: so far it really feels like their isn't anything to act upon, people are trying to give true feedback on how to improve the skin and so far it seems like the only feedback that can actually matter is so small it isn't even worth mentioning. time should be allotted for more significant alterations as even bothering to ask for feedback at this point seems pointless for both the designers and the community, lovestrut clearly put that even the tier of the skin was subject to change, but is that really the case? We want to help make this skin as amazing as possible and is feels like the schedules are more important. as Shigeru Miyamoto once stated "a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad" Delaying something for the sake of improvements is never a bad decision. I really hope this helps explain how people are feeling with the feedback, and our desire to make these skins perfect.
Hey. TSS Hex, you make very good points and I agree with a lot of it. I understand the player perspective in these situations as I also had thoughts, critics, and wishes I shared with Riot before I became an animator. Your Miyamoto quote is also one that strikes a visceral chord with me as both a player and a developer. All I can really hope for in these situations is that players understand the process that the skins go through and that we do do what we can within our power to respond to player feedback. Riot, though we may seem like one entity, has teams of artists, dev managers, product owners, and analysts that are all involved in the conception, execution, and delivery of every skin...and pivoting on every player request in every skin on every thread isn't easy or sustainable. It is true that skins that hop onto PBE have less than 2 weeks to be changed via feedback (it's actually a lot less b/c a lot of work on PBE patches stop halfway through the PBE cycle so that the patch can be packed and deployed for the following week (and PBE goes live only just 1 week prior, so technically artists have 5 days to respond to feedback while working on future skins falling down the pipeline). Another thing is that the 'perfect' skin and 'ideal' skin for a champion can mean a lot of things to lots of different players. And sometimes there's even two sides to an opinion (this is better VS that is better, etc.). The scope of a skin can always be increased to cover more features, get more polish, or become more shiny, but this ballooning scope doesn't scale properly across all the skins we're making for all the champions. Many wish that Zoe was a Legendary to match Rakan and Xayah as the bad-guy trio; but then Neeko is all lonely in 1350 land. Would Neeko players want their skin to be up to par then? We monitor all the feedback and do discuss what options we have available to us to respond to them. Some decisions are easy (spend time and extra resources to updating KDA Akali's shroud to better represent the awesome cinematic) while others are difficult and costly (delaying or cancelling skins). Sometimes completely revamping textures are an option based on who's available / what everyone's workloads are like. I apologize for the fact that we can't address everything that players think will make their skin perfect for them. Even Miyamoto can't delay a game endlessly waiting for his work is 'perfected.' Fortunately, Miyamoto is a god at making good games.
: Dropping off some feedback! I really wanted a cute SG skin for Zoe, but if this is what it is going to be then let's make it worth it! Polish it up real nice. 1. Most important thing I can suggest is new voice lines! The current voice lines do not fit well with the theme, and since that seems to be the driving force behind all decisions this time around please consider this. It would greatly improve the quality of the skin. 2. Work on the balance of the colors. Right now her body is very dark and makes details hard to see, while her hair is neon blue but not balanced with well with any other blue on her as far as I can see. Her eye also seems a bit too bright. The splash art had much more appealing colors so you might be able to take it as inspiration in balancing the in game model's a bit better. 3. The outfit looks plain and incomplete without the octopus skirt. I don't want to be rude but she looks like a dark elf and not someone from the SG universe without it. Even less a big bad villain. Adding the skirt would be dramatic, make it feel complete, make it more worth the 1350 instead of looking like a lower class, make it seem like someone who chose to be dark. Compared to Xayah and Rakan... our main villain looks boring. 4. Shape the balloons. Ran shaped would be the best, but even just a star guardian star shape would be nice. They look plain and out of place. 5. Fix the fog of war sleepy effect. A cute little image of Ran would solve this nicely! Right now its very hard to see. This final point is a bit selfish: consider letting the 3 corrupted guardians be redeemed in a future variant or releasing past/alternate chromas. This would make so many people happy.
Thanks for dropping the feedback! 1. New voice lines would be awesome! But unfortunately we don't have the capacity to do so at this time (build a script, find the voice actress, re-record a full set of lines, master them, apply effects, hookup call frequencies and behaviors in game). Xayah and Rakan underwent this process but did so over many months! 2. Will share this with the 3D discipline! 3. The octopus skirt definitely looks dope! But it's a recall/homeguard feature that displays when Zoe "transforms" or "uses it intentionally.' Please refer to my other comments about the scope involved with adding the octopus skirt to her entire 90-asset-animation kit (tho if I had the time, I totally would!) 4. Will discuss this with the team! Gameplay will have to be involved with this too! 5. We're currently looking at making this effect much more noticeable! Thanks again for all the thoughtful comments!
