whole game. Ashe, Xin, Lulu... All of their chromas were amazing. Would you guys consider giving Aurelion Sol something like that? I can't talk for everyone but I feel like people would really appreciate it! And I also have a problem with the older chromas. They show their name in the loading screen like: Caitlyn Rebel or Morgana Haunt. I assume that you guys will take care of the Morgana one since she is getting a rework but could you guys remove those for consistency. They also are not named after gems neither but that must be a little hard to change I guess since they don't have specific colors like the newer ones to make them name like that easy. And could you add something to the loading screen to indicate that someone is using a chroma, like a paint drop maybe. Since you guys started to release both the skins and their chromas at the same time, sometimes it's hard to tell if a player is using a chroma or not. Sorry if my questions are odd :P Thanks for taking your time to answer these. ^^
Lotta great points here, let's tackle 'em one by one: 1) Base Skin Chromas I can see how in situations where a Champion doesn't have a lot of skins and their base is really good, this can be really high value, it's definitely something for us to consider and talk about with the team (we have an ASol main on the team who I'm sure will agree wholeheartedly with you on this case) 2) Older Chromas Naming This is certainly something we can think about fixing, but it would take a bit of work particularly with our Localization team. I'll have to chat with them and our Store team to make sure everyone's on the same page before we can make a change, which is exactly what I'll do =) 3) Loading Screen Chromas Indication I think this would be a great addition. We currently don't / aren't really able to change Loading Screen at the moment, as that is owned by another team, but it's something we can certainly talk to them about and see if we can figure something out TL;DR: There's a lotta cross-team chatting that needs to happen, so I'll get on that!
: I definitely think Star Guardians would be a good candidate for chromas, their thematic doesn’t stick to quite the same status quo in the way that Bloodmoon does (in color standards at least), but that’s just my opinion. Even Project would fall under that same category for me. We’ve had red, pink, blue, etc. project skins but Bloodmoon has just always been sort of linear in color. Either way, I do appreciate your explanation and attempts at branching out! It definitely helps my opinion on them.
Yep! I think those thematics could work well too. More bright and vibrant thematics open up the way for us generally in Chromas, with the caveat that sometimes these thematics have very specific colors for specific Champions, and we don't want to mess around with that too much either, it's all a balancing act We've definitely had better times with things like Mecha or April Fools stuff, and then there was High Noon which was just quite difficult due to most of the palette needing to be dark or black (resulting in tons of blending, lack of uniqueness, and a multitude of other problems) I think Blood Moon, despite us being off thematic a bit by going for a blue or whatnot, still works quite well, as the primary color of the thematic isn't "black" but just a deep, saturated red, which we could emulate with other colors too
: Honestly if having the thematics be unclear is a probably (although personally I don't think many are thinking that deeply about it) you might just want to reapproach how you name chromas, or even how you present them in the first place. So like maybe you'd present Bloodmoon Pyke (Aquamarine) as like Bluemoon Pyke or a blue chroma for Project Zed could be like rebel zed or something, lean into it more as what ifs. Again though skins are already alternate fantasies of lore that must people aren't really looking too deeply into anyway, and even when they do is already murky at best for most skins. I don't think people are going to be delving to deep into the meaning behind why Project Ashe is suddenly red, they're just gonna think it's a cool color on her.
Yeah, I think that giving them unique names that make them more "thematically accurate" would be confusing for most people and the product as a whole A little bit of alternate fantasy and thematic inaccuracy for the sake of simplicity I think is helpful Like Lexical said, Chromas is there to try and give players options to customize skins that they already enjoy, but perhaps in another palette, but something that still seems appropriate for the theme, generally--nothing too canon in our Chromas
: Are previous Blood Moon skins going to get this treatment, too? I would love to play Blood Moon Talon in purple for example
You and me both, Talon's one of my main champs! Right now, the old Blood Moons are not on our to do list, but that's not to say that they can't be. I'll definitely add it to our player requested backlog :)
: they look really nice, I'm more curious to the names/color choices as Obsidian Pyke this time looks more like Amethyst and Obsidian Sivir looks more like Peridot
I think it's heavily due to the angle. Obsidian is typically black for us, but then the secondary color we try to leave up in the air depending on what looks best for the skin, and I think from the angle we see here the secondary colors stand out quite a lot (their weapons essentially)
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: Whats with the partner chroma being brown, and the actual green chroma is being packaged as yellow? This is really weird.
