: Hi, seeing you pointing to surrender@20, is the site in any way related to you guys? I thought it was a separate thing but well now I wonder is there a connection nowadays? Thanks! ;0 PS: How satisfied are you with current Zoe? Is she finally in a fine spot? I like where she is now. PPS: Did Irelia's base model receive the promised hair adjustments or not? It doesn't seem so.
We link to it mainly because they're site compiles PBE information & Riot doesn't have it listed somewhere else. :P reply to PS: She seems OK. Her win rate is decent & her ban rate has gone down substantially. reply to PPS: Unsure tbh.
: When will Clash be released? Soon? Around what patch?
: what about mid? Or is that something you don't intend to try? Full lethality, trinity {{sticker:sg-jinx}} too bad duskblade got nerfed but it's still doing its job!
Sounds like it would have some major matchup issues. We haven't tested it but maybe it could be OK since her top lane pattern so far has involved a lot of roaming.
: Hi guys, really appreciate this down to earth type of communication with us plebs. I have a question regarding the latest changes to Shaco, like you know shaco was utterly stupid in 8.6 and pretty much every shaco main agrees, a 55% winrate is pretty dangerous, especially when his pickrate sits at 9 % (after his buffs, is declining again now that he got nerfed), his Q was overbuffed damage wise and im fine with you guys just nerfing its ratio. The one thing i don't understand which i'm kinda sad about is you reducing his bonus damage timer after invis to 0.25!! from 2.5. Now, while i agree that people should get punished for bad Deceives and 2.5s of time on top of 4.5s of invis is kinda dumb this pretty much disables our ability to actually deal damage with our q till at least level 4/5. Even if you have 2 points in q it's pretty hard to actually get its damage off because you aren't able to cover enough distance with it as the stealth duration is just laughable early. Why do i need to work so damn hard to get 20+ damage from a spell (after resistances), it's so hard to properly position behind someone to get our passive AND q to trigger (especially because shaco has the lowest AA range in the game, which makes hitting an enemy that is constantly moving really hard) There are even people reporting that you aren't able to actually get its damage off because you don't have enough attack speed and his auto attack animation itself takes to long. ( https://www.reddit.com/r/shacomains/comments/89r89v/tested_new_q_duration_fails_to_deal_damage_even/ ) It just feels really hit or miss and clunky now that it got changed. Just want to know if this really got playtested thoroughly, it's so extremely painful to play with. Thanks for taking your time! :)
The changelist to me read as being a notable power down while further differentiating good Shacos from average Shacos. We did test it though it's possible that it may have overshot. It's something that I can bring up for discussion with Live Gameplay during this patch cycle.
: > [Disclaimer: We have no insight about upcoming/future skins but can forward any skin-related issues to the right people.] Does this mean I can ask here for someone to fix White Mage Veigar's robes so it has the White Mage's triangular pink pattern again, or am I supposed to stick to stuff currently in testing?
Sure. Feel free to provide us with the issue (preferably with images) and I can fwd it to skins QA!
: How does Vi feel clearing wise rn with the slash in her W AS
We haven't explored her clear speeds very much with the changelist. It's something we're planning on but we've focused primarily on her laning pattern in the top lane.
: Rageblade gold was increased last patch by 300 because of range champions, any plan to give it something in return for melee? IMO instead of increasing the gold it should increase the stacks up to 8 for ranged and half for melee.
Don't think we have any plans to give melee love with the Rageblade price increase. It's still a very powerful item on the champs that utilize it. We haven't begun exploring Warwick changes yet (outside of the double Q change). Meddler mentioned in one of his recent posts that it's something that may potentially happen in the future. > Nerfs to Archangel's (new build path and stats have made this a bit strong), Janna, Xayah, Caitlyn, Warwick, Braum, Sion, Kog (though also need to see where Rageblade nerfs in 8.7 leave him) https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/na3Ko02t-quick-gameplay-thoughts-march-30
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