: man you guys really like to just shoot down everything lmao, would you instead add the octopus skirt as a permanent addition to the skin then instead of making it a toggle?
Sorry! I don't mean to shoot everything down. As of now, I just want to address all the feedback that everyone is kindly giving (which I understand!) and deliver reasons why some things we can't act upon while discussing the things that we can! If I were to describe the overall process we go through when we concept and develop a skin, there are SO many ideas the team has to make the skins as awesome as possible. Due to the time given to each skin for development, we have to be specific with what features and scope we can include within our timetable. Animating the octopus skirt for her entire kit wasn't feasible, so we tried to include it in her unique animation assets that we had decided to build for her skin (homeguard + recall). As an animator, I'd love to animate extra things on everything (it's kind of what I do), but realistically speaking we have to pick our battles and be smart with where we apply our weapons. I hope that makes sense! Again, thanks for all the feedback you guys are giving! Still reading and sharing all of it!
: Regarding new voice line and it being and Epic skin, it says above that that is subject to change. If enough people request for her to be made Legendary instead, could you add more things like new voice lines, emotes, constant familiar with familiar interactions with Zoe and familiar sounds? I've already said this multiple times, but I'd be willing to pay double the asking price of a Legendary for that kind of skin. I've been waiting for a new Zoe skin for ages and was seriously disappointed that she would only get Epic. {{champion:142}}
I totally hear you! And apologies for not being able to make Zoe a Legendary! As an Azir main I understand the feeling of not getting a skin... or waiting for one for an extended period and hoping that it's just as good or even better than expectations, whether it be thematic or skin tier. In a world where Zoe is slotted as a legendary tier skin, she would definitely get new voice lines, emotes, and etc. And in a world with infinite time and no constraints, every champion would get high tier legendary treatment every skin. As is, however, our year is scheduled many MANY patches in advanced with set Epics, Legendaries, Chromas, and Prestige skins; this time, Zoe and Neeko were set as 1350s and given that amount of production time and resources. The artists, however, went above and beyond the set expectation for 1350s because Star Guardian is such a special thematic to players by adding familiars to some emotes/recalls, custom homeguards, and flavoring in extra details in areas most 1350s don't get. I hope that the time, effort, and passion by the artists shows in the skins this year, and am sorry that Zoe didn't end up getting a legendary this time around. Hopefully in the future, fingers crossed!
: The Skin is GREAT, seriously in terms of quality this is really nice. The splash art is beautiful, the additions to the dance and laugh emote looks really nice and her SFX is satisfying. Though, there is still one point that disappoints me a lot : Her voicelines. It doesn't fit with the skin at all and you go with something dark but with a really happy personnality. I mean, I know this is probably too late for it and there is nothing we can do about it, bit seeing Zoe going like "Woo hoo!" every five seconds while being the villain doesn't really make any sense. Also, with that : > New SFX and VO lines: The sweet sound of sinister… and of your doom. Do you intend that she will really have **new** voice lines or it means the addition of a **sound effect** to her already existing voicelines ?
Hi Lexis! Happy you like a lot about the skin! Regarding voicelines, I mentioned it above in another post but we're usually only able to give additional/custom VO to legendary skins due to constraints. I hope that's understandable. Our hope is that the VO filter effects that the audio team worked on help communicate her evil, almost crazy, vibe!
: Actually I think the skin is pretty good, but I have 2 suggestions to improve it : - The first (probably not possible, but why not) changing completely her voice lines. I tried it a bit, and hearing the classic voice lines of Zoe is strange, as they're not in the style of the skin (for me). - The second is more for the gameplay. When you hit a bubble on an ennemy in the fow, the visual isn't enough (I see only a point and some particles above it, but as I don't see the cannon landing visual in URF, maybe it's only for me). I also noticed a minor bug, but sometimes, when you spam the bubble (in training tool), some bubbles can dissapear after landing on the ground. Edit : after reading the others comments, I remembered 2 points that I think they can be improved. The first is the bright eye. The idea is good, specially as Zoe already have different eyes color in the base skin, but I think it's actually a bit too bright in some animations (like the end of her Ctrl+1) The other point is the name. Even if she was a starguardian, she isn't one anymore so something like fallen starguardian (or a name lihe that, but that relate more to the fact that she is one of the first star guardians) can be better I think. Also, the end of her back reminds me more something creepy than the madness. It's not a bad point, but I wanted to notify that in case of. And a last point I think that can be improved, the portal with her Ctrl+1 is too much like the missing texture for me. Maybe making less color difference, or adding more blur can be better. A last point, I know it's too late for this one, but I really though she might be the one with the legendary skin, as she has a big impact on the lore of starguardian (Xayah and Rakan are evil, but at the start Zoe leads them to this), as Kayn got the legendary skin in Odyssey. It's a suggestion for later skins. Also, sorry if I made mistakes, english is not my native language.