I think it's a bug, seems like some of the names are in the wrong order (or the texture was applied to the wrong one)
: I'm not 100% sure, but I would imagine that they won't be on Essence Emporium I'm not sure if even the eCommerce team has thought that far ahead just yet, so I think it's still undecided at this moment
But I don't think the Neeko Chroma (Peridot) will be Partner Exclusive, as Moonboy said below, it should be Emeralds that are Partner Exclusive
: i think it's supposed to be Emerald that is partner program exclusive
: i'm bothered by the fact that Silent Night Sona got no golden chroma, really disappointing... either way not a big fan of those golden chromas, i don't even play any of these champions that much compared to supports, maybe i'll get Bard but the rest i couldn't care less also i love the Ruby and Pearl chromas for Soraka, they look really pretty
I hear ya, the Golden ones are a bit weak at the moment, and the team knows it--especially compared to the Soraka ones, which seems to be quite the favorite this time around (even among us working on it) We're still looking for the best ways to further improve the Golden ones
: Can you guys modify the Ruby Chroma of Winter Wonder Soraka, the green lining on her head piece and staff from the solid green to either a light shiny green or light shiny silver? Preferably silver, but other than that it'd be a perfect chroma that'd i'd even pay 1850 rp for lmao. Also, for the golden chromas for existing winter skins could you try giving their blades or the skins without a blade/visible weapon some golden glair or slight sparkles on the edges of the blades? Like slight golden frost on the tips? Or some golden snow effects on their clothing on the ones without blades? Just an idea.
For Winter Wonder Soraka (Ruby), I'll certainly pass along your feedback. I think why he chose those darker green colors is because it certainly feels more Christmas'y, as if the forest green of a Christmas tree or wreath For the Golden ones, we're looking to see what we can do to make the Gold stand out more on its own without over-saturating the yellow, your suggestions are pretty good, I'll let the artist know, thanks!
: Ok Riot, got a **crazy** idea, let's see if you're up for it! Chromas for Neeko (only her) free with skin! (or perma purchasable with BE) Here's why: To push her fantasy even further, past 4th wall. She's a chameleon, changing colors is her natural gift. So i was thinking maybe we should have some champion's special features that match their fantasy drip even into RP store. Ofc, that's for you to consider. And before you laugh your ass at me for the idea guys - no, i'm not hyped for Neeko, happy volibear support main atm ;) It's just that seeing how Riot pushed in recent times for making each new champion (and reworked ones) distinct and focused on clear delivery of their fantasy through any means possible (visuals, game mechanics, sounds) it feel it would be crazy and refreshing for players to see little tidbits of it go outside scope of game, from time to time ofc.
Not laughing at all, but that's a pretty big thing, I don't think we'll be able to adjust the plan that much for this time around, but the general idea of shipping content in more holistic ways sounds pretty cool to me
: The golden chromas look like pissed snow :D
Fair assessment, it does indeed have a lighter tone which does kind of give off that feeling, it's something we knew was a potential risk, and tried to avoid as much as possible
: Hello, Overall, I enjoy Neeko’s Chromas. However, the most underwhelming one is _Winter Wonder Neeko (Amethyst)_. Rather than looking whimsical like Soraka’s coloration Neeko looks sickly, and the colors are pretty muted. That is just my individual opinion on the skin. Her skin base is the same/ similar to _Winter Wonder Neeko (Obsidian)_ which looks striking with its dark contrast. **_Perhaps making a white, or even a brown pearly base to go with Amethyst_**…this will help her pop just a little more.
Thanks for the feedback! It's getting close to our deadlines, so we may not be able to get any new tweaks in, but I'll definitely pass this along to our artist!