HI again, Anhilyx! Unfortunately, new voice lines aren't something we normally do for 1350s. There might be special cases (Cyber Pop Zoe, being a launch skin, got special initial VO support b/c they were recording lines for release Zoe) but our artists that work on VOs are usually working on champions and legendary skins. Hopefully the voice filter effects help communicate her evil vibes! I will pass the feedback about the indicator for a slept enemy being not distinct enough to the team! Thanks for that! also, refer to my response on your other comment about the bugs you listed!
: I would just like if her familiar could laugh with her. Maybe making some sounds to indicate it talks to her. Still wish she was the legendary though.
Hi Rodnii Kun! Having the familiar on the laugh is such a fun idea! And although I would've loved Zoe's familiar to be present in almost all her animations and emotes, for a 1350 skin we set the scope for extra familiar animation work to the recall, homeguard, some VFX ability support, and 1 emote (which we chose to be the dance for both Zoe and Neeko). Hope this is enough to make the skin feel special! I can check with the team to see if it's easy to add a Ran gurgle sound to emulate a response in the laugh?
: Zoe's octopus skirt on her recall and homeguard animations looks SO good, could we please be able to toggle it on like kaisa's helmet? also, about her voice lines, i think the filter needs to be a little bit stronger (would be good to have a few new evil comments too) loving the skin so far!
Hi Fodona! I'm happy that you guys all really like the skirt we added on the recall and homeguard! A toggle would be neat, but as you've probably already heard (from many skins in the past), toggles have historically been tricky for us to implement and put onto a skin. Some champions have them since they were built with that functionality in mind, but it's unfortunately a lot harder to just add a toggle after the fact once we've completed production on a skin. Something like the helmet toggle is slightly easier to support b/c a static model is simpler to manage. Specifically for Zoe, one of the main issues is animation bandwidth. Since base Zoe doesn't feature a cool octopus skirt, she doesn't have bones or animation data to have the skirt exist/move. They were added into the recall and homeguard as those assets were being custom animated from the ground up already and didn't cost a lot of extra time to implement. For all other cases, though, the 30 bone skirt would need to be completely animated across all attacks, idles, runs, spells, and emotes just to support the toggle feature (i think i counted 90ish specific animations) which did not fit into our allocated time for skin production. As an animator, I wish animation weren't so expensive and time-consuming >.< Cheers! edit: i'm also going to add that i've seen some comments about just having the skirt on 100% of the time, but due to the reasons stated above and the fact that from a gameplay perspective it would change Zoe's base silhouette too drastically, we're unable to have the skirt be present all the time. edit2: the organization of my post is all wonky but everything i wanted to say should be there haha
: A small post to report bugs : When Zoe pulls up her yoyo, first the yoyo's eyes color change instantly, and after that, the Zoe hand is IN the yoyo. The color change of the eyes is probably wanted, but maybe a small animation can be better. For the second bug, it looks really strange, so please fix it : https://i.imgur.com/hYpOfND.jpg)] The other part is when you use the Ctrl+1, Zoe's arm pass through the portal, but is cut not at the right place. It's still a minor bug, but it's better for those who use emotes to fix it : https://i.imgur.com/GfUjFck.jpg)] A last bug, i mentionned it in an earlier post, but I have more precisions on it now : when you cast an E on another E that is already on the ground, both E will dissapear. It's more a training tool bug, but in URF and/or One For All it can be a problem (but this bug didn't appear if the E are stacked exactly at the same place, you need to move a bit for it happens) : https://i.imgur.com/MIk8wsT.jpg)] (It's not obvious, but the second E is not exacly at the same place as the first E. And after the screen, both bubbles dissapear)
Hi Anhilyx; thnx for the photos! Currently the Yo-Yo is actually a 2D VFX card that swaps faces (to emulate it being the familiar in yo-yo form). Our two options are to either keep it as is or change to just a recolored version of her normal yo-yo (so theoretically purple). During production, we didn't have the bandwidth to reanimate a different familiar form for all yo-yo assets since we invested animation work into a lot the other assets. Does the clipping and 1-frame face swapping bother you a lot? The Ctrl+1 Joke for SGZoe is identical to base Zoe, as far as I know. The elbow is being scaled down to almost zero to trick you into thinking the arm is going into the portal (we do this in a lot of different character animations) so the arm actually doesn't interact with the portal. From what I can tell both SGZoe and base are behaving normally in this manner. I tried emulating the E overlap disappearing bug you're describing and not able to repro it. Do you have particular settings? It could also be a practice tool bug specifically?
: I really like it, but I read some feedback on the Lux subreddit and have to agree. 1. Model - with how slim she is, and how small her head is, it makes her look older than "shounen"/academy age. I think you could make her face/head a little bigger and adjust her eyes to better match her splash (softer eyes). I read her proportions are too "normal," while Ezreal has more of the typical shounen/anime proportions. 2. Hair - on her base I would say her hair needs to be bigger and would help give her silhouette more impact. I think her prestige hair needs to match her splash better - longer sidetails(?) right now they really box in her face and make it look even smaller. Also I would make her feathered bangs more prominent and embrace the anime-ness of her design as it reads a little too academy(ahri/normal) and not enough battle academia(katarina/anime). Would there also be a way to add some sparkle to her prestige hair, I think it would be very fitting of the theme in addition to adding to the prestige quality? Also her particles are great, really love them!
Thanks for the constructive feedback! Model changes sometimes are tricky to implement as they have the potential to impact other things like rigging, animation, and QA. We might be able to chat about some of the other neat ideas you have like more sparkles to the prestige hair!
: this skin is great! from just the turn arounds i was on the fence, but actually playing with it feels really good. the particles are unique, definitely give a sort of anime vibe. i'm not sure if she has a new walk animation? i'm guessing not, but tbh her walk usually bothers me. on this skin it doesn't. i was talking on the lux subreddit with another person though, and they brought up the idea of her having converse instead of boots? i think it would fit her character more, but i get it if it's like. too late into it to make a change like that. lastly, a question. does anyone know how to unlock the prestige edition on pbe? it's not in the store, and when i go to it through the collection page it says unavailable.
Your eyes do not deceive you! The run is updated slightly from current live to accommodate new bones for her ponytail (and long hair in prestige), her nifty key chain gifted to her by a special someone, and to feel a bit better with the asymmetrical design/weight of her new staff! Hope you like it! A new feature we implemented too was testing follow-through features on her Q, W, and E (when you move after cast, her arm and staff will continue to move/spin and not immediately cancel). I think it feels the best on the W atm, Q and E, so-so. Cheers!
: I understand where concerns about clarity come from but if it's 5+ minutes into the game and you still don't know there is a Blitzcrank somewhere on the Rift by checking picks in lobby/loading screen/scoreboard it's your fault only. And when you do know that Blitzcrank is in the game, it's not hard to tie it to giant robot with enormous claw coming at you with silhouette that still looks generally similar to classic Blitzcrank. If you fail at it, not even copied basic animation of walk will save you.
You and a lot of others also bring up an interesting point about identifying and remembering the skin as Blitzcrank's. This mindset, I think, is perhaps dangerous to have, especially for us as skin artists. I remember when I was first learning to play League that I also had difficulty recognizing new skins that I had never seen before and trying to reconcile what ability was for what champion. Of course, the more you play, the better you get at this, but as skins artists, we really try to create an alternate fantasy without negatively impacting how the game plays (every skin succeeds at this at varying degrees). In assuming that players will eventually become acclimated to skins that break the mold drastically creates a slippery slope for both artists and players. You can see how much core gameplay on League really strive to make the game more clear and understandable while playing. Skins runs the complex task of trying to offer brand new, but recognizable experiences without compromising all the clarity the game strives to hit. It's a tough balance.