: If one of the Neeko Chromas is Partner Exclusive, will it be available in the Essence Emporium one day? (Its a Legacy skin afterall, even tho only after 1 year)
I'm not 100% sure, but I would imagine that they won't be on Essence Emporium I'm not sure if even the eCommerce team has thought that far ahead just yet, so I think it's still undecided at this moment
: I wanted to suggest a non-human skintone chroma for Soraka, but omg... the selection is goregous Q.Q! I especially love the Ruby and Pearl variant. Also I think Winter Wonder Neeko Chromas may be the best chroma set yet. I literally want all of them. I know this is more me gushing than feedback but good fucking job!
We rarely make any changes to the skin color when it comes to Chromas, with a few exceptions, but I'm glad you really like them all! Gushing or not, we're always happy to hear it! Just knowing that you like 'em as much as you do brings great joy to the team over here, and let's us know to keep doing what we're doing!
: Leave the chroma for Raka please! Every single one of these chromas fits at least someone's likings and whomever created them did an amazing job!
: I wonder if it would compliment the gold more if instead of brown the darker areas had a more plum undertone? Basic color theory is that yellow and purple are complimentary. I think the colors would look less dull and muddy for golden chromas if there was a hue shift in the shading. I refrain from golden chromas since they tend to look like a color dodge version of the normal skin. The colors supporting the gold elements do not seem purposeful in my opinion. I do think Something like the Bewitching Janna Chroma looks good though, overall the colors harmonize very well and deliver a unique mood to the skin.
That's a good point, I'll bring it up with the artist, thanks! Many of our golden Chromas have not used purple in their color palettes, not to say that we're stuck in with no purple in our Golden Chromas, but it's something to bring up with the artist for sure, thanks again!
: Honestly, with just a texture recolor these chromas seem like they're just yellow or gold. Not much seems so special about them. If you didn't tell me they were gold chromas, I'd think they were any other chroma. They literally look like a yellow/brown chroma to me. Perhaps try a different color scheme with the gold? silver? white? Golden Chromas always seem to have this sort of quality of being special or even "royal" -- something that these chromas don't give. Maybe it's that there's too much brown... but even then I feel like it still wouldn't be as good. Maybe it's just that these skins wouldn't be fit for a golden chroma.
That's fair, I think the reason why they initially come off that way is also due to the fact a lot of these are wearing cloth or leather material (since it's snow-appropriate attire) as opposed to metal pieces like many of our previous golden Chromas, hopefully we'll be able to do something about it Thanks for the feedback!
: The latter. Having some brown is fine, and necessary probably. I just feel like it's definitely too prevalent! Super excited for them though, despite that.
: Golden chromas aren't good tbh, but what bothers me is that the Winter Wonder/Snowday/Ice themes are blue/light-blue/white for a reason: it fits the theme of snow/winter. Why do you want to sell so many stuff like this now? I understand there're ways to sell a different fantasy, but hey, snowday skins are that: SNOW AND ICE, WHITE, BLUE. On the other hand, you did a great job with Soraka, but the Obsidian is pretty confusing, looks like a different line of skins, ala Coven.
I can understand that, we do move a little bit away from the original fantasy of the skin by adding in other color schemes, but it's to give everyone options, particularly if someone likes a skin, but wishes it had a different color scheme Not every Chroma is for everyone, we understand that, but for those who do enjoy a particular color scheme, and want said color scheme for a skin or champion that they enjoy, then we hope that we can bring them that value =) We try our best to stay close to the thematic, and not stray off too far into other territories. I do see how Winter Wonder Soraka (Obsidian) is delving a little into Coven with it's purple, dark queen personality, and how that can be confusing though
: No chromas for winter wonder orianna or lulu? : (
: The golden chromas seem really off in my opinion. They're way more brown than gold, and don't look very special at all as a result.
I see. Do you think it's an issue with the actual gold? Or that the brown areas (pants, gloves, etc.) are too prevalent?
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: I secretly was a hoping for a green Aurelion Sol skin, all the time waitingfor something like jungle god aurelion... When Mecha came out i was kind of glad it had a green coloring. I think the problem with green skins/chromas is that perple cant value how beautiful they are if they are presented on green ground (SR midlane...), better show them in the river or on snow map. People will get a completely different feel for it!