: Ok, so far this makes sense. Now, for these skins it's too late, but I'd like to point out something important. Blitzcrank is, by his very nature, a goofy character, not unlike mundo or gragas. His walking animation is one of the things that contribute to this. Now, these two skins are far from goofy, they're badass and serious (and honestly, they look awesome). What you are saying is that since Blitz' model changes so much, you had to keep his (goofy) walking animation to avoid making him unrecognizable, and that's fine. But to me the walking animation has two problems, and it not fitting the overall theme and tone of the skin is honestly the lesser one. The biggest problem to me is that those two models don't support Blitz' standard walking animation: they don't have legs, but rather jet turbines, and Blitz _walking_ on them just looks painfully ugly. Why did you not simply change the model and added legs back? The skins would still have a goofy walk that didn't fit the tone, but at least it would make sense... Thanks for listening and sorry for being critical :)
Thanks for your response! We're still looking at all the feedback so I can't say if we'll change anything specific, but it may not be too late. You are correct that the intended thematic is pretty far away from Blitzcrank's generally silly personality; this was a challenge the team wanted to tackle when wanting to deliver a really badass skin to Blitzcrank players. This ultimately ran into many challenges and resulted in us having to try to balance the levers available to us. The run specifically was really tricky because it inherently became apparent that the original 'floating' run animation we had once the model was completed instantly made him feel like a new champion. We tried a lot of variations to solve this issue but ultimately concluded that a floating blitz really made it hard to recognize him in playtests. We actually also tried adding legs, but those looked even more silly and awkward when we made them so we avoided that direction. Thanks for the feedback!
: I'm not really sure whether this range indicator vs actual skill discrepancy is a blitzcrank thing or just from this skins,but the indicator shows less range than the actual skill has. https://i.gyazo.com/f9ed048d84ff68e06f26192f26514d05.gif https://i.gyazo.com/034607de33e2033e0fe9ea94b2d2c8cd.gif __________ And also there's q bug regarding the visual effects of the q from both skins,they [overextend](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/w39JO2Mc-bug-range-of-ability-q-in-the-skins-of-blitzcrank) waaay too far off. https://i.gyazo.com/49ba881cbdee9d408913f01b74dafa36.gif https://i.gyazo.com/2102fb011bfab0654f790151265fdac0.gif ___ The walking animation looks awkward,it walks like he has legs despite the fact he doesn't have(i know,everyone else noticed that too.) https://i.gyazo.com/711f49fee8b29a2fb6cab12874311c13.gif https://i.gyazo.com/dbc6f72005a19838b0b1d87985f57fad.gif I think it would feel less awkward and clunky if he just float or float up and down while moving instead of the walking animation it has right now. ____________ ##This part it it my **personal** opinion and i'm not trying to devalue the work you put on this skins in any way. Said that i feel like more than a counterpart sort of skin theme they look like one is a chroma from the other (lancer rogue ---> Lancer Paragon and vice versa),what i mean by this is the visual effect from both skins look way too similar and are differenciated mostly by the color of the particules effects(thing that i don't particularly like given the skins price). Here's a more visual approach to what i'm trying to explain :p: >##Mana Barrier **Paragon**: https://i.gyazo.com/f1737f632f12fd1a151629a18c08165c.gif **Rogue** : https://i.gyazo.com/52963fd9d752a2466807287187026c35.gif >##Rocket Grab **Paragon**: https://i.gyazo.com/077acb7c4676d88281d604e01eafaaca.gif **Rogue** : https://i.gyazo.com/94b328fc75e0f696de4fdff7c3fcb544.gif >##Overdrive _**Here i can't think how it could improve,they both look great,but too similar,i better include it anyways just in case :p**_ **Paragon**: https://i.gyazo.com/bb07e84b086f557facee013bb89a273b.gif **Rogue** : https://i.gyazo.com/3c3edc37b4dad5d42995e20c7292a10d.gif >##Power Fist. **_Here i think you nailed everything regarding the particles and visual effects of the skill on both._** **Paragon**: https://i.gyazo.com/a951fc57b2cea24859d97fa79baae7f9.gif **Rogue** : https://i.gyazo.com/cec4207a1ae7d5ca9cf3bafed00e159f.gif >##Static Field **Paragon**: https://i.gyazo.com/dc0515324517d04dc8a66c9d83f48f13.gif **Rogue** : https://i.gyazo.com/6c225a43b8b6b63c8c3d3b249f220e9f.gif ______ They are awesome skin and it's a really cool skin theme,hopefully there will be more skins of this kind :-)
Thanks you for the extensively detailed feedback! I'll definitely share this around with the team to see what we can address! I can also only really speak to animation concern you brought up with the run, which is something I talked a bit about in the post at the top. Thanks again for taking the time to do this!
: I want to make a suggestion for his normal running animation. His current one looks really goofy for how badass the skin is suppose to be. If you made his running animation floating like his W running animation it'd make the skin 10x better.