I get that, that makes a lot of sense, and certainly has an impact on its perception
: I don't think the green is vital, if anything I would change it to a teal rather than that green. This is mainly my personal preference of course, but I don't find that avocado green to be valuable for the themes of the skin, mainly as it sits with another saturated pink color, the accent has to either be darker or lighter. Similar to Camille's hair which is a very faint blue, looks way better. So in my opinion either remove the green and match it with the silver material just below it, or make it a light teal like camille's hair in her Rose Quartz chroma. But then again, it's mainly my personal preference on how I would have done thinks differently, Ultimately its up to art direction to decide. I just feel like Camille has such great work in the textures of her chromas and Lissandra's don't look as polished, there's an area of opportunity there :) {{champion:127}}
Personal opinion or not, thanks for leaving a comment and letting us know! It's always good to hear how everyone feels about the work, and it helps us think of ways to improve and balance it as best as possible =)
: YES. I love these so much more. <3 The green on the pink one is hideous and makes me not want to buy it (even though pink is my favorite color and Rose Quartz is usually my chroma of choice). Your reindition is an insta-buy!
Yeah, we've heard about the green feedback from a couple of others, I believe the artist has decided to keep the green, but we'll see if we can tweak it a little to make it clash less Thanks for your feedback!
: Forgot to add this question.. would there be any way to try black or a blue-tinted black (similar to the hair color for Sacred Sword Janna's base hair) for the pink chroma? I think it'd be a lot prettier! Especially if the green is tweaked to a more jade shade of green!
Thanks for both your comments and all your points, I'll pass along your suggestion to the artist, but we're getting close to cut off time, so I'm not sure if we'll make it / what the artist will decide to do I'll definitely get the word to him though!
: Why do people reject green so often in skins?! It looks great as a detail! I hope it doesn't get changed ...
It's a good question, and I think the artist has come to the final decision to keep the green, as for why people reject green, I'm not sure, but we do know it's not an uncommon feeling. Based on data, surveys, and otherwise, it certainly does show that green puts some people off, so we're trying to at least be cognizant of that. Thanks for your comment though! I'm glad you like the green =)
: I tried, downvoted into Oblivion by a bunch of upset 2 year olds who really, really wanted the tiddy apparently. Anyways, I guess it's really the only significant place any skin color is shown at all, so if people bought, say, Pearl they wouldn't realize she was black? And I guess that makes it excusable to me. ~~Still don't think that's her aesthetic tho~~
Yeah, I don't know what to tell you, I'm sure the team working on Coven Camille has taken it into consideration regardless of number of downvotes (it's not a popularity contest after all, we're all trying to make the best thing we can) I completely understand your perspective though
: Hi, huge fan of the new skins Coven skins, this bad witches vibe is really great but i have some suggestions to even improve them a little more. First of all Lissandra: Watching the Splash Art the White Horns have a divine glow feel, this should definitely get to the base skin and the chromas, which means: -Base skin should have less of this slight white pink feel and get more of a white blue glow . also in the splash art the skin has 2 base colors, white and purple, not a third mix color in between them. So i think the gloves should get some adjustments (either go white like in splash art or head to the purple dress color). Coven Lissandra (Tanzanite), Coven Lissandra (Meteorite), Coven Lissandra (Aquamarine) and Coven Lissandra (Sandstone) are perfect. Coven Lissandra (Obsidian) is really good as well, but i think darker or even black hair could suit her really good on this one, it would make a great contrast with the gold parts. Coven Lissandra (Rose Quartz) ... uff well i try not to judge even though i don't like this color scheme at all for this skin series: The neck part of the dress is very bad made, it looks like a texture patch filling a not finished area in the model, but i discovered something that I find very awesome but its barely noticeable. **The green parts at the head, these details look awesome but the skin should have way more**. That would really improve that chroma a lot. Coven Lissandra (Ruby) it´s not bad but i'd prefer a darker read like the horns of the meteorite ones. Now Camille: Again great skin concept but the splash art looks way nicer than the skin really is. In the splash art the dress has very dark red parts... ingame it looks sad... its just like simple leather. And that's because you need a very high zoom to even appreciate the real color (people usually don't play 400% zoomed in). Her chromas are REALLY good. I like all of them. My idea would be using the dark line on the shoulder of the Coven Camille (Turquoise) skin on the Coven Camille (Obsidian) too because the gold is way too much on the Obsidian one and this black line would reduce it a lot. Also the chest of part of the obsidian chroma should get some details to not make it flat brown, like the base skin. To end the post it like to say, it would be really nice to have Coven Syndra, Zyra and Annie. I hope i didn't write too much. Keep it up Riot, most of the recent skins are really good work!!!