Hey guys I'm an animator that worked on Lancer Rogue/Paragon Blitzcrank and wanted to give some additional insight into this topic. If you haven't already, check out the post Riot AdamUnicorn wrote (linked above!) about the new production process/philosophies we used while making these two skins. It's definitely worth a read! The main idea that informed our decision to keep a run animation similar to base Blitzcrank was gameplay readability. Very early on in development we had conversations about whether or not the run animation was something we could change. Blitzcrank as a character has some pretty iconic moments such as his silhouette, his run animation, and his hook ability and as the Nexus article discusses, we tried to focus and prioritize on what would made this Blitzcrank skin awesome (the hook) and all the other elements (skin design/effects/animation/etc) followed suit. All skins have multiple levers that artists can play around with to make a skin feel different but still the same champion (and every skin has varied success with this). Areas like Colors, Models, Textures, Animations, Spell Visuals, and Audio all work together to form the final product. If we think of a character’s readability as a bucket, each of these different factors contribute to filling that bucket. Changing too many things all at once results in the contents of the bucket to overflow, leading to recognizability issues. Changing one thing drastically means having to be conservative (make little to no changes) in other areas. In Lancer's case, because the changes to his model were SO extreme, in order to maintain his readability as Blitzcrank, it was critical that we keep his run animation. We initially tested some floating/flying animations but we quickly learned that any meaningfully different runs on Blitz immediately made him next to unreadable as Blitz. *TL:DR we thought about changing his run animation, but in order to sell the cool fantasy of this mech/warrior/lancer which required extensive silhouette and model changes, we couldn't also change the run animation.* *TL;DR TL;DR by redditor Kadexe: These skins look really different from standard Blitzcrank, and changing the walking animation would be going too far when you're already pushing it.*
: Just spend a good 20-30 minutes in practice tool with this, All I can say is its perfect, from the voice, the model and all that SHES SOO PREETYYY. What could make it a little more perfect would be the addition of her whiskers in a fitting color would be amazing. Im seeing some stuttering which is probably from my hardware, got to ask a few friends to find out. Maximum sass achieved!!
Hi! Glad you love the skin. In what cases do you see stuttering? When using spells? When turning? We've seen some stuttering on our end too, but curious in what situations you run into it. Thanks!
: This skin is pay-to-lose, his W makes it way too obvious where the AoE is, and much easier to dodge. Go and compare this skins W and default one.
The reticle for Veigar's W (Dark Matter) is currently slightly different for the Player/Allies and enemies! [Here's a side by side comparison.](http://i.imgur.com/csA0FbP.jpg)
: Her dance animation is a bit short. It takes a few seconds then it ends suddenly. Is there any possibility of a bug?
It's possible. The dance was broken pretty early on PBE but it should be fixed at of now. The dance should properly loop endlessly if it's working correctly. Do you see it disappear underground when it terminates?
: Can you please consider giving her the full length of her coat in game ,https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-a1TmzslM6AI/WQpKrDInOHI/AAAAAAAAkfc/U6F6nAO_o8YMudK6PPoLwGK5E-Y8EsaJgCLcB/s1600/C-7nb_xWsAAq5hX.jpg the way it is now it feels esthetically much cheaper like the leather is just there to make it diffrent from project skins.I think doing so would truly make her fit into her time traveling fugitive character a lot better and would make it seems like she really has experience in her line o work( i am referring to the torn parts of at the bottom)i understand it would require more resources but its a small price to make the skin feel whole,and then i would instantly buy it^^
HalfAngel! A lot of us also really enjoyed the long coat too, as it felt very sophisticated and, as you mentioned, works really well with the travel-worn time jumping backstory! We even had a long coat version in game in pre-production, but there were a couple things convinced us to move away from that. To give you a **_short answer_**: the long coat became an additional element that pushed Caitlyn too far from her base read. Additionally, Vayne predominantly occupies to "long-coat-in-the-back" read and a lot of the devs easily got Caitlyn and Vayne confused, especially from the back angle. **_Long answer:_ **Every champion carries a certain silhouette and visual triggers that players tend to recognize. These things are sometimes also subjective as every individual/player is sensitive to different things such as character movement, colours, or size and shape. Caitlyn has a ton of things that make her unique which include, but are not limited to: a hat, longish hair, a sniper gun, high boots, and/or her original tutu-like skirt. When making skins, we love to change a lot of things about champions to make them feel part of an alternative universe, but have to be cognizant of what we are changing and what we need to keep the same. Striking a balance is tricky, and Caitlyn's drastically different gun shape and size, removal of a tall hat that would be cumbersome to wear while chasing Ezreal, and an alternate hair colour/style needed to be offset with things that helped us recognize Caitlyn. Animation tried really hard to keep Caitlyn's movements as similar to base Caitlyn as possible as to avoid further removing things that make us recognize her as the sharpshooter in game. This is why some people in the PBE previews comment on how the run hasn't been changed, which is actually intentional on our part. We found that if we tried to change the runs and idles too much, it was another element in the "different from base Caitlyn" bin that pushed her uncomfortably far from her original read and feel. Rest assured, all her animations are brand new and are, we feel, upgrades from base in terms of quality. In the end, we felt that the essence of the long coat and what it symbolized could be retained through a stylistic shortening of it. It came across as more utilitarian and wouldn't get in the way of her missions. Additionally, the extra material textures that @YBourykina added to the back coat also make it feel protective and not just like tattered cloth so that Caitlyn is more prepared for engaging in fights and endure harsher situations! And to address the tattered holes in the coat: it looks great in concept, but from game height the coat looked like brown cheese and didn't look very appealing in motion. In concept, ways to show more wear-and-tear is awesome, but sometimes, certain executions don't end up looking so hot! >.< Legendary skins are complex projects b/c the skins team basically revamps a champion into a different universe but are challenged to keep their personality and recognizability during the transformation. With so many levers to pull (new model, new vfx, new animation, new audio), we have to balance the variable and come to a solution that has a happy mix of awesome stuff. And that is my long answer for how we arrived at the design we have today :O
: Will you add music to his recall? Because now it's a little bit poor, I expected some chinese music playing in backgroud while he's playing this game.