As Lexical said, there is a separate feedback discussion for the skins themselves, but the Chroma feedback you've given is really great! Thanks! We'll look into it and see what we can do
: The chromas are fantastic,but will we be able to get special borders for the coven skins when purchasing a bundle or at least through getting icons/doing missions?
I'm not sure what the border situation for the Coven skins are going to be, you should go to the Coven Camille or Coven Lissandra post and ask KiwiKid, he should know!
: Hey orphyre, thx for the reply! And yeah I was talking about the colors of the entire skin. I like the palete the artist is trying to use but like I said I think the color of the rock base is extra. Could be more armonic if it would be more darker. Hope the artist take a look and maybe it would fix better! :D
Got'cha, I've already passed on your feedback, we'll see what he can do! Thanks again!
: i just realized this was the chroma feed back... ignore my second point!
Haha, thanks for the point about the Chromas! Hope you left your second point at the Coven Camille feedback post, sorry for the confusion =)
: Does Lissandra's self cast ult changes depending on the chromas? Like the model of the Tomb? PBE is not working for me right now so I would love some confirmation.
Heyo! I don't believe we've made any changes to the ult animations (either self or to enemies) The crystal structure created via her ult should be the same as the parent skin Hope that answers your question! Let me know if you have any others!
: Camile's chroma are just perfect nothing to add. I just would say about the black and red liss chroma (I guess is "meteorite"). I think the are so many colors on it doesnt feel armonic. Maybe if the rock base would be more dark could fit better with the other colors.
Correct! That is meteorite, the names go in order from left to right, top to bottom in that order, so it's second from the last By too many colors, do you mean too many colors on the entire skin? Or just on the rocky base? I think it's something we can look into with the only concern of potentially crossing into Obsidian territory--we'll certainly take a look at it though
: Absolutely beautiful! I can’t get over how amazing these skins are. One tiny critique though! The green on the pink Lissandra chroma is a little.. jarring. I guess she’s supposed to represent Spring, right? I suggest using a different color than green though, maybe something like the pale blue that Camille’s pink chroma has? Or something warmer such as a pale yellow or orange? TLDR; The green doesn’t look too hot..
Thanks for your feedback! I can certainly see that green as jarring in this case, green has worked alongside pink, I think it has to do with the shade of green or perhaps the amount of green there is. I'll talk with the artist and see what his opinion is and see if there's anything we can do to improve it!
: The Camille Chromas look fantastic! I love how different her outfit looks with just a few little tweaks.
Thanks! We certainly try to make them feel as unique as possible despite the limitations we have on Chromas (only texture changes)
: Why does Camille have so much cleavage on display? That is not her aesthetic AT ALL.
I can't really say, this is up to the parent skin's design direction, you can go to their feedback discussion over there and ask them! KiwiKid should have an answer for you =)
: I'd love to see what a dark/light mix looks like similar to the Tanzanite head piece
The reason we have it that lighter shade is to separate it from the body, giving it a strong visual focus (aka, making it stand out!) We can certainly try to tweak it a bit and see what we can do, though we intentionally don't want to darken it too much because it will cause a lot of blending between the different areas of focus Your point about the gradient on Tanzanite's head piece is really valid! That could be a great solution for Aquamarine Thanks for your feedback!
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: Not feedback (I think they're both amazing), but I was wondering why the Orianna chromas are being called Amber/Peridot rather than Ruby/Emerald(Jade?). Is there a more specific color associated with them, or is it just to make it sound a little more special?
I believe the reasoning there is that Ruby is being used for Bundle Exclusives and Emerald is being held for Influencer Chromas, so they wanted to make these two distinctly different from those
: Are you just posting this ahead of time? Or are they actually going to be on the PBE now?
I've just checked, and they are indeed activated on PBE, if they're not showing for some reason, please let me know =)
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