I do believe we have plans for SFX in Azir's recall! (not sure if it's quite in yet)
: Dang! Ah well. Still awesome!
Hey! Piggybacking off of what Nurse Flan said, the board size was adjusted so that it reads more clearly from in-game view. We actually recently changed the board from 16x16 to 15x15 in order to add the star points back in at 4-4 and their remaining equivalent locations :D. If you're curious, the specific game we referenced for the board position is from [The First Game of Dang Hu](http://senseis.xmp.net/?TheFirstGameOfDangHu) (from a 10-game series) which was played circa 1739AD; and though the moves and games that you mentioned are definitely worthy and epic alternatives from Go's history, we felt a call out to Ancient Chinese Go (the time when this particular game was played) felt appropriate given the skin's thematic and tone. With the board's reduced size, we also had to rearrange some of the stone spacing but we tried our best to keep the shapes and formations created by the players (tho the actual joseki logistics probably don't translate well onto a smaller board, >.<) We hope our intentions of keeping the spirit of the game shows through and is worthwhile for those who appreciate and love Go! ^.^ As a fun fact, Go meta was different back in Ancient China and [white actually went first](http://senseis.xmp.net/?AncientChineseRulesAndPhilosophy), which means Azir started the game, and as you called out, white is considered the stronger player. They also started with 2 stones each at opposing star points which is why you see non-standard joseki around those points (normally not played in that manner nowadays haha) For Shurima {{champion:268}}
: Noticed a few things, the two i remember are these : The q takes way less time to go off, basically no cast time My passive would reset without leaving enemy vision, but in fact when the enemy champions would leave typical vision limits without minions, however minions meant we could still see each other
Hey @RoodToob I was looking into the Q cast time and made a comparison video just to double check that we're seeing the same thing: [Taste Their Fear / Q Comaprison Video](https://youtu.be/pmeGQ7uUr-I) https://www.youtube.com/embed/pmeGQ7uUr-I From the two clips, it seems like the actual cast time / ability animation / damage timing are all the same as current live and across the PBE skins [not counting the variable attack speed + basic attack animations before/after the Q]. Do you feel that the really fast VFX growth/decay on the ability for Death Blossom Kha is what is contributing to the 'no cast time' feeling? If you have an example where Kha'Zix's Q hookup has changed to deal damage earlier, let us know again [and perhaps make a video :D]. Want to make sure we're looking at the same issue. Thanks!
: I noticed a pretty strange thing with his wings. You may have to look close to see it in the following image. Also pay special attention to his blue shoulder petals. http://puu.sh/nlMYL/3f12ea007e.png Looking through them makes his body parts disappear. I'm not unfamiliar with this phenomenon, looking through certain effects makes certain other behind them disappear, it's just strange looking. It's not terribly noticable right away, and I actually didn't notice until I evolved stealth (I don't even know if it does it in his default colors, though it's safe to assume they do). I couldn't stop noticing this when I finally did and now it's really bugging (heh) me.
Hey! Nice eyes! We noticed this issue during production and finally got around to fixing it! It had something to do with the way our systems handle alpha sorting and as you can imagine with Kha'Zix, since he has so many things going on as a champion, things can get a bit wonky! Should all be fixed for coming PBE updates and for live though!
: When playing a mirror matchup (or just two Bards in the same game), the other team's Bard's chimes have the base textures and not the snow textures. Also, when Bard has a great amount of movement speed and uses that animation, the snowy particles go in and out of his back and make it look weird (only visible when bard us running towards the topish of the screen).
@LOOOB and @DEXX This is a known bug and we'll definitely sort it out! Thanks for mentioning it! :D
: Hi. I haven't found any bug yet, but in my opinion, the way Bard moves with this skins (I know he's ice skating), makes me feel like a weird walking animation, like if his feet were under the ground and we don't see them. Maybe a little tweak to how he throws his legs may make it more ice-skatting trolling ? And why not an acrobatic ice skating animation when he gets the speed-up from chimes ? :D Anyway, good job on the skin, the best snowdown skin this season :)
Hey Havana Club! Thanks for the input! I've actually been working on a skating animation which hopefully feels better. It should go onto the PBE shortly. It's drastically different and may not end up being used b/c it might be too far from Bard's base walk animation; we'll have to see how the community feels about it. If you have any other thoughts on the updated one when it comes out, definitely tell us about it. It's been tricky trying to get Bard, with his physique, to look like he's skating on grass XD The acrobatic ice skating spin from a chime idea is wonderful [we even thought of doing it too at one point] but given time my timeline and focus on the recall/updating meeps/emotes + new run cycles, I had to pick and choose which ones to prioritize. Would've been fun though!
: During Bards Recall, the mask that the penguin picks up clips through the penguin's head, Bard's hand while pushing the penguin also clips through it. Bard's hand clips through his weapon almost all the time. (He's not even holding onto the handle bit) During his dance, when bards right arm is raised, his hand looks very twisted, and while his left hand is raised, his right leg clips through his jacket. The skating animation looks very awkward. Bards ult turns people gold, rather than a blue that would better suit the skin. The tail of Bard's hat clips through his jacket at the bottom. While 'Flying' the tail of Bard's hat jolts around and lacks any tech similar to Hecarim's new tail tech, making it too look very awkward.
Hey PeePeeSnag; Thanks for bringing these up. There are definitely some minor clipping/weighting issues with many of the emotes/animations b/c the skin is a bit fluffier than his base/launch skins and the penguin meeps required extra animation work b/c they weren't perfect 1:1s with the old meeps. He also has a number of animations that aren't quite finalized yet and will definitely be be updated over Bard's course on the PBE. Your point on Bard's ult turning people Gold is also one that we expect to see a lot. The stasis effect is remaining gold for gameplay readability, communicating which units are invulnerable. This was definitely a difficult choice to make, but we did all we could to make other parts of his ult more wintery: Keyserito made the spell cast blue and the bard circle decal a snowflake :D.
: Glad I could help, but I was just wondering, can we expect to see SKT Tristana? If you can't say that's fine, but it would be nice to know if Trist will be getting two skins so soon, and one being an 1820.
SKT skins haven't been decided on just yet, but if I remember correctly, Bang mentioned he wanted a skin for Kalista. We'll have to see down the road :D
: I'd like to first off say that skin is amazing, I love it. Not only is it really creative but I imagine that it took plenty of effort to create. For the skin team and technical side, I bet its a lot of work to go from a weapon to a dragon. The animations, voice over, death animation etc, are all creative and fantastic. Great job with this one Riot!
Thanks! DTTristana was definitely an 'all-hands-on-board' project especially for animation. About 4-5 animators helped complete her animation set over a longer period than most legendary tiers require. Riggles himself [the dragon] probably created twice as much work XD. But in the end, all the art disciplines contributed to making this skin an awesome one :D I particularly enjoy the VFX done by Riot Keyserito. o(≧∇≦o)
: Quick little bug reports that i'm sure you are already aware off - She repeats the same line twice sometimes, can't find a way to replicate, but its happened a few times - Taunts, jokes, dance, laugh, and recall animations don't start sometimes, sure this is just a PBE thing, just wanted to clear this up - For her recall she doesn't throw the treats (Which I'm assuming to be fish due to the fish model that comes with DT Trists model) Other than that this is by far my favorite skin in a long time and I love wriggles to no end (is that how its spelled) Also does this mean the SKT skin ADC won't be Tristana?
Hey! Thanks for putting these on our radar! For #3, I realized Tristana wasn't feeding Riggles b/c I forgot to export the fish in the animation... (゚´Д`゚)゚ Should be fixed for tomorrow's PBE though!